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Everyone knows that the start of every flawless makeup application begins with foundation, but thats absolutely not where it ends. For most people, in order to truly achieve a perfect makeup application, youll need to use a concealer for a variety of reasons. Maybe you suffer from dark circles that need to be neutralized with a color correcting concealer. Or its possible that some blemishes need a little extra coverage with a heavier concealer. Whatever it is, concealer will help perfect your makeup in a way that foundation alone can not.

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Different Types of Concealer

Before you start your search for the best concealer, its good to get familiar with the many different kinds of concealers available to choose from. The options to find the best concealer are truly endless so to save yourself time and energy, it will be super helpful to get as focused as possible. Keep in mind that depending on your skins needs, there may not be one best concealer that will work for you. You may need to use a combination or mix two or more concealers to achieve the look you desire. The most common types of concealer include color correcting, cream and cream-to-powder, liquid and stick concealers. Each one is designed to serve a different purpose and will work better or worse on different skin types. To figure out the best type of concealer for you, think about your needs and what you are looking to achieve by using the concealer.

If your main concerns are skin discolorations like redness from blemishes, dark spots, or dark under-eye circles, the best concealer for you would be one specifically designed to color correct. Color correcting concealers typically come in a variety of shades that work to neutralize the skin discoloration. The standard shades of color correcting concealers are green which neutralizes redness from blemishes or other skin conditions like rosacea, lavender which works to diminish yellowness in the skin, orange which is great on those with darker skin tones or to neutralize blue or purple toned discoloration, pink which is great way to brighten very light complexions, and yellow which also helps to balance purple tones and can work as a highlighter on some complexions as well. Color correcting concealers are available in a variety of textures with the most versatile option being a color correcting concealer palette which will provide you with each color you need.

For people that have normal to dry skin types, the best concealer for you would be a standard cream concealer. Cream concealers typically are packaged in palettes, pots, or compacts and will provide significant coverage for most imperfections. The best cream concealer will be very thick and opaque which is great to cover stubborn flaws but can cause problems if too much is applied so its best to start off light and build coverage as needed. If you have oily or mature skin, its best to avoid cream concealers as they are known to settle into fine lines and the creamy consistency can look a bit unflattering to those with oily skin. If you still feel the best concealer for your skin is a cream option, just be sure to set with a powder to prevent creasing and settling throughout the day. If your skin type leans more to the combination or oily side, a liquid concealer may be a better choice for you. Liquid concealer is one of the most popular types of concealer simply due to its versatility. Liquid concealers are generally available in the widest shade selection, can range from light to full coverage, and come in a host of finishes. Liquid concealers are also easy to blend making them very user-friendly. This is the best concealer for a number of purposes including to conceal blemishes, color correct, and to highlight areas of the face. Aside from being a great option for those with normal and oily skin types, liquid concealer is the best concealer for acne and the best concealer for anti-aging skin. Liquid concealer is the best concealer for acne due its lightweight texture that isnt likely to clog pores or irritate the skin. On mature skin, liquid concealer is best because it wont settle into fine lines or wrinkles.

Stick concealer and cream-to-powder concealer are the most interesting types to try. Although they are not as popular as their liquid and cream counterparts, each concealer can work well depending on your skin and personal preferences. Stick concealer is the best concealer for normal to dry skin types and is reminiscent to cream concealer in its texture. Stick concealers will typically provide full coverage but are less likely to crease like cream concealer. If your skin type is one of the ones listed above and youre a girl thats constantly on the go, a stick concealer is the best concealer to travel with. Its convenient packaging and easy application makes it a great choice to just toss in your bag and go. A good cream-to-powder concealer is hard to come by, not because they arent good choices, but more so there just arent as many options available on the market to ty. If you do come across a cream-to-powder concealer, note that this type works best on those with normal or combination skin types. Cream-To-Powder concealers are a great choice for those who enjoy multitasking products as the concealer applies like a cream but sets like a powder, saving you a step in your makeup application.

Choosing the Best Concealer 

Now that youre familiar with the different kinds of concealer, its time to choose the best concealer for you. Depending on your personal preference, there are options from high price luxury concealers to drugstore concealers that will work with varying success. To keep things simple, well go through the best drugstore concealers and what theyre best used for. The best undereye concealer youll find at the drugstore is the Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for eyes. This is one of the best concealers for dark circles as it works to neutralize discolorations and reduce puffiness around the eyes. Another drugstore concealer that works well for skin discoloration is the NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the color correcting shades. This is the best concealer to provide both full coverage along with neutralizing benefits in one convenient jar. The best liquid drugstore concealer would have to be Maybellines Fit Me Concealer. This incredibly versatile concealer has one of the best shade ranges available for a drugstore concealer. And finally, the best stick concealer is another NYX product, the Incredible Waterproof concealer. As its name suggests, this waterproof concealer provides supreme buildable coverage that will last all day.

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