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Clarins Double Serum: Overview, Usage, and Side Effects

Clarins is a global skin care and cosmetics company that markets a number of different products, including the Clarins Double Serum, which is designed to reduce the signs of aging skin. This anti aging serum is formulated with a number of different botanical extracts and is delivered through a patented system that does not combine the elemental ingredients until the product is applied to the skin. The manufacturer claims that this guarantees the precise amount of ingredients contained in Clarins Double Serum is applied each time for maximum results. This serum is available at the company website and at beauty and skin care retailers all over the world, including major department stores. While Clarins is designed to be gentle on the skin, it is important that you understand the ingredients contained within in the product and how they work to care for your skin in order to avoid any potentially damaging side effects. Also, before purchasing the product, you may find it useful to read Clarins Double Serum reviews from other consumers, because the product is relatively expensive, and can cost as much as $85 for just one ounce.

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Clarins Double Serum: Overview

Clarins Double Serum is formulated from a number of different plant-based ingredients and is a viable option for those who are seeking to tighten skin, fight aging, reduce pore visibility, and to treat dry flaky skin on face. While there are a number of natural ingredients in this product, the serum also contains glycerin and fragrance, which may be derived from sources that are not natural. If you have any concerns about using these ingredients or the effects they might have on your skin, you should purchase the product from a skin care expert or dermatologist who has experience with Clarins Double Serum, and can advise you on whether it may be a good choice for your specific situation.

If you have a limited skin care budget, be advised that the Clarins Double Serum is priced at around $80 an ounce, so it may not be a good choice if you’re forced to be frugal. However, because the company’s products are sold at wide variety of locations online, you may be able to find discounts and Clarins Double Serum coupons from time to time. However, be wary of products that are deeply discounted on auction sites or those which are sold through third-party retailers, as they may be counterfeit, expired, or otherwise defective.

How to Use Clarins Double Serum

Apply Clarins Double Serum twice a day, in the morning and before bed, to clean skin, before using any other products on your face to increase penetration of active ingredients. Allow a few drops to fall onto your hands and then warm the product between them before pressing your palms to the face and the neck. This serum can be used with almost any other type of cleansing treatment.

Keep in mind that Clarins Double Serum contains mineral oil as one of the ingredients, which has caused side effects such as irritation, rashes, and acne breakouts in some women. If you should experience any of these side effects while using this product, consult a skin care professional right away, as you may need to switch to an alternative anti aging serum to better complement your skin.

About Clarins

Clarins was founded in Paris, France, in 1954 by Jacques Courtin Clarins. He originally marketed a facial oil that was made from plant oil and then began to hire and share profits with employees by the year 1968. By 1981, Clarins products, including the Clarins Double Serum, were gaining market share throughout the U.S. and into other international market. In 2002, Clarins expanded its reach again by introducing a line of men’s skin care products. The company has also reiterated on numerous occasions that it is committed to creating skin care products that not only allow their customers to fight the aging process with natural plant-based ingredients, but also find new ways to do so every day without harming the earth’s environment. Therefore, the Clarins Double Serum manufacturer often uses glass bottles and jars in order to reduce the effects of plastics on the environment.

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