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SkinCeuticals is the dermatologist recommended skincare brand that lives at the intersection of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals, which is the industry space in which SkinCeuticals exists, are skin care products that use specific combinations of active ingredients to create truly revolutionary products. SkinCeuticals skin care products use these active ingredients to focus on preventing skin damage, protecting the skin from environmental stressors, and correcting any previous damage caused to the skin. The result is the clinical SkinCeuticals skin care brand that has become a top choice for medical professionals across the world.

The SkinCeuticals Skin Care Promise

SkinCeuticals officially launched in 1994, however, its beginnings were being established many years before that. The SkinCeuticals brand that we know and love today was created after decades of research in skin cancer and multiple cosmetic discoveries that led to many of the active ingredients that can be found embedded throughout the SkinCeuticals skin care products today. SkinCeuticals pioneer Dr. Sheldon Pinnell is responsible for some of the most advanced breakthroughs in the cosmeceuticals space and it is those advancements that allow the SkinCeuticals brand to lead the way in skin care and science.

At its core, the SkinCeuticals mission is simple. SkinCeuticals is first and foremost dedicated to improving the health of the skin. To do this, SkinCeuticals focuses on creating skin care products that are rooted in and backed by clinical studies and science. By focusing on three main pillars of skin care—prevent, protect, and correct—SkinCeuticals is able to deliver highly effective skin care products that help people to achieve the healthiest skin of their lives.

The SkinCeuticals Ingredient Commitment

SkinCeuticals skin care products are known for their highly concentrated formulas packed full of clinically proven active ingredients. These SkinCeuticals products have become known for their ability to improve the appearance, texture, and overall health of the skin. While there are many active ingredients that are known to be beneficial to the skin, SkinCeuticals employs a careful curation process, ensuring that each ingredient found in their potent formulations works well together and is optimized to deliver the best results. Though there are many of these active ingredients found throughout the SkinCeuticals skin care brand, there are three that the form the foundation for the most popular and well known SkinCeuticals lines.

Vitamin C: SkinCeuticals is home to a number of Vitamin C infused serums that are designed to provide unmatched protection to the skin against environmental stressors. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays a key role in collagen production which is directly related to healthier skin. In SkinCeuticals vitamin C serums, vitamin C is used to help prevent UV damaged along with helping to the improve the appearance of common skin concerns like dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin E: Another key antioxidant that can be found in the SkinCeuticals skin care products is vitamin E. This antioxidant is a known essential for healthy skin due to its ability to promote skin cell regeneration. Vitamin E is also known for its ability to absorb UV rays making it the perfect protector from environmental stressors and damage. In SkinCeuticals products, antioxidant vitamin E is used to help protect the skin from UV light and stimulate healthy skin cell growth.

Ferulic Acid: The final SkinCeuticals antioxidant to note is ferulic acid. This naturally occurring acid can be found in the seeds of many common fruits and vegetables and it is used for its superior abilities to combat environmental free radicals. Inside the SkinCeuticals line, ferulic acid is used to protect the skin from environmental damage as well as well diminish the appearance of common imperfections associated with aging skin.

SkinCeuticals Skin Care Products to Try

As a company that paved the way in cosmeceuticals, there are a number of proprietary products backed by clinical results that SkinCeuticals has become known for. Each and every SkinCeuticals product is designed to improve the health of the skin while simultaneously working to repair the damage that may have been caused due to environmental factors. Unlike other skin care formulations, SkinCeuticals uses highly concentrated doses of their active ingredients which help provide the efficiency and effectiveness of their products. Inside the SkinCeuticals products, you’ll find options dedicated to the brand’s three main principles which are to prevent, protect and correct for truly healthy skin.

PREVENT: The SkinCeuticals skin care products that are dedicated to preventing damage focusing on providing optimal protection against free radicals. These SkinCeuticals products use antioxidants that are known for neutralizing free radicals while helping to improve common skin concerns like decreasing hyperpigmentation, smoothing fine lines, and filling wrinkles. The most popular SkinCeuticals product in this line is the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. This SkinCeuticals vitamin C serum is the winner of 24 beauty awards for its ability to protect the skin, diminish the signs of age, and brighten the complexion in one powerful formulation. The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum contains a robust dose of 15% pure vitamin C along with 1% of vitamin E and a half percent of the powerful ferulic acid antioxidant.

PROTECT: The SkinCeuticals skin care products that were created to protect the skin are focused on providing the most powerful broad-spectrum protection available. SkinCeuticals sunscreens provide superior protection from UVA and UVB rays in easy formulations that work well with supporting SkinCeuticals products. One of the best SkinCeuticals sunscreens to try is the SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. This Allure Best of Beauty Award-winning sunscreen is a 100% mineral sunscreen, harnessing the power of zinc oxide to provide its UVA and UVB protection. This SkinCeuticals offers significant sun protection with SPF 50 along with utilizing plankton extract to build the skin’s natural resistance to stress caused by UV light.

CORRECT: The SkinCeuticals correcting skin care products are tailored to improving the appearance of various skin conditions. Depending on the product, SkinCeuticals correct products focus on anti-aging, hydrating, and exfoliating to help improve the overall appearance of skin.

An award-winning SkinCeuticals correcting product is the Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 which is an innovative anti-aging treatment. This treatment works to hydrate dry skin and revitalize skin cells. This SkinCeuticals treatment gets its name from a first of its kind formulation which includes 2% ceramides, 4% natural cholesterol, and 2% fatty acids.

Another product in the correct line SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter. This anti aging cream was designed to target a specific process that causes skin aging; glycation. During glycation, the collagen and elastin fibers become affected by the excess sugars in the body, causing the skin to become less elastic.

To combat this process, the SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter contains ingredients like blueberry extract, an antioxidant that inhibits glycation; phytosphingosine, a chemical designed to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier; and proxylane, which stimulates the production of chemicals that assist collagen and elastin in tightening and supporting the skin.

SkinCeuticals Professional Treatments

In addition to selling over the counter skin care products, the company also offers a variety of professional treatments. These SkinCeuticals products often have stronger ingredients, and must be used by a trained professional to avoid accidental skin damage.

For example, a number of items in the SkinCeuticals professional treatments line include chemical peels. In order to be effective, chemical peels must be left on the skin for a certain amount of time, so that they can cause just enough damage to exfoliate dead and damaged skin cells. However, leaving these SkinCeuticals peels on the skin too long can cause serious damage and even long term skin discoloration.

To help clients get professional SkinCeuticals treatments, the company offers a search tool on the website that lists doctors and spas that carry the company’s professional products.

SkinCeuticals Reviews

A brand that is as thorough as SkinCeuticals has the pleasure of being one that is honored and celebrated across the skincare space. In addition to clinical SkinCeuticals reviews backing its products like the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after using the C E Ferulic or improvement smoothness, radiance, and pore appearance with the Triple Lipid 2:4:2 serum, there are also countless SkinCeuticals reviews from consumers that celebrate this cosmeceuticals line. Common SkinCeuticals reviews note that using SkinCeuticals products have dramatically improved the appearance of the skin including reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Other popular SkinCeuticals reviews appreciate the superior protection their sunscreen provides with many noting its lightweight texture and lack of residue left behind on the skin. Even with its generous price tags, SkinCeuticals is definitely a brand of choice for those who want truly effective results and healthier skin.

  • Jenny 06.13.18 Reply

    Some of the Skinceutical products are good. But, they don’t stand behind their products! I have been a long time user of their serums. I tried a sunscreen and it broke me out. I called the number on the back for the sunscreen and ask if I could exchange this product that didn’t work and receive a credit to use towards another product that I know doesn’t break me out. They said “NO”. They said I could reconcile it directly with the place that sold me the sunscreen (my dermatologist) but that they the company couldn’t do anything about it. What a ridiculous approach to customer service! Not only did they lose the opportunity to make money during that call as I would have bought a more expensive product. But, they have now lost a long-time customer. So disappointing! Their products are expensive so if they won’t stand behind them I would recommend choosing a company that will.

  • Janice 12.30.17 Reply

    I have had reaction to skinceuticals skincare. The sun block feels gritty, burns abit and itches my skin. It also leaves white flakes I try to gently rub off. I put the vitamin C serum on this morning and I immediately broke out in cold sores on my chin area. I still have almost a full bottle of the vitamin C serum. I also have the moisturizer which is okay, but when I think how much this line costs its not worth it to me. It could be I’m just to sensitive to this line.

  • Dawn 05.01.17 Reply

    This line is not over the counter at a drug store like the article makes it sound. It is a professional medical grade skin care line sold ‘over the counter’ at the offices of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and high end spas. For acne the Phlorentin or the C Serum 15 s a good choice as is the Clarifying cleanser which you can apply and leave on as a mask for 10-20 min. I used this line at a 4 star hotel for over 10 years. I really loved this line and still use CE Ferulic and several other products. The C serums give your skin good photo protection giving your skin 8x’s your natural photo protection with out sunscreen, which of course you should use any way. They publish medical studies regarding the affect of the ascorbic acid in the C serums. It is pricey but you can find it on line for less.

  • Catherine 12.30.16 Reply

    I love Skinceutical. That being said, I see a professional dermatologist for my peels and laser. They informed me my skin would be more receptive to creams in general after these treatments and I have found that to be so. The Skinceuticals products maintain my skin, especially the night cream and the Vitamin C.

  • Cassandra 12.21.13 Reply

    How good are these products for acne, breakouts and how quick do you see results. I’m 31 and still breaking out. I’m hoping these help stop it ASAP.

  • Evangeline 12.08.13 Reply

    I remember skinceuticals has different concentrations of Vitamin C but they replaced all of these products with Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. It is a good product but some of the older Vitamin C products were much stronger, and I would even argue better. I use Skinceuticals Phloretin CF, and this is definitely my favorite skinceuticals skin care product. The only complaint I have with the range is that the products are a little overpriced.

  • Macy 10.04.13 Reply

    This is the first time I have noticed results from a skin care products, my skin feels more hydrated and looks smoother. I still have fine lines and wrinkles but my skin just looks a little healthier. I use CE Ferulic, Epidermal Repair and Phyto Correct and A.G.E. Eye Complex Cream.

  • Estephany Maradiaga 09.15.13 Reply

    I use Skinceuticals skin cleansing gel and it works wonders !!! I’m 30 n alway get carded my boyfriend is 24 and he rarely gets carded but I always do thank again to A great product

  • Lea 09.11.13 Reply

    I’ve found Skinceuticals to work great for my skin type. They have fabulous products that prevent aging. They also have a correction range to reverse problems like wrinkles and sun spots. I am constantly get compliments on how good my skin looks and I would say that it was a result of using Skinceuticals products.

  • Andrea 08.28.13 Reply

    My daughter asked for me to use Skinceuticals as a few of her friends have been raving about their products. I found their products to be pretty ordinary but they overly priced and I would use the hydrating b5 gel again. For this price, it is good.

  • Grace 08.14.13 Reply

    My husband found out about Skinceuticals first, then after hearing him rave about it, I bought a few products and I love Skinceuticals. We are using Skinceuticals Floretin CF, Age Interrupter, Hydrating B5 Gel, Retinol 1, Face Cream, Pigment Regulator, Eye Balm and Eppidermal Repair.

  • Mary 08.08.13 Reply

    Skinceuticals makes very good if you can afford it. The Hydrating B5 Gel and CE Ferulic are the top products in the range. There is no other product that comes close. Don’t bother botox or fillers because they only last for 6 months and do not look natural. Spend your money on good skin care instead and Skinceuticals is the best.

  • Bérénice 06.22.13 Reply

    In the past Ive tried many different skin care products but after having a laser treatment my dermatologist recommend I use Skinceuticals. I wish I could afford the entire range because the products are so good. For now, I’m using retexturing activator, CE Ferulic, Phloretin CF, Retinol 1.0, B5 Gel, Phyto, Pigment Regulator and Epidermal Repair in winter. They make the best serums, cleansers and sunscreens out of all the cosmetic companies. I do not use their eye cream as I just put another cream on top from Japan.

  • Pronto 06.12.13 Reply

    My daughter recommend this website for Skinceuticals Reviews. She was totally right. As You can not imagine simply not knowing what is inside those bottles and paying a few hundred dollars makes it difficult to know what to buy. I also found the La Mer review interesting but a bottle of cream would be half a pay check for me so maybe just in my dreams for now.

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