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In the skin care space, there are those brands that view skin as an extension of beauty and those that believe skin care is deeply connected to health. Dermalogica is a brand that steadfastly believes in the latter. As a skin care brand founded on dermatological science, Dermalogica believes that truly innovative skin care should be regarded with just as much dedication and precision as your health and fitness. It’s this belief and philosophy that has helped Dermalogica become the skin care brand that professionals choose first.

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History of Dermalogica

Though Dermalogica is a brand known today for its physician grade and approved skin care products, the road to this place in history and the skin care space was a long one. The very beginnings of the Dermalogica brand that we know and love today can be traced back to 1982 when UK born skin care therapist Jane Wurwand noticed a disconnect between skin and body education in the United States. Unlike her thorough and complete education in esthetics in her home country, many details and complex topics were lacking from the traditional US-based skin care training leaving many professionals licensed to practice but undereducated and unqualified. Taking skin care education into her own hands Jane began holding her own classes to educate and inform young skin care professionals.

After three years in the teaching space, Dermalogica the brand was launched. Created to fill another void discovered in the skin care space, Dermalogica was positioned to be a health brand, rather than a beauty brand for the skin. Something that was virtually non-existent at the time. By 1986, Dermalogica became a skin care brand that was available exclusively through skin care professionals and dermatologists worldwide.

Today, Dermalogica remains the primary choice of dermatological skin care by professionals. From its humble US-based beginnings, Dermalogica can now be found in over 80 countries, recommended by thousands of dermatologists, and the recipient of hundreds of awards over the course of the past few decades. And the teaching institute that started it all, The International Dermal Institute, is one of the most recognized institutions for skin and body therapy today.

The Dermalogica Promise

While many things have changed for Dermalogica since its launch many years ago, one thing that hasn’t is their commitment to helping you achieve healthy skin. Make no mistake, while many skin care brands prefer to position themselves solidly in the beauty space, Dermalogica prides itself on being neither beautiful or luxurious. Instead, it aligns with your health. By cutting out the fluff and the pretty details, Dermalogica is able to focus on ingredients and effective formulations that provide your skin with the results you are looking for.

Though their products are the face of the Dermalogica brand, it’s their processes and their research that are the true star of the show. Dermalogica utilizes innovative technologies to help develop their skin care products including concepts like touch therapies, skin analysis, and microzone treatments. This approach to skin care is just one reason Dermalogica has been able to gain the trust of skin care professionals and therapists across the globe. With its extensive skin care line, Dermalogica is able to provide dermatologists with skin health products that can help treat their patient’s most frustrating skin concerns including common skin sensitivities, acne, aging, and discolorations.

Inside the Dermalogica Ingredients

As a brand that puts health first, you can bet that Dermalogica is extremely intentional with its ingredient selection along with the ingredients that are blatantly left out of the equations. Inside many of the Dermalogica formulations, you’ll find the common skin care ingredients like vitamin e and salicylic acid but you’ll also find some other additions that help the Dermalogica skin care products achieve such success.

Vitamin E Oil: One of the key Dermalogica ingredients is vitamin E oil. A known and powerful antioxidant, vitamin E helps protect the skin against environmental free radicals and other stressors that are known to cause premature aging of the skin. Vitamin E oil, in particular, works with Dermalogica products to offer nourishment and hydration to skin.

Rice Bran: When it comes to popular cleansing additives, most are notorious for being harsh and drying to the skin. Dermalogica has found a unique way to combat this by using rice brand and one of its cleansing ingredients. Rice bran works within some Dermalogica cleansers to deep clean the skin while remaining gentle and non-drying.

Aloe Gel: Another staple skin care ingredient is aloe gel and it’s one that makes perfect sense to be found throughout Dermalogica skin care products. Aloe Gel is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, right alongside enzymes, amino and fatty acids. This powerful combination of goodness allows aloe gel to rejuvenate the skin while soothing it from common irritations.

Lecithin: When it comes to good skin, whether we’re talking about appearance, fighting the signs of age, or texture, moisture is key. Dermalogica takes hydrated skin seriously as evidenced by the inclusion of lecithin which works inside key Dermalogica products to deeply nourished and repair dry, irritated skin.

Salicylic Acid: And finally, the last ingredient to note can be found infused throughout the Dermalogica skin care products that are dedicated to those with acne prone skin and chronic breakouts. Salicylic acid is a powerful acne-fighting ingredient that helps to combat the bacteria that causes acne breakouts while preventing future breakouts from occurring.

In addition to a number of powerful and highly effective ingredients inside the Dermalogica skin care formulations, we have to make note of the ingredients the brand intentionally leaves out as well. While there are many skin care brands that neutralize some of their best ingredients by adding harmful or irritating chemicals, Dermlogica omits the chemical and additives known to cause harm to the skin. Inside Dermalogica skin care products you won’t find any synthetic fragrance or dyes, mineral oil, or alcohol.

Popular Dermalogica Products

The Dermalogica brand we know today contains a vast portfolio of products and treatments designed to meet the majority of skin care need. From cleansers to acne treatments, moisturizers to masks, there is a Dermalogica skin product that can help heal your skin.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream: A popular Dermalogica moisturizer is the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. This creamy moisturizer is designed to balance the moisture levels in the skin. Once applied, lecithin and aloe gel work to provide hydration while cucumber works to soothe the skin. The result is a diminished appearance of fine lines and an increase in elasticity for hydrated, firmer skin.

Dermalogica Precleanse balm: Anyone who’s ever tried to wash a full face of makeup off can understand the need for a precleanse. This Dermalogica balm is the perfect option as an oil that works to break down dirt, makeup, and other impurities that are on the skin. Once added to water it’s applied easily and rinses clean prepping skin for regular cleansing.

Daily Microfoliant: A key step in every skin care routine is exfoliating. It’s also a step that many shy away from due to its reputation for being incredibly drying to the skin. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a popular alternative that is crafted using a rice-based powder as the key exfoliator that’s gentle enough to use every day. When applied to the skin, it gently removes dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and neutralize discolorations. The results is more even toned and radiant skin.

Dermalogica Reviews

As the number one choice of skin professionals across the world, it’s no surprise that Dermalogica is home to nothing but praise and celebration when it comes to their healthy skin care products. Common Dermalogica reviews applaud the products for being lightweight on the skin and gentle enough to use daily. Other frequent Dermalogica reviews celebrate the skin care products transforming the feel and appearance of the skin and their ability to solve a variety of common skin care concerns and needs.





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  • Lisa 04.28.17 Reply

    As a licensed esthetician i can say that we are trained in skin health, dermatologists are not. They are wonderful at diagnosing and treating actual disease but when it comes to skin health and healthy products, they are not as educated in that area. They are also very quick to hand out very powerful medications that most people do not need.
    I have clients that were told by doctors to use baby shampoo, dove bar soap, and other very damaging products for the skin.

    As estheticians we are trained in how the skin works and what is healthy for the skin.
    Those working with dermalogica can give you a complimemtary consultation and skin analysis to determine what products are best for your skin.

  • Mia 01.18.17 Reply

    I went to a shop using Dermatologica product for facial. I was asked to fill in a form as first-timer. I wrote I have allergy to sunblock. During the facial, I reminded the beautician that I am allergy to sunblock so that she won’t put sunblock on my face. She gave me same sample at the end of the facial, wanting me to try, assure me that Dermatologica sunblock is different from other product, there should be no issue. Few days later, the beautician contacted me if I have tried the sunblock, I said I decided not to try. In the following facial, I did not bring up I have allergy issue on sunblock, I thought it should be known. Few days later the allergy developed, I asked the beautician if there was sunblock applied to me in the last facial, the answer was yes! The beautician asked me to go to the shop, promise me to give me mask and some medicine to apply. I told her I can go the next day before the shop closed. When I arrived there, the shop already closed, though it is still before the closing time. I tried contacting the beautician but no respond. She is still remain silent today.

  • adeola adeniran 11.10.16 Reply

    I love dermalogica but at some point I am getting rashes and I think it’s coz of the powerbright spf 50. I will have to discontinue

  • Susan 09.10.16 Reply

    I purchased Dermatologica 50 SPF sport suntan cream and developed severe itching and burning on my skin during several weeks of use. After discontinuing use, the itching and burning stopped. The store where I bought it refused to accept a return or provide any credit or assistance. I telephoned the company and they reluctantly agreed to accept a return and provide me with a product of equal value (of which there are very few). They promised to send me a mailing label at the end of business day of my call. I never received the mailing label.

  • Lauren 07.19.16 Reply

    I have dry skin and it became so flakey and reacted to anything. I started using dermalogica products and it realy really works. Its the only product that my skin reacts well too. Its important to have them examine your skin and ask as many questions as possible. Its a bit pricey but worth every penny!!!! It also lasted me a year long because i was using it properly. I love this product.

  • Zama 03.03.16 Reply

    I’m someone with serious skin problem. I have white and black heads, dull and little bit of pigmentation. I’ve tried a number of skin products, didn’t get any help. Usually if I buy a products and start using it I get skin reaction within a week and most of the time it’s skin rash. I decided to try Dermalogica, it’s been a week now and yes my skin reacted but great results this time, my friends and colleagues were able to see the difference just after 3 days, their comments were “looks like you getting a lot of sleep these days, your skin looks bright and fresh” so basically in short my skin is “SMOOTH, BRIGHT & GLOWING!

  • Amy 01.26.15 Reply

    Fav products:
    1) dermal clay cleanser
    2) active moist
    3) daily microfolliant (more like twice a week)
    4) skin perfect primer (spf30)
    5) overnight repair serum

    = Happy skin 🙂

  • Jamie 12.22.14 Reply

    Dermalogica is the best skin care line I have ever used. I am 25 and have had acne issues since I was a teenager, tried proactive and all over the counter products, was turned on to this when I was 18 and as long as I’m using Dermalogica my face stays clear as well as looks smoother and less red. I have very sensitive skin with very red and dry areas on my chin and the creases from my nose down to my chin on both sides (like a goatee of red patches). Since I have dry skin, the girls at Ulta tell me the Special Cleansing Gel is the facewash I need, HOWEVER, I only use the Dermal Clay Cleanser now that I have tried both as i have found that it keeps the acne away better and my skin looking beautiful and feeling clean…even though it is recommended for oily skin types it does not overdry my normally dry, red skin. After washing nightly, I spray on the Multi Active Toner then use the Skin Smoothing Cream. I can get away with just using the toner without the moisturizer sometimes and my skin still feels great. I think the combo of the Dermal Clay Cleanser plus Multi Active Toner is a miracle. The clay cleanser also can be used as a mask, so cool, I’m obsessed! I do want to check out some of the other products eventually though, as I see that online there are many more products than I’ve seen at the Ulta by me.

  • Angie 12.14.14 Reply

    I nust bought the UltraCalming Skin Kit. I told the girl at the spa that my forehead, nose & chin are oily, especially my forehead. At first my forehead was So oily & I tried the SkinPerfect Primer also. I saw what looked to be like skin fluffing off under the primer which I think it’s suppose to do but I don’t want it to show under the primer. Also, by wetting my face & washing it with the UltraCalming Cleanser, my face doesnt feel like it’s been washed. It feels like I haven’t washed it in days. I sprayed on the UltraCalming Mist, which it’s hard to push the sprayer. I called the spay, I was told to hold the Mist in front of my face & spray once, I did this & it didnte spray on the sides of my face. I used a little Barrier Repair, which squirts out a Lot in my hand & mixed it with UltraCalming Serum Concentrate & now my face feels dry & like I haven’t washed it & the first 2 times I used it my forehead was Very oily. I think I was given the wrong kit & I know no one spent much time with me. I was told to use a little Serum Concentrate with Barrier Repair, rub my hands together & rub on my face. I was Not given a Chemical Peel like someone else mentioned they recieved. I just feel like not enough time was spent with me to show me exactly what a little is & to make sure I was being sold the correct kit.

  • Angela 09.03.14 Reply

    Lucia, I also have very oily skin with a few dry spots. I’ve suffered with severe acne from age 13-29 now. I’ve tried antibiotics and oral acne medications from doctors, clinique, olay, neutrogena, and proactive with very crappy results. My friend dragged me to Ulta five days ago for a Dermologica chemical peel facial. While there I bought the normal/oily skin started set. I’ve been using it every morning and night since then. For me a huge plus is the whole process takes less than 5 minutes (I’m a working single mom so my time is valuable to me). And the results so far? Amazing, honestly I have no words for how nice this is. I have no issue whatsoever paying the higher price for full size bottles once my starter set runs out. PS – the starter kit has enough product to test it out for about 3 weeks so you can really see how it will work for you. I think mine was only about $32…

  • Janna Haron 04.17.14 Reply

    Hi Amanda, I have been suffering from melasma for 10 years now. Please tell me which products of Dermalogica you have been using.

    Many thanks

  • Sarah 03.07.14 Reply

    I’ve delt with extremely dry/sensitive skin with slight redness for years. I’ve experimented with so many different products and I could never find anything that worked for me. I’ve spent probably hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect products. And let’s face it, I’m not made of money. I’m a 20 year old college student. But, then I discovered Dermalogica. I’ve been using it for awhile now and my skin has improved so much. I find myself wearing little to NO MAKEUP now. I could never leave my house without tons of makeup because I was so insecure about it. I use the essential cleanser every night, I spray on the Multi-active toner before the intensive moisture cream at night, intensive moister balance every morning and night, and the Gentle Cream exfoliant once or twice a week. And I’m going to start trying the microfoliant soon as well. Hope my review can help others with similar skin problems! Goodluck!

  • Edi light 02.27.14 Reply

    I have very oily skin, and I have used a variety of cleansers that have been too harsh or too mild. I used Dermatologica, but I didnt like how many chemicals were in the product, and it was super expensive. My dermatologist said I should try Citrus Clear. I have never used a product that agreed so much with my facial skin as the Citrus Clear Sensitive Moisturizer. It has NO chemical ingredients.

    The big pores on my nose have decreased significantly. I have always had big pores on my nose and it is a surprise for me to see them so small. I was HARDCORE Dermatologica, but Im so happy i switched to Citrus Clear.

  • Eva 02.11.14 Reply

    I have just purchased my first dermalogica products after battling with acne, sun damage and black spots for almost two years now. I visited a spa for facials in Feb, 2014 and then was introduced to the product. I hope to visit this page again sometime soon after trying out my products and then have some positive comments to post. For now, wish me well, I can’t wait to have a bright, smooth and flawless face.

  • Barbara 12.15.13 Reply

    I just purchased the Dermalogica age reversal eye complex yesterday and I was reading your review on this product. I, too am in my 60s’ and have very good skin for my age. It was nice to read a review from someone my age who has used this product. It says that it should only be used every other day for the first two weeks. How long have you used it and has it helped your under eye lines and puffiness (if you have that)?

  • Letita 10.05.13 Reply

    The six step Dermalogica A.G.E Smart kit is fabulous. These have to be the best products I have used. It is worth the money.

  • Wendy 09.11.13 Reply

    I love Dermalogica products. I am an aesthetician and I retail Dermalogica at my salon. I have sampled many different brands but Dermalogica was my favorite. I have actually been using their products for many years before I opened my salon but still had to compare it to other brands to ensure I was offering my clients the best possible skin care products.

  • Michele 08.28.13 Reply

    i bought the dermalogica age smart starter kit and there was a sample dermalogica age smart multivitamin power firm cream and i have used it daily soon. Great products. Probably the best skin care product on the planet.

  • Veronica 08.19.13 Reply

    A fan of dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque would recommend it to everyone they use it in spas and u can save the cost by doing it at home

  • Lara 08.08.13 Reply

    I’m 60 next year and want a simple regime for my face. After several years of searching for a skin care brand that worked for me, I found Dermalogica!!! I use a couple of Dermalogica products and I love how they make my face feel. You do not need to overdo it – just stick with a 3 or 4 products that work for you. I bet there are a lot of younger girls using Dermalogica so I am hesitent to mention exactly which products I am using but I would like to anyway so I will say my skin is mature and you might not need to use these precise skin care products I am using, instead opt for something suitable for your skin type. I will also say the Daily Microfoliant is not suitable for my skin as I am sensitive but I have read good reviews about this. I have 4 Dermalogica products that I use daily, ActiveMoist, AGE Reversal Eye Complex, UltraSmoothing Eye Serum and Age Smart Super Rich Repair. There was another multivitamin mask that I used a couple of times but I do not remember what this is called.

  • Erin 08.02.13 Reply

    Another die hard dermalogica skin care fan. I like the age smart and MultiVitamin products. Also a big fan of the micro foliant – thats probably their best product :). I also wont switch to other products and year it makes your skin feel good. I like the way it feels straight after applying.

  • Pretty 07.18.13 Reply

    I use Dermalogica age smart skin care products and the daily microfoliant. I find their moisturizers to work perfectly on combination skin types. I have facials done once every 4 months at my local spa and they tell me about any new dermalogica products. I also used the ultra calming cleanser when I suffered from acne a few years ago and even though this isn’t just for acne it has worked very well.

  • Aria 06.22.13 Reply

    I have been using Dermatologica Daily Microfoliant is for ten years now, and I particularly like how it leaves my skin leaving glowing and radiant. If I don’t use the Microfoliant for then two days my skin looks dull again. It’s also nice to use in the shower with some steam and feels like I’ve just been to my beauty therapist for a treatment.

  • Zoe00 06.21.13 Reply

    I am 34 and I have had combination skin and get breakouts on my forehead and noise. The dermalogica daily microfoliant is the only cleanser that keeps my skin looking good. I also use the overnight clearing gel and gentle cream exfoliant on the weekends. I have tried other creams and cleansers but they just make me breakout so I will stick with using dermalogica products for now.

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