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The 75-year-old company, Lancôme, was founded in 1935 by perfumer and businessman Armand Petitjean, and currently sells a variety of makeup and skin care products, including the Lancôme Visionnaire collection. The founder’s original mission was to offer women products of the highest quality to help them achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Starting off with five fragrances, the company eventually developed several sub-brands, like Lancôme Visionnaire; establishing itself as a premium beauty product manufacturer, and was acquired in 1964 by the L’Oreal Group. The company strives to retain its French origin and claims to offer scientifically proven results. If you’re looking for places where to buy Lancôme Visionnaire, and other company products, you can find them in a number of places online, and retail stores in over 160 countries around the world.

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Lancôme Visionnaire Ingredients and Uses

One of the better known releases in the Lancome Visionnaire line of products is the collection’s flagship product; Visionnaire, one of the company’s first advanced skin correctors to shrink pores, get rid of wrinkles, and correct uneven skin texture. Typically, this serum begins to show results over a period of four weeks. According to the company’s own internal consumer evaluation of women in the age group of 35 to 49 years, the average consumer experienced visible results from this skin corrector; prompting many in the study group to postpone other anti aging skin care procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments. Of course, keep in mind that this study was conducted by the company itself, so it’s important to read Lancôme Visionnaire reviews from independent sources before making your purchasing decision.

The active ingredient in Lancôme Visionnaire is LR2412, a jasmine derivative designed for deeper skin penetration by the product. The skin corrector also contains Cyclohexasiloxane, a silicone working as an emollient and skin-conditioning agent; Pentaerythrityl Tetraethylhexanoate, said to be a binder and emollient; and Adenosine, believed to be an energy carrier and anti-inflammatory agent.

Lancôme Visionnaire One Minute Blur

Lancome Visionnaire (1 Minute Blur) is a skin finisher designed to be used after the daily moisturizer. The oil-free, lightweight finisher has similar properties of Visionnaire and is said to blend naturally into the skin giving it a smooth finish. This product claims to help users attain a silky skin texture sustainable throughout the day, though Lancôme Visionnaire reviews online (for the 1 Minute Blur) are mixed. The company claims to use PhotoSmooth Optical Technology to produce the smooth skin texture quickly.

This Lancôme Visionnaire product is said to be tested for allergies, non-comedonal, and may be used on all types of skin. Active ingredients contained in the skin finisher include Retinyl Palmitate, known to provide the anti-ageing effect; Vitamin C, an antioxidant believed to have anti-aging benefits; and LHA, said to exfoliate the skin.

Lancôme Teint Visionnaire

This Lancôme Visionnaire product is a dual-purpose foundation make-up designed to shrink pores, reduce fine lines, and brighten dark spots on face. This foundation has SPF 20 protection, but should be accompanied by sun block if you are planning a nature outing. This Lancôme Visionnaire product also contains the patented LR2412 ingredient, along with other active ingredients, like Octinoxate 7.5%, known to be an essential component in sunscreens.

Considerations When Using Lancôme Visionnaire

Since this line of products claims to produce visible effects after four weeks of usage, consulting your local dermatologist beforehand is a good idea, as you may not want to spend money on a skin care kit with this product line, only to find that it’s not the right fit after four weeks. Also, the LR2412 ingredient contained in Lancôme Visionnaire items is a proprietary ingredient created by the company; which means it may not have had the same scientific peer review as other, more common ingredients.





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