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Are Lancôme Skin Care Products Right for You?

If you’re already using makeup and fragrance products created by Lancôme, it may seem like a natural step to incorporate Lancôme skin care products into your beauty routine as well. After all, using products from the same manufacturer can provide you with special discounts and shipping deals, especially if you purchase the items directly online. However, before you start looking for the best Lancôme skin care items into your routine, it’s important to ask yourself whether these products are manufactured according to the right treatment philosophy for your skin. Because at the end of the day, even if you love Lancôme fragrances, the unique demands of your skin can mean that Lancôme skin care products are not the best choice. To make a more informed decision, make sure to work with your dermatologist, and read Lancôme skin care product reviews as you conduct your research.

About Lancôme Skin Care Line

The history of the company goes back nearly 80 years, to 1935, when it was founded in France. Although the company’s original goal was to manufacture perfumes, only a year later the Lancôme skin care line was born with the introduction of a skin repair cream. As the company continued to grow, so did the Lancôme skin care line; eventually expanding into body cleansing gels, Lancôme eye creams, and a variety of anti wrinkle creams.

About thirty years after its founding, the company was sold to the global manufacturer, L’Oreal. Today, Lancôme skin care products, perfumes and makeup kits are available for sale all over the world; through the company website, third party e-commerce sites, beauty stores and beauty counters at department stores.

The Cost of Lancôme Skin Care Products

The price for Lancôme skin care items varies widely. For example, the Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait retails for $360, for just 1.7 ounces. This rejuvenating elixir contains ingredients like glycerin, to moisturize the skin; mineral oils, to improve skin texture; and cocoa seed butter, to help reduce stretch marks and discoloration. However, because this Lancôme skin care product contains a large number of additional synthetic ingredients, it’s important to discuss the product label with your dermatologist before use, to avoid potential side effects.

On the cheaper end of Lancôme skin care product spectrum, you’ll find the Tonique Confort. At only $25 for 6.7 ounces, this product is much more affordable. The company claims that this toner moisturizes and purifies skin through a combination of honey and sweet almond extract.

Lancôme Skin Care Shipping Policies

When purchasing Lancôme skin care products directly from the company, you have a variety of shipping choices, ranging from Ground delivery that can take 3-5 business days, to overnight delivery. If you opt for Ground delivery, expect to pay approximately $7 for shipping. However, if you order over $49 worth of products, the company will cover this free of charge. If you need to send Lancôme skin care products overnight, you’ll end up paying $20 worth of shipping, and unfortunately, the company does not provide price breaks for this, even for large orders.

Returns and Exchanges

If you’re going to return Lancôme skin care products, you can do so by using a return label provided by the company. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for shipping, and will likely need to pay extra for a tracking number. Without a tracking number, you won’t have any proof of shipment, and if your package is lost either during delivery or at Lancôme’s shipping center, you won’t have any recourse.

If purchasing Lancôme skin care products from a store or a third party retailer, make sure to return the product directly to that retailer, and not to Lancôme.

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