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Its playful name isn’t just a front, Drunk Elephant skin care takes purity to the next level with its revolutionary key ingredient.

With an increasing amount of scientific names and technical terms being spotted on the market, it is a wonder what goes into the ever growing amount of skincare products we all use, without a second thought, on a daily basis. Thankfully for us, there are brands like Drunk Elephant that buck the trend and focus purely on something much more reassuring: safety.

Safety in skincare isn’t always a first thought. When it comes to the skin, we’re all to quick to look for that overnight fix. Applying lotions and potions without really knowing what’s in them happens all too often and scary side effects can sometimes follow suit. But by remembering that the skin is our biggest organ and deserves to be treated with care, women will soon start to shift into a much better place. A place pretty much championed by Drunk Elephant skin products.

Yes, there are a range of brands out there that care about the environment, the effect on our skin and how they’re making a difference in the world. But the way that Drunk Elephant does it, just makes it seem all the more genuine. Even their founding story is heartwarming, genuine and completely wins you over.

Finding its feet in a myth, the name comes from the idea that elephants become drunk after indulging in fruit fallen from Marula trees that has then fermented! With such a sweet notion, the brand actually takes the passion for virgin Marula oil to heart. It is the only one oil that Drunk Elephant founder, Tiffany Masterson, truly believes in.

Thanks to the fatty acids and antioxidants that are found in abundance in Marula oil, the Drunk Elephant beauty products are safe and non-toxic, but are still completely effective at the same time. You only have to cast your eyes over the range of Drunk Elephant skin care reviews online to believe it.

The Drunk Elephant Marula oil complex really is just the start of what the brand is about. Focusing completely on the natural elements of skincare over clinical and believing that less is more, the brand is stripping skincare back to basics. Their ingredient list aims to be minimal, with natural choices always being made, combined with safe active ingredients that leave us with the effective products that make up the Drunk Elephant skin care line.

As a woman that knows exactly how it feels to be sensitive to a range of chemical ingredients and fragrances, Tiffany set out to find the right ingredients for a skincare line that cared about its customers. Such a refreshing approach is completely ingrained in all that they do. From the natural take on the scent to the simplicity of the packaging, which from the Drunk Elephant reviews, customers seem to love!

Aiming to break that harmful cycle of damage from toxins trying to be fixed with more toxins, their simple focus on natural remedies is refreshing. Even without the fragrance. You’d think that the need of a carefully created scent to mask the product is always needed, but the key ingredients make it completely unnecessary – yet another foundation of the Drunk Elephant range of products.

The product range itself is made up of a staple base, including cleansing, correcting, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting categories that pretty much cover off everything your skin needs for day to day health. Among the most popular, the Drunk Elephant Serum ranges, including the Drunk Elephant Eye Serum, have been clear winners among women.

Simple skincare really is just that, simple, with Drunk Elephant. It’s safe and respectful to your skin, leaving you with the reassuring feeling that you might just finally be making that positive step forwards in finding balance with your skincare routine. That’s just the Drunk Elephant way.

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