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Clinique is one of the most well known skincare ranges on the market, especially when it comes to creating skincare for sensitive skin. Their products offer a little something for everybody, and are always rigorously tested for efficacy. One of the latest launches has been their Moisture Surge line. This line is designed to deliver long lasting, yet lightweight hydration that lasts all day. But is this the next moisturizer for you to pick up? Today, we’re looking into to the claims behind this product, the formula and of course, customer reviews to let you know whether it’s worth the purchase. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

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Who is the Moisture Surge range For?

There is something in the Moisture Surge range for just about everyone. The first Moisture Surge Moisturizer was released several years ago, but since then, they’ve come out with several flankers to address different skin concerns. Currently, there are 5 different Moisture Surge moisturizing products, making it a very versatile product. Additionally, this product is great for super sensitive skin, since all Clinique products are allergy tested, fragrance free, dermatologist tested and ophthalmologist tested.

Many the Moisturizers

As we mentioned earlier, the Moisture Surge line from Clinique currently has five different formats for a variety of situations and skin types. The original product was the Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, which is an oil-free gel-cream that is designed to plump and hydrate the skin throughout the day. This flanker from the Moisture Surge range is suited for those with extra dry or mature skin types specifically, and because of this, includes a handful of ingredients that you won’t find in any of the other options from this line.

Their newest edition has only recently hit the shelves, and has been dubbed the Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator. This product features continuous moisture for up to 72 hours, even after cleansing, applying makeup and more. But while the Intense Hydrator was designed for extra dry skin types, the 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator can be used by all skin types, and still delivers a rather light texture and finish despite its intensely moisturizing properties.

The third moisturizer from this range is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Relief which serves as an excellent middle ground since it’s suitable for most skin types. While each of the formulas from the Clinique Moisture Surge line contains the same core ingredients, each formula offers a handful of unique ingredients and botanical extracts.

Due to the success of this line, two additional products have been added to the Moisture Surge line, which include an overnight mask and the Supercharged Concentrate. These two products offer the same intense hydration that the rest of the Moisture Surge line is known for in more unconventional formats that may be preferable to you depending on your skin type and current skin care routine. For example, the Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate is considerably lighter than the other flankers from this range, making it an ideal choice for those with oily skin or are prone to clogged pores.

Formula Focus

Looking more closely at the formula behind this range, it’s no surprise that the ingredients list frequently gets a thumbs up from those with even the most sensitive skin. Clinique as a whole has been devoted to creating products that don’t include irritating, pore clogging or sensitizing ingredients. While sensitivities are almost impossible to completely eliminate, there are several ingredients that are sensitizing to a large percentage of people. Because of this, Clinique is entirely fragrance free and every product is allergy tested from additional common irritants. The Moisture Surge line has gone through this same process in order to create the most gentle, yet effective product.

The base behind this range includes water, glycerin, one or two silicones and butylene glycol. It’s these ingredients that give the Moisture Surge line their unique, lightweight texture. Glycerin is an excellent humectant, meaning that it helps to draw water to the skin. But the danger with a humectant-heavy moisturizer is that the hydration is only temporary. Without an occlusive or emollient ingredient to help seal in that added hydration, the water that you just applied to your skin can actually evaporate and take some of your own moisture with it. In the long run, this will leave you feeling even drier that you were in the first place.

In order to combat that, there are quite a few occlusive and emollient ingredients out there. Oils, butter, safe synthetics, waxes and more can be used to protect your skin barrier and seal in. But, more often than not, these ingredients can be exceptionally challenging for those with sensitive or clog-pore skin types. Because of this, Clinique has made all of their Moisture Surge formulations completely oil-free. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally as moisturizing as they are hydrating. In place of plant oils, the Moisture Surge range utilizes cyclomethicone, dimethicone and butylene glycol, all of which are typically well tolerated by even those with sensitive skin.

In addition to the base set of ingredients, the Moisture Surge range offers a set of botanical extracts and actives for additional benefits. Hyaluronic acid plays quite a large role in all of the Moisture Surge formulations, due to its powerful ability to draw an incredible amount of water to the skin. All Moisture Surge products include aloe vera, peptides and caffeine as well to help plump the skin and deliver that youthful glow. But, depending on the formula you choose, there will be one or two botanical extracts that are unique to each flanker.
How To Use Moisture Surge Products
Since all of these products center around moisture and hydration, you’ll want to apply any of these products at the end of your routine. The three traditional moisturizers from this range can be used as your last step after you’ve cleansed and applied any treatment products, morning or night. The overnight mask and Supercharged Concentrate can also be used as a last step in your routine, depending on your skin type.

Review Recap

Regardless of which product you’re looking at within the Moisture Surge range, there is no shortage of reviews to go off of. This range from Clinique is incredibly popular and has had a tremendous amount of success. Each product has over 200 reviews on Sephora’s website, and their original Moisture Surge moisturizer has up to 2000 reviews. The most common comments from reviewers praise this product for its ability to quickly absorb into the skin, but maintain the right amount of hydration and moisture throughout the day. But we’d love to hear from you! Have you tried any products from this range? Let us know in the comments below!

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