What Is Behentrimonium Methosulfate?



Behentrimonium methosulfate is an ingredient that is often used in hair care products such as conditioners. It is mainly used to improve the feel of the hair, prevent static and flyaways and soften the hair. It is also useful for improving the of the product, making the product more spreadable and easy to handle.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate

the good: Helps to improve the feel of your hair, reducing friction and flyaways.

the not so good: Behentrimonium methosulfate is considered to be safe for use.

Who is it for? All skin types except those that have an identified allergy to it.

Synergetic ingredients: Works well with most ingredients.

Keep an eye on: Nothing to keep an eye on here.

What Are The Benefits of Behentrimonium Methosulfate?

Behentrimonium methosulfate is used primarily as a hair care ingredient. 

Behentrimonium methosulfate is used in hair care products as it reduces the friction between the hair shafts, giving is slip and improving the general feel and manageability of the hair. 

Reducing friction between the hair shafts may also help to reduce breakage and damage. When the friction between the hairs is reduced they are less likely to tangle and break. 

Behentrimonium methosulfate also has the added benefit of improving the texture of the product that it is included in. It helps to improve the spreadability and usability of the formulation. This is an important part of the formulating process as it ensures that the product is pleasant to use. 

Is Behentrimonium Methosulfate Safe?

According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel, a group responsible for evaluating the safety of skincare and cosmetic ingredients. In their review, they noted that behentrimonium methosulfate is safe for use in its current uses and concentrations. 

Becker, L et al. 2012. ‘Safety Assessment of Trimoniums as Used in Cosmetics’, International Journal of Toxicology, vol. 31.



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