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Syn-ake: Product Overview and Side Effects

Syn-ake is a topical anti-aging treatment that was developed by the Swedish company Pentapharm Ltd., and is designed to relax expression lines that are known to cause wrinkles. This ingredient, which is used in several different products that are designed to fight aging, is a synthetic form of snake venom. Syn-ake replicates the effects of a peptide that is known as Waglerin 1, which is a component of the venom found in the Temple Viper, a poisonous snake native to southeast Asia. This serum can either be used on its own or added to any moisturizing cream, or other skin care product as an anti-aging element.

How Syn-ake Works

Syn-ake is works by reducing muscular contractions in the face and reduces cell movement; thereby keeping the skin smooth. The concept behind Syn-ake is that since snake venom causes muscular paralysis, a synthetic derivative of the venom would work to temporarily deaden the muscles in the face to prevent the formation or deepening of wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth form over time because the muscles in the face contract in repeated motions that cause you to smile, laugh, and frown. These facial expressions cause the skin to stretch and wrinkle each time, and eventually, lines and wrinkles form because your skin loses its elasticity and can no longer snap back to its original position. Syn-ake can be applied to wrinkles on the forehead, the neck, around the mouth, and around the eyes, although extreme care should be taken to keep the product out of the eyes.

How to Use Syn-ake

If you plan to add Syn-ake to your favorite moisturizer or facial cream and you have never used the ingredient before, it is best to ask your dermatologist for advice about how to mix the serum into other products. The ingredient is designed to mix well with a number of different skin care products, but you should never combine it with those that already contain the ingredient, as this may cause damage to your skin. Syn-ake is water soluble and can be combined with thinner serums or even with distilled water, or water-based skin care products. Because this chemical compound has been known to cause adverse reactions in some users, you should start out by adding the smallest possible concentration of Syn-ake to your skin care products until you know how it will affect your skin.

Side Effects of Syn-ake

Many users who have sensitive skin have found that using Syn-ake caused swelling, redness of the skin, itching, and stinging when the product was applied. While not all consumers will experience negative side effects, extreme care should be taken during the first application and the results carefully monitored before applying the product again. This is important because the ingredient doesn’t work like olive oil or other ingredients that boost skin health. Syn-ake is a cosmetic solution that targets neuron transmissions in your tissues, and by using too much of this ingredient or combining it incorrectly, you can cause prolonged problems for your facial muscles.

– Peptides are great cosmetics ingredients when used in the right concentration. Newer Syn-Peptides were introduced to the market recently.
– Take a look at  Advanced Dermatology. It contains multiple concentrated peptides.

  • DF 02.22.17 Reply

    So happy everyone reads the entire article before posting…And if they have, shame on them for not re-reading. Mankind has been producing natural substitutes for eons; and as for consuming things that are poisonous, everyone loves cashews right? Try eating one of those or an olive raw….8\ Thank you for the information.

  • Louis 08.15.16 Reply

    This is just a very interesting and effective product that acts within minutes and has a long lasting effect.
    YES it works, and NO it is not a “FAKE” product… it is not “real” snake venom, but this does not make it a “Fake” product. It is very real, and it is effective. For those who ignore it, this is what is called a synthesised peptide in the laboratory. This allows to: 1) Focus on a specific molecule. Real Venom would be really dangerous, and contains more than just “one” peptide. Synthesis in a laboratory reduces the risk related to other undesirable effects, and the final product is clean and safe (Botox itself is a clean, synthetic peptide that mimics the effects of the toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum…) 2) you simply don’t want to go killing snakes. Leave the snakes alone. The same has happened with other products (like ambergris used in luxurious parfumerie: You simply don’t ). So it’s not a matter of “”at least that is natural”.. It’s not because something is found in nature that something is essentially “good”. This is why you keep the animals safe and science finds effective ways for treatments, being from cosmetics, or being in the clinics.

    Should you use SynAke: i would say Yes.

  • May Wilson 02.28.15 Reply

    Ok it’s fake snake venom made to mimic real venom … So you are putting some fake crap on you skin which may or may not leech into you facial muscles? Seems crazy to me. Why aren’t they using real venom? At least that is natural. There isn’t anything natural about fake snake. This no matter how you slice it seems like a really crap product. Once again making women feel bad about themselves for something that is a completely natural occurrence . We need to stop looking for the fountain of youth and drink from the fountain of truth! Grow the f up and stop buying this shit! If every woman in the world woke up tomorrow and said we are perfect the way we are. All this diet, cosmetic , high cost industry would be crippled and imagine where that money could go and what it could do! Snake venom to cure cancer? Give me a break already these scientists don’t have to do the real work because we keep them busy with all this BS!

  • Carol 01.10.15 Reply

    Is this how you get “drop dead gorgeous”? No snake venom is going on my body anywhere particularly venom from the deadly “Temple Viper.”

  • SHIVALI SETHI 07.28.14 Reply

    Is syn ake supposed to be applied all over face or just effected area?

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