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17 Ways To Get Rid of Wrinkles



Our faces are a road map of how we have lived our lives. Every line tells a story, from our laughter and smiles to vacations in the sun with friends and family. Our faces also show the signs of life’s less joyous moments, such as stress and scars, and overdoing it in the sun. At one point in our lives, we all look in the mirror and see a face that is perhaps showing too much of our story. Wrinkles are a fact of life, but it doesn’t mean you have to embrace every eye wrinkle and laugh line. Fighting back is an option. While no over the counter product can magically turn back the clock, there’s plenty of ways to help soften the look of fine lines. Here’s a look at how to get rid of wrinkles.

How to get rid of wrinkles

  1. Wear Sunscreen
    One of the biggest culprits of premature aging is the sun. Damaging UV rays can break down collagen, which keeps skin plump and firm, as well as elastin, which leads to the formation of lines and creases. Protect yourself by applying sunscreen every single day, even when it’s cloudy. The easiest way to do this is to choose a daily moisturizer with a high SPF, or layer on a serum with SPF protection if you don’t like the feel of a sunscreen. For added ammunition against the sun, brush on a mineral powder sunscreen over makeup- try a sheer or bronzed version. Don’t forget to protect your neck and the back of the hands.
  2. Quit Smoking
    Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health, as well as your face. Smoking accelerates the aging process of the skin, as the chemicals in nicotine damage collagen and elastin. Nicotine also constricts blood flow, which means that skin is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, such as vitamin A, which can lead to wrinkles. The repeated physical act of inhaling also contributes to lines around the mouth and lip wrinkles, as well as exaggerated smile lines
  3. Stay Hydrated
    Dry, dehydrated skin is not only itchy and uncomfortable but can make wrinkles look worse. Dry skin emphasizes the look of lines and creases, while hydrated skin looks plump and supple. To keep skin hydrated, always apply moisturizer twice a day. If your skin feels tight and dry, apply a hydrating serum for extra hydration. Also remember to hydrate from the inside by drinking plenty of water, and hydrate on the outside by misting your face during the day with an atomizer.
  4. Microneedling
    Microneedling may not be for everyone, depending on your pain threshold, but it’s worth considering to help smooth out the look of lines and wrinkles. The process involves tiny microneedles puncturing the skin. This controlled injury triggers the body’s healing process which means that new collagen and elastin will be created, leading to firmer, smoother looking skin- and therefore less noticeable wrinkles. A numbing cream can be applied before the procedure, which can be done by a dermatologist or an aesthetician. Home microneedle tools are available but they won’t penetrate the skin as much as a professional.
  5. Cut Back on Sugar
    It can be hard to curb a sweet tooth but the next time you reach for a sugary treat, consider this. Sugar causes glycation, which can cause skin to age. When we consume sugar or refined carbohydrates, this creates a chemical reaction causing the skin to stiffen. This leads to fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Glycation also prevents cells from functioning properly, and create free radicals, which can further damage skin cells. For more tips on how to prevent wrinkles, click here.
  6. Exfoliate
    Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in any beauty routine. It whisks away dead skin cells that can make the face look dull, tired and wrinkled. Skip the harsh, chunky scrubs and try a gentle rice enzyme exfoliator. Another option is a chemical exfoliation using alpha hydroxy (AHA) or beta hydroxy acids (BHA). Gently removing dead skin helps soften the look of fine lines and helps skin look smoother and feel softer.

    How to get rid of wrinkles

  7. Get a Good’s Night Sleep
    There’s a good reason it is called “beauty sleep.” Our bodies kick into repair mode while we snooze. While we doze, our bodies rebuild collagen, which helps support the skin and keep it looking firm. When you get less than optimal sleep, it shows up on the face with puffy eyes, dark circles and lines under the eyes. So make it a point to get your full eight hours (or more).</
  8. Keep Your Face Relaxed
    This is easier said than done, but pay attention to how you move your face throughout the day. If you are constantly frowning, squinting or scrunching up your face, these repetitive motions can cause creases in the face. Habits such as drinking from a straw and chewing on your lip also can contribute to mouth and lip lines. If you’re particularly worried about your forehead wrinkles (horizontal or vertical ones), click here to learn more about how to prevent forehead lines.
  9. Apply A Mask
    Sheet masks are one of the most affordable and easy ways to give your face a little boost. Apply a hydrating sheet mask to help plump up fine lines. Look for one that is loaded with moisture magnets like hyaluronic acid, as well as nourishing rose extract. If you like the DIY approach, you can make your own hydrating face masks using coconut oil, avocado or yogurt.
  10. Change Your Sleeping Position
    How you sleep can play a major factor in preventing wrinkles, as well as waking up to a smoother looking face. Side sleepers can develop more wrinkles on the side of their face that is constantly squished against the pillow. To prevent this, try sleeping on your back. If that is too hard, try switching to a silk or satin pillowcase, as the smooth fabric won’t crease against the face.
  11. Use Retinol
    One of the best ingredients when it comes to tackling fine line and wrinkles (not to mention skin discoloration and acne) is retinol. This vitamin A derivative works by encouraging cell turnover to reveal fresher, smoother looking skin. With retinol, slow and steady is the way to go. Start off with a small amount of a retinol laced product used two to three times a week and work your way up to more frequent use. Retinol based creams can be used around the eyes as well as on the face.

    How to get rid of wrinkles

  12. Wear Sunglasses to Keep Eye Wrinkles Away
    Fine lines and wrinkles tend to show up around the eyes first, as the skin here is thin and delicate. One way to prevent new eye wrinkles from forming is to invest in a pair of large sunglasses to prevent squinting and protect the eye area. Wear them anytime it is sunny, even in the winter. To learn more about how to prevent eye wrinkles, click here.
  13. Cut Back on Drinking
    As we get older, everything we eat and drink shows up on our faces. Too much alcohol can cause dehydration and loss of collagen, leading to more wrinkles. It can also make the face look puffy, and cause inflammation, not to mention making those laugh lines look even more pronounced.
  14. Get a Massage
    Everyone feels better after a massage, and the same principle applies to your face. Massaging the face is not only relaxing but helps increase blood flow to the area, leaving skin looking plumped up, smoother and rosy. Use your hands and do it with a gentle facial oil, or buy a facial massaging device such as a rotating cleansing brush or a jade roller.
  15. Try Facial Tape
    Hollywood legends such as Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford relied on surgical tape to help make their faces look smooth and wrinkle free. As silly as it sounds, facial tape (such as Frownies or Furlesse) is worth a try. The concept behind facial tape is that it works by retraining a muscle not to sag. The patches basically support a wrinkle while you sleep, with the idea being that you will wake up to smoother looking skin.
  16. Peels and Microdermabrasion
    If you want to soften the look of wrinkles quickly, make an appointment with a dermatologist or head to a medical spa for a deeper exfoliation. This can be done with microdermabrasion, which removes the top layer of skin using a fine spray of crystals, or a chemical peel. A deep chemical peel is a controlled exfoliation using acid to remove the top layer of skin and encourage collagen production during the healing process. Healing times and results vary.
  17. Lasers and Fillers
    Lasers and fillers are another way to help soften the look of wrinkles quickly. A filler, made from a soft substance such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, is injected into the skin to “fill” a wrinkle and plump up the line. Lasers are another option and two types are available: ablative and non-ablative. An ablative laser removes the outer layer of skin which makes the face look smoother and triggers the body’s healing process (which in turn encourages collagen production). A non-ablative laser works by heating up skin tissue to also encourage collagen production. Recovery time varies, and fillers require up keep.

Getting rid of wrinkles (and keeping new ones from forming) is a multi-step process, and choosing the right products is an important part of that process. Formulyst Pro-Collagen Serum is formulated for aging skin, with a mix of peptides and proteins. The hydrating serum helps soften the look of fine lines. To wake up to your best looking skin, apply Formulyst Anti-Aging Night Cream, which helps hydrate and soothe mature skin. This nourishing cream is crafted with a nutrient-rich blend of plant oils, essential fatty acids and omega oils, to hydrate the skin as well as exfoliate it. Take off all the day’s grime and dirt with Formulyst Clarifying AHA Cleanser. It gives skin a deep clean without stripping it, and contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to give skin a gentle exfoliation to help skin look smooth and fresh.

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