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One Love Organics is a handcrafted natural skincare company founded by Suzanne LeRoux. In the world of green beauty and sustainable cosmetics, One Love Organics has been able to solidify their place, differentiating themselves with their plant-powered skincare products designed to transform your skin. Considered to be a labor love that has now grown into an internationally recognized beauty brand loved by green beauty and mainstream beauty enthusiasts alike, One Love Organics continues to thrive standing behind their belief that when it comes to skin, less is always more when you’re using good products.

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About One Love Organics

The beginnings of One Love Organics can be traced back to its founder, Suzanne’s, love for a good, clean, skincare routine. After formally studying holistic wellness, aromatherapy, and cosmetic chemistry she went on to launch the first One Love Organics products. Based out of St. Simons Island, Georgia, Suzanne and her husband have been able to grow One Love Organics into an award-winning skincare company producing gentle, effective, and safe beauty products for all skin types.

One Love Organics has a dedication to sustainability that is encompassed in every aspect of their company. Not only do they use 100% natural ingredients, but they work to source organic ingredients as much as possible. All One Love Organics products are produced in small batches in the company’s innovative and sustainable ECOCERT manufacturing facility. As one of only ten facilities of its kind in the United States and their commitment to plant-based formulations, One Love Organics has been able to set itself apart from other skincare brands in the green beauty space.

One Love Organics Skincare

Digging a little deeper into the One Love Organics commitment to plant-based skincare, taking a look at their now extensive product lines is a testament to how serious they are. All of the One Love Organics products are made with selectively curated, high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. One Love Organics harnesses the power of plants to create products that refresh, protect, and rejuvenated the skin. Inside each and every one of the One Love Organics skincare, body care, and eye care products, you’ll only find ingredients that serve a specific purpose and need. No fillers, fluffers, cheap substitutes, or unnecessary additives.

One of the most popular One Love Organics skincare products, and a 2017 Eco Beauty Awards winner, is the Skin Dew. This One Love Organics coconut water cream was designed to deeply moisturize dehydrated skin. Inside this One Love Organics skincare formulation you’ll find ingredients like coconut water which is used to nourish the skin, cupuacu butter to combat environmental free radicals that are responsible for aging the skin, and an acaia, jojoba, and sunflower complex that locks moisturize in and keeps environments stressors out. The One Love Organics Skin Dew works best when used in your morning and evening skincare routines and is a good choice for all skin types especially those with extremely dry and dull skin.

Another beauty award winning One Love Organics skincare product that is super popular is the One Love Organics Vitamin B Enyzme Cleansing Oil. This multitasking One Love Organics oil works as a powerful makeup remover, effortlessly removing all traces of makeup, dirt, and other impurities in the skin. It also works to deeply clean and brighten the skin without stripping it of natural oils. The One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme is formulated with skin nourishing ingredients like papain which is a fruit enzyme that works to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting new skin cell growth. You’ll also find a unique, natural, vitamin B complex infused into this One Love Organics cleanser that helps to tone and clarify the skin as well. Like most One Love Organics products, this is a great option for all skin types but works best for those with extremely dry, dehydrated skin.

One Love Organics Reviews

One Love Organics is a skincare brand that is home to a host of glowing One Love Organics reviews. One Love Organics has been able to establish a growing and loyal fan base that stands by their products. Most of the One Love Organics reviews celebrate the gentle, effectiveness of the plant-based products and formulations. Some of the most common One Love Organics reviews note the dramatic changes of their skin after continuous use of the brand’s collections. If there are any less than favorable One Love Organics reviews to mention it would be that some people have commented on the essential oil fragrances can be a bit overpowering with those sensitive to smells. This typically isn’t a common concern with natural based beauty brands, however, One Love Organics does infuse aromatherapy into their products so this concern is warranted.



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