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If you’ve never heard of Algenist, you’re in for a treat. This award-winning skin care brand is a modest, but powerful line of algae infused skin care products that were created to help transform the appearance of your skin. Founded on providing exclusive anti-aging technologies and developed by a biotechnology firm, Solazyme, Algenist harnesses the powers found in nutrient-dense microalgae and infuses it into highly effective skin care products to be used in your daily skin care routine. Algenist products are known for their ability to stimulate skin cells natural regeneration process helping skin to become firmer, smoother, and more youthful over time. Algenist skin care products also work to protect the skin from harsh environmental stressors and UV exposure which is a common culprit of premature aging in the skin. This powerhouse combination, fueled by microalgae, has enabled Algenist to become widely known in the skin care space for their innovative use of plant-based science and technology.

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Algenist Ingredients to Know

True to it’s name, the main ingredient that is infused throughout the Algenist brand is microalgae. This is such an important aspect of the brand that it is the reason Algenist claims it is able to dramatically reduce the signs of age in the skin in as little as ten days. Due to the unmatched nutrients to be found in microalgae, alguronic acid, in particular, is the cornerstone of Algenist products ability to stimulate the skin cells natural regeneration process.

As a brand created by a biotechnology company that has a mission for promoting green science and sustainability, Algenist products contain only natural based ingredients that are safe for your skin and the environment. Alongside, microalgae, there are a few Algenist skin care ingredients the brand stands by to help their products achieve their power and effectiveness.

Alguronic Acid: Alguronic Acid is Algenist’s core ingredient. This algae-based compound works within the nutrient-rich plant to rejuvenate and protect the cells of algae. With the belief that this process could be replicated when infused into skin care products, Algenist harnesses this regenerative power to provide Algenist skin care products with superior anti-aging abilities.

Microalgae Oil: Another ingredient that Algenist infuses throughout its skin care line that comes from micro algae is Microalgae Oil. This proprietary Algenist ingredient in rich in nutrients like oleic acid which is a fatty acid that helps to hydrate the skin, phytosterols which are natural fats that help to slow down collagen deterioration, and tocopherols which are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental feel radicals. This powerful combination works inside the Microalgae Oil to help restore moisture and lock hydration in over the course of the day.

Algae Exopolysaccharides: Algenist products contain a powerful antioxidant that helps to offer extreme protection against the most stubborn environmental stressors. This antioxidant blend contains a blend of peptides like tetrapeptide-21, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, and palmately oligopeptide which are amino acids that support the skin.

Breakthrough Algenist Skin Care Products

While Algenist products are known for their algae-based nutrients, it’s just one aspect of what makes their skin care products so unique. Algenist products are created to work across skin types, are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic which means that won’t clog pores. And while you’ll find tons of powerful and effective ingredients within Algenist products, you won’t find any harmful ones like parabens, phthalates, or triclosan. The Algenist skin care line is small but mighty and there are a few Algenist products that stand out from among the rest.

Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream: As a brand committed to anti-aging, it makes sense that one of its most impressive products is an anti-aging cream. The Algenist GENIUS anti-aging cream is designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while working to boost skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. Based on the Algenist brand anti-aging technology, the Algenist GENIUS anti-aging cream utilizes alguronic acid and microalgae oil to help tighten, tone, and revitalize the skin for a brighter complexion and a more youthful appearance. For best results, apply the Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging consistently twice a day to transform the skin.

Algenist SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist: Part serum and part mist, this Algenist setting spray is loved for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin with just a few simple mists. Lightweight and packed with minerals and fruit extracts, the Algenist SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist works to lock moisture into the skin while offering a layer of protection and even setting your makeup. After using the Algenist SPLASH Hydration Setting Mist, skin looks refreshed and vibrant all day long.

Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen: Of all the Algenist skin care products, this one just might be the most innovative of them all. The Algenist Liquid Collagen is a plant-based collagen alternative that offers a potent dose of active collagen to the skin. The Algenist Liquid Collagen is used to help restore the skin while hydrating and strengthening it as well. Inside the Algenist Liquid Collagen is a formulation that is packed full of vitamins and minerals like omega 3, 6, and 9, and antioxidant vitamin E. It’s so powerful, that Algenist promises this Liquid Collagen can restore your skin in just 10 days of use.

Algenist Reviews

Algenist is a brand that is known for its pretty steep skin care claims and promises. To reassure customers, the brand has taken special care to provide extensive clinical Algenist reviews to demonstrate their products effectiveness. Some of the most impressive clinical Algenist reviews have users experiencing softer more radiant skin along with increased hydration and moisture in around 10 days as the brand promises. Other clinical Algenist reviews reveal users experiencing an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and more luminous skin with ongoing use. As far as consumer Algenist reviews, those who have used the brand’s microalgae infused products have experienced positive results. Common Algenist reviews celebrate the improved textured and feel to the skin along with the feel and application of the Algenist products themselves. Though there are a few Algenist reviews that note the sizable price tag, it seems to be worth it compared to the results the Algenist products provide to the skin.





The philosophy of Formulyst is long-term and effective skincare, rather than covering up any imperfections. The comprehensive line of products tackles everything from wrinkles to dark spots and dry skin. While some brands rely on unnecessary fillers and scents, Formulyst focuses on ingredients that help create results, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Many of the Formulyst’s products harness the power of plant and citrus extracts as well as gold-standard workhorses such as retinol.

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Advanced Dermatology

The Advanced Dermatology skin care regimen addresses the most pressing aging concerns. It can be used by men and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. This award-winning system can help diminish wrinkle appearance, reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation, fade away redness, even out skin tone and improve the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. Some of the standout products in this line include the Super Youth Serum, Complete Age Defense and Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment.

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Algenist Genius Review

Algenist skincare was born after an accidental yet ingenious discovery. The benefits of algae, and more importantly alguronic acid inspired a brand that today has won several different beauty awards, especially for their Algenist Genius line which focuses on anti-aging. So today, we’re going to be sharing all of the...

Algenist ELEVATE Lifting and Contouring Serum

Like all of the products in the Algenist ELEVATE skin care line, the Algenist ELEVATE Lifting and Contouring Serum aims to produce an anti aging effect by moisturizing and tightening the skin to help achieve contours that are aesthetically pleasing. To achieve these effects, the serum utilizes a number of...

Algenist Splash Absolute

Individuals dealing with dry, flaky skin on the face or neck may come across a product line called Algenist Splash Absolute. Manufactured by Algenist, this line consists of three products that are focused on deep hydration of the skin. However, although the goal of Algenist Splash Absolute is to moisturize,...

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

It is typical for anti aging skin creams to make astonishing promises about their effects, and the manufacturer of Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm is no different. Among some of the claims made by the company is that this balm can reduce wrinkles, nourish the skin, target hyperpigmentation, and even...

Algenist Sublime Defense Review

If you’re looking for a daily sunscreen that doesn’t feel heavy, cakey or greasy on the skin, you may want to checkout products like the Algenist Sublime Defense. This milky sunscreen was developed to serve as the perfect facial sunscreen for everyday use. With broad-spectrum SPF 50, this product offers the perfect amount of protection so that you can face the day and prevent any unwanted damage from affecting your skin. Research shows that sun damage is easily one of the leading causes of aging and can negatively impact how your skin looks, acts and feels overtime. The sheer, ultra-blendable formula glides onto the skin and sinks into the skin in seconds and is completely oil-free. Because of this, this product works excellent on its own as well as underneath any makeup, whether you prefer a full coverage foundation or just a spot of concealer and mascara. In order to maximize the coverage and protection offered by this product we do recommend that you reapply this product every few hours in order to extend the SPF factor while you’re exposed to UV rays.


Algenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum Review

Finding the right retinol serum for your personal skin type and skin concerns can be a challenging and time consuming endeavor. One of the better known and well loved retinol serums has been the Algenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum. Sadly this product has been discontinued in recent years to make way for new products in the Algenist line. But that doesn’t mean that you can no longer experience the benefits of their unique Alguronic acid with this gold standard anti-aging ingredient. Recently, the brand has released their latest retinol based-serum, known as the Algenist Elevate Advanced Retinol Serum. Like its predecessor, this product combines the micro-algae based ingredients with time release retinol to create a gentle yet effective retinol product that helps to specifically target some of the most difficult and stubborn signs of aging including fine lines and even deeper set wrinkles.

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Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream Review

If you’re looking for a rich, creamy moisturizer that focuses specifically on regeneration, you may want to check out the Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream. Like the name would suggest, his cream was designed to serve as a supportive moisturizer that helps to boost skin cell renewal and healthy skin cell turnover to improve the skin’s overall structure. Necessary processes, like collagen production, elastin production and cell turnover, all begin to slow and can even stop as well age. In order to prevent that, more sophisticated formulas like the Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream, aim to boost these processes through the use of selective ingredients. Alguronic acid and peptides nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by acting as amino acid precursors which prompt collagen production in the skin. These two actives can also be used consistently, twice daily, without any concern for irritation or skin sensitivity. Because of this, we’d recommend this product in particular to those who would like to target signs of aging without the use of harsh and often sensitizing actives like acids or retinol.


Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum Review

If you’re looking for a nourishing serum that targets signs of aging without weighing down your skin and potentially clogging your pores, you may want to look into the Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum. According to the brand, this oil-free serum was designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, boost randiane and increase skin’s firmness in as little as 10 days of continuous use. The main active, like many of the other products in the Algenist line, is a high percentage of Alguronic Acid. This microalgae-based ingredient helps to even out skin tone, regenerate the skin and restore skin’s suppleness, creating an overall more youthful looking appearance. In a four week self-assessment of 100 women, 74% of participants saw minimized deep wrinkles, while 81% saw noticeably tightened and lifted skin after using the product for a full 28 days.


Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum Review

If you’re looking for a new, unique twist on the standard night time moisturizer, you may want to look into the Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum. This product combines the best aspects of a moisturizer with the best aspects of a serum to create an innovative hybrid product with the best of both worlds. The Recharging Night Pressed Serum features a number of key actives including alguronic acid, which is the star ingredient in almost all of the Algenist skincare products, along with algaprotein and coconut water. According to the brand, this pressed serum is capable of regenerating, smoothing, and recharging the skin in as little as 10 days. Additionally, in four week self assessment of 80 women, 98% of subjects reported that their skin texture looked softer and smoother, while 93% of subjects reported increased skin suppleness in just the first 10 days of use. After 28 days, 99% of subjects reported that skin appearance revitalized, refreshed and re-energized while 91% of subjects reported that their skin was visibly firmer and more toned.


Algenist Reveal Concentrated Luminizing Drops Review

Multipurpose products that blur the lines between skincare and makeup are some of the most helpful additions to your morning routine to keep things minimal and streamlined. One of these such product is the Algenist Real Concentrated Luminizing Drops. These Drops can be used in several stages of your makeup routine in order to deliver the desired effect and really amp up the glow. Starting off at the very beginning of your routine, this product can be used on its own as almost an oil-like primer. The light particles in this product help to blur imperfections while different plant oils nourish and soften the skin. Next up, a few drops of this product can also be mixed into some of your favorite base products, whether that’s a sunscreen, tinted moisturizer or foundation, to create a more luminous and dewy finish to the skin. Finally, this product can also be used in much smaller quantities and dapped on to the high points of the face to create a very natural, ‘lit from within’ glow that is apply to replace a more traditional powder highlight. The versatility of this product allows you to play with its many uses until you find the methods that work best for you and fit in well with your existing routine.


Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen Review

What are the Best Skin Care Products of 2019? The Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen Cream can be used as either a night time sleeping mask or an overnight moisturizer to deeply hydrate and nourish, while simultaneously working to improve the appearance of the major signs of ageing. This product contains a number of anti-aging centered ingredients including collagen, while their patented alguronic acid and skin mimicking ceramides work at boosting the skin’s natural protective barrier. Alguronic acid is present in almost every single product from Algenist. This compound was developed in order to restore the skin, increase the beneficial properties of other ingredients and help protect the skin from other sources of damage. In a consumer reported study, 98% of users said that their skin felt more hydrated, while 95% said that their skin looked and felt softer and more supple in just days.

  • Maggie Collins 01.24.19 Reply

    Why all the hype about Algenist? Received a free sample of the eye cream at Ulta. Nothing great and did not notice any improvement. Being older and watching a presentation of Elevate for firming, I decided I would purchase. The product carries a 90+ price tag so by no means it’s not cheap. Tried it and day one applied to my face and put on my foundation. My skin looked extremely dry (and my skin is slightly oily). I continued to try for appx 7 days and each time skin looked dry and make up didn’t look quiet right. I decided the product didn’t do anything at all for me and ended up tossing it in the trash. Basically I took a $100 bill and threw it in the trash. Never again will I purchase one of these over priced over hyped products

  • Toni 08.05.18 Reply

    I just started with this product. So far i’m loving it. I don’t use this all over my face, only between my brows and my upper lip.

  • Rachel 03.11.18 Reply

    I’ve been using Algenist products for over 3 years. They are really good and last a very long time. One jar (although it is around $95) will last me over a year. You can see the results within about 10 days. Lines start to get smaller, and your skin looks looks far more moisturized. It goes on smooth (at least the moisturizer and retinol cream that I have), and within about 40 seconds you can apply make up or whatever you want over top of it- in fact it goes on easier. I’ve never seen any of their products look rubbery (as the top person above stated). Both products I’ve owned have worked well, lasted a long time, and went on smoothly.

  • john 07.17.17 Reply

    they have a great product line…..I’ve used them for about 3-4 years……and they’re a great product line……

  • Claudia Lorenz 06.11.17 Reply

    I have been using Sublime Defense SPF 30 and am not impressed. It leaves a whitish “glow” on my face and I can’t wear it without makeup unless I want to look like Casper. The consistency also bothers me. Pinkish, rubbery, feels like spreading thin dough on my face. Glad that I got it for $17 at tjmaxx, I would have hated to pay full retail for a product that does not work for me.

  • Claire 12.15.16 Reply

    This product is amazing! It is one of the reasons that I’m keeping my horrible job, so I can’t afford it. Tried the Eye Balm around the eyes, it works wonders. I can feel my skin is tighter when I apply eyeliner. The other day I ran out of moisturizers and dabbed some eye balm on my skin. My face looked glowy after. I am a fan. This stuff is really youth restoring.

  • Kim 08.25.16 Reply

    I agree with Daisy I have been using this product for over a year & I have it works very well. I work at the front desk in a doctors office & patients are always commenting on how great my skin looks.

  • Sharon 02.27.15 Reply

    Used the Algenist Firming and Lifting Cream. Basically worthless and now stuck with expensive jar. Think I’ll use it on my feet and see if it softens.
    Agree with above comment on sticking with Olay and L’Oreal. These products are not inexpensive anymore but still less than the heavily market Uber expensive creams and potions thst do nothing.
    Of some value to me has been topical Hyaluronic Acid and the topical Vitamin C serums.

  • Sarika 02.02.15 Reply

    It is a miracle wonder cream. I love the instant results. Unfortunately, I have adult acne where this cream unfortunately made me break out. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have acne problems. I just switched back to genifique as a serum and I’m so missing the glow that algenist genius gives me, but I can’t afford the acne.

  • Joan 11.17.13 Reply

    I have been using Algenist’s anti-aging, spf moisturizer and I can’t recommend it. It is a poor base for make-up as it leaves trace solids on the skin’s surface. It leaves a matte finish on the skin which may be a plus for some but I’d prefer the dewy glow I’ve experience with other products. Lastly, it makes me break out. I’ve given it several chances as it was SO expensive but it definitely doesn’t agree with my usually calm pores.

  • Jasmine 11.13.13 Reply

    I am regular user of Algenist products and find them to be suitable for sensitive skin types. I have been using Firming & Lifting Cream and the Overnight Restorative Cream. I am not a fan of retinol so I will stay away from the new product but everything else is good.

  • Isabella 10.08.13 Reply

    Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream is my absolute favorite moisturizer! This cream offers the greatest level of hydration. It has been 6 months since I started using this product and I have noticed my skin looks healthier. I have tried very expensive creams and this one works better. You pay $92 and you get a ton of product that lasts for 3 months. The only advice I have is that if you have sensitive skin to avoid the Retinol Firming & Lifting Cream as retinol can cause your face to breakouts. I have sensitive skin so I stick with the original version of the cream. The only difference is the retinol.

  • Kate 09.06.13 Reply

    I purchased Algenist skin care item after visiting Sephora and I like it. Well, consider me a convert. I am using Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum, Algenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Cream, Algenist Overnight Restorative Cream, Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm and Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer.

  • Victoria 08.14.13 Reply

    I always see Algenist skin care products on Sephora and they seem to get good reviews from Sephora customers. I have not tried anything as their products are very expensive but Algenist looks very promising. I wonder how long it takes to see a result with the retinol firming serum. Maybe if I win the lottery one day I will try Algenist but for now I am happy with my tub of Olay.

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