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One of the best investments you can make is in yourself. For many women, that means embracing a luxury skincare routine. Treating yourself (and your skin) with high end products turns a regular skincare routine into a luxurious ritual. So what’s the difference between a luxury skincare brand and a lower priced one? The higher price tag is due to a few different factors. It comes down to using a higher concentration of powerhouse ingredients as well as more exotic ones, and incorporating the most up to date technologies in science-based skincare.

What sets the new brand Maystorm apart from other luxury brands is that it embraces the power of plants and delivers replenishing ingredients to the skin. Think of it as an avalanche of natural beauty. Maystorm also believes in giving back to Mother Nature by supporting and protecting natural habitats. Here’s a closer look at the brand, its products and philosophy.

What is Maystorm?

Maystorm is a new luxury brand that offers plant based skincare. It taps into the ancient wisdom of the earth and the mystical beauty of flowers. The formulas are luscious and feel good on the skin while they are also doing good. The brand does this by crafting exquisite formulas that celebrate and enhance the earth’s bounty.

The product line is comprehensive, offering moisturizers, serum, oils and a face wash. It will appeal to anyone who wants to upgrade their skin routine to one that is joyful and feels pampering on the skin. Maystorm will also resonate with anyone seeking a brand that respects and protects the planet, by always keeping Mother Nature in mind.

What Is the Maystorm Philosophy?

The Maystorm philosophy is “We help beauty blossom, naturally.” It does this by harnessing the power of plants and tapping into the inherent
wisdom in nature. As a mighty storm rains down nutrients and vitality upon a forest, encouraging new growth, Maystorm infuses skin at the cellular level with replenishing ingredients. Think of it as the calm after a storm, when the earth is left refreshed and renewed. Maystorm helps beauty thrive, naturally. It does this by using a carefully formulated blend of rare ingredients as well as ones that have been used for millennia, like argan oil.

The brand also strives to achieve balance and harmony. As the brand notes, “All that we take from nature—inspiration, energy, botanicals—we aim to give back by supporting and protecting natural habitats. Restoring beauty is how we come alive in the world.”

Maystorm is committed to the health of the planet by actively supporting and protecting natural habitats. The brand does not test on animals and never uses ingredients harmful to the environment.

What Ingredients are in Maystorm Products?

Maystorm’s products are formulated with the very best ingredients that Mother Nature offers from her extensive bounty.

The products contain a mix of ancient ingredients that have been used for centuries as well as newer, more exotic ones. The company scours the globe for powerhouse plants, including a guava extract from a remote South Korean island. Persian silk tree extract is the key ingredient in an eye cream.  Nourishing botanical oils like macadamia oil and gardenia extract are the basis of a facial oil, along with centuries-old beauty ingredients like argan and olive oil, as well as myrrh resin. Some of Maystorm’s ingredients may be familiar, such as glycerin, an emollient which means it seals water in the skin, and rosehip seed oil. Other key ingredients include cold-pressed evening primrose flower, and Neptune kelp extract.

What Does Maystorm Sell?

The Maystorm collection includes moisturizers, a serum, facial oil and cleanser. Here’s a closer look.

Plant Cells Moisturizer  Powered by peptides and plant cells, this daily moisturizer can be applied morning and night. It helps reduce the look of fine lines, while black bee honey ferment supports the skin’s own microflora.

Botanical Complex Facial Oil – This oil is designed to quench dry, thirsty skin and deliver a dose of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and nutrients. The key ingredients are argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil and myrrh resin extract, to combat anti-aging.

Persian Silk Tree Eye Cream– Use this nourishing eye cream twice a day to help address fatigue and the visible signs of aging. It’s powered by Persian silk tree extract which helps boost the appearance of the eye area, along with glycerin, which locks in moisture.

Guava + Gooseberry Antioxidant Serum– Think of this as the skin’s morning wake up call. The Guava + Gooseberry Serum is packed with three different types of vitamin C to help brighten the look of the complexion and protect it from environmental aggressors. The guava extract is sourced from a remote South Korean island and a dose of hyaluronic acid provides a hydration boost.

Rose Moschata + Geranium Face Wash –A blend of rose geranium water, expeller-pressed rose hip seed oil and seaweed extract gently cleanses the skin while leaving it feeling soft and nourished. The cleanser does not contain any fragrance or and color so it is gentle on the skin.

Rose Complex Moisturizer– This luxurious night cream glides onto the skin and helps it look plumped up and dewy. The naturally pink cream is powered by a trio of rose blends- Alpine rose stem cells, rose flower oil and rose flower water. Glycerin helps lock in moisture while Neptune kelp extract has soothing properties.

How Much are Maystorm Products?

Maystorm products are sold individually as well as in a bundle. Individual products range from $40 to $95 but three products can be purchased for $129.

Is Maystorm Cruelty Free?

Yes, Maystorm is cruelty-free and does not test on animals. The company never uses ingredients harmful to the environment.

Where Are Maystorm Products Sold?

Maystorm products are sold directly to the consumer via its website.

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