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La Mer Eye Cream Ingredients and Product Overview

La Mer Eye Cream, which is designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, is one of many products available from its namesake company. The La Mer brand was developed by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber after he suffered an accident that left his skin burned and he began to experiment with kelp in order to create a healing cream. Since then, many products, such as Le Mer Eye Cream, have been developed with the backing of Estee Lauder, which purchased the company in 1995. The manufacturer also offers its customers a variety of anti-aging and skin care products that have the same healing benefits of natural algae. La Mer Eye Cream can be a beneficial part of your daily beauty regimen if you take the time to understand how its ingredients will help you achieve your skin care goals, as the product is somewhat specialized, and may not be a good fit for everyone.

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About La Mer Eye Cream

Anyone looking for where to buy La Mer Eye Cream will find the product available from both the company website and at other major online skin care retailers, which makes it widely accessible for almost anyone. While the company is global and there are options for shoppers to discover where to buy La Mer products in their area, the eye cream is currently available only in the United States. If you’re comparison shopping for eye creams based on price, you’ll find that La Mer Eye Cream is more costly than many other brands, at a price of about $185 for five ounces. At this price, you may expect excellent results, but keep in mind that few (if any) eye creams can give you the kind of results that you might get from cosmetic procedures, even if the ingredients are advertised as being miraculous or revolutionary.

La Mer Eye Cream Ingredients 

La Mer Eye Cream contains the algae extract that’s common to many of La Mer’s products. This extract is thought to protect the skin with antioxidants that help it withstand environmental toxins, such as free radicals. It also supplies the skin with hydration, vitamins, and minerals that can reduce puffiness around the eyes. Cyclopentasiloxane helps the skin build a barrier that seals in moisture and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines by plumping up the skin. However, this plumping effect is only temporary. The artemia extract in La Mer Eye Cream helps to fight wrinkles on a more permanent basis, which is a beauty goal for many. Before you use this skin care product, you should discuss these ingredients with your dermatologist, especially if you have sensitive skin.

How to Use La Mer Eye Cream

La Mer Eye Cream can be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, to soothe puffiness and treat dark circles under the eyes that are caused by broken sleep, diet, and allergies. Apply the cream with a clean fingertip around the eyes where wrinkles are most prominent and then under the eye where dark circles are visible. Do not apply La Mer Eye Cream to broken or irritated skin, as this can cause further redness and irritation.

Side Effects of La Mer Eye Cream

While La Mer Eye Cream does have a number of natural ingredients, some of them may irritate sensitive skin. If you have sensitivities to certain natural oils, then you may want to perform a skin patch test and then use this product sparingly until you are sure how it’s going to affect you, as the skin around your eyes is some of the most sensitive on the body and is therefore more vulnerable to irritation. If you do experience any kind of irritation or any other unusual side effects while using La Mer Eye Cream, do not continue using the product until you consult a dermatologist.

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