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Exuviance Line of Skin Care

Are you looking for Exuviance reviews? Are you currently using Exuviance skin care products? Are you looking for more information on this range? Would you like to share a Exuviance review with us? Exuviance skin care products have been part of the beauty industry for over a decade. The company’s product line focuses on providing items that specialize in the natural healing and improvement of aging skin. For example, the Exuviance line carries over 50 different products that range from nighttime face creams and serums to foundations and sun block. Other lines carried by the company include NeoStrata, CoverBlend, NeoCeuticals, NeoStrata Therapeutics. All of the company brands include both doctor-administered, professional skin care treatments, as well as over the counter topical versions.

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Company Background

NeoStrata Company, the manufacturer of Exuviance products, was started in Princeton, New Jersey by two dermatologists. Doctors Eugene Van Scott and Ruey Yu were researching the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) for skin care purposes. Their research suggested that AHA’s are not only beneficial for skin, but that they may also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As both of these are essential for skin firmness, stimulating collagen and elastin would help the body naturally rejuvenate aging skin. Based on their research, NeoStrata filed many different patent claims related to the use of AHA’s in the beauty product industry.

In 2011, NeoStrata Company renewed a turnkey supply agreement with manufacturing company IGI Laboratories. The agreement states that IGI will provide market-ready skin care products for all NeoStrata brands, complete with packaging. A turnkey agreement means that IGI Laboratories takes full responsibility for the formulation and manufacturing of all NeoStrata products, basing their research on current NeoStrata formulations. Based in New Jersey, IGI Laboratories is considered one of the top five grossing companies specializing in topical pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Exuviance Product Line

The company offers mainly anti aging skin care treatments. The Exuviance product line includes facial toners, serums, face masks, day and night face moisturizers, makeup products, and packages that offer multiple products that target specific skin conditions.

The most recent addition to the Exuviance product line came in August of 2013. The company claims that the Glycolic Expert Moisturizer, a face exfoliator, enhances the formation of newer skin cells by removing dead skin cells, and by boosting the skin with collagen-stimulating AHA’s.

Purchasing Outlets

Exuviance products can be purchased from both online and retail consumer outlets. Dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices may sometimes carry Exuviance products as well. Additionally, the company offers its products through spas, pharmacies, salons, and beauty retailers. If purchasing Exuviance products, it is important to purchase only from an authorized retailer, to guarantee authenticity.

The company offers a 30-day guarantee on all products, and some products do carry a maximum purchase policy that states that you can only purchase a total of five of the same product at one time. This limits the ability for buyers to sell the company’s merchandise in unapproved venues such as online discount sites. The company states that all products should be used under a physician’s care, even products that can be purchased over the counter, to guarantee desired effects.

Shipping Policies

When purchasing products directly from the Exuviance website, it is important to keep in mind that you’ll need to spend at least $75 to receive any perks, so be prepared to spend some money. With every order over $75, the customer receives 3 free samples. Every order over $100 will also include a full size gift. Currently, the company offers a 20% shipping discount for friend and family referrals.

Ground shipping via UPS is $7.95 for orders under $75, and free after that. Exuviance also offers expedited shipping options that range from a 3 day option for $12 to next day air service for $20.

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  • zita 03.06.17 Reply

    I read your review from Jan. 2015 on Exuviance product. I’m thinking of possibly buying the (Overnight Recovery Mask) for my deep wrinkles (crows feet, between brows, underneath eyes & cheeks, between mouth etc.). I am over 60 and often skeptical on many of these quality products but trying to avoid a facelift.
    Has this product been a great advantage to you regarding wrinkles, sun spots etc.?? I noticed it is not in top 3 for derma products.
    Thank you for your time.


  • Katherine F 11.21.16 Reply

    I received a few free samples when I purchased the Performance Peel AP25, after finishing the 6 week challenge I saw a drastic change in my complexion – for the better. Also, I used the Vespera serum at night after applying the overnight antioxidant masque. My complexion and tone are clearer, oil production has evened out and I’m confident not wearing makeup everyday. I’m 28 and have suffered from an oily acne riddled face up until using exuviance. I stand behind this company 100%!

  • jean aizawa 11.21.16 Reply

    I will never use anything else. Exuviance is the best. I have spent so much using so many types of cream. At the age of 58, I have finally seen the difference using Exuviance. thank you.

  • Dscarfo 11.17.16 Reply

    I gave these products 3 stars because I’ve only just started using it (3 weeks) so I haven’t had a chance to see all the results it claims. I have however noticed that my skin texture is more even and supple. Also, the great new is that I found a website Lovelyskin.com that offers a 25% discount on Exuviance almost ALL the time. And discounts on alot of other great skin care and make up brands.

  • Liz 08.15.16 Reply

    Hi have used NeoStrata products for over 10 years .. Love them .. Will never change .
    Switched to their Exuviance Age Reverse now that i have a few wrinkles.

    Really like these products AS well, less wrinkles , skin feels and looks rejuvenated??

    Also do a face treatment with Exuviance products at my local spa .

  • Anonymous 01.17.15 Reply

    I started using Exuvience products about a month ago. I have many wrinkles all over my face from years and years of extreme sun exposure and tanning beds. I also have cystic acne that has led to crater sized ance scars. I’m using the anti-age line yet have only had one occurrence of cystic acne and I’m sure it was only because I needed to clean my makeup brush! I noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin in only two weeks, and now after four weeks, I am simply amazed! Amazed!!! Now about the wrinkles; they are very deep set on the left side from even more sun exposure (abuse), from driving with the window down. On the right side and my smile lines, there is definitely noticeable improvement after only four weeks! Even the left side is softening up a tiny bit but it definitely has a way to go. I am using Bioactive Face Wash, Vespera Bionic Seurum, Day Repair, and Night Lift.
    Now I am also using the Toning Neck Cream for about three weeks now. My neck is much smoother and softer but nothing to report yet about toning. However it really is so early yet and I will continue to use it. I’m using the eye cream too, but I don’t really notice any change at all. But again, it really is so early yet.
    I do highly recommend Exuvience!!!

  • Marie N Curley 04.02.14 Reply

    Hello Exuviance Company
    I have tried to order your Exuviance cover blend powder in beige, I was notified, it has been discontinued, why? this was the product that work for me really good,pairing up with the cover up concealer, to cover my vitiligo, I’m Olive color skinned, this set the concealer all day and any other setting powder does not work and do not do it’s job the way this Exuviance cover blend powder in beige did..I hope the Exuviance company will make more, people like me need it,,badly. thank you: Marie N Curley

  • Anonymous 01.03.14 Reply

    This is a new range. I have not tried it yet because I just found out about it yesterday. I wish you could order Exuviance online.

    Has anybody here used Exuviance products?

  • Journey 12.06.13 Reply

    I really like Exuviance skin care products. They are fairly priced and they work. I have paid two or three times more for products that are useless. I have not bought Exuviance over the internet as I can source it down the road but I would give this brand my strong recommendation.

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