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EmerginC: Company and Product Line Overview

If you are looking for skin care products that are free of potentially harmful parabens, artificial colors, and irritating ingredients that are added to create fragrance, then you may want to consider adding EmerginC products to your skin care kit. This company, which carries over 60 different skin care products for the skin, eyes, lips, and for sun protection, is focused on offering its customers a more natural solution for skin care. EmerginC products are not only made with all-natural ingredients, the company is also committed to using packaging that is made from recycled materials and employing other sustainable processes to create its products. This skin care company sells its products worldwide, from the U.S. to the UK and Asia. The company offers a comprehensive ingredient list on its website so you can decide whether EmerginC products are the best choice for your own individual skin type. However, the Company does not have EmerginC reviews on its website, so you may need to look to third party, unbiased sources to better understand individual consumer experiences with this product.

About EmerginC

The Company was founded in Manhattan, N.Y. in 1997 by Ian Lirenman. At that time, the company only sold one product, an EmerginC Vitamin C serum that was designed to heal and protect the skin. Today, EmerginC is a global company, and its products are used by everyone from skin care experts to celebrities, according to the manufacturer.

The Company also claims that it was one of the first skin care lines to become aware of the dangers of parabens and artificial ingredients and took steps to remove them from all of their products. If you have been considering creating a skin care kit with products that are free of animal products and that are not tested on animals, then EmerginC skin care items may be a viable alternative.

Where to Buy EmerginC Products

EmerginC products are available at a number of spas worldwide, directly from the company website, and from other online skin care retailers. If you wish to buy your products from a spa in order to get advice about how EmerginC can benefit your skin or how to use it to its full potential, there is a spa locator available on the company website. The site also offers travel bundles, EmerginC gift certificates, and men’s products.

EmerginC product prices range from around $30 to $145 dollars for anti-aging creams that contain peptides. Prices on other retail skin care sites are comparable to those on the company website, so you may find that you will probably only save a few dollars by comparing shopping. Beware if you choose to buy these products through third-party retailers that sell EmerginC products at a deep discount, as these products may be counterfeit or expired.

EmerginC Ingredients

While the ingredients in EmerginC products vary widely, they are all based in plant or fruit extracts and developed in the company’s lab. Some of the most common ingredients include plant-derived peptides and collagen in their anti-aging solutions and vitamin A and E for their revitalizing masks. Alpha lipoic acid and many other plant-based antioxidants are present in their cleansers to eliminate bacteria from the surface of the skin. If your skin has reacted negatively to over-the-counter skin care products in the past, consult your dermatologist before building a skin care kit with EmerginC products.

EmerginC Shipping and Returns Policies

EmerginC offers free shipping on domestic orders that total more than $100. Returns are accepted by the company, although they do recommend that you phone if you’re having a problem with any of their problems so that they can recommend a solution. Returns must be made within thirty days of purchase, and any products that are returned must be at least two-thirds full. If any products are damaged or missing during shipping, the company must be notified within seven days, and all returns require return authorization from EmerginC before a refund can be processed.




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Advanced Dermatology

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EmerginC Vitamin C Serum Review

EmerginC Vitamin C Serum is a stable, non-irritating, high-concentration vitamin C serum that is said to help even skin tone and texture, fight free radical damage, reduce the effects of sun damage, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum contains three forms of vitamin C: sodium ascorbyl phosphate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and ascorbyl palmitate. These forms are more stable than ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), which is easily degraded when exposed to light and/or air. However, once these forms of vitamin C are absorbed by the skin, they must be converted to ascorbic acid in order to provide benefits. Ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant that helps the skin combat free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Ascorbic acid is also known for its ability to brighten the skin, fade dark spots, and boost collagen production.

EmerginC Vitamin C Serum also contains sodium tocopheryl phosphate (vitamin E) and the essential fatty acids (EFAs) linoleic acid and linolenic acid. All three of these ingredients help to replenish the skin’s natural barrier function. A strong, intact skin barrier helps to prevent water loss and keeps harmful environmental irritants out of the skin. One drawback with EmerginC Vitamin C Serum is the high amount of fragrance ingredients used in the formula, including limonene, linalool, citral, and orange peel extract. These ingredients have the potential to cause an allergic reaction, skin irritation, and a phototoxic reaction when skin is exposed to sunlight.


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