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As more consumers become conscious of potentially-dangerous ingredients included in many skin care products, some are turning to brands like Cosmedica Skincare, which focuses on a minimalist approach to skin maintenance. The minimalist approach suggests that the best way to achieve healthy skin is to focus on a small set of beneficial ingredients and to use formulations that don’t have unnecessary chemicals included. This idea drives most of the Cosmedica Skincare product formulations and has resulted in a brand that focuses on several cornerstone ingredients, like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, for example. However, though Cosmedica Skincare products are touted as a new approach to skin care (and its website even features multiple images of celebrities holding the company’s products), this doesn’t mean the product line is the right choice for you. Only an experienced dermatologist can help you assess your skin and the best ingredients in your situation.

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How Cosmedica Skincare Products Work

At first sight, the manufacturer offers a large range of products, including creams and face serums. Upon closer examination, however, many of the products are simply size variations, without differences in formulas. The size variations were likely created to appeal to consumers with different budgets.

Unlike many brands that specialize in one or two main ingredients, the philosophy behind Cosmedica Skincare appears to be three-pronged:

  • Create products with the smallest amount of ingredients possible.
  • Avoid controversial ingredients like parabens, fragrance and colorants.
  • Create formulations that are focused on one or two popular cornerstone ingredients.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that the Cosmedica Skincare line may not be sufficient for an individual looking to create a complete skin care kit.

Cosmedica Skincare Ingredients

To gain a deeper insight into how Cosmedica Skincare products work, let’s consider some of the formulations in greater detail.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum:  This face serum has a very simple formulation that follows the Cosmedica Skincare minimalist approach. In addition to water, it only contains hyaluronic acid, to moisturize the skin, and benzyl alcohol, to increase the serum’s shelf life.
  • Advanced Retinol Serum:  The retinol serum from Cosmedica Skincare contains 2.5% retinol, which is well-known for its ability to speed up the skin’s natural shedding process and for creating an exfoliating effect. Additionally, this formulation contains hyaluronic acid, to moisturize; green tea, to repair skin damage with antioxidants; and vitamin E, another well-known antioxidant. The regular price of this serum is $24.95 for one ounce.
  • Organic Virgin Argan Oil:  This Cosmedica Skincare argan oil is meant to moisturize the skin while stimulating damage repair with antioxidants. According to the manufacturer, this product can be used on the face and hair. However, at $15.95 for just one ounce, hair application may become an expensive way to use this oil, due to the large quantities needed in hair use.
  • Vitamin C Facial Cleanser:  Compared to many products in the Cosmedica Skincare line, this facial cleanser has one of the most complex formulations under this brand. The key ingredient is vitamin C, which can repair skin damage and brighten dark spots. Additionally, the cleanser contains aloe vera, to soothe the skin; tea tree oil, an antibacterial agent; olive oil, to moisturize; rosehip oil, due to its antioxidant content; and borage oil, to reduce inflammation. At a cost of $29.95 for six ounces, this Cosmedica Skincare face wash is not the cheapest cleanser on the market.

Where to Buy Cosmedica Skincare

The company’s products are easy to purchase directly on the manufacturer’s website. Though these items are also available on ecommerce platforms, like eBay, Cosmedica Skincare reviews suggest a possible issue with unauthorized sellers sending poor-quality items. Therefore, the consumer must be careful when ordering the company’s products from third-party vendors.

When it comes to the cost of Cosmedica Skincare products, the prices can vary considerably, based on packaging size. For example, one ounce of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum retails for $10.66, while a four ounce version sells for $25.95 (a roughly 40% discount).

Cosmedica Skincare Side Effects

Though Cosmedica Skincare products don’t include parabens, colorants, or fragrance, the consumer may still experience a variety of side effects. This can be especially true for individuals with plant-based or nut allergies, as many of the oils in the company’s products are derived from these sources.

Cosmedica Skincare Reviews

When it comes to consumer feedback, Cosmedica Skincare reviews are generally positive. Of course, this depends on the specific product in question, but consumers do seem to be overall happy with the company’s items. One of the reasons for such positive feedback may also be the pricing options offered by the company, which allows consumers to buy smaller quantities at a lower cost. A smaller price tag often keeps expectations low, and thus increases the overall consumer satisfaction.

However, some Cosmedica Skincare reviews do suggest potential issues, such as allergic reactions, skin irritation, and potentially defective product packaging.

What Are Alternatives to Cosmedica Skincare?

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  • Kirstin Original review: Sep 12, 2017. Reply

    Best, best, best. Having worked in an industry in which I was fortunate to sample a spectrum of high end products, I am pretty picky about what I put on my face and have spent a fortune those I have found most effective. Those overspending days are over. How great to be able to tailor a product line to my own skin and chemistry without all the expensive “added other.” I used the 20% C Serum (my absolute must-have), the 2.5% Retinol Serum, the Hyaluronic Acid, and Argan Oil, each applied 5 minutes or so apart and with the oil last. The combo was incredibly effective for both dryness and pores. And, not a single adult acne breakout (I am 57 years old and have that issue occasionally) since a week after I started using it eight months ago until well after the product ran out … as a check, I have gone without the product for several weeks. The effects lasted for a good eight weeks or so after I stopped before I began to see pore issues and an occasional blemish again. I do not have too much of an issue with uneven color and so cannot speak to that. However, it is definitely time for me to restock.

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    Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Review

    Sometimes, we just need to go back to basics. Whether you have sensitive skin, are currently dealing with irritation, or simply prefer a more minimalistic approach to skincare, there are so many reasons to start looking out for simpler products with shorter ingredients lists. One of the easiest places to start looking is in hydrating serums. Products like the Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid serum feature only three ingredients: distilled water, sodium hyaluronate and benzyl alcohol-DHA. With such a short ingredients list, is incredibly easy to figure out exactly what each ingredient is doing to the skin. Starting off with distilled water, this is the first ingredient in more than 90% of cosmetics, because it is an excellent base to add actives to. Plus, to put it simply, your skin needs water to function at its best! Moving on to sodium hyaluronate, or hyaluronic acid, this ingredient is normally found in a powder state, that is really allowed to shine when combined with water. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that draws up to 1,000 times its water in water, leaving your skin feeling intensely hydrated. Lastly, while this ingredient may sound scary, benzyl alcohol-DHA is actually nothing to worry over. At such a low concentration, like than 0.5% of the formula, this ingredient is only used as a light preservative that ensures that you can safely use this product without any risks.


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