Vitamin K Cream



Vitamin K is sometimes used in skin care products designed to help heal bruises and scars because it can affect the clotting abilities of blood. It is also frequently used to help fade stretch marks and hide the signs of spider veins, although its effectiveness in this regard is still debated. Many people also use skin care products with vitamin K eye cream to treat symptoms of rosacea, as flare ups are due to changes in blood vessels near the surface of the skin.

What is Vitamin K Cream Used For?

Do you know what Vitamin K cream is and what it’s used for? Did you know that many surgeons prescribe this kind of cream for patients after they’ve had surgery? Do you have lots of spider veins or dark under eye circles? Vitamin K cream is a very helpful cream for many ailments whether you need some additional help healing after an operation, or you just want to take care of some skin problems you just haven’t been able to get rid of.

Vitamin K is the “blood clotting” vitamin. It is a nutrient utilized in the body that pulls proteins together to encourage blood clotting. Vitamin K can also help your vascular health. It absorbs calcium that is hardened in your arteries, which decreases your risk for a heart attack! It also helps in proper bone growth. Vitamin K is found in foods like lettuce, kale, spinach, and broccoli.

Vitamin K Cream

Thinner Skin around the Eyes Needs Vitamin K Eye Cream

When we are tired, the skin around the eyes is often the first place to show it. With a vitamin K eye cream, it is possible to diminish dark under eye circles and get rid of wrinkles that develop in dehydrated skin. By plumping the delicate skin around the eyes, we look more rested and have a healthier appearance. Most skin care routines could benefit from using a vitamin K eye cream mostly because of the skin lightening effect it sometimes produces, but the ingredient is not considered to be incredibly strong and is often used as an additive to other products.

Keep in mind that vitamin K is a nutrient that is found in many foods. From leafy vegetables like broccoli and collards to beans and dairy products, so it is rather easy to ingest vitamin K on a daily basis. This vitamin helps our blood clot when we are injured and it helps increase protein production, which is necessary to keep cells functioning properly. However, these foods will not help around the eyes like a vitamin K eye cream will.


If you’ve had any kind of surgery, you know there can be a lot of bruising and scarring afterwards. Vitamin K cream is often used by surgeons after surgery because it encourages blood flow to bruises and allows the body to heal the affected area quicker and with more pronounced results. Vitamin K cream is also routinely used after cosmetic facial surgery, as it helps encourage faster healing through quicker cell regeneration. This cream is good for any normal bruising that may occur in your daily activities, and will help condition the lower layers of the skin to help the tissues regenerate more quickly. The appearance of scars can also be visibly reduced when this cream is used on the affected area as part of a regular skin care regimen.

Skin Imperfections

Spider veins and varicose veins can also be treated very effectively with this kind of cream. In the past, these problems could only be addressed through injections and mandatory visits to the doctor’s office. However, the more popular choice today is to use a vitamin K cream, because it can significantly help reduce their appearance!

Have you been unable to get rid of dark under eye circles? Many people assume that this problem is mainly due to lack of sleep, too much stress, or even genetics. But did you know that dark circles can also be caused by not having enough vitamin K? If you’ve never given it a try, apply small amounts of a vitamin K cream around the eyes as part of a regular skin care regimen, and you may notice a visible difference. The same goes for stretch marks, which can be significantly reduced with creams containing this versatile vitamin. Just apply the cream several times a day, and your stretch marks will gradually begin to fade. However, remember that this cream works best as part of a regular skin care regimen, and needs to be thoughtfully worked into your routine so that it does not interfere with any other treatments you may be using.

Vitamin K cream is good for many different things. Maybe you’ve just had surgery and you need some help healing your bruising quicker. Or maybe you’re just tired of those dark under eye circles that won’t go away. Isn’t it nice to know that simply using the cream can help lighten those up? It’s also pretty amazing to know the cream is slowly starting to replace injections to get rid of spider veins and varicose veins. Whether you need to fix some skin imperfections, or you’re recovering from surgery, Vitamin K cream can make your recovery easier!

Pair Vitamin K with Retinol

Another ingredient that can be used with a vitamin K eye cream is retinol, which is a vitamin A derivative and is believed to get rid of acne and stimulate collagen production. With the collagen boosting properties of retinol, along with the vascular benefits of vitamin K, you can treat the skin around the eyes more completely and create greater plumpness and reducing redness. Researchers believe that the redness around the eyes comes from damage capillaries that release tiny amount of blood. Vitamin K eye cream can help keep the capillaries healthy, but an overall change in diet and sleep patterns may also be necessary for greater results.

Side Effects of Vitamin K Eye Cream

In most cases, vitamin K eye cream is thought to have few side effects. The over-the-counter versions, usually don’t contain enough of the vitamin to really cause much damage at all, but blood clots and cardiovascular problems have been known to occur with overdoses of this vitamin. Other problems, like liver and kidney damage can occur from ingesting too much of this nutrient. However, the usual doses in vitamin k eye cream generally don’t pose a significant threat of blood clots.



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