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Mary Kay has been an iconic brand in the beauty and skincare market for decades. Their products have been skincare and makeup staples, and their brand continues to focus on using quality ingredients backed by scientific research. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of their bestselling sets, the TimeWise Miracle Set 3D. We’ll be going over the formula and philosophy behind this range to help you decide whether this set is worth looking into. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

Who is the TimeWise Miracle Set 3D For?

One of the most unique things about this set from Mary Kay is that is it actually available in two separate formulations, with one for normal to dry skin types and another for combination or oily skin types. This means that you can select the option that suits your skin’s needs and have a selection of products that are tailored specifically for your skin concerns.

TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

First things first, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about what exactly is included in this set from Mary Kay. The TimeWise Miracle Set 3D comes in two different formulations, one for combination/oily skin types, and another for normal/dry skin types.

Starting off with the combination/oily skin types, the 3D Set comes with the TimeWise Age Minimize 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser, the TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen,the TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Night Cream, the TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream, as well as an option to include one of their foundations. The normal/dry range features the same products, with different formulations to boost hydration and moisturizer. But what do all these products do?

Starting off with the TimeWise Minimize 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser, this product cleanses your skin while also gently exfoliating. This leaves your skin fully prepped and ready to take in all of the beneficial ingredients that the next three steps have to offer.

The Day Cream with SPF 30 was designed to provide daily protection for sun damage, as well as neutralize free radicals which can also cause skin damage. This product also continuously moisturizes for 12 hours, making it an excellent option of daily wear.

Wrapping up this set with the TimeWise Age Minimize 3D Night Cream and Eye Cream these products help to boost the skin’s ability to repair and prepare itself with antioxidants. The entire range is dermatologist tested, clinically tested for skin irritation, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and oil free.

Formula Focus

Unfortunately, Mary Kay is one of those brands that does not release their full ingredients lists for their products. This can be largely problematic, especially for those with sensitive skin, as you typically won’t know exactly what’s in each product until after you’ve purchased it. What is available though, is a bit of information on a few of the highlighted ingredients within these formulas, namely their Age Minimize Complex.

Their Age Minimize 3D Complex, this is a unique, patent-pending blend of vitamins and antioxidants that is included in every single one of the TimeWise Miracle Set 3D products. This blend consistents of a blend of encapsulated resveratrol, vitamin B3 and peptides to revive, repair and protect the skin.

Starting off with resveratrol, this ingredients has been steadily gaining popularity over the years as an excellent anti-aging ingredient. As an antioxidant, resveratrol offers excellent protection against free radicals, and can also counteract the negative effects of these damaging particles. Resveratrol also increases the presence natural antioxidants in the skin. Once these natural antioxidants are built up however, resveratrol also works with these free radical fighters to continue to support the skin’s protective moisture barrier. But resveratrol doesn’t stop there. This ingredient can also help to support skin’s collagen production, as well as even out skin tone. The resveratrol in the TimeWise products specifically are found in Japanese knotweed, which has the highest concentration of resveratrol in the world.

Along with resveratrol, this product also features vitamin B3 and peptides, each of which help to boost the benefits of resveratrol. Vitamin B3 is typically highlighted for its brightening benefits, as well as its ability to help with uneven skin tone. On its own, vitamin B3 is also an antioxidant, which doubles the antioxidant protection within this complex.

Finally, peptides have also been added to this complex to further boost the anti-aging capabilities of this formula. Peptides support skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, which slow down as we age. This particular peptide is made up of four amino acids which have been linked together to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides are considered to be great constants in an anti-aging skincare routine, because they support the skin’s natural processes, without causing any adverse reactions like those that can occur when using retinoids or vitamin C for the first time.

How to Use the TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

The TimeWise Miracle Set #D was designed to streamline your anti-aging skincare routine. All of these products work best when used together as part of a regular skincare routine, although you can also supplement with some of your favorite serums and additional treatments.

Review Recap

Currently, the Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set 3D has 67 reviews, with an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Many of these reviews come from those who have been long time fans of the original Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set. Some reviewers said that this revamped version took their skincare game to the next level, but others didn’t notice much of a difference in their skin, even with consistent use. But we’d love to hear from you! Have you tried any of the TimeWise products? Let us know in the comments section down below!



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  • Judy L. McMakin Original review: Nov 04, 2023. Reply

    Heather, I know what you mean. I had a reaction, my face was so red ,burning ,inching, my eyelids & under my eyes swole. I had to go to the Dr(since I had tried everything I knew to get relieve) now my face is flaking. It’s been a week. I would not want anyone else to experience this.

  • Judy L. McMakin Original review: Nov 04, 2023. Reply

    I have been using MK for a number of years but this new 3D day cream broke my face out, it looked like it was on fire it was so red , it was burning, inching & my eyelids & under my eyes swole up I had to go to Dr. to get something to cool it down. Now the skin is flaking . I would not wish that on anyone. The original I liked. I just wondered if the company should know about this since it seems quite a few people have had the same reaction.

  • HEATHER SPIVEY Original review: Jul 12, 2022. Reply

    This products burns my face so bad. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone at all. Even as a cosmetologist, I wouldn’t recommend it to my clients.

  • Zia Original review: Apr 14, 2021. Reply

    I have asthma and a severe reaction to perfumes, and I’m frankly startled by the reviews here saying that TimeWise 3D is too perfumey to use. I have a sense of smell like a shark. I can pick up scents that are overpowering to me but no one else even notices, and this product line is BARELY scented. When I first started using it my lungs were a tiny bit crabby, but in a week the extremely light scent had stopped bothering my lungs at all. I don’t even notice a scent anymore. My skin is very dry, very acne prone, and VERY sensitive. The only part of this set that causes me problems is the day cream with SPF. It irritates the skin on my face, so I just use it on my neck and décolletage instead. I use the night moisturizer both day and night.

    TW 3D has also been a gamechanger for my skin. Two weeks after starting to use it the fine lines under my eyes were almost gone, my shriveled eyelids had smoothed out, and the dark circles and lids had almost completely lightened. The “cat’s whiskers” wrinkles that were starting to form disappeared, and the crepey spot that had started on my neck was gone. I also use it on a very wobbly area on my upper arm near my armpit, and it tightened the skin back up and improved the appearance. It’s not gone, but it’s a gentle swell of flesh instead of a cottage cheese looking lump.

    Note: I use the dry/normal set, and I use extra emollient night cream over the eye cream on my eyes. The night cream was key to the drastic improvement of my eyelids. The eye cream on its own helped, but with the night cream too my eyes looked 20 years younger.

  • D.Moore Original review: Jan 31, 2021. Reply

    I agree with all the comments here! I used the original Timewise forever and now this change. The perfume smell is way too much.

  • Sandra Original review: Jan 23, 2020. Reply

    Hello Tanika,
    As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, It’s unfortunate you had a problem with the MK products you purchased on Ebay. I can’t say what caused your problem since I don’t know exactly what you purchased and if was exactly suitable for your skin type. Sometimes it may be one product that you can’t use and not the complete set.
    It is recommended to work with a consultant for a number of reasons and when there is a problem, not only is there someone to advise you on what to do but also to refund your money if a suitable product can’t be found.
    Perhaps the MK Medical Relations Board can advise you as to what caused the reaction you had to the products. You may contact the company at 1 800 627-9529.
    If you still do not have a consultant, feel free to contact me…. via email.
    Respectfully, Sandra

  • Tanika L Poole Original review: Oct 11, 2019. Reply

    I used the old timewise collection and this new formula is very different. I immediately felt a tingling and burning like sensation when applying the cleanser after after washing it off my face had red spots and was puffy in places. I’m a chocolate woman of color so if a product can actually make me turn red its definitely something to be alarmed about. I was thinking maybe my face just needs to adjust to the new formula, but when I looked up reviews on consumer affairs website there are TONS of other reviews that same thr exact same thing. Now, I’m afraid I won’t get my money back for the set seeing that i purchased it on ebay and not directly from a consultant.

  • Bart Original review: Apr 01, 2019. Reply

    Like others, I’ve used the Timewise line for many years. The BEST product there ever was. Until now that is. The new 3D formula is horrible, so much perfume in it that I can’t even use it. I loved the product so much I even became a consultant but it looks like I’ll have to find something new to use. Save your money as well as your skin, don’t but the new Timewise 3D it’s really just that horrible.

  • Gertie Original review: Mar 14, 2019. Reply

    I’ve been a MK user for over 20years! This new formulation, for the age minimized 3D day cream, makes my face drier! I’ve been using it for a week and no improvements on the dryness I feel on my face! Especially on my chin, around nose area and forehead. I use the botanical toner, too, and this has changed. I use the non spf for normal/dry skin and not impressed.
    Can you, please, start making the old product for those of us that live MK and to not want to try ronething new! I only wear MK products! The mineral foundation, no longer stays in place and wears off,?way too soon.
    My apologies for being long winded but i’m a MK fan and was disappointed in the new formulation. I’ll continu using to see if, over time, my face gets use to the product but may need to change if continues feeling the way it does.
    MK lover

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