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Skinbetter Science is a brand of skin care products that claims to create solutions based on intricate knowledge and understanding of skin care and biological processes. To underscore this point, the manufacturer claims that the brand was developed by skin care professionals. However, even though they were developed by skin care professionals, Skinbetter Science products may not be the right choice for everyone. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the ingredients in the company’s items and look for unbiased Skinbetter Science reviews before making a decision. Further, it may be a good idea to discuss the company’s products with a dermatologist who doesn’t sell them and therefore has absolutely no conflict of interest in giving advice.

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Skinbetter Science Ingredients

Skinbetter Science formulations were primarily designed to produce anti-aging benefits. As such, they contain a number of anti aging ingredients, like retinol, for example. Let’s consider some of the items in more detail:

  • Regenerating AlphaRet Overnight Cream:  This night cream from Skinbetter Science was designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles through exfoliation. At the core of this cream is ethyl lactyl retinoate, which combines alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids in one delivery system. The retinoids help improve the skin’s natural function, while the alpha hydroxy acids provide chemical exfoliation. Other ingredients include glycolic acid, for additional exfoliation; niacinamide, to moisturize the skin; shea butter, to improve moisture retention; and hyaluronic acid, to draw moisture to the area.
  • Smoothing Intensive Treatment:  The main active ingredient in this Skinbetter Science anti aging cream is hyaluronic acid, which is valued for its ability to attract moisture to the application site. Other ingredients include chemicals like glycerin, to help lock moisture in the skin; soybean seed extract, to improve texture; pea extract, to fortify collagen fibers; and hydrolyzed collagen, to improve the skin’s natural collagen support network.
  • Smoothing Daily Treatment Cream FACE:  This Skinbetter Science cream was designed to improve skin elasticity through a blend of messenger peptides. Additionally, it may produce a more immediate result by utilizing something the company calls a “neuro calming peptide.” Other ingredients include shea butter, to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier; olive fruit extract, for its skin calming benefits; and urea, for its moisturizing benefits.
  • Smoothing Daily Treatment Cream EYE:  The goal of this Skinbetter Science item is to provide anti aging benefits for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It contains ingredients like jojoba esters, to moisturize the skin and repair damage; caprylic/capric triglyceride, for added hydration; sodium hyaluronate, to draw moisture to the application site; caffeine, to address dark undereye circles; and citric acid, for its skin brightening qualities. This Skinbetter Science also contains arginine, which may help with skin cell repair.

Where to Buy Skinbetter Science Products

First time purchasers of Skinbetter Science products must go through a dermatologist authorized to sell the company’s products. Thereafter, the consumer can either continue purchasing items through their doctor’s office or can opt to complete transactions through the manufacturer’s website. The company’s products are not currently available through any other commercial outlet.

One of the reasons for such an approach to distribution likely has to do with Skinbetter Science’s reliance on professionals to sell their products. For example, some companies choose to sell products directly to consumers through their websites, others may sell through large department stores, while another brand may focus on recruiting direct sales professionals. And of course, some skin care brands may merge the different sales channels to some degree. In the case of Skinbetter Science, the focus seems to be on getting dermatologists involved in the process, and limiting other distribution channels so that these skin care professionals can earn their own commissions on product sales.

Skinbetter Science Side Effects

One of the benefits of using Skinbetter Science products is that they were designed by highly trained professionals and skin experts. However, that doesn’t eliminate the potential for side effects.

For example, Skinbetter Science products with retinoids may cause some individuals to develop temporary skin redness and tenderness, as the skin adjusts to the use of this chemical. Further, individuals with acne may even experience a worsening of their symptoms.

The use of alpha hydroxy acids in some Skinbetter Science products may also cause an adverse reaction, especially in consumers with sensitive skin.

Skinbetter Science Reviews

Consumers researching Skinbetter Science products may have a difficult time finding third party reviews. This is the direct result of the company’s choice of distribution network. As the products cannot be purchased through third-party retailers or large ecommerce platforms, there simply aren’t many avenues for leaving Skinbetter Science reviews.

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