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When you’re browsing the beauty aisle at your local drugstore, chances are you’ve seen RoC skincare products sharing shelf space with brands like Olay, Neutrogena, and La Roche Posay

This brand is most well known for their RoC Retinol serums and creams, but they also offer a variety of other products to address almost every skin concern.

One example is RoC Vitamin C Serum — formally known as ​​RoC MULTI CORREXION Revive and Glow Daily Serum — a lightweight daily serum that promises to improve skin’s radiance to reveal a visibly younger-looking, more even complexion.

So how well does RoC Vitamin C Serum really perform? To answer this question, we’ll have to evaluate the key ingredients in this formula, as well as the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use in skin care.

We’ll also share some RoC Vitamin C Serum reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of this product.

Is RoC Vitamin C Serum Right For You?

Before we get into the details, here’s the TL;DR if you just want to know whether or not  RoC Vitamin C Serum is right for you.

  • Key ingredients? Vitamin C, Nonapeptide-1, Ciste’M, Troxerutin and Polygonum Aviculare Extract
  • Skin type? All
  • Texture? Lightweight serum
  • Fragrance? Yes
  • Cruelty free? No
  • Cost? $32.99 USD for 1 fl oz (30 mL)

What Are The Key Ingredients in RoC Vitamin C Serum?

In order to determine how well RoC Vitamin C Serum performs, we’ll have to evaluate the key ingredients in this formula. Let’s get started.

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
The form of vitamin C that’s used in RoC Vitamin C Serum is called 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, a vitamin C derivative that’s very stable and soluble in both water and oil.

One way vitamin C provides benefits to the skin is by functioning as a potent antioxidant. Specifically, vitamin C donates electrons to neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as the superoxide ion and peroxide that are generated when the skin is exposed to UV light.

This is important because the harmful effects of ROS occur as direct chemical alterations of the cellular DNA, the cell membrane, and cellular proteins, including collagen. Damaged collagen manifests as signs of premature skin aging, including wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin.

Since vitamin C can protect collagen, the RoC Vitamin C Serum can help prevent signs of aging. 

Vitamin C also stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in the skin. By increasing collagen levels, signs of aging will be diminished and the skin will appear more firm. 

And just when you thought vitamin C couldn’t get any better, it can: vitamin C also has the ability to reduce the appearance of dark spots and improve uneven skin tone. This is accomplished through inhibition of melanin synthesis.

Melanin is a pigment that gives our skin color, but too much of this pigment can lead to undesirable dark spots called hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C decreases melanin formation by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that is required for melanin synthesis. The result is skin that appears brighter with less dark spots and a more even skin tone.

Another skin-brightening ingredient in RoC Vitamin C Serum is nonapeptide-1. Similar to vitamin C, nonapeptide-1 functions to prevent melanin synthesis by preventing activation of the tyrosinase. The result is fewer dark spots and a more even skin tone. 

Ciste’M® (Maltodextrin and Cistus Monspeliensis Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract)
One unique ingredient found in the RoC Vitamin C Serum is Ciste’M, an extract of Rockrose (Cistus Monspeliensis) that helps to protect skin from outdoor and indoor aging accelerators such as UVA, UVB, blue light, and pollution.

According to the manufacturer, Ciste’M protects collagen against natural or artificial blue light and accelerates skin recovery and epidermal renewal. It also helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and improves skin texture.

Flavonoids (Troxerutin and Polygonum Aviculare Extract)
You’ll also find a few flavonoids in RoC Vitamin C Serum, such as troxerutin and polygonum aviculare extract (Elix-IR). 

Troxerutin is a flavonoid ingredient that’s extracted from the Japanese plant Sophora japonica that functions as an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin from free radical damage. 

Polygonum aviculare extract (Elix-IR) is a natural botanical extract of knotgrass that’s rich in flavonoids. 

By inhibiting Cathepsin G, a unique enzyme involved in photoaging and thus modulating the origin of sun-induced MMP production, Elix-IR protects the skin from global sun damage (UV and Infrared). 

Clinical results have shown that Elix-IR provides excellent results on repeated sun-exposed volunteers, reducing the visible signs of photoaging and the appearance of wrinkles.

How to Use RoC Vitamin C Serum?

Smooth 4 to 6 drops of RoC Vitamin C serum over cleansed face and neck in the morning and/or evening before you apply your moisturizer. Apply sunscreen during the day while using this product. 

Where to Buy RoC Vitamin C Serum?

RoC Vitamin C Serum and other RoC skin care products are sold on the brand’s website (, as well as numerous third party online retailers, such as Ulta, Amazon, Walmart, and more. 

How Much is RoC Vitamin C Serum?

RoC Vitamin C Serum costs $32.99 USD for 1 fl oz (30 mL) on the brand’s website. 

What is The  RoC Return Policy?

The RoC return policy states, “For purchases from, you can return new, unused products for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of purchase. Shipping costs for returns will not be reimbursed by unless there was a shipping error or product damage/defect. Under our Return Policy, we only accept returns for products purchased at and not from other retailers.”

Is RoC Cruelty-Free?

RoC is not cruelty-free. 

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that RoC Vitamin C Serum is an innovative vitamin C that combines stable 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid with peptides and flavonoids to help brighten the complexion, fade dark spots, and reduce signs of aging. 


  • Beneficial key ingredients (Vitamin C, Nonapeptide-1, Ciste’M, Troxerutin and Polygonum Aviculare Extract)
  • Many positive RoC Vitamin C Serum reviews


  • RoC is not cruelty free
  • Formula contains fragrance




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