Plexaderm Review 2024



We’ve all done it. It’s late at night, you’re flipping through tv channels and you see a commercial for a seemingly miraculous product. As you watch the transformations unfold, it seems almost too good to be true. 

Frizzy, dry hair is transformed into sleek, shiny waves with the right shampoo, and acne-covered skin looks flawless thanks to a new foundation that provides coverage without being too heavy. 

You may have also seen the dramatic looking results from Plexaderm, a product that claims to banish under eye bags , dark circles and wrinkles (albeit temporarily).


1Carrot & Stick Review

Is Plexaderm Worth The Cost?

One concern is that Plexaderm products are designed for short term affects. These effects tend to fade away within minutes.

We recommend looking at professional grade eye creams, One brand is Carrot & Stick, a professional grade skincare line that is also clean.

Use Carrot & Stick The Eye Serum before applying Plexaderm to optimise your skincare routine. Serums contain a higher concentration of actives and go deeper into the skin.

What Is Plexaderm?

Plexaderm’s official name is Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream PLUS. It is meant to reduce the appearance of under eye bags and wrinkles for several hours. 

The cream should be applied to clean, dry skin. The product comes in a pump, and only a tiny amount should be applied; start off with an amount that is half the size of a pea. Using a light tapping motion, apply a thin layer of the cream.

 Allow Plexaderm to “set” and dry for approximately 10 minutes. If you will be applying makeup over the Plexaderm, allow an additional 10 minutes for the product to fully dry. Moisturizer should be used 15 minutes after Plexaderm has been applied. The company also suggests using a blow dryer on a very low setting to help accelerate the drying process if you’re in a hurry.

What Are the Ingredients in Plexaderm?

Plexaderm has a small list of ingredients including: water (aqua), sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate, cellulose gum, acetyl hexapeptide-8, Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035), phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin.

The key ingredients are the sodium silicate and the magnesium aluminum silicate- in layman’s terms, these are silicate minerals derived from shale clay.

Sodium silicate is primarily used in the manufacturing of soaps and detergents, and helps to balance the pH levels of a product.

It’s found in skin care, hair color, shaving products, bath items as well as makeup. Sodium silicate also has industrial uses. It is a corrosion inhibitor and can be found in cement.

Magnesium aluminum silicate is commonly known as purified clay. It can help to absorb excess facial oil and is also used as a thickener.

The other ingredients include dyes, and cellulose gum, a thickener that also helps to create a film on the skin.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a synthetically derived peptide  used in a wide range of skincare and makeup products and has water binding properties.

Phenoxyethanol is found in green tea but is often created in a laboratory, and helps to fight bacteria and also works as a preservative. 

Ethylhexylglycerin works as a skin conditioning agent as well as a preservative.

How Does Plexaderm Work?

To understand how Plexaderm works, you have to look at the two key ingredients- sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate.

Sodium silicate works as an adhesive. Another way to think about it is that it’s like tape on your skin. It glides onto the skin in a liquid or gel form and when it dries, a thin film forms which causes a light contraction or pulling of the skin. When applied to under eye bags and wrinkles, it can cause a temporary tightening effect and the skin appears more taut. It is also thought to have a lifting effect on skin once it is fully dried.

Magnesium aluminum silicate works in conjunction with the sodium silicate. While sodium silicate “pulls” and tightens the wrinkle or the under eye bag, magnesium aluminum silicate works by filling in the wrinkle and helping it look plumped up and even. 

When combined, the idea is that the ingredients work to pull, tighten and fill in the skin to give it a youthful look. While this is true in theory, keep in mind that any tightening and smoothing effect gained from these ingredients will only be temporary.

These two ingredients are also found in other skincare products promising a temporary lift and deflating of under eye bags, such as Gone In Sixty Seconds, Line Free Lift by Genesis Solutions and InstantFx Rapid Wrinkle Eraser.  They are also in natural beauty products such as Instant Wrinkle Eraser serum.

As Elle, our in house biochemist and skincare specialist, suggests, the effect is temporary and will vary based on how oily your skin is, the climate you live in, your lifestyle and other products that you use. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Any product has the potential to cause irritation in the skin; always do a patch test first. One common complaint from Plexaderm reviewers is that the cream leaves a white residue. Although no one said it was harmful, it was more of an annoyance.

Plexaderm Reviews

When you look at the infomercials for Plexaderm, the results look dramatic. Puffy under eye bags seem to disappear and fine lines and crow’s feet seem to vanish. It seems like surgery in a bottle. 

According to the brand’s own clinical study of 40 people, conducted in 2017, 75% saw a decrease in the appearance of under eye bags, and 78% saw a decrease in under eye dark circles. The customer reviews are overwhelmingly glowing, with users giving it 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customer feedback ranges from “Really works. Just wish it came in different shades,” to “It rids these brutal bags under my eyes .I have travel bags, I don’t need them under my eyes.” Some people say the product has become one of their staples; “Omg.. my eyes look great. I couldn’t be more happy!! What a fabulous product. I can’t live without it!!”

But take a closer look at reviews on The Derm Review (see below) and you’ll see that as with many products, the reviews are mixed. 

Many reviewers say they were drawn to the product after seeing the dramatic infomercials. The positive reviews claim that the product reduced their puffy eye bags and eye wrinkles, and some people raved that Plexaderm took 10-20 years off their face. 

But the vast majority of the reviews say that the product did not work at all, or if it did work, the results lasted anywhere from two minutes to two to three hours. 

As one reviewer wrote, “I tried using every bottle that I got. Didn’t even work a little bit. I think it’s just glue and they put into a bottle.. I have nothing good to say about this product””  

Where to Buy Plexaderm

Plexaderm is not available in brick and mortar stores. The product is advertised on television and is mostly sold through the company’s website as well as sites such as Amazon and eBay. Always check that a seller is an authorized distributor before purchasing any cosmetic from a third-party site.

How Much Does Plexaderm Cost?

The price of Plexaderm can vary, depending on the offer. One bottle is currently being sold for $59.95 while three bottles is priced at $119.90. 

The company also sells additional products, including Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer, Collagen Peptide Firming Serum, and HA Antioxidant Moisturizer which can be purchased over the phone.

Are There Any Risks?

Any new product has the potential to cause an allergic reaction. When adding a new product into your skincare routine, always remember to patch test.

One of the most common complaints is that it dries out the skin around the eyes, which in turn makes wrinkles look worse. Many consumers also complain that the product causes irritation.

One brand that comes to mind that we feel more confident recommending is Carrot & Stick.

If I Buy Plexaderm and Don’t Like It, Can I Return It?

According to the company website, all Plexaderm products can be used for 30 days risk-free. 

If you do not see or feel the results that you expected, call the Customer Service department within 30 days of your order to return any product (used or unused) for a full product refund less the cost of shipping and processing. 

The 30-day risk-free guarantee applies to the first month’s supply.

What Are Some Alternatives to Plexaderm?

If you’re looking for skincare products to address the signs of aging around the eyes, we recommend Carrot & Stick. Carrot & Stick maximizes the use of powerful ingredients and minimizes the use of superficial ones, resulting in advanced skincare solutions. We recommend their eye cream.


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  • Me Original review: Dec 28, 2023. Reply

    Awful stuff anything that tightens skin is making more problems with your skin faster than Mother Nature save your money and your skin

  • Katrina Original review: Nov 30, 2023. Reply

    I bought this product in 2020 used it 2 times made my eyes look horrible. ever since something that looks like fat cholesterol pockets been growing around my eyes, eyes is alwaysitchy and hurts and it keeps growing around my eyes, now I look like an alien. at first doctors thought my cholesterol was bad but no my cholesterol is ok. doctors said is not fatty deposits, meaning is not my cholesterol. has anyone been experiencing this? I need to know and find out do I need to find a lawyer, because I’m even losing my vision rapidly.

  • Robin Original review: Oct 19, 2023. Reply

    It is not for poc. but it does work on light skinned people. what happens with the “empty” bottles is that they dried up before you got a chance to use them. You can not apply on or under make up. you can not rub the area once it has dried. you have to apply a very small amount and plot it with your finger gently and then let dry. If you have a very wrinkled face you will not have great results. it works best for bags, and the 11 lines above nose.

  • Sharon Canady Original review: Sep 07, 2023. Reply

    plexaderm, is awaste of money! it isn’t worth the purchase ! you mide as well go to the store and get a bottle of Elmer’s glue and put it on your face . plexaderm doesn’t do anything to your face but drys it out and puts white residue on your face pretty much you only see and feel as if you have glue on your face this product I want rate it’s NOT Worth it !!!!!!!!

  • Vicki Satterfield Original review: Sep 05, 2023. Reply

    Do not waste your money on this product. It does not work. It leaves a film under your eye.

  • Sharon Original review: Aug 30, 2023. Reply

    The advertisement is a hoax. the product goes away with makeup and you can’t move your face. it goes away.

  • Young Original review: Aug 30, 2023. Reply

    This product is a scam. After application you cannot smile..blink..or frown …it. goes away. . can’t wear moisturizer or makeup.

  • Carla Original review: Jun 25, 2023. Reply

    I tried using every bottle that I got. Didn’t even work a little bit. I think it’s just glue and they put into a bottle.. I have nothing good to say about this product

  • Judy Original review: May 29, 2023. Reply

    does NOT work and feels tight on skin after it drys .don’t work with makeup either it causes flaking of the makeup.A total waste of money.

  • Nichole Original review: May 01, 2023. Reply

    guess what a frozen wet washcloth does the same damn thing. save ur $. I bought some and got same results with my cold washcloth. it doesn’t stay unless u keep doing it over and over and buy more over and over! buy is the word I can sell frozen washcloths and u will get same results!

  • Francine Ledbetter Original review: Apr 12, 2023. Reply

    I loved this product, Worked really well on the bags under my eyes. . I ordered more.

  • Theresa Baker Original review: Dec 16, 2022. Reply

    I’ve tried it too and it was horrible. Try putting on any creams or make up after applying it and even after it dries. It is very “Cakey” all around the eyes. NOT worth the money! It might work for about 10 minutes.

  • VJackson Original review: Dec 10, 2022. Reply

    At first I amazed but after an hour or two it started flaking all over. I am so glad that I wasn’t at a special function at the time my face started crumbling

  • Mary Kerr Original review: Nov 27, 2022. Reply

    My roommate ordered 5 bottles,!they were extremely small. All 5 bottles were empty. I’m not going to order the product for many reasons. To expensive, you get extremely small amounts and there’s no guarantee the bottles won’t be empty

  • Frank Consoli Original review: Aug 29, 2022. Reply

    It may have worked for many. For me just ok, ageless eyes is a much better product!!! Applicator does clogs & after clogging again & again, it comes out almost cured. Making it impossible to use!!! Waist of good money???

  • Frank Original review: Aug 25, 2022. Reply

    I’ve been purchasing the product for over a year now, and have to say that I prefer the pump bottle over the
    new small containers. The pump was sometimes a challenge, but only once … these small containers are difficult
    to use every time … much too small, and too much of an expensive product is being wasted because I’m unable to
    squeeze it all out?
    I’m hopeful Plexadern goes back to the original container, or at least offering a choice?

  • Ally l. Original review: Aug 15, 2022. Reply

    Yes I used your product and it would’ve been nice for you to disclose in your commercial that it doesn’t work well under make up that at least a Chucky film and there are people who may have certain reactions to it I tried to return it and you people wouldn’t even except it back matter fact you had the audacity to charge me another sample after the free trial and I didn’t want the garbage that type of product is specifically for Caucasian people not people of different cultures that should also be specified in your commercial if you’re going to do something right and take shortcuts make sure it covers all nationalities not just one

    Product does not work

  • DivaD Original review: Aug 14, 2022. Reply

    Oh…please! How many free bottle did they give you to say all those lies! This is the worst product I have ever used to get rid of wrinkles!!! It feels like cement on your face and then after an hour or two…it gets flaky and crusty!!!!

  • Desiree Cabler Original review: Aug 08, 2022. Reply

    They claim that plexaderm works in 4 minutes and 34 seconds. However, they don’t tell you that after 5 minutes it turns white underneath your eyes. Making it dry and scaly. Like every other under eye treatment like this product.

  • Terry Larson Original review: Aug 01, 2022. Reply

    I saw incredible results in just 15 min of my first application. I have pictures of proof of my results. I will be ordering more than this initial sample!

  • Joyce H Original review: Aug 01, 2022. Reply

    Your product does not work on colored skin. It did not help with the bags underneath the eyes nor remove the lines. It also left a pace and crustiness that I had to wipe off. Very disappointed with your product. You need to make a statement in your advertisement that Plexaderm was not invented for dark skin people. It’s not a good product to
    me. Will not recommend Plexaderm.

  • Reece Original review: Jul 20, 2022. Reply

    Ordered the 14.95 6pk trial. The product works for me for the most part.. I think one of the key important things here is to wash your face and completely dry it especially the areas where you’ll apply the product. The packs open well and it only takes a tiny dab of the product then start gently blotting, for example, under the eyes. My left side, for some reason looks better than the right. there is a “light shade/ring under my lower eye where the puffiness would show. I am in the process of re-doing that side in hopes I’ve used enough. But for the most part so far so good!

  • Lynne Letizio Original review: Jun 13, 2022. Reply

    I googled this product in 2019, but when I got to website Plexaderm wasn’t there, but a product called beauty cream was there, and the dialog box you fill out for free sample. I ordered FREE samples and since there was 2 dialog boxes I was waiting for whatever came next to begin the first one, It never came. Then after about a month they hit my checking account for $106.42 for this tiny sample. The tiny container was about as big a woman’s thumb. Devastating my account as I’m a Senior and on limit income. The refused to return of my money, Causing me a hardship.

  • Kathy Davis Original review: Jun 02, 2022. Reply

    Plexaderm does work, however, I can not afford it. The portion control bottles are too small for the price. The application will work but for only a couple of hours and then you need to reapply it. It is out of my budget. For me, a face lift would be the answer. I would pay a high dollar once and that would be it. No re applying. No more after care. No waiting on your order. I am unable to recommend this product.

  • Carol Hamann Original review: Apr 08, 2022. Reply

    I bought a set of three bottles of plexaderm all was fine until I opened the third bottle and nothing came out!! I know I didn’t use it because I left them in the delivery box until needed. What can I do or what can you do? It’s not cheap and I do like it just very disappointed. If you read these please let me know. Thank you!!


  • Craig Original review: Feb 03, 2022. Reply

    I like the product and it seems to work well
    However TWICE I ordered the 3 pack with consequences.

    1st order ONE container was completely EMPTY.
    Chalked it up to poor production and/or error.

    2nd time ordering a 3 pack TWO containers were completely empty. After looking at several other reviews stating the same problem, I will never be scammed again from this company. At $40 to $60 a container (The More you order you get a discount) if even one is empty they are doubling their profit at your expense.

    You’ve been warned. Do your due diligence.

  • Pat G. Original review: Jan 20, 2022. Reply

    I have used this product with great satisfaction. Yes, you DO have to follow directions and don’t move a facial muscle for a few minutes until it dries. I always have a supply on hand, but not for bags under eyes – just for a few facial wrinkles. BIGGEST COMPLAINT: one out of every three dispensers works for me. It is infuriating and at this price, it’s very easy to be frustrated and stop buying a product that offers no guaranteed replacement of a non-working dispenser or work to refine and improve how it operates!

  • Lauren C. Original review: Dec 28, 2021. Reply

    My experience with it is, yes it “works” in that it tightens the skin. However, I’ve tried applying it dozens of times, dozens of ways, and I never get consistent or good results.

    I have fine lines and small bags under my eyes. When I try to apply the product, it’s either not enough or too much. It will leave a residue if too much is used. It also pulls in weird ways. If I get my bags smooth, it pulls the fine lines and makes them worse and more noticeable.

    If I apply it under my entire eye area to the bags, it pulls so tight it feels annoying and very unnatural. It feels like you can’t move your face or you’ll break the bond. And it still manages to not smooth the entire area. It just pulls my skin in such a way that wrinkles are worse. It seems I just can’t find the magic application for my skin.

    Like others have said, it doesn’t work very well with moisturizers or makeup. If you touch it you can easily disturb the bond to your skin. I’ve tried it under and over makeup with no luck. It cracks easily on makeup since the bond is not on your skin, but the makeup.

    I have no idea how long it lasts since I’ve only gotten a few hours out if it with poor results, but my skin is more oil prone. I guess it just isn’t ever going to work for me, which is a shame since it won’t do exactly what it’s advertised for doing.

    Frustratingly, I don’t think anything else will help save more dramatic, expensive, and invasive procedures from a dermatologist.

  • Sheri Original review: Nov 19, 2021. Reply

    Total waist of my money! You put it on and 10 minuetes later it’s all flakey on your face, like dandruff peeling off. You can clearyly see the dried product on your face. No money back!

  • AJ Original review: Oct 28, 2021. Reply

    Yeah they purposefully left us out because their product dries white. So it shows up white and flakey on poc and they knew this. Which is why there’s no poc on the commercials. But even after realizing this, they don’t warn people of color and we end up buying this product with disappointment. They’re not trying to fix this product because its a gimmick. They make their money on impulse buyers that will try it once and never again

  • A.J. Original review: Oct 28, 2021. Reply

    I’m really upset that I spent the money I did on this product for a very simple reason:
    The white residue that ‘some’ reviewers complained about isn’t just an annoyance. It makes the product completely unusable for people who have brown skin. This is why all the reviewers on the commercial were white. I stupidly let my guard down and realized that once again, poc are ignored. But to straight up ignore a huge segment of the population and call their complaints as an annoyance really reminds me that this industry hasn’t changed. I guess its good that black don’t crack. We don’t need it as bad as others ?

  • Roesharon Davis Original review: Oct 10, 2021. Reply

    I purchased the trial size it did nothing for me I would like my money back I tried it everyday nothing happened did nor show that any wrinkles were gone any were my face

  • Ranae Original review: Oct 06, 2021. Reply

    I am glad I only got the trail. Yes it works, after waiting 20 minutes, I tried putting on my powder makeup on and it look like fish scales. When I went outside after a hour or so it started to “melt”, later on in the day my eyes start itching and getting red. It did not do anything for the rest of areas I used it on. good only if you stay in doors, don’t sweat or get wet.

  • charri withrow Original review: Sep 20, 2021. Reply

    I have insomnia all night all I would have to listen to was PLEXADERM every night over and over. I did change the channel! I called their number, they threatened me, all I had said was I was annoyed by their stupid redundant garbage! The girl said I was harassing them and they would report me to the police. She is just a kid and so on guard! I know I am not the only one pissed off with the PLEXADERM CO. Thanks for giving people false hope!

  • Diana Original review: Aug 24, 2021. Reply

    This product did not work for me I got the 14 trial and used it all and it didn’t work on my fine lines and wrinkles I don’t have bags under my eyes but I do have a lot of wrinkles and fine lines so I give this product a zero

  • Joanna payne Original review: Aug 15, 2021. Reply

    I know you won’t use this in your review. I tried your cream. 6 times. It didn’t WORK. It feels tight and dry around eyes, but didn’t do anything for the bags.

  • Deborha Bruce Original review: Jul 14, 2021. Reply

    I’m impressed by the results from the trail that I used, for the product did exactly what it means to do take twenty years off and lift My sleeping eye look to looking More awake, which that in it’s self made me laugh because I don’t need to look younger yet I was very pleased with your product.. as soon as I can afford it I think that I’ll let My neice try it, too… Thank you very much for such a wonderful idea..

  • Linda Mar Original review: Jul 07, 2021. Reply

    I love the actual product, it works very well for me. I have found that you must follow the directions to the letter. If you have white residue you’re using too much and you can also blend it around the edges better. I am not able to use moisturizer or normal foundation afterwards without ruining the effect, but I have a luminous machine and you can use that. Yes I watched too much late night TV! The main con that I have is the dispensers. I have bought a total of seven bottles and three of them do not work at all. I just am about to call and try to get them replaced so I came online to see how that experience will be. I am not very hopeful!

  • Nm Original review: Apr 28, 2021. Reply

    “If you’re not good looking in the first place do you think getting rid of under eye bags is any better”? Did you really just say that, you’re disgusting and rude

  • Vel Original review: Apr 14, 2021. Reply

    After experimenting, found it more effective after I applied my makeup. The original dispenser that looked like a needle syringe kept clogging, but the current small battle that pumps works fine for me. I apply it in the morning and find it lasts quite a long time. When I applied it first, makeup removed it. It requires some experimenting to find what works best for you.

  • Thelma Losoya Original review: Mar 17, 2021. Reply

    I used it. Cannot use a moisturizer or makeup or it cakes. So, needless to say i was not happy with it. Expensive bottle just sitting in my junk drawer.

  • Pam Original review: Mar 03, 2021. Reply

    It works great as long as you don’t use moisturizer under it or foundation over it. If you do it loosens the product and you can’t even tell you used it. Also it does not remove dark circles. So I use it without putting moisturizer under my eyes and no foundation and it works great.

  • Gina Pasqualetti Original review: Feb 15, 2021. Reply

    This product is expensive but works. I wish it didn’t crack and leave a residue after a few hours. I hope the formula can be improved and that it will soon be available in stores.

  • C. H Original review: Jan 18, 2021. Reply

    This product cannot be used if you wear makeup. After trying a number of brands and applicators, I cannot find a makeup that does not dry, crack and Perl off when applied over Plexaderm. While it did reduce the bags under my eyes, it only lasted about 3 hours. I need to wear makeup because of redness caused by an autoimmune disorder. This product just doesn’t work with makeup or even tinted moisturizer.

  • Delores Washington Original review: Jan 08, 2021. Reply

    This product makes your Winkle’s worse making you apply more and more I do not recommend this product

  • JT Original review: Dec 29, 2020. Reply

    Don’t buy Plexaderm!!! Manufacturer knows about their dispenser defects but won’t fix it. Customer care claims they have a technique to make it work. Cover the hole and pump slow 30x, then shake the bottle, then repeat process 2 more times. Claims it fixes dispensing defect. Did not work for me! There is a known manufacturer defect in the dispenser and Plexaderm will not replace the bottle even though they know you can not dispense any product. I am stuck with a broken dispenser and no product and no replacement bottle…

  • Kathy Original review: Dec 10, 2020. Reply

    I purchased Plexaderm under eye cream and it does work, however, it has to be applied a few times a day. The bottle it comes in is so small it needs to be ordered repeatedly and it is very expensive. Having said that, if you can afford to buying it, go for it, it does work

  • JoAnn Irwin Original review: Dec 07, 2020. Reply

    I do not have bags under my eyes, but I tried the sample. I just showered and applied Plexaderm sparingly over my forehead and cheeks where I have wrinkles. I waited the required 10 minutes, but it had caked white and flaked off when I applied my makeup base. For wrinkles it did not work for me.

  • Manufacturer Defect Original review: Nov 23, 2020. Reply

    Don’t buy Plexaderm until manufacturer fixes dispensing defect ! There is a known manufacturer defect in the dispenser and Plexaderm will not replace the bottle even though they know you can not dispense any product. I am stuck with a broken dispenser and no product and no replacement bottle…

  • Manufacturer Defect Original review: Nov 23, 2020. Reply

    Don’t buy Plexaderm until manufacturer fixes dispensing defect ! There is a known manufacturer defect in the dispenser and Plexaderm will not replace the bottle even though they know you can not dispense any product. I am stuck with a broken dispenser and no product and no replacement bottle…

  • Gary Culver Original review: Oct 03, 2020. Reply

    At 75 I have puffiness under my eyes, but in 5 The Last 5 years Wrinkles below my cheek bones are more noticeable. At 70 I was, easily, passing for 50, but at 75 I’m starting to look 70ish. Darn ???

  • ROSEANNE SCHOOF Original review: Aug 27, 2020. Reply

    I have tried Plexaderm twice. The first purchase disappointed me because NO difference any place. I wanted it for undereye bags, but it did not work, and yes, I followed instructions to the letter. I saw it on a commercial months later, and I thought perhaps my first serum was a “lemon”. Again, NOT any difference.
    why do some of us have success and other have NO success?

  • Nancy Tait Original review: Jul 25, 2020. Reply

    Love it. Have had three orders over time. Almost didn’t get any after reading the reviews here but changed my mind. Found out you have to follow direction to the letter to get good results. I’ll be buying more in the future.

  • JENE Original review: Jun 28, 2020. Reply

    Yes…that’s what’s stopping me from purchasing. I don’t see any people of color. I thought the goal of any company is to make money. I didn’t know they only serviced one demographic. It didn’t say is on the website.

  • Juju Original review: May 25, 2020. Reply

    The active ingredient in plexaderm has been used for years in multiple other temporary instant wrinkle removers far cheaper and more effective, and they don’t put glue in them! I’ve used a few they’re basically the same. I buy the cheapest ones. Plexaderm like Proactive and multiple other skincare products reinvent VERY old drugs. Thru Marketing techniques, technology and millions invested in advertising, scam Try Free promotions, even TV shows have bilked billions out of customers using fancy marketing scams, schemes, deception!

  • Janet Cary Original review: May 05, 2020. Reply

    I’ve used it And it works wonders, it took at least 10 to 20 years off of my eyes. And yes I do use five makeup and that made it look even better. I will buy this product again again and again. It really works You just have to follow the directions.

  • Cindy Johnson Original review: Apr 10, 2020. Reply

    This has been the best result so far that I have used. The negative would be that I have very fair skin and it leaves a light tan mark on where I have applied it. I feel that I have to use makeup to cover that up and than it effects the product so that it does not work as well. I only use it once in a well because it also leaves red marks on the areas applied if I use it daily.

  • Larry w chism Original review: Mar 15, 2020. Reply

    i agree with Shona this product is not for people of color I tried it a few years ago and it left a ashe underneath my eyes,i see your commercial on TV but what I haven’t seen is anyone of COLOR on these commercial PS is this a new and revised product or is it the same as old stuff from years ago,please get back to me because it did work if not for the ashe I would be still using it

  • THOMAS PARKHILL Original review: Feb 28, 2020. Reply

    Did not seem to shrink bags as shown on TV. Also after 2 weeks the product dried up in the applicator and would not dispense. So in the garbage can. Another unusable product.

  • Sam Original review: Feb 01, 2020. Reply

    Don’t waste your money. Tried it several times. Absolutely no difference, so got some friends to try it. Same outcome. Honest truth, not at all what’s shown on tv.

  • Shona Original review: Jan 30, 2020. Reply

    This stuff leaves dark marks under eye . I am a woman of color and this product left a dark line under each eye.. I do not recommend this product for people of color

  • No name Original review: Dec 29, 2019. Reply

    It definitely works but feels like you have glue under your eyes and you can’t move that part of your face.. and the next day…. from glueing your eyes down for 10 hours the wrinkles are 100 times worse

  • Phyllis Ford Original review: Dec 28, 2019. Reply

    I received the trial size. I was amazed when I put it on it did do what they show on the commercial but I am 73 and do need moisturizer and foundation. I waited an hour and put on moisturizer and it did take everything off never got to the foundation. If it could be used with moisturizer and moisturizer I would definitely buy it.

  • Steve w. Original review: Dec 17, 2019. Reply

    I have purchased Plexaderm before multiple times and was very satisfied however, I recently made a purchase and noticed it was in a different container and much lighter in color. I have to tell you your new formula doesn’t work anywhere near as good as the original in the clear tube with the pump. My new order arrived in a short white tube will a pump head on the top. The product inside was Much lighter in color. At this point all I can say is I am very disappointed we will not be purchasing or product again.

  • Christine Zuck-Jacobson Original review: Dec 14, 2019. Reply

    Plexiderm does work if you dab it on lightly. But you can get the same thing at your drugstore for much less: Sudden Change. Sudden Change has been around for years and is just as effective. And really, if you are not good looking in the first place, do you think getting rid of your eye bags are going to matter?? If, however, you are beautiful…then it’ worth it.

  • Plxaderm Original review: Nov 27, 2019. Reply

    Plexaderm is a skincare serum that will purportedly reduce your undereye bags and wrinkles after just 10 minutes of use. The results are temporary, but the product promises to give you a more youthful appearance that lasts until you wash it off.

  • Stephanie Isom Original review: Oct 31, 2019. Reply

    I just saw this on TV and called to see how much it costs. They advertised 50 percent off but I guess the 50 percent off is the regular price because when I asked what it would cost for my second bottle if I only bought one and I was told it would be the same price. When I thanked him and said I was going to do some research and would call back, the hard sale began. I did some research and have decided not to buy. Thank all of you for the reviews. I believe there are other products that will work just as well or better for much less.

  • Renee Parker Original review: Oct 28, 2019. Reply

    I bought three bottles, gave one to my daughter and want to buy more, but I read that the packaging is different. I am reluctant to buy now. If I can get the original dispenser I will buy more. Please let me know. I like it very much.

  • Lynne Nese Original review: Oct 26, 2019. Reply

    Not sure I’d buy it after reading the reviews.

  • Debbie Original review: Oct 13, 2019. Reply

    Do not recommend. The company does not stand behind its product. After using 3 times the applicator would no longer work and after following the company’s instructions, what was left in the tube had hardened. Although it did work as it said, it only lasts for a couple of hours as it quickly wears off. After contacting the company a second time about their defective applicator, they only wanted to give me a small discount on the purchase of another one. I told them they could keep it.

  • Mary Original review: Oct 11, 2019. Reply

    Hated it! Feels like you have glue on your face and when it dried it left a crusty look. And beware if you return the product. No where on Plexaderm’s website does it say you need a RMA number. After shipping it back to them, which cost me almost $15.00, I first wrote them an email telling them that after 2 weeks I still did not get my refund. I never received a return email. I then called them directly and they said because I didn’t have an RMA number on the box, it was probably sitting in their return area and would have to wait another 7-10 days to get my refund! I wonder if I hadn’t called and complained directly when I would have received my refund. Would never, ever recommend to anyone.

  • Barbara Original review: Sep 29, 2019. Reply

    This product Plexaderm does not work I wasted my money buying this product with no result I want my money back

  • Libby Huffman Original review: Sep 25, 2019. Reply

    I am sorry to say, but I agree with the users of Plexaderm that results are short-lived. It does tighten the skin, but as soon as you apply moisturizer the tight skin disappears. It also recommends using a water-based moisturizer. I did that. Did not make a difference. Don’t waste your money.

  • Sharon Lamont Original review: Sep 11, 2019. Reply

    Plexaderm reminds me of hemorrhoid cream, it sucks the skin and leaves it dry and red.

  • Dona Lynn Parker Original review: Aug 22, 2019. Reply

    I tried other products, but BY FAR…Plexaderm is the BEST! I do not go a day without it! It definitely tightens your skin, but not anything that is uncomfortable. I put it on at 7:00AM and by 5 PM, it is still working great! I will definitely continue to buy this product!

  • Terry Original review: Aug 15, 2019. Reply

    Thanks for the reviews. I thought it was probably too good to be true. I don’t need it but always wondered since the infomercials really come off as something legit. When I turned 50, I started using liquid vitamin e oil (walmart & Target). I squeeze a little on my hand – rub my hands together and then rub my hands all over my face – concentrating on my eyes. I am now 73 with hardly any crows feet at my eyes. It’s cheap and it works!!!

  • Lee Original review: Jul 22, 2019. Reply

    I haven’t bought but not because of the reviews, I’m a doubter like Thomas I have to try to believe. However, I was channel surfing and came to a channel and noticed it was an hour promotion, usually it comes on as a commercial for only 4 -5 minutes but this was for an hour so I watched. The reason I’m Not going to buy it is because they had a doctor on a Dr. Fleisher, so I googled him. He’s NOT a dermatologist he’s a FAMILY doctor, internal medicine. His degree is from the Dominican Republic that’s a red flag for me so NO THANKS, I’d rather have a Board Certified and a prestigious accredited University of dermatology. There are too many fake Doctors from the Dominican republic. Hard pass!

  • Edie Walker Original review: Jun 23, 2019. Reply

    I think the price is outrageous for the small amount you get. The product hardens at the very tip of the syringe, so the next time you use it, you waste about a quarter of an inch. It does tighten up the skin and feels like a clay mask. I was afraid to smile for fear that the “mask” would crack and make my wrinkles even more noticeable, because it does leave a slight white residue. I suppose it works somewhat ~ just long enough to get your picture taken when you momentarily want to look good ~ and put it on while you’re smiling already or it’ll crack. I used it prior to going to a wedding and couldn’t wait to wash it off in the middle of the festivities ~ and re-applied my regular makeup. Don’t waste your money!!!

  • DonaMarie Larson Original review: May 31, 2019. Reply

    After using this product for one week, I found it to do appositely nothing. I am very disappointed . I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Charlotte J Original review: May 31, 2019. Reply

    Do not buy this product. It does not work.
    I applied the product and It seems like it is
    Tightening the skin but it doesn’t. Waste of money.

  • Noel Original review: May 26, 2019. Reply

    Best that the consumer beware–caveat emptor. per the old adage. Because the ingredients could not be cheaper to purchase in raw form, while the stated cost of the product itself is off the charts. One can achieve similar beneficial results merely by mixing finely ground Epsom salt combined with a bit of regular old table salt, and one adds a touch of glycerine so as to product a simple slurry in the palm of the hand, the effect will plump up the skin and also confer therapeutic benefits vis a vis a myriad of petty and otherwise difficult to treat pathologies such as acne. Add a touch of iodine salt and the regenerative effect may be enhanced further. Ho hum. A simple dip in Ocean water is also of extreme benefit as it quite literally acts to “cure” the skin via a response well known to those who practice folk traditions the world over. As for example, in Mexico the impoverished classes are renown for the practice of taking their young babies to the beach so as to provide this very same therapy, this so as to quash such nuisance pathologies as diaper rash. So really, the entire dermatological/cosmetic industry method of exploitation is entirely based on consumer ignorance.

  • Julie Original review: May 05, 2019. Reply

    Wow.. reading these reviews I will not be ordering g!!

  • cindy brock Original review: Apr 24, 2019. Reply

    I also ordered the product and was happy but the last two I purchased through Amazon were runny. Can’t get a refund. Ordered online through plexaderm and they said I put my email address in the physical address space AFTER I called them letting them know I never received the order. I guess they couldn’t possibly email me or call me or look up my past orders to get my address. The customer service there sucks. No expedited shipping either. Bought three bottles and have to wait 7-10 business days to get it. Spoke with Ralph Peters and a girl named Kara. Neither one were helpful at all.

  • Pati Original review: Apr 12, 2019. Reply

    I feel the product did a good job of making the bags go away, however, once you apply makeup it all went away. I spent money to purchase water based makeup to use with Plexaderm as instructed but no change. I called the help line and was advised to use a sponge to dab on makeup because a brush would break down the product. Still the same results. It’s not worth it if you can’t put makeup on after the bags are gone! Don’t waste your money on this product.

  • Bo Carver Original review: Apr 10, 2019. Reply

    Received the package today and used it for the first time. Shortly after I washed it off of my face I started getting a Awful headache. I applied at 5pm and five hours later headache still here and worse. DO NOT USE!

  • Patricia Original review: Mar 30, 2019. Reply

    I have been using Plexaderm for about 4 months. I love it. It lasts for me about 8+ hours. Can be purchased at QVC for 2 bottles for $78. You have to follow the directions exactly for best results

  • Aleia Original review: Mar 29, 2019. Reply

    Hello. I was just curious on what the cheaper cream was you bought for your face that’s not plexaderm?? Thank you!!

  • Lisa Hockley Original review: Mar 25, 2019. Reply

    Do not recommend at all. Yes it worked but only used three times and syringe quit working. Opened up the tube and found it empty. Cream only on the sides to make it look like it was a full tube of cream. Very disappointed for the amount of $ to buy.

  • Mary jo halaska Original review: Mar 20, 2019. Reply

    Initially I was very pleased with the product. After switching to their new packaging however, I’ve had nothing but problems. There seems to be less in the new container. Also, it comes out watery now and is not effective. For the price, I will not purchase it anymore. I am very disappointed!

  • Christine Poder Original review: Mar 14, 2019. Reply

    this is horrible….I have tried this many different ways….it actually is nothing but some paste that dried up your skin more!!! I will keep it for a Halloween to make scars on the kids faces….What a rip off

  • LEE PARKER Original review: Mar 06, 2019. Reply

    I purchased the 3 pack for $119. They cane in the syringe style dispenser. Only one worked and 2 clogged up on me. They were returned and I did receive 2 replacements in the new style dispenser. Now only one of those 2 worked and I asked for an exchange or refund. Plexaderm doesn’t want to comply with my request of stand by it’s produce. I have now found a produce just as good as Plexaderm and it’s cheaper. I can’t stand a company that won’t stand behind it’s produce and take care of their repeat customers. I initially purchased just one bottle and liked the results and why I bought the 3 pack later. I won’t buy any more if they won’t replace bad dispensers that are still unused.

  • Kathy Bendall Original review: Feb 26, 2019. Reply

    Please get back with me. I just celebrated my
    69th Birthday on 02-23-2019. Yesterday
    (02-24-19) our family celebrated my
    Birthday at a Sunday Brunch. I was so
    surprised & pleased to receive your
    Plexaderm for my 1st time as a gift.
    Today I couldn’t wait to try it. I was
    very disappointed that your product
    Pump did not work at all.☹️ I tried and
    tried to find a way to reach you but could
    not. After reading all your product info &
    reviews it is clear to me that many of your customers cannot get your pump to work
    either.. I read suggestions on you impriving
    Your product dispenser. Sine your product
    Is pricy for me/many could you please
    Package it in a see thru squeeze tube-
    or screw on top jar or individual capsules.
    How do I get it back to you &/or get
    remembered. I should be able to return it
    at no cost to me.. It was a gift-not my fault-
    & it should not cost me a cent. At your cost
    I don’t want a faulty pump that does not let
    me use your product. My bottle feels like it
    Is empty & the packaging was sealed closed.
    I am requesting to receive your product in a container that lets me see how much I am
    receiving. Looking forward to hearing back
    from you! I can’t wait to start using
    God Bless!
    Kathy Bendall

  • Kathy Original review: Feb 07, 2019. Reply

    I got the Derm. yes it works great, as long as you don’t smile, laugh, put any face cream or make up over it.. Will I waste my money on it again???? NO!

  • Brenda Hayward Original review: Feb 05, 2019. Reply

    I used Plexaderm and offered it to 4 of my friends. None of us could see any difference. We did 1/2 the face to compare….nothing. Seems to be a waste of my money. I ended up trashing it. I wouldn’t have made this comment except I got tired of seeing your false commercials. All I got to say is, people, don’t waste your money.

  • Jeannie Original review: Jan 31, 2019. Reply

    The new dispenser does not eliminate the dispensing problem. I love the product but struggle when the product does not blend together and get a watery film w/o the benefit of the serum and there’s no way to shake or mix the contents. I will not buy again!

  • Pablo Rosario Jr. Original review: Jan 14, 2019. Reply

    This looks like a product I need to get rid of the bags under my eyes. How can I order?

  • Maureen Barnett Original review: Jan 03, 2019. Reply

    I Love your product it actually does what it says it does. However, I do believe you need to go back to the drawing board regarding your new packaging. All my prior orders were with the old packaging, which I agree did have some of its own problems, pump sticking, but you could see the product and knew when it was time to reorder. That is impossible with your new packaging. I use very little of the product my situation does not require it. When I could get no more out, and I thought that I should have some left, I took off the cap and broke off the pump and was very surprised to see how much of the product was left in the small area in the top and it is obvious the pump cannot pick it up. It is amazing to me that this could not be observed when re designing this delivery system. I would like to believe, but still hard to believe, that this was not caught.
    I hope this is of help and you could look into this further.

  • Angela Giannotta Original review: Dec 28, 2018. Reply

    My question is this: How are you supposed to try this product, find that it “does not work for you” and want your money back when they clearly state the product must be returned “Sealed & Unopened” ? I suppose they will now retract that little bit of information! Finding out the definition for Silicate was very enlightening … You gotta love dictionaries!

  • Lee Montague Original review: Dec 19, 2018. Reply

    My wife uses Plexaderm under the corner of her eyes ONLY when going out, that’s about 3-4 times a week. She only needs a little for the corner of her eyes for a tad of puffiness. Usually one bottle will last her 2 months. That was the old clear applicator pump. Now under the new pump they sale it only last a month. After she finished her pump I took it apart and found out you don’t get as much as you did with the clear pump. The cream only fills just below the silver band on the top of the bottle, you have the pump section which sits inside a container with the hole in the middle to release the cream below that container. The rest of the bottle is empty. You can’t see how much is in there until you take the pump part off and the case it sits in. This new makeover pump gives you less for the same price. They said people complained about the clear pump bottle but I think they realized they could give less by covering how much you get for the same price. What you get now is a lot less than what we use to get in the clear pump.. You are being cheated on the amount you use to get and what you get now with this new designer pump.

  • Inez Original review: Dec 19, 2018. Reply

    Based on the TV commercials I finally decided to order the product and see for myself if this product really works. I have to say I was very disappointed. Even though it works great under the eyes I expected more results around the jaw area. Since it’s not recommended to use moisturizer my skin felt very dry. I live in Arizona where it’s extremely dry and good hydration along with skin moisturizing is essential. The product did not blend well into my skin and left a visible white residue. This product needs to go back to the drawing board.

  • Deborah Bee Original review: Dec 10, 2018. Reply

    I have used the product several months now, and i think it works well and lasts for a number of hours. The only negative is that sometimes the tube does not release the content well.

  • Donna thornton Original review: Dec 07, 2018. Reply

    I wasn’t all that impressed,but did see some difference,had to use it couple times at one end. But now the squeeze button is broke and won’t work now. And still have a lot left.

  • JERRALD L WELLS Original review: Dec 06, 2018. Reply

    I bought Pexaderm for my wife. She said she had wrinkles. She is 56 and has a few on her forehead and laugh lines around her eyes. She tried this product and it made her face dry and she looked like she had more wrinkles than she had before using Plexaderm. My wife is beautiful and this product is a scam. Don’t use it, it will destroy your already beautiful skin. Just moisturize and use good products to protect your skin as my wife does and love the skin you’re in. My wife loves and appreciates her tiny wrinkles now and knows how tiny they really are now that she has seen how bad they could look. It’s in the trash. Your bad review won’t be because of your bad skin but because of the bad product. Buyer beware

  • Ronda Original review: Dec 04, 2018. Reply

    Hi Gary!

    I would love to see photos of your satisfaction. I am guessing you are a compensated spokesperson for this product.

  • bob fickling Original review: Nov 29, 2018. Reply

    just saw it again on the weather channel, however, I’ve been seeing it a while, i’m ready, thanks

  • Linda Rogers Original review: Nov 25, 2018. Reply

    No wonder I cannot find “Sudden Change” anymore! This seems to be the EXACT same formula that used to be for sale in Walmart and other stores at a much cheaper price. MUCH CHEAPER! The results are exactly the same, down to the white chalky appearance, unable to use effectively with makeup, and also you must maintain a stone face while using, as any facial movements undo the effect! Marketing strategy was to significantly raise the price when it was “Sudden Change” all along! I’m glad I realized this before buying Plexaderm, and in part because of the reviews!

  • michelle Original review: Nov 12, 2018. Reply

    The cream does not even dispense out of the container. It has a pump with the instructions to slowly press down on the pump until there is about the size of half a pea. Then apply to skin. Problem – I cannot get ANYTHING to come out of the dispenser.

  • Patti Original review: Oct 28, 2018. Reply

    Thanks for this review, I was wondering how it would work for a woman of color

  • Helen Original review: Sep 07, 2018. Reply

    This product doesn’t work! You can’t wear make-up even the powder kind! It was like rolling down my window & throwing my money out ! Any facial movement even after drying put even more wrinkles on my face! Sucker only once!

  • Helen Wallace Original review: Sep 02, 2018. Reply

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! You cannot wear make-up if you put this on. I tried several differnt ways to carefully apply my non-liquid make-up & it just can’t be done! Also any eye movement will cause your bags to wrinkle up again. Purchased one time and should have just thrown my money out the window!

  • Ron Original review: Aug 23, 2018. Reply

    I have used Plexaderm daily for 6 weeks and it works great on my under eye bags. It makes me look 10 years younger. But after 6 weeks of daily use I noticed I began to feel nauseated. I stopped using it for a while then began to feel better. When I started using it again I began to feel nauseated again. Has anyone else experienced this.

  • Laura Original review: Aug 20, 2018. Reply

    I’m glad I decided to read these reviews. I was thinking about buying the product to use at my daughter’s wedding. It looks like a miracle when you see it on television. It’s a bit pricey even on eBay so I hesitated to buy it. 2500 I like to use face makeup with a lot of moisture because I am 57 years old and beginning to get Fine Lines around my chin area. Thankfully I don’t have any crow’s feet around my eyes. But I am getting a little wrinkly in the neck. I have sensitive skin so I don’t want to try a product that’s going to make me itch or have a rash. And I want to be able to wear makeup. If you want to look youthful I recommend trying it illumination CC cream. It is fabulous ladies it’s creamy and dewy looking and erases a lot of imperfections. No I do not work for IT company

  • Gary Mazzeo Original review: Jul 17, 2018. Reply

    This is an update to my last review. I just finished reading some of the rotten reviews posted and like to weigh in.
    Maybe some of these people were beyond help? The product works great. These people most likely didn’t have bags,
    they most likely had water balloons under their eyes, and no doubt bad skin all their lives. I suggest they wear bee keepers hats
    when they go out or better yet stay home. It’s a great product and I’ll buy it again!

  • Gary Mazzeo Original review: Jul 17, 2018. Reply

    I find Plexaderm the best eye cream on the market ….(No Bull) It lasted 9 hours got rid of
    the puff bags and makes you look great. I highly recommend this product ! (No Bull)

  • Silvia Original review: Jun 29, 2018. Reply

    I brought pleaxaderm and after the 1st use the pump broker the product got harder in the tube and has to through away the bottle I wasn’t able to get out. Garbage

  • Ann Original review: Jun 25, 2018. Reply

    I am a black female in my early 70’s. At first I was using too much cream eyes and yes it left a whitish residue but after many trys I now only use a very thin pinch of the cream and it works wonders for my baggy eyes. My Son gifted it to me so I have about 5 vials left. It’s better than having surgery which over time will come back. I would recommend it. Just experience it to see how much you need. It does make a difference!

  • Marlene Original review: Jun 13, 2018. Reply

    Never go with a product that has that quick result…..long term negative effects… doing more harm than good my suggestion, do a natural product.

  • Roni Original review: May 15, 2018. Reply

    I bought this plexadem product to see if it really works. I realize that this product tightens the skin as long as it is on the skin. After i wiped away the white residue when it dried, the bags resumed. This produt to me does not work at all. The models or persons on the commercial are all Caucasian the white residue does not show on them. Me being of a darker complexion need to wipe away the residue, therefore, this product is not for me.

  • Marjorie C. Original review: May 09, 2018. Reply

    Don’t waste your money. The area around my eyes looked MORE wrinkled than before I applied it. Very disappointed.

  • joan Original review: Apr 27, 2018. Reply

    I was a doubting Thomas about this product. Yes it took some trial and error of how to make this product work. My success was that you have a fresh washed, then pat dry face and then if you have dark spots just dab makeup on those spots, ( use one lighter shade than you usually do like if you use ivory beige use just ivory ) then lie down, yes lie down, apply the plexaderm starting under your eyes and then also for your wrinkles and all area down to chin. after 5 minutes apply powder make up only with the soft brush and you will be absolutely amazed. My husband could not believe it. Is it temporary? of course but boy to get through the day is amazing!!!

  • Alice Original review: Apr 26, 2018. Reply

    This product works great for me. I only tried it because my cousin and friend raved about it. I use a small amount and the bags under my eyes disappear in minutes. I use makeup over the product ( I didn’t know not to until reading the reviews) and it is great. The result lasts for me all day and night, i even worked out with it on and it was fine. I am perplexed by the negative reviews. My only complaint is it looked flaky by the end of the night, but I prefer this to puffiness.
    For those using moisturizer, do you use it before or after the product? I didn’t use any moisturizer, only creamy concealer over the product. Maybe moisturizer will help?

  • A doctor is far from being a scientist! Original review: Apr 24, 2018. Reply

    Being a doctor, a medical doctor is far from being a scientist pal. That’s like being a pilot of a small plane and comparing yourself to an astronaut.

  • Not a Plexaderm Employee Original review: Apr 20, 2018. Reply

    I can’t understand how there are so many bad reviews……say like 4 different reviewers to begin their comments (who most likely work for the company). Try and mix up the wordage kids. Makes it look less obvious. As far as the product, if you can’t tell how this is obviously a scam then you deserve to waste your money. This infomercial-like “miracle” beauty product is no different than like over a 100 others before it for decades. You’ll get the same results as the rest of them…disappointing.

  • Shirley Original review: Apr 19, 2018. Reply

    I tried this morning after my shower and I was disappointed, it is not as good as Sudden Change Under eye firming Serum that I have been using . The cost of of Sudden Change Serum is only $8I will not .95 and can be purchased online at Walmart. Com , You can pickup in store and get free shipping ‘

  • Pixelpaster Original review: Apr 04, 2018. Reply

    “Silicates from shale-rock.” Shale-rock… lol! Do you have granite-rock countertops? This stuff is just sodium silicate sold at thousands of times its normal retail price. (It’s what is in those “don’t eat me” packets shipped in retail packaging to absorb moisture.) Potters use sodium silicate in various ceramic processes. When you get sodium silicate on your skin and let it dry there, it feels tight and hard until it gets washed off. Amazon sells sodium silicate syrup for 13 bucks a pint, which is still twice as much as you’d pay at a ceramics supplier. SCAM!

  • Terry Original review: Mar 30, 2018. Reply

    I am a 65 year old man with somewhat deep wrinkles around and under my eyes. I also have bags under both eyes. Noticeable but not extremely bad. Anyway, my sister-in law gave me a tube of plexaderm and I love it. It works on both the bags and wrinkles. I realize it’s only a temporary fix but it sure works well on me. I would recommend.

  • Susan T Original review: Mar 30, 2018. Reply

    Peter Thomas Roth makes a product that makes wrinkles temporarily disappear. You CAN apply make up over it, mix it with your make up or primer ( thats what I do) if you use too much, it will leave a white film, but i just moisten my finger tips or a qtip and gently remove it. It does not effect the product. A little pricey, but great product. Egg whites? I think that would leave a clear looking, tape like skin. ? Nasal spray dabbed on bags works for some too. It reduces swelling, so maybe…. I have not tried that, but have a friend that swears by it. Prep. H didnt really work for me, but I have not tried that in a long time…since I discovered the Peter Thomas Roth stuff.

  • RICK Original review: Mar 28, 2018. Reply

    Can’t understand why people are so easily scammed. This company makes their $$ on marketing this product 100’s of times a day. The ingredients are nothing more or better than you can find in a product that is 1/5 the cost. It’s a boiler room operation, making millions of $$ on ignorant customers. Any commercial that advertises “I used this product on my father” or “it’s all the rage on social media” is just scamming everyone out their. I suspect in a year or two, the Attorney General’s from several states will catch up with them and then they will pay a $2M fine and walk away with $200M.
    There are no proven ingredients in their product and it’s all in the marketing – BUYER BEWARE.
    Just another clever TV SCAM.

  • Richard Original review: Mar 09, 2018. Reply

    We called to get more information and was surprised to get a complete boiler room. They were selling Plexiderm and 3 day yoga DVD’s and loudly talking over each other. Strange! We asked several questions that we knew the answers to and they flat out lied. From all of the reviews and our research, this is a minimally effective product with more issues than positive effects. They draw you in with promises of the “fountain of youth” but it is really a scam where they get people to sign up for re-occurring monthly payments and make it difficult to return. I have seen these scams before and if they were a legitimate product they would be marketed in brick and mortar stores, Amazon or Costco. When a product really works, people buy it consistently regardless of cost. If you have to do a contract for a product, buyer beware!

  • Linda Original review: Feb 25, 2018. Reply

    I’m amazed at how many negative reviews there are. Although this product isn’t perfect, it works very well if you learn how to use it and don’t follow the video verbatim. Frankly, it’s a lousy video. I use Plexaderm very sparingly and wish I could put “very” in bold. In fact, one syringe, my first, lasted me nearly two months. Too much product will look pink, feel dry and cakey, not smooth out the area, and just simply look strange. I have a fair complexion and do not use make-up under my eyes. These may be factors contributing to my success as well. I first apply my eye cream and give it time to absorb before applying the Plexaderm. I don’t rub it in like they show in the video. The skin under your eyes is thin and fragile so rubbing will stretch your skin and make things worse. Pat any products you use lightly and quickly into place. I give the Plexaderm time to dry (just a few minutes) before I do anything else to my face. The result is remarkable and worth the time to get it right. It lasts all day – from 5 am to 10 pm – and I am very expressive. I hope this helps.

  • Sandy Original review: Feb 21, 2018. Reply

    I guess like any product, some people will be happy and some will not. I have done a lot of reviews over the years, mostly on Amazon, and I would never mislead anyone. Plexiderm works for me….I even took before and after photos for friends to see so they wouldn’t think I was teasing them.

    However, after saying that, it is NOT a perfect product by any means. Yes, it can leave a bit of a white film after a little while. I try to use less of the product if that happens….You don’t need a lot. I brush my face powder lightly over it if I am really annoyed by it. But I wear glasses, so I rarely bother. I tried it on wrinkles and, unless you have no plans to use your face muscles, don’t bother. Oh, sure…it will take away the wrinkles but if you crack a smile, you crack the product, which not only brings back the wrinkles but white lines where the product settles. I purchased Plexiderm strictly for the under eye bags and I am satisfied. I only use it occasionally when I want to look my best and don’t expect the effects to last forever. I have had no issues with allergies, which I am pleased about. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

  • Loree Mizzi Original review: Feb 19, 2018. Reply

    I received my pleasure two days ago. I was pleased when I first tried it but I did not like the burning that came with it. I also noticed that the area around the eye that it is put on gets very dark. I used it again today, 3rd time, and the red irritation I have really hurts! I’m not sure if it’s an allergic reaction. I won’t be using it again until I see my dermatologist. The burning and severe irritation just isn’t worth it. I’ll stick with concealer and eye cream.

  • Laura Original review: Feb 12, 2018. Reply

    I would give this product a 1-star. The product is a light, almost pinkish shade which happens to match my skin tone pretty well. However, there were numerous problems. First, while it does tighten the skin temporarily, at least in my case, the end result was minimal. Especially because one can’t put make up (foundation) on the area of the product (make up alone tends to cause less noticeable wrinkles-so no net change for me). The problems with the product were 1) after 3 days of daily use, it started to cause me to itch. 2) trying to put foundation around the area of the plexiderm product was difficult and if the two overlapped, it caused an unsightly film. 3) The product didn’t last even a full day, maybe a few hours. 4) The product doesn’t work at all for wrinkles around the mouth (frown lines) – it seems to only work for very fine wrinkles in areas of little muscle action like the eyes (as long as one remains expressionless). 5) The rubber stopper isn’t air tight so every time one opens the syringe to use again, the top part of the product is all dried out and unusable and has to be wasted. 6) the syringe is hard to manipulate without accidently wasting some product which now is all over my bathroom mirror.

  • Kathy Original review: Feb 07, 2018. Reply

    It’s a good idea in theory but needs much, much improvement. I agree with all issues mentioned in previous comments but I also want to add that even if you do manage to apply this product perfectly, your skin is so pulled and tight that if you have any facial expression it actually makes the wrinkles around your eye worst. If applied unevenly the tightening and pulling of the skin is uneven and that also creates an illusion of wrinkled skin

  • Sherry Original review: Jan 31, 2018. Reply

    I received the product and the cream would not dispense out of the syringe. I worked at it for 45 mins. It appeared that no one punctured a whole in the tip of the plastic tube it comes out of. I had unlocked it and reset it. Nothing. I had to get a nail and hammer it in there to get open so something would come out of it. They are sending me another one but I have to wait 7 to 10 more days for it. But then I tried it. I was shocked at first because it seemed to work great but you have to be very careful when applying it because you can wind up with areas still poofing out and those beside it not. It takes an artist. It dries fast. My biggest disappointment however, is after you wash it off, your wrinkles look 90% worse than they did before you used it. I do not know what causes that and can only hope it is not permanent. I guess you better be ready to use it every single day. I’m scared to continue using it now. I seem to have worse wrinkles where I applied than I had when I put my first application on!

  • Kelly Original review: Jan 24, 2018. Reply

    I am surprised to see so many negative reviews. This product works great. It also lifts eyes if you put it above eyebrows. It gets rid of sagging jowls and tightens laugh lines. I looked at least 10-15 years younger after applying it. My only negative comment is that the applicator could be made better. Other than that it is worth every penny.

  • Ashley Original review: Jan 17, 2018. Reply

    I have purchased this several times and my 60 year old skin looks beautiful. In some reviews that I have read, people have written that this Kollagen Intensive isn’t the same as the more expensive Kollagen Intensive that has it’s own website. I don’t know if it’s the same or not but I do know that my skin is firmer and it looks much better when I use this. I use it AM and PM and am very happy with the reduction of several wrinkles around my mouth.

  • Brent Original review: Jan 16, 2018. Reply

    Shale Rock is used to make cement, It contains natural gas. Have you heard of Fracking that caused Earth Quakes where Earth Quacks don’t happen It also contains oil that is made into gasoline. And you women want to put this toxic stuff on your face. Go to google and look up the shale pits in Canada and what it has done to the land there same goes to the Dakotas, All this from Shale. Id think twice about using this on my kids face let alone my face.Id rather have a few wrinkles…

  • Anne Original review: Jan 10, 2018. Reply

    Not sure why there are so many bad reviews?
    I have a under eye bag problem and not a wrinkle problem. Like small water filled under eye bags. This stuff works so fast, the first time I used it, it was surprising how fast it started working. That being said, spread it on quickly all at once because for me it works so fast, areas that don’t get covered don’t get effected. (Kind of left a weird puffy, not puffy look).

    CONS- The reason why I’m on this site right now is because although I love what the product does,,,,it leaves my under eyes looking dry and make up over that makes it look even worse. I was here looking for a solution. They offer a hydralonic acid type lotion, but I don’t want or need to use that under my eyes.

    If there was a solution to covering the dryness without diminishing the effectiveness of the product I would give plexaderm 100 stars.

    Lastly, I have dark circles, it does not work for the dark circles at all. (Hence applying concealer that makes it look slightly crusty) so my choice are water bags or slight crustiness under eye.?

    Fingers crossed for a solution!

  • Amy Spencer Original review: Dec 30, 2017. Reply

    Do not trust this company. I tried to order it online using my Paypal. The form kept saying “missing fields” so after 3 tries, I gave up. I never completed the order. Then a couple hours later, I get an email saying my order was confirmed. I called Paypal, and the sneaky company had not only completed my order BUT also made it a monthly recurring payment. Needless to say, I filed a dispute with PayPal.

  • Scott Original review: Dec 29, 2017. Reply

    This works great!…These liars probably were too cheap to order it so they bashed it. These broke losers are hoping the price drops if they keep saying it doesn’t work.
    Stay single and keep looking close at those dark wrinkly bags in your mirror, while I get all the hotties.

  • LaDonna Original review: Dec 25, 2017. Reply

    I tried Plexaderm! Within seconds I experienced burning where the product was applied! It tightens your eyes alright, so tight that when you make certain facial expressions you look like basset hound dog! SCAM!!

  • Brenda Original review: Dec 21, 2017. Reply

    Plexiderm is horrible. When it dries it does tighten the skin BUT if you run your fingers over the skin where it’s applied, it feels like alligator hide, or sandpaper texture. You CAN NOT apply makeup after applying it. Your foundation will remove it. Raw egg whites will accomplish the same result. DO NOT BUY. Waste of money and they make you pay for return shipping. They don’t include a return shipping label. RIP OFF.

  • Ken Original review: Dec 16, 2017. Reply

    I don’t know how there can be so many negative comments. This product is very effective and it not only got rid of my bags but also some deep lines in my cheek. Maybe they don’t know how to apply it.

  • Marie Original review: Dec 12, 2017. Reply

    Amazing product! I watched it take my eye bags away. I also used on lines around my mouth and as it said it looks good for a short time.

  • Ann Original review: Nov 10, 2017. Reply

    Don, you are right. Not a doctor. I’m a skin care expert too. I’ve been caring for my skin for 70 years! This stuff works a bit. Until you smile and crack the film. Works like the old home remedy, egg white.

  • Monilove Original review: Oct 25, 2017. Reply

    I purchased the product and it is definetly not what i wanted to spend 89.00 on doesnt really work well levees residue on the eye and after a few uses it stop wprking wouldnt pump anymore so not sure how they call it such a great product i called them and they said to send bk for inspection and they will try to repair it very disappointed wont buy anthing and qont recommend i think its a rip off.

  • ALICE BOMAR Original review: Oct 22, 2017. Reply

    I would love to try this I this works that would be great . My eyes used to be one of my biggest good looks on me .Now I am 68 years old and I need all the help I can get .If this works I would love it.

  • Sandy Original review: Oct 13, 2017. Reply

    I just want to thank people for taking the time to warn others. You’ve all saved me some money and trouble. And hey, I EARNED these wrinkles! May we all age gratefully.

  • lora Original review: Oct 07, 2017. Reply

    I just purchased this product and so far am loving it. I have a slight bag under one of my eyes and this product completely lifts and smoothes it out. I have put foundation over it lightly as well and no problem!

  • Dee Blackwell Original review: Sep 29, 2017. Reply

    I agree with you, Joyce. These products would be great if it actually worked as advertised. It may minimize the bags, but no way does it NOT leave an ashy residue under the eyes were product was placed. They NEVER address that. If my bags are that bad, I would have the fat under my eyes removed by surgery. Dark circles, an easy fix with make up. Yes…it is a waste of money.

  • Dan Original review: Sep 09, 2017. Reply

    I have NOT used the product so this is not a review. However, I believe my background in the science of mineralogy may allow me to explain how the product “works.” From descriptions of a white film left on the skin and the product being derived from shale it appears that the product is a suspension of the mineral Bentonite. A thin film of this mineral will adhere to the skin and then shrink as it dries and thus will tighten the skin. The effect will be short-lived, perhaps a few hours, but will certainly disappear when the area is washed. Whether repeated application and “external tightening” of the skin has any long-term effect I do not know. Because Bentonite and similar clay minerals do adsorb water and oils they certainly will dry the skin, probably leaving it itchy and perhaps irritated. When working with similar clays geologists usually note drying of hands. Incidentally Bentonite is widely used in making the drilling mud used in drilling oil wells, water wells, etc. I hope this tidbit helps.

  • Ralph S Original review: Sep 07, 2017. Reply

    Any 4+ star comment on this RIPOFF product has manufacturer insider written all over it!!! I tried this product and though I did feel some tightening of the skin, it basically had no visible results. Only good thing is while posting my negative experience of this product, I read somebody’s advise on using Preparation-H and that actually worked!

  • Joyce J Ruskuski Original review: Sep 01, 2017. Reply

    I bought this plexiderm and used as directed several times. There was no change at all in the bags and it left a gritty residue on the face. For my money it’s a BUST. Would not recommend it.

  • Joyce J Ruskuski Original review: Sep 01, 2017. Reply

    I bought plexaderm and followed the directions and used several times. Saw no visible change in the bags under the eyes. For money money it does not work.

  • Cornelius Gallagher Original review: Aug 30, 2017. Reply

    I initially purchased one tube of Plexaderm. I was impressed with the results, so after the first few applications, I purchased 2 more tubes. After using this product for about 40 days total, it gave me a bad rash on my skin under both eyes. I applied just a touch, and it started to itch. I rinsed it off, and the skin my eyes stayed red for the entire day. Quite embarrassing. This happened a few times before I had to stop using it. I contacted Leigh Ann Goodrich with customer service, who stated that their policy was firm. No returns after 30 days, even if the product is unopened. Nice customer service, especially when you are selling a product that gives people rashes. I do not recommend this company. Use another !!!

  • suew Original review: Aug 15, 2017. Reply

    Honestly, I love this product! Maybe it doesn’t do all it appears to do in the commercial,.
    However, I really do notice a difference and love how it makes me look!
    Will continue to purchase.

  • Brenda Martorell Original review: Jul 19, 2017. Reply

    Scam, didn’t work for me!. This product does not work at all for undereye bags. All it does is leave a white film without reduction in eye bags. There is not a zero star so I have to give one!

  • carol green Original review: May 29, 2017. Reply

    Am sure Plexaderm does all it says it does; however, why pay that price for such a small tube when all you have to do is use PrepH!!! I came across this back in the late 70s and was interested in what it said about shrinking Hemhorroids. I figured if it could do that, it could shrink wrinkles. So, I went to the drugstore and picked up a tube….it worked like magic. I have told people over the years about this and when they did, reported back that it worked great. So, why spend all that money on Plexaderm when PrepH will do the same thing and perhaps much better!

  • Jennifer Original review: Apr 19, 2017. Reply

    Don’t waste your money! As the viewer Stephanie states, once you put your make up on, it comes off! That is why they use
    some unshaven guy in the tv add with bags and not wrinkles to disappear. No mention about applying make up after the fact.
    It also does leave a white film under the eye if your not careful to keep rubbing it in. It states to use a damp cloth if white film appears. Well if thats the case, then you are wiping it off entirely. And the silly tube that looks like a syringe is a bad idea. first couple times I did a squirt onto my finger like it says to do, half of it ended up on the bathroom wall! Need to squirt it in the palm of your hand. I would not recommend this product and never buy it again. It’s a scam for someones pocket and that pocket is not mine.

  • Sue Original review: Apr 06, 2017. Reply

    Did not realize the segment on GMA was a paid infomercial. Would never have ordered. Doesn’t do a thing. Feels “tight” as it dries and that is it. Waste of time and money. Don’t fall for this scam.

  • Sue Original review: Apr 04, 2017. Reply

    The first time I used this product, I did “feel” a tightening of the skin under my eyes but saw no visible results. After that, I don’t even notice a tight feeling. Have been using for two weeks and it is a total waste of time and money. Can’t believe GMA actually had this product on the show. I never order from infomercials but thought since a reputable TV show had it on, it might be worth while. Avoid this scam

  • Mark D. Original review: Mar 09, 2017. Reply

    Product worked for me. My question is it doesn’t seem to last all that long

  • Nancy Original review: Mar 08, 2017. Reply

    Order a small supply to see if this product was for me. Had problems with shipping/receiving and the dispenser has failed. Cannot access product. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Trisch Brosig Original review: Feb 27, 2017. Reply

    I bought and used this product for three months to date. I LOVE it ! It definitely works great for me. I apply it and wait for it to dry (3 min. or so) And when it’s dry, I apply my face powder over it to blend it in and I’m ready to go. It’s like an instant ego booster! It takes away my bags and dark circles perfectly. I will NEVER be without it. Am ordering more today. And when that’s gone in three mo. I will order more. Thank you for making an awesome product. My husband thanks you too !!!! 😉

  • Dan J Original review: Feb 10, 2017. Reply

    “Skin care specialist?” In other words: NOT a doctor. I happen to be a doctor, as are the reviewer on this site. The facts are we have treatments that can help improve the appearance of bags and wrinkles, and they can vary from creams to surgery. And technology is being developed every day, so when you use absolutes like “no such thing,” that’s a bit irresponsible. I don’t disagree with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but let’s not pretend that genetics isn’t a huge component, and there ARE things that can help. And no, Honest Skin Care isn’t the only answer, or even the best answer. Leave the science to the scientists.

  • JohnD Original review: Feb 07, 2017. Reply

    I haven’t used it, but I have tried to convince my wife that it is nonsense. Observe the changes in the lighting and angles of photography on the Plexaderm commercials, and it is clear that the viewer’s perception is manipulated using common techniques.

  • Pam Harrison Original review: Feb 03, 2017. Reply

    I find myself getting angry every time a PLEXADERM commercial airs. I consider their product so bad as to be a scam. Should be a law against this product and the ones that are making the bogus claims. Please save yourself the trouble and your money. DO NOT BUY. I wonder what they did with the male model to show the improvement with his under eye bags? Best guess is the light they projected on to his face. Arrgh…

  • Patti Original review: Jan 18, 2017. Reply

    When are women and men going to realize that there is no such thing as bags, wrinkles, etc. disappearing? There is however such a thing as taking good care of your health, eating correctly, exercising, doing some form of stress release, such as massage, water, AND taking care of your skin with honest skin care( one that actually helps with the functioning of your skin) and using sunscreen. I am a skincare specialist giving honest advice. Start taking care of your precious skin early on and if you missed that time, it doesn’t hurt to start! Good luck!

  • kirk b. Original review: Jan 18, 2017. Reply

    The advertisements in the Kansas City area appear on television stations 4 and 5 during afternoon news casts. The marketing of this product is made to appear to be part of the newscasts. This is a marketing strategy of the manufacturer. The two women speak as if they are part of the newscast reviewing this product for listeners. This is totally false. These two channels have a habit of accepting advertising that appears to be part of the newscast when it is not. Effective marketing but extremely poor judgment on the television stations.

  • Stephanie Mauter Original review: Jan 12, 2017. Reply

    The reason a man is used in the advertisement for PLEXADERM is because most men do not use a foundation that immediately makes the puffiness return which is what happened to me. All they say is that anyone can use it, never mention that it will not work after a foundation is applied. Nothing but a scam!!

  • Elaine Murray Original review: Dec 28, 2016. Reply

    I used this product for 3 days……nothing happened. I’m like the previous reviewer. Save your money. I returned immediately.

  • Barb Original review: Dec 17, 2016. Reply

    Please don’t waste your money. This product does not work at all for undereye bags. All it does is leave a white film without reduction in eye bags.

  • Barb Original review: Dec 17, 2016. Reply

    I tried clicking 1 star, but 3 showed up. This product is a waste of money for under eye bags. It does NOT work except to leave a white film. The bags do NOT shrink at all. I’m very disappointed.

  • Dianna Original review: Oct 12, 2016. Reply

    It is very impressive, at first. Then if you need to put on makeup, touch the area, once dried, it immediately goes away. Leaves a grainy look too!

  • Keisha Frazier Original review: Sep 30, 2016. Reply

    Buyer beware! This product does not meet any of its claims. They promise you a 30-day guarantee but that 30 days starts from the day you order not the day you actually receive the product. I used this for 2.5 weeks and was completely unsatisfied. The skin tightening effect they speak of is literally just the product drying. Your under eye bags aren’t going anywhere. The applicator also stopped working on me. They told me to throw it away and use a new one. At almost $80 this is ridiculous. I would not recommend this product and their customer service is terrible. Save your frustration and your money.

  • Beverly R Original review: Sep 20, 2016. Reply

    I used this product under my eyes this morning and did notice a big change. Anxious to see how it works over time.

  • Paulina Rivera Original review: Aug 02, 2016. Reply

    Be very careful that you listen to every single word True Earth Health Products, use when this product does not work for you, they are very well trained to force several options on you, offering added products that don’t work and offering to add warranty date to your order pushing additional products, they refuse to return your money, and threaten to hang up on you when you raise your voice when they keep insisting on future shipment on products that simply DON’T work.

  • Dawn Original review: Aug 02, 2016. Reply

    As was said above there are many products on the market…I have not tried this product – what I wanted to say – is this is just like using egg whites ( which could be the secret ingredient)..which does the same thing, tightens the skin…and also creates a film when it dries and gets flaky and you cannot put any makeup on…that is why these products will not work for women especially ones that wear makeup.

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