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Consumers who have watched news reports about Plexaderm Rapid Wrinkle Remover may be very intrigued by this product. One of the strongest aspects of the company’s media strategy is to show how this specialty serum can reduce under eye bags through a live demonstration. During such appearances the Plexaderm representative will have a model who has highly visible under eye bags, they will then apply the serum to one of the eyes and the bag shrinks considerably, within just minutes of application.

However, though such live demonstrations can be very intriguing, they often don’t go into the details of how this serum works. This lack of information can make it very difficult for an individual to assess whether the Plexaderm wrinkle remover is right for them. After all, there are literally thousands of anti aging treatments on the market…so what makes Plexaderm different?

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How Plexaderm Works
The manufacturer of Plexaderm isn’t very detailed in their explanation of how this anti aging serum works. Many cosmetics companies with new skin care products will go to great lengths to explain such aspects of their brand, and will often go into great detail and visualizations. However, the creator of Plexaderm focuses on a marketing strategy that is heavily rooted in before and after images, as well as live demonstrations on multiple TV shows.

Looking deeper at the potential mechanisms behind this product, we see that the way it works may have to do with silicates. This group of chemicals is derived from rocks and has been used in many industrial and skin care applications.

After Plexaderm is applied to the skin, the solution begins to dry, and the silicates form a thin film on the skin’s surface. This can create a tightening effect that helps sagging skin appear tighter, and may even provide support for under eye bags.

In this way, the mechanism behind Plexaderm is similar to that of pullulan; a water-soluble ingredient used to help breath strips hold their rectangular shape before use.

Where to Buy Plexaderm
The Plexaderm wrinkle remover is somewhat limited in terms of distribution channels. Currently, the product is mostly sold through the company’s website and isn’t really available through other channels. From time to time, this anti aging serum may also be found on Amazon and eBay, but it’s difficult to verify whether the sellers are authorized distributors.

Plexaderm is presently not available in stores. We also did not find the Plexaderm cream in Amazon.

Plexaderm Cost
The cost of Plexaderm can vary greatly, depending on any specials offered by the company. For example, the manufacturer lists the regular price as $133.17, while listing the product as being on sale for just $79.90, or 40% off. Though it sounds like a great deal, the consumer may notice that the regular price of the product is a strange amount, which may suggest that the “regular” price is more of a marketing strategy and that the product is typically priced lower than that. Therefore, the consumer may not need to rush and buy Plexaderm right away for fear of missing the “sale” price and can take the time to conduct their research and to speak to a dermatologist.

Additionally, the company offers a skin care duo kit, where the customer can add a hyaluronic acid serum to their purchase for just $20.07. This Plexaderm offer can be a good deal for individuals with a small skin care budget who have been thinking of trying a hyaluronic acid serum.

Plexaderm Ingredients

While the products sold by Plexaderm contain a wide array of ingredients, some of the ingredients tend to show up over and over in this line.

Sodium Silicate – This is the primary ingredient in the Plexaderm cream. It is an adhesive, film forming ingredient. When the skin dries, it pulls the skin. This causes a slight contraction. The results are very temporary.  

Cyclomethicone – A silicone used in perfumes, conditioners and skin care products.

Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone crosspolymer –  A commonly used silicone. Also used in hair conditioners. Makes the product feel nice. No long term benefits.

Plexaderm Reviews

Does Plexaderm reviews work to temporarily smooth out wrinkles? To help answer this question, let’s look at the reviews. . The reviews for Plexaderm are somewhat mixed, which can be difficult to reconcile with the before and after pictures and videos provided by the company. On the one hand, such images are quite stunning, but the consumer reviews suggest potential issues with the cream effectiveness and the packaging.

For example, some Plexaderm reviews suggest that the cream can feel quite irritating on the skin and can create a sensation akin to burning and stinging. One of the reasons for this could be that silicate compounds are often alkaline in nature and can cause irritation.

Other Plexaderm reviews suggest that the packaging of this serum isn’t optimal. Currently, the serum is packaged into a dispenser that looks like a syringe. However, some reviewers suggested that the lever that pushes the serum out stops too early, making it impossible to get to the remnants of the serum (thus causing waste).

However, the biggest issue discussed in Plexaderm Rapid Wrinkle Remover reviews has to do with the film that is sometimes left on the skin. Of course, the goal of this product is indeed to create a film that holds the skin in place, but some consumers have complained that this film is too visible and appears white and ashy.

Further, some reviewers suggested that it’s difficult to put makeup on the skin after the film is in place. Such negative Plexaderm reviews are a good reminder to follow the company’s instructions about using only a small amount (just one drop) under each eye, to keep the film as least visible as possible.

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