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Lumin Skin Care Review



The story behind Lumin Skin Care

Lumin Skin Care (formerly Skin Co) offers a variety of skin care products, such as a cleanser, moisturizer, facial oil, and more, that are designed specifically for the skin care needs of men. Their products are designed for all men – regardless of race, skin type or age. 

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Lumin Skin Care Review

What are the best selling Lumin Skin Care products?

Lumin Skin Care features two products that make up their “Dynamic Duo” kit: No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser and Premium Moisturizing Balm. They believe that at a fundamental level, good cleansing and moisturizing is essential to good skin health, especially for the rougher skin construct of men. 

The No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser is said to safely remove excess oil buildup and pollutants while preserving what’s naturally needed on your face. This cleanser can be used in the morning and before bed. 

Premium Moisturizing Balm is said to quickly target dullness in the skin, uneven tones, lifeless complexion, and dehydration to refuel a man and bring him back to the top of his game. This moisturizer can be used in the morning, before bed, and throughout the day as needed. 

Lumin Skin Care also offers products to go “Beyond the Basics” and strengthen your regimen based specifically on what your skin needs. These products include the Refreshed Exfoliating Buff, After Hours Recovery Oil, Anti-Wrinkle Defense, and Dark Circle Defense

Refreshed Exfoliating Buff is said to gently remove dead skin, prevent shaving irritation, and reduce scars and dark spots in order to promote healthier skin. This product is recommended to be used at the end of the day before moisturizing. 

After Hours Recovery Oil is said to deeply hydrate the skin while repairing a protective barrier to guard against daily wear and tear. This oil is recommended to be applied at the end of the day, and especially effective during cold weather and long flights for frequent travelers.

The vitamin-rich Dual Action Wrinkle Defense is said to repair signs of aging caused by sun damage. It can be used in the morning and before bed. 

Dark Circle Defense is an eye cream that is said to reduce the under-eye discoloration, wrinkling, and puffiness. It can be used in the morning and before bed. 

What are the key ingredients used in Lumin Skin Care products?

Next we’ll discuss the key ingredients that can be found throughout the Lumin Skin Care line,  which include activated charcoal, ginger root extract, shea butter, green tea leaf extract, licorice root extract, and rosemary leaf extract. Interestingly, the brand does not give the full ingredient list on their website, only a brief description of some of the key ingredients in the formula. Due to this lack of transparency, we are unable to determine the concentrations of these key ingredients. It’s also uncertain if there are harmful ingredients used in the formulations, such as denatured alcohol and fragrances. 

Lumin Skin Care Review

Activated charcoal, which can be found in the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser and Refreshed Exfoliating Buff, works by trapping toxins and impurities in its millions of tiny pores. Rather than absorbing the toxins, however, activated charcoal works through adsorption (the chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface). Thus, activated charcoal helps to purify and detox the skin.

Ginger root extract can be found in the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser, Premium Moisturizing Balm, and Dark Circle Defense. Ginger root extract provides excellent anti-aging benefits due to its ability to inhibit collagen degradation (collagen is the protein that keeps skin strong, firm, and youthful). Ginger root extract also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Shea butter is used in the formulation of the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser and Premium Moisturizing Balm. Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, which is native to Africa. Shea butter is an emollient that works to soften and soothe the skin. Since shea butter melts at body temperature, it is able to coat the skin and form an occlusive film. This film helps to prevent evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture and increases skin hydration by causing buildup of water in the stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of skin). It is non-comedogenic and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind. 

All Lumin Skin Care products contain green tea leaf extract. Green tea extract comes from the steaming and drying of the Camellia sinensis leaves. One of the most important components in green tea extract is the polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG functions as an antioxidant and helps the skin combat free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Green tea extract also has skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Licorice root extract is used in the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser, Premium Moisturizing Balm, Dark Circle Defense, and Refreshed Exfoliating Buff. Licorice root extract contains a key active component known as glycyrrhizin. It functions as a skin-conditioning agent that has the ability to improve the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. It has a soothing effect and also calms inflammation. Licorice root extract may also help to brighten skin and improve uneven skin tone. 

Rosemary leaf extract, which can be found in the No-Nonsense Charcoal Cleanser and Refreshed Exfoliating Buff, is used for balancing oil production. It can help to clear excess oil and dirt from pores without causing dryness. Rosemary leaf extract is also rich in antioxidants like carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid, which help to protect the skin against signs of aging. 

Where are Lumin Skin Care products sold?

Lumin Skin Care products can be purchased online via a subscription model. There are three different subscription plans available. One plan offers a free trial for new customers followed by a subscription box every 2 months. If you’re a returning customer, you can choose to receive a one time purchase (2 month supply) or a bulk purchase (6 month supply). Lumin Skin Care products are also featured in b8ta stores in several major cities in the United States. 

What is the Lumin Skin Care return policy?

Lumin Skin Care products are sold via a subscription service, but customers can pause, delay, or change the frequency of their subscription at any time. According to the Lumin Skin Care return policy, you must contact the brand through the chat feature (located at the bottom right corner of their website) with your order number and return reason to start the return process.

Is Lumin Skin Care cruelty free?

Lumin Skin Care products are not tested on animals. Every product is 100% cruelty free. 

Lumin Skin Care Reviews

Currently, there are a total of 148 Lumin Skin Care reviews on the brand’s website, with the reviews averaging to 4.5 out of 5 stars. Positive Lumin Skin Care reviews mention that the products start to work in just a few days and that they help the skin to look healthier, moisturized, and toned. Many reviews also point out that Lumin Skin Care offer great value and they appreciate the low price points. 

What are some alternatives to Lumin Skin Care?

The ingredients used in Lumin Skin Care products are good but pretty standard ingredients that can be found in numerous other skin care products, even drug store products. That’s why we’d like to recommend a skin care brand that combines tried-and-true ingredients with cutting edge technology and truly unique ingredients: Formulyst

One example is Formulyst’s Anti-Aging Concentrate, an all-in-one serum for healthy, younger-looking skin. It is formulated with unique ingredients such as ProBioBalance to help balance the skin’s microbiome and a powerful Peptide Complex to help stimulate new collagen production. This serum also harnesses the natural skin care benefits of shea butter, green tea leaf extract, vitamins C and E, and more. Overall, the Anti-Aging Concentrate helps to promote the five signs of youth – radiance, elasticity, firmness, skin tone and smoothness.

There’s no need to compromise when it comes to finding skincare that is effective and safe. Carrot & Stick takes a tough love approach to skincare, perfectly balancing the power of plants with cutting edge science. Not only is Carrot & Stick good for your skin, it is also good for the environment as the formulas skip harmful chemicals as well as the preservatives, emulsifiers and thickeners commonly found in skincare products.




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    My son was trying a free trial and his skin is very sensitive so unfortunately he cannot use the product. You have sent us another package in July. How do we cancel the online orders being charged to his credit card and return this last package. Please provide details and a phone number please for us to review with you. Could you please provide a packing slip or return address. Thanks in advance.

  • KT Original review: Oct 21, 2019. Reply

    The full list of ingredients in each product is available in their website under “Ingredients” tab in their support page – … will be really helpful if you can check that and update the review to reflect the entire list of ingredients. Keen to see if the ingredients are safe.

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