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La Roche Posay is a dermatological skin care brand that formulates products with high efficacy and safety standards to address skin needs, even sensitive skin. Recommended by tens of thousands of dermatologists across the globe, La Roche Posay has become known for delivering highly effective skincare solutions that target a variety of skin concerns, from acne to aging and more. In this review, we are going to focus on La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum. We’ll discuss the key ingredients, how to use it, La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum reviews from real customers, and more.


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What’s Inside La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum?

Denatured Alcohol
As you can see from the name, vitamin C is one of the key ingredients in La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum. Before we give you the details on how vitamin C may benefit your skin, we have to point out that the La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum contains a very high concentration of denatured alcohol. It is the fifth highest concentration ingredient in this serum. So why is this a problem? Let’s take a closer look at what high amounts of denatured alcohol will do to your skin. 

The problem with this type of alcohol is that, at first, it seems like it’s benefitting the skin. Initially, alcohol gives products a quick-drying finish, immediately degreases the skin, and imparts a weightless feel.

The La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum also contains a high concentration of glycerin and several different silicones. Combining denatured alcohol with glycerin and silicones will provide an effect that disguises signs of aging.

You see, alcohol tightens the skin, glycerin hydrates the skin and thereby plumps skin, and silicones form a thin, invisible film that can help disguise signs of aging. However, these effects are temporary and will disappear once you wash off the product. 

The major problem with using high concentrations of denatured alcohol is that this ingredient is well known to cause skin dryness, irritation, and even disruption of the skin barrier. Furthermore, alcohol can disrupt the lipids that make up the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin), according to a publication in the journal BBA Biomembranes. 

While alcohol may provide short term benefits, it’s not doing your skin any good in the long run. We will still discuss the key ingredients in La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum, but keep in mind that the benefits may not outweigh the risks of using a serum with such a high concentration of denatured alcohol. 

Vitamin C
The form of vitamin C used in La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum is ascorbic acid, the active form of vitamin C, that provides several different benefits to the skin. Perhaps the most well-known benefit is its ability to protect the skin from free radicals due to its potent antioxidant activity. 

Specifically, ascorbic acid donates electrons to neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as the superoxide ion and peroxide that are generated when the skin is exposed to UV light. This is important because the harmful effects of ROS occur as direct chemical alterations of the cellular DNA, the cell membrane, and cellular proteins, including collagen. 

Damaged collagen manifests as signs of premature skin aging, including wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. Since ascorbic acid can protect collagen, the La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum can help prevent signs of aging. 

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum may also be able to correct existing signs of aging since vitamin C promotes new collagen synthesis. Specifically, ascorbic acid serves as a cofactor for enzymes that are responsible for stabilizing and cross-linking the collagen molecules. 

According to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal clinical studies have shown that the topical use of ascorbic acid increases collagen production in both young and aged human skin. Once again, by increasing the amount of collagen in the skin, signs of aging will be diminished and the skin will appear more firm. 

If you didn’t think ascorbic acid could get any better, it can! In addition to protecting collagen and promoting new collagen synthesis, ascorbic acid can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and improve uneven skin tone. This is accomplished through inhibition of melanin synthesis. This is why La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum should help the skin to appear brighter with fewer dark spots and a more even skin tone. 

While vitamin C is a very beneficial ingredient that should be included in your routine, keep in mind that La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum may dry out your skin due to the denatured alcohol.

But our favorite Vitamin C serum is Carrot & Stick The Defence Serum. It contains 3 distinct types of Vitamin C that work together to help fight free radical damage. We recommend using it every morning.

Salicylic Acid
Another key ingredient in La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum is salicylic acid, a type of beta hydroxy acid that works by softening and dissolving keratin, a protein found in the skin that acts as a “glue” to keep cells together. This allows salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin and slough off dead skin cells.

Salicylic acid also has the ability to penetrate deep into pores, where it helps to loosen clogs and allows oil to flow out more freely. Thus, salicylic acid is known to break down blackheads and whiteheads.

Hyaluronic Acid
La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum also contains two forms of hyaluronic acid: sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. Sodium hyaluronate is the salt form of hyaluronic acid, a type of glycosaminoglycan (sugar molecule) that attracts moisture from the environment and draws that moisture into the skin’s upper layers.

In fact, hyaluronic acid has the ability to attract and hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Therefore, this ingredient can help to improve skin hydration while also giving the skin a plump, youthful look.

What is La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum?

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum is an anti-aging vitamin C face and neck serum that is said to leave skin more radiant, softer, and hydrated. It is also claimed to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles while promoting more even and refined skin texture and tone. The brand claims the key ingredients in this serum are 10% pure vitamin C, salicylic acid, and neurosensine. However, as you’ll learn in the next section, the brand uses a pretty high concentration of denatured alcohol in this serum, and the risks of this ingredient may outweigh the benefits of the other key ingredients.

How to Use La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum

After cleansing, fill the dropper with La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum and apply 3 to 4 drops on the face and neck in the morning (avoid the eye area). This serum can be used alone or under a moisturizer, and it is recommended to use La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum along with SPF protection.

Where is La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum Sold?

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum is sold on the brand’s website, as well as third party online retailers, such as,,, and more. Consumers can also find this brand in drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS, as well as beauty supply stores like Ulta. The brand has a store locator on their website so that you can find La Roche Posay skin care products near you.

What is The La Roche Posay Return Policy?

The La Roche Posay return policy states, “If for some reason you’re not happy with your order, you can return it in its original packaging with a receipt within 30 days and receive a full refund. Simply complete the Return Form attached to the bottom of your invoice with the information requested. Pack the item(s) to be returned, along with the Return Form, in the original package if possible. Orders are limited to 1 complimentary return label per order. We cannot process exchanges at this time.”

Is La Roche Posay Cruelty Free?

La Roche Posay is not cruelty free because La Roche Posay skin care products are sold in mainland China where animal testing is required by law.

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum Reviews

La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum reviews on the brand’s website are mostly positive, with the product receiving an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars after more than 500 customer reviews.

The positive reviews for this serum mention that it leaves the skin feeling soft and also helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots. For example, one review says, “This 10% pure vitamin c serum also contains salicylic acid that is gentle on the skin yet effective. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. Slightly thick in texture compared to others I have used, it is non sticky, absorbs beautifully and plays well with other products. My skin definitely looks brighter and is smoother in appearance. Excited to see how it looks and feels with continued use.”

However, there are a handful of negative reviews from customers who didn’t see any results after using this serum. For example, one review says, “I am so disappointed in this. It might be one of the most disappointing products I have ever tried. I have used La Roche Posay for over 10 years now and am a faithful user of their sunscreens. I was so excited to try this serum! Thinking it would be of the same standards that they use for their sunscreens and lotions. However after 3 months of using this I have seen close to zero results of brightening the skin. With most products I can usually see a little something. This was utterly useless. The serum itself is super thick and sticky, leaving my face feel like an orange sticky residue from an orange. The eye dropper is almost useless too because the serum is so thick that it hardly comes out of the dropper and just falls off of it. Don’t waste your money.”

What Are Some Alternatives to La Roche Posay Vitamin C Serum?

If you’re looking for skincare products to address the signs of aging, we recommend Carrot & Stick. Carrot & Stick maximizes the use of powerful ingredients and minimizes the use of superficial ones, resulting in advanced skincare solutions that help promote healthy, more youthful-looking skin. We recommend We recommend The Repair Serum.

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