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La Prairie: Company Overview

La Prairie is a European skin care brand owned by the German conglomerate Beiersdorf. The brand has its origins dating to the 1970’s, when the first products under this label were introduced to the skin care market. The company claims that its product formulations are very unique, because they are based on proprietary research conducted at the Clinique La Prairie (a spa resort) in the Swiss Alps. Today, the brand has grown significantly and offers moisturizers, face masks, serums, sun blocks, eye products, and much more. In fact, the La Prairie brand has become so widely recognized that it is now sold all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Russia, and South Africa, among others. However, because of the high price of many La Prairie products, consumers with a limited skin care budget are advised to have an in-depth consultation with their dermatologist or skin care professional.

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La Prairie Products

The company offers a wide range of products for a variety of skin care needs, and classifies its products according to skin conditions, product types, and even collections. Because of the price of these items and the wide product selection, it’s a good idea to speak with a specialist who is experienced with La Prairie products and can help you select the best one for your needs.

The La Prairie line of moisturizers offers nearly two dozen face creams for day and night time use. For example, the White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream is a specialized cream designed to hydrate the skin and reduce discoloration (like dark spots on the face). On the other hand, the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is a moisturizer that focuses on skin tightening by incorporating peptides into the formulation.

Both of these items are quite expensive, with the Caviar Cream costing $495 for 1.7 ounces, and the Cellular Cream priced at $720 for just one ounce.

Within the La Prairie serum collection, one product that stands out for many consumers is the Skin Caviar Liquid Lift. This is a small bottle of tiny beads that resemble caviar. The beads are scooped up into a small applicator and are then squeezed to release the serum. However, some consumers have complained that the process is inefficient as some of the product stays on the applicator. For an item that costs $525 for just 1.7 ounces, this La Prairie product can be a very pricey experiment for some consumers.

La Prairie Ingredients

The company currently offers a large number of products with a variety of different ingredients that are claimed to soothe, moisturize and repair the skin. However, the cornerstone chemicals within most formulations include ginseng root, horsetail extract, and glycoproteins.

Horsetail extract within La Prairie formulations is meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by strengthening the skin’s connective tissues. This extract is believed to achieve such improvements because it contains silica acids, which are chemical chains thought to be integral cellular structure resiliency.

The glycoproteins within La Prairie skin care products are believed to improve cell communication, and the ginseng root to regenerate skin cells and improve skin elasticity.

In addition to these cornerstone ingredients, La Prairie products are also claimed to contain gold, platinum and caviar. Although caviar may be able to improve skin health through its organic, nutrient-rich properties, it is still questionable whether the gold and platinum have any meaningful effects on skin health.

Although the content of these precious metals is very small in La Prairie products, the product prices are certainly affected by them, and the discerning consumer must ask themselves whether these metals are worth the cost. Sure, it may feel luxurious to spread tiny particles of gold and platinum on the skin, but if your skin care budget is limited…is the luxury worth the price?

La Prairie Reviews

When it comes to La Prairie reviews, many consumers are very happy with the product results and don’t dispute the effectiveness of the creams or serums. However, the vast majority of negative reviews focus on the price of the product. Though the reviewers don’t seem to have a problem with the actual ingredients in La Prairie products, for many, there is too much of a gap between the effectiveness of the items and the price.

Where to Buy La Prairie Products

Because La Prairie products can be very expensive for the average consumer, it’s important to locate an authorized distributor before making a purchase. With some items costing over $600 for less than two ounces, there is significant incentive for counterfeit product manufacturing.

Some of the authorized distributors include the La Prairie website and high-end skin care product distributors, like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdoff Goodman.





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  • Karen Katona 01.14.18 Reply

    I’ve never been able to afford this stuff, but I don’t hate that you can. I’m 63 and on a fixed income. I hope this product works great for you. Go in JOY!

  • Gail 08.18.17 Reply

    La Prairie is the most effective product I have used (I have very sensitive skin). Although it is quite expensive, a little bit goes a very long way; so, it evens out in the end.
    Rather than finding a new product, you might want to purchase from Bergdorf Goodman, in NYC. You would be able to speak to a representative on the telephone — they are very knowledgable, helpful, and gracious.

  • phyllis 07.26.17 Reply

    MY routine is skin wash to freshner day cream eye serum night cream. What products would you recommend in la cavier for a complete line for my routine? I am 76. I used Principal Secret 40 years. I want a change. I can afford it now. Thank you.

  • Pamela 05.20.17 Reply

    I rather put that money towards a MacBook Pro and continue to use my own creation of organic body Butter and and my anti aging cream that works wonders for a fraction of the cost. Any cosmetics or face creams on the market are guaranteed to have harmful chemicals for a longer shelf life. Do you homework.

  • Claudine 03.23.17 Reply

    La Prairie products are amazing but I have recently started using a their Anti Stress Anti ageing cream and have experienced extensive eye irritation . Has anyone else had a similar reaction on their eyes?

  • Yvette 03.09.17 Reply

    I stopped using La Prairie because of extreme allergic reactions. Talking to my cosmetician (who was selling the product to me) she recommended to change the brand and confirmed my suspicion that La Prairie is using a lot of aggressive chemical components. The price is on my opinion disproportionate high for what La Prairie offers. Now I use natural products with snail mucus extract and my skin is new born.

  • Peggy 02.23.17 Reply

    A long time user of La Prairie, I recently purchased from the website. I spent $625 for a pack of two products. After two weeks the one bottle ran dry. A product I have used for two years and usually takes an entire year to exhaust. I have been in touch with La Prairie by phone and by email for 3 weeks. La Prairie customer service continues to give me the “royal runaround”. It seems my case needs to be referred to “the Department”. A response was promised in 5 days. That was three weeks ago.

    The product works for me. I am so profoundly disappointed that this premier brand, which charges a fortune, has absolutely no customer service. I cannot get them to tell me anything. They just say a response has not come from “the Department”, and they will let me know when they have heard. How crazy that we should pay such exorbitant prices and not be served promptly and fairly when there is a problem.

    If I am thinking in error about the bottle I would only like to hear how I have misunderstood the bottle capacity. In fact, they will not respond except to say I have been referred and they are awaiting a response.

    Beware. When you order from the website customer service is non-existent. I have not ordered La Prairie from Amazon. In other instances, Amazon has been wonderful to me as a faithful user who has ordered many times. The few times I have had a problem they have responded quickly and fairly. Not sure what would happen if I ordered La Prairie from Amazon.

    I am now searching for other brands that compete with La Prairie in the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle department. They are out there and I will find them. At these prices, I want the cream to work, and also be assured the company will talk with me about any problems and work with me to find solutions. Can’t be spending this kind of cash with a Company that is shunning me and won’t talk to me.

    A shame. A real shame. And a shocking surprise.

  • Aesthetic sense 09.13.16 Reply

    Single mothers really have nothing to do with the effectiveness or lack thereof of La Prairie!! Get your forum straight,G and S! I have been using the caviar firming complex for 6 months along with the caviar eye complex serum. I like both as they have great texture and the serum definitely reduces eye puffiness, but haven’t noticed miraculous results.Also just tried the aa foundation which I think gives very pretty,light feeling coverage. All in all think it’s a good line albeit pricey.

  • Yara 08.10.16 Reply

    Amazing products… i have been using them for over 10 years and no one can guess my age… I am serious,..if La Prarie made food products, I will eat them 🙂

  • Chelsey 12.05.15 Reply

    I have been using the La Prairie day serum and night cream as part of my skin care regimen. I haven’t noticed that drastic a change in my skin, but I took some pictures a few weeks ago with my husband and my complexion does look smoother and more glowing in them. I also use vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid serum on my face. The lady at Neiman Marcus said that I don’t need a lot of products because I am still young. lol She didn’t know that I am almost 36. Well looks like my products are doing their job!

  • Tracy 09.10.15 Reply

    Hi, I am 49 and have been using La Prairie products for over 20 year and love them. I have sometimes run out and used alternative cheaper products, but I have to say I do not get the same results. I usually use the skin caviar range but recently tried the liquid lift and the power charge night, I loved them both and could feel and see the difference in one day with the power charge night. If you struggle like me to justify spending this much on skincare, try eBay. I buy many of my items through this mechanism and save a fortune. In the whole time I have been buying this way, I have only had one suspect item.

  • Mark 06.01.15 Reply

    LOVE La Prairie! I have the platinum rare eye cream and face cream. Also have the caviar luxe cream, eye cream, and night mask. Going to be getting the lifting cream and the night charge. It is all very expensive but i feel it is worth every penny.

    I am 42 and a male and I look years younger. 🙂

  • Margaret 05.11.15 Reply

    Hey all – Sherlyn is extremely insensitive in her phrasing, but people who use these products should not be guilted for it. If they should, where do you draw the line? I use Dior at 20% of the price, but I still think that is a luxury. Should I be using neutrogena and donating the difference to homeless or mothers in need? I have more shoes than I NEED (don’t have that many, but more than I need) – should I not have bought those shoes (of which probably only 1 was >$100) and rather donated $$? Because people make a certain choice in purchases does not mean that they have been ANY less philanthropic this year than someone who doesn’t buy expensive face cream. Please minimize judging of women – whether it be single moms or women who you feel spend too much on skin cream.

  • Linda 03.30.15 Reply

    Hi, I’m 43 and just started using the La Prairie Swiss ice face and ice cream. So far I love the set and see improvements in the skin. I don’t add the dry oil because I find it’s too much for my skin. It almost makes the cream too rich. Otherwise, it feels and smells nice and the results are good. Skin cream is my one luxury. I don’t buy expensive clothes, shoes or purses so this is my one treat that I refuse to feel guilty over.

  • Susan 09.27.14 Reply

    Hello, i’d like to say that i have found five parabens in the eye caviar serum alone, that is hardly thee exquiste ingredients one would expect to find in a so called top end cosmetic. parabens are cheap frankly! and irritants…..but! It is a nice serum, it hasnt made a difference to my skin yet (i am 41) give it a little time perhaps, ironically, it is calming to My eyes. I’d like to re-iterate that it is a load of old snobby balls to slag of other woman, its a disgrace! We all come from one world, and should benefit EQUALLY from all that is available, unfortunately, this isnt how it currently is, so what i do is this, (vulgarity alert) i buy my la prarie on tick (catalogue) from and i pay it off each month, they sell a small selection of la prarie but its enough to feel great along with the guerlain, helena rubinstien, and ysl cosmetics that i pay off, i am happy, and my hubbys happy, i feel great (for a poor lady) and i can have what the rich can have or so called ‘elite’ can have, any time i want, and i’m sensible and pay monthly, so poor ladies get it on tick, and stick two fingers up to the sloane ranger brigade. Susan, ballyholme, (a beautiful seaside haven) northern ireland.

  • ellememe 09.19.14 Reply

    I started using La Prairie and never looked back. This is the only skincare that left me breakouts free and delivered me from my years of birth control pill slavery. I could not believe it. La Prairie is expensive. I stick to a few products, after paying that much, I never think of skipping my routine and no other hype product would tempt me again. In the end, I spend so much less than when I was trying to find a miracle cure for my acne. The quantity needed makes my products last long.

    How much we spend on skincare or anything else is a very personal choice. Today, we are assessing the cosmetic effect of a cosmetic product, as used, as witnessed on others, nothing else. A cream does nothing else but work for your skin or not. How did this exchange degenerate into a discussion on social status?
    I am extremely disturbed by the comments on “single mothers’ responsibility”, on “helping a single mother instead”. They all are very much out of line.
    I am sorry that anyone had to feel offended in a discussion about cosmetic cream.

  • Helen 53 09.19.14 Reply

    To be more specific: I am 53 now and my skin is oily esp. in the summer. I always put on make up 12hours a day. I used to wear Longevity Serum and Anti-age Emulsion SPF 30 in the morning and Intervention cream in the evening. Also Anti-age eye cream. I have used samples from Radiance and Caviar-great results. The foundation is perfect and lasts more than six months, if used daily. Finally the suncream is perfect and lasts more than 4 months. I can’t afford them now so I’ll only buy the Emulsion as a gift to myself.

  • Helen 53 09.18.14 Reply

    I have always had skin problems (acne) which made me extremely cautious about what I use. I have tried several brands (Estee, Lancome, Lancaster, Guerlain,…). La prairie is truly the best. Costly but extremely effective – if you can afford it. But remember to use Cleansing and Moisturising masks twice a week (any brand) and night cream (La Prairie) as well. Remove make-up every evening and get lots of sleep. Drink lots of water. One cream is never enough. Dry skin needs all that. Oily skin may do only with the masks, sunscreen and a great night cream for oily skin. Taking care of yourself is a way of living. It doesn’t mean I care less for other issues but I love looking the best I can.

  • Sherrie McKean 07.26.14 Reply

    Price list for the products also samples please.

  • Nelly 06.10.14 Reply

    I Totally agree with you. La Prairie products are absolutely good but way too high.

    I had some facial discolorations due to an after effect of chicken pox attack and some dark circles due to some bad cream i used afterwards. la prairie white skin cavier and the eye serum worked wonders after using my 50ml for 2 and half months majorly on my face though.
    I was advised to try the serum and the anti blemish control when i went back to the shops 2 weeks ago, i have started using them and hope to get value for for my emptied pocket.

    i may show my before and after pictures if they pay me to advertise it…lol

  • jackie 05.22.14 Reply

    I was given a small sample of power charge night. I noticed a big difference in two days, my face just looked younger. I was 58 at the time. I bought the cream, was shocked at the price 480.00 but it lasted 6 months so I feel it was a bargain and I just bought my second bottle. My skin looks young.. I had no wrinkles to start but it changed the texture. I tried all of the other brands and this one I like the best. The smell is beautiful too

  • Molly 05.17.14 Reply

    Decided to research La Prairie after hearing such wonderful reviews and found this site. Really didn’t learn much academically about the product, but didn’t know wearing La Prairie had to came with an attitude. While I’ll continue my search for information, I would like to simply state, some of you obviously have enough money to buy the product, but your money can’t buy you class. If you’re going to make derogatory remarks about one’s socioeconomic state, please make sure to use spell check and use the correct form of the word as well (their as opposed to there). You women are too old to be acting like this. Your status could be taken away tomorrow by a beautiful woman who wears Revlon! It happens all the time.

  • Lenusik 04.25.14 Reply

    Just to say that i’ve been using La Prairie creams for the last 8 years. Eye creams i never change and people would never guess my age. They are expensive but last very long time (you don’t have to smear your face in them – vica versa). The truth is that some creams from their range are not suitable for my skin. like Marine range and i don’t like the smell:-). I tried to use Olay creams for about a year for the face only – nothing to write home about but yes they are more affordable. Please go with the choise that is comfortable for you and don’t be harsh on other people – we all have different levels of financial stability and it’s entirely our choice. Thank you and stay beatiful!!!

  • monika 04.11.14 Reply

    Sherlyn your comments made me pissed! I really wish your bitch attitude pays back one day!
    >>>take responsibility for your own life single mothers – such a stupid comment!

    Happy people don’t need $300 face cream to complete them!

  • Meleth 03.01.14 Reply

    My first product, some treatment for lips and eyes in a little box did what no other lip balms and eye creams have ever done.
    My second product, a hand cream did what no other hand creams have ever done.
    I’m definitely going to spend more money on products from la prairie.
    I find these products well worth the money.

  • Cristina 02.13.14 Reply

    Hi, I bought today the anti wrinkle firming sierum la prairie. Now, I have a question: is the sierum colored? Is it normal?

  • M 02.05.14 Reply

    I just shared an elevator w/ a woman in her eighties holding a small Bloomingdales bag & we’ve chit-chatted previously & I knew her former husband had developed this NY high-rise. She told me she just picked up her La Ptrairie skin care supplies. Ladies, she looks STUNNING, elegant, and au naturel. She can pass for mid-50s. I realize spending in the five figures is a lot to squander but I think I can start w/ a few items, then work myself to Platinum! Not wasting my time on Olay Regenerist. I have been faithful to Shiseido, but I’m en route to La Praire tout de suite!

  • Sherlyn 01.21.14 Reply

    I totally agree with you ……. take responsibility for your own life single mothers

  • FormosaHoney 01.20.14 Reply

    I find your comment over-simplistic and indicative of a cloistered and priveledged life. I thnk spending $200 to $400 on a face-cream is a uber luxury and a status indicator as well but it is just that – a luxury spend.

    Your comment though is just out of hand. Single mothers for the most do not choose to be, they are more often then that actors of circumstances gone awray.

    You do not deserve the extra $$$ you have to spend on luxury if that is your attitude.

  • Sherlyn 01.18.14 Reply

    well I would say if you are a single mother and put life in this world take care of responsibility and don’t question on what people spend there money. We are all responsible for our own actions and decisions. Point!

  • Christine 01.10.14 Reply

    I have been using La Prairie for more than 15 years, in the mean time tried several times to stop because of the high prices. However, couldn’t find anything as good as La Prairie products. I’m still the loyal customer from La Prairie. As long as you can/would like to afford it, and found it satisfied, why not? The products are not miracle, won’t change you in two weeks. I love La Prairie!

  • Patricia 01.08.14 Reply

    I have been a user of La Prairie for over twenty years,when I could no longer afford the products I went to a cheaper brand.My face never looked the as healthy as with the La prairie.One I realized how much I was paying for the cheaper product I was shocked.I spent six hundred dollars on La prairie and that will last be a whole year,and my face will look much better.The products from Lapraire are very generous and only requires a small amount of product in the mornings and in the evening. This product is worth every cent .

  • Hfenno 01.03.14 Reply

    I just bought the la prairie caviar night mask. My sisters and I have tried for two nights ( saleswoman says results are seen after the first night). We didn’t see any differences. I returned the product after 30 min of frustration of trying to find someone. The saleswoman, after hearing my frustration and aspiration , helped but was rude!!! I will not come back to Neiman Marcus at the Domain in Austin .

  • Nadine 12.29.13 Reply

    Now women have to work until their late sixties and looking old is not always a look that will keep them in the working force, and since plastic surgery is not an option, creams are a blessing. I sympathize with single mothers, but their choices put them in their difficult situation not mother nature…

  • Christopher M 11.15.13 Reply

    When I see La Prairie testers at a duty free shop, I go to town. I put the eye cream on my hands and elbows. More than any other counter, when staff see you at La Prairie they give you the eye and ask if you need help. Honey, they can help me understand why it’s so expensive. You have to scope it out from Lancome or Shiseido, and then make a strategic strike for the Skin Caviar Luxe!

  • ETan 10.25.13 Reply

    Since everyone’s skin may not be the same, La Prairie I believe may not be suitable for some. However, I have been using La Prairie for many years ( 9/10 ) and I’m very pleased with the result. The Caviar Luxe Cream and their Day eye cream with SPF 15 are good enough. I don’t even use a toner. I honestly feel that you don’t need La Prairie unless you are over 40. It might be a little too rich unless you have very dry skin.

  • Alyssa 09.26.13 Reply

    I have now been using La Prairie for 4 weeks and I am disappointed with my skin. I see no difference in my skin whatsoever and it even feels dried than before. I wish I could get a refund because these products are very costly.

  • Sarah 09.11.13 Reply

    I love the la praire cellular skin care range. It feels like you are giving your skin oxygen each time you use it. Expensive but if you pay a few hundred for a facial these products equate to a few dollars each time you use it. la praire is a luxury product and it makes me feel a million dollars every time I apply it.

  • Gillian 08.14.13 Reply

    Gosh. I saw the price of La Praire from the airport duty free store. I wonder how expensive La Praire is at Bloomindales. Whoa. This is crazy. How can people afford to pay so much for a cream? Help a single mother out instead. You will feel more rewarded ahha.

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