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IT Cosmetics is the innovative, anti-aging beauty brand that seems to have appeared overnight, taking the beauty world by storm. Carefully developed combining the expertise of plastic surgeons, advanced cosmetic science, and innovative anti-aging technology, IT Cosmetics designs skincare and makeup that helps to truly transform the appearance of your skin. From the popular IT Cosmetics CC Cream, the IT Cosmetics eye cream, to the IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce, this is a brand that has taken a unique approach to skincare and cosmetic science. Founded by a news-anchor turned beauty entrepreneur, IT Cosmetics is the brand that understands real women’s skin care needs because behind it is a real woman, simply searching for truly effective cosmetics. Whether it’s rosacea or dry skin, dark circles or signs of age, IT Cosmetics is the cosmetic brand that wants to help you look and feel your best.

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The Woman Behind the IT Cosmetics Brand

IT Cosmetics (which stands for Innovative Technology) was founded in 2008 by Jamie Kern Lima, a then TV news anchor dealing with two common but frustrating skin conditions: rosacea and hyperpigmentation. After spending many years and a great deal of money on makeup to cover her skin, she decided to create skin care products that actually provided solutions to her most pressing concerns. Using her background in reporting and research, she developed partnerships with plastic surgeons and sourced the most effective ingredients to launch the IT Cosmetics that quickly rose to success.

And we do mean quick. After spending two years perfecting the IT Cosmetics premiere formulations, Jamie Kern Lima showcased her anti-aging IT Cosmetics products on QVC. Leaning on her years of on-camera expertise and a live application of IT Cosmetics, she sold out in just a few minutes. That appearance spearheaded the IT Cosmetics rise to fame in the beauty space landing spots in major beauty retailers, gaining a loyal customer base of IT Girls, and making waves in social media spaces. For IT Cosmetics co-founder Jamie Kern Lima, makeup should do more than cover; it should solve your needs and help you to feel beautiful. And that’s exactly what IT Cosmetics has been doing since its launch.

The Complete History of IT Cosmetics

It’s been less than decade since IT Cosmetics launched and its trajectory from small beauty brand to cosmetics empire is nothing short than admirable. Let’s take a look at the highlights of IT Cosmetics from its modest beginnings to its place amongst the beauty industry elite today.

IT Cosmetics was officially created in 2008 by Jamie and her husband. Like many independent beauty brands, IT Cosmetics started in the founder’s apartment as they worked tirelessly alongside skincare experts, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons to create skincare products that doubled as makeup. The premise for IT Cosmetics was simple. The brand was to be focused squarely on anti-aging skincare and full coverage makeup.

Over the next two years, the premier IT Cosmetics products were formulated. The initial IT Cosmetics product that was launched was an innovative face palette that was that contour and highlight palette before those were a thing. By 2010, when IT Cosmetics made its QVC debut the brand had launched a few more innovative skincare products but it was the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation that was demoed to show its ability in covering dark undereye circles that propelled the brand to immediate success.

The next five years were ones of huge growth for IT Cosmetics as it grew from on-air success to retail. After a few declines, IT Cosmetics eventually made its way into major beauty retailers like Ulta and Sephora but it wasn’t until their game changing IT Cosmetics CC Cream launch that really put IT Cosmetics on the map in the retail space. The brand’s continued success led to the eventual sale and acquisition of IT Cosmetics by mega global corporation, L’Oreal, in 2016 for 1.2 billion dollars.

The IT Cosmetics You Should Try

Today, the IT Cosmetics portfolio consists of over 200 cruelty-free products that aim to treat, cover, conceal, and correct skin. And within that extensive lineup are a few star products that keep the beauty industry and IT Cosmetics fans excited. Let’s take a look at the newest, the best, and the must-have IT Cosmetics products customers can’t get enough of.

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce

If you’ve kept your ear to the beauty scene, you’d know that IT Cosmetics recently launched an anti-aging moisturizer that all the beauty editors are raving about. IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce is a daily moisturizer that is designed to intensely hydrate your skin, transforming it into a healthy, radiant delight. The IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce is home to one of the brand’s most innovative formulations including a proprietary fermented complex that works to help skin absorb the moisturizer’s ingredients and lock moisture into the skin. The IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce is also packed with a number of other beneficial skin ingredients including peptides which help stimulate collagen production, hyaluronic acid which is an intensive moisturizer, collagen boosting vitamin C, and licorice root which helps to even the complexion and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. And that’s not all. The secret ingredient within the IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce is a blend of proprietary illuminating drops and diamond powder to help give skin a youthful, radiant glow.

MUST HAVE: IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, the IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream may just be your best friend. This IT Cosmetics eye cream is designed to brighten tired, exhausted eyes, repair damaged skin around the eyes, and transform their appearance by diminishing the signs of age. The IT Cosmetics eye cream is home to yet another innovative formulation that is packed with proprietary blends like its Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate which works to strengthen, firm, and smooth mature skin. The IT Cosmetics eye cream is also packed with ingredients like ceramides which help to make the skin feel smoother, licorice root to help even the complexion, and antioxidant rich avocado to protect skin from environmental free radicals, and squalane to help smooth and revitalize the skin. The IT Cosmetics Confidence eye cream also contains illuminating drops and apricot tint to neutralize discolorations and collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product was developed in conjunction with the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream.

BEST SELLER: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

After countless new product releases and a host of upgrades, the best selling IT Cosmetics product to this day is still the IT Cosmetics CC cream. This award winning IT Cosmetics cc cream is designed to conceal, color correct, hydrate, and protect, all in one multi-tasking formulation. Inside you’ll find a combination of vitamins like A, B, C, and E that work to smooth skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and shrink pores. You’ll also find hydrating hyaluronic acid, peptides to stimulate collagen production and antioxidants to help protect the skin along with broad spectrum SPF 50 to combat that harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The IT Cosmetics CC cream is available in a newly extended shade range that includes seven options for light to dark skin tones.

IT Cosmetics Reviews

Though it might be easy to quickly credit IT Cosmetics success back to that QVC appearance that ignited the brand’s name, the true success story lies in the quality and effectiveness of their innovative anti-aging products. Throughout the IT Cosmetics portfolio are countless raving IT Cosmetics reviews that applaud the brand’s transformative effects on the skin. Common IT Cosmetics reviews on its skincare products note dramatic improvements in the appearance and texture of the skin while IT Cosmetics reviews of its makeup products celebrate their full coverage and effortless application. Many IT Cosmetics reviews appreciate the brand for being true to its claims and providing skin and makeup products that work just as they say they do. And any less than favorable IT Cosmetics reviews are typically focused on the lack of shades in their color cosmetics, which the brand has been working on correcting.

IT Cosmetics is also home to a number of seriously impressive clinical IT Cosmetics reviews with noteworthy results. During a small independent study over the course of 10 days, the clinical IT Cosmetics reviews concluded that 96% of people who used IT Cosmetics products had softer skin, 85% experienced diminished appearance of wrinkles, and 77% saw a reduction in the size of pores. Clinical IT Cosmetics reviews like this can be found throughout the IT Cosmetics products line highlighting the brand’s effectiveness and quality.

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  • Jean Merino 03.03.18 Reply

    I am from PR I change all my products to it costmetics and my face change automatically I a week. I have problems of pores and black spots and this is an amazing product.

  • Daisy 02.02.18 Reply

    I have been using IT cosmetics concealer and super hero mascara forever and they are the BEST products in their category. I can’t wait to try the CC+ Cream and the rest of their line!

  • Roxann 01.15.18 Reply

    I am new to IT Cosmetics, having jumped on the bandwagon only a month ago. But it didn’t take me long to realize the huge difference it was making to my skin. I’m 64 years old, enjoy wearing a full-face of cosmetics from base to eyeliner & friends are noticing the difference! I actually get compliments on how good my make-up looks! Go figure!!!! Having been a Bare Minerals devotee for years, I have now replaced all of my skin care products & cosmetics with those in the IT line. I put it on in the the morning & it looks perfect until I take it off at night. I’ve never had a waterproof eyeliner that was really waterproof! And it’s a soft pencil! And the eyebrow pencil is awesome. I use the Confidence in a Compact & my dark rosacia becomes invisible. If you’re undecided or just curious, I highly recommend going to the QVC website & watching the presentations available for each product. Watching the transformations is what sold me. I guess I’m now an IT Girl!!!!! For the 1st time ever, I enjoy putting on my face. It’s no longer a chore & being a professional, I have to look good. Thank you IT for giving me that confidence!

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