Geologie Skincare Reviews: A Review of The 6 Best Geologie Skincare Products



For many years, the majority of men have only cared about a handful of personal care products: a good shaving cream, decent shampoo, and a deodorant that works. 

Recently, more and more men are starting to become interested in taking care of their skin, whether it’s clearing acne, preventing signs of aging, or reducing the look of dark, puffy eyes. 

But no two men are the same, and neither are their skincare needs. And that was the inspiration behind Geologie, a line of men’s skincare products founded by Nick Allen and Dave Skaff – friends and innovators with a shared vision to create the very best skincare experience for men. 

Geologie not only offers a complete line of skincare products, they also encourage you to start with their diagnostic quiz so that their team of dermatologists can design a regimen just for you.

In this Geologie Skincare review, we’ll give you all the details on this brand and their products, including the key ingredients and the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use in skincare. 

Plus, like all of our reviews here at The Derm Review, we’ll share snippets of Geologie Skincare reviews from real customers so that you can see what they really think of these products.

How Does Geologie Skincare Work?

Getting started with Geologie is simple: you start by filling out the brand’s diagnostic quiz, which asks you questions about your skin concerns, skin type, current skincare routine, and more. You also have the option to submit a photo in order to help the team personalize your regimen.

After submitting your answers, you just have to wait a few moments as your responses are analyzed. Then, you’ll be presented with the regimen that’s recommended for you based on your skin type and your goals. 

After purchasing the regimen, that’s it! Your products will be mailed to your home and you can try them risk free for 30 days. 

What Are The Top 6 Best Geologie Skincare Products?

At the time of writing this review, Geologie Skincare offers four categories of products: cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, and sun protection. 

If you’re a skincare newbie and don’t know the difference between salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid, it’s probably best to start out with the brand’s diagnostic quiz so the experts can help you out.

But if you just want to know the best Geologie skincare products, keep reading for our breakdown of the top 6:


Geologie Exfoliating Cleanser

You’ve likely heard over and over again that exfoliating is the key to clear skin, but perhaps you’re wondering what ingredients are best to exfoliate without drying or stripping your skin. 

Some products include physical exfoliants — like crushed walnut shells and apricot seed powder — to buff away dead skin cells. However, most skin care experts recommend using chemical exfoliants, such as the beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) salicylic acid. 

Salicylic acid is the star ingredient in Geologie Exfoliating Cleanser. It works by exfoliating the pore lining, which loosens clogged dirt and oil. It also has the ability to dissolve keratin, the protein that acts as a “glue” to keep dead skin cells together in the stratum corneum. This is effective because dead skin cells can build up on the surface of your skin, leaving it looking dull and also possibly clogging pores. 

And like most cleansers, this formula includes surfactants as key ingredients, such as cocamidopropyl betaine and coco-glucoside. 

A surfactant molecule contains one end that is hydrophilic (attracted to water) and one end that is lipophilic (attracted to oil). This allows surfactants to attract and suspend oils, dirt, and other impurities that have accumulated on the skin and wash them away, leaving the skin clean. 

Bottom Line: This Geologie cleanser exfoliates skin with the help of salicylic acid, and clears away excess oil and grime thanks to surfactants. 


Geologie Active Recovery Hydro-Gel Moisturizer

This Geologie moisturizer has a silky smooth, super lightweight texture that feels great after application — never heavy or greasy. 

The formula contains some of our favorite skincare ingredients, including 3% niacinamide, 2% squalane, 1% hyaluronic acid, and 0.05% allantoin. 

Niacinamide is a true multi-tasker and has been shown to repair the skin barrier and improve skin moisture, as well as reduce inflammation, blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, acne, and wrinkling, according to a publication in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

Squalane ​​is super-light, non-greasy, and sinks into the skin fast, yet it helps the skin to instantly feel soft and moisturized.

Hyaluronic acid is like a moisture-magnet, drawing moisture into the skin and holding it there so that skin stays hydrated. 

Allantoin is a very gentle and effective moisturizing ingredient. Allantoin is also a keratolytic, which means it has the ability to smooth skin through exfoliation of the top layer of dead skin cells.

Bottom Line: The Active Recovery Hydro-Gel Moisturizer is a well-rounded formula with key ingredients like niacinamide, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin to hydrate, soothe, and brighten the skin. 


Geologie Retinol Night Cream

The Geologie Retinol Night Cream is available in three strengths: 0.05%, 0.2%, and 0.3%. 

If you’ve never used retinol before, it’s best to start with the 0.05% strength and work your way up in order to prevent side effects like dryness and peeling. 

But don’t let those side effects scare you away from using a retinol cream, because this superstar ingredient offers a ton of benefits. 

After being absorbed by the skin, retinol is converted to its active form, retinoic acid. Retinoic acid works deep within the skin where it boosts collagen synthesis, increases elasticity, and repairs connective tissue, thereby reducing signs of aging (like fine lines and wrinkles)

Retinol also increases cellular turnover, which helps to prevent clogged pores, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, and promotes smoother, healthier skin.

Plus, the brand does a great job of including soothing and hydrating ingredients in this cream to help prevent dryness and irritation, such as niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. 

Bottom Line: Geologie Retinol Night Cream doesn’t just address fine lines and wrinkles, it also targets large pores, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne. 


Geologie Dark & Puffy Under Eye Cream

On those mornings when coffee just isn’t cutting it, this Geologie Eye Cream may be able to wake up tired-looking eyes.

The rich eye cream delivers a blend of kojic acid, peptides, antioxidants, caffeine, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

Kojic acid helps to brighten the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase, a key enzyme involved in the synthesis of melanin, the pigment that gives skin color.

Caffeine is commonly used in eye care products because of its ability to stimulate circulation, thereby firming skin while also reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Lastly, the peptides in this eye cream help to firm skin by stimulating new collagen production, while niacinamide brightens the under eye area and hyaluronic acid increases skin hydration. 

Bottom Line: Geologie Dark & Puffy Under Eye Cream is packed with ingredients to hydrate, depuff, and firm the skin around the eyes. 


Geologie Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Cream

This Geologie Eye Cream combines two of the best anti-aging skin care ingredients — retinol and peptides — into one formulation.

You already know about the benefits of retinol, so let’s discuss the benefits of the peptides in this eye cream. 

One of the peptides is Argireline, also known as acetyl hexapeptide-8. It works by limiting the ability of neurotransmitters to activate movement in your facial muscles, for example, when forming facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. By inhibiting the nerves that cause facial muscles to contract, subtle facial expressions are limited and wrinkles are subsequently reduced.

Plus, we love that the eye cream includes skin-softening emollients like shea butter and coconut oil, as well as hydrating ingredients like coconut alkanes and glycerin. 

Bottom Line: Retinol and peptides are used in this rich eye cream to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Geologie Broad-Spectrum Face Sunscreen SPF 30

You may know that wearing sunscreen daily is one of the best things you can do to prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots, but finding a good sunscreen can be challenging. 

Some sunscreens may clog your pores and cause breakouts, while others leave a greasy mess on your face. And don’t even get us started on the sunscreens that leave you looking like a ghost due to the white cast!

If this predicament sounds all too familiar, this Geologie sunscreen may be a good option for you. It’s super lightweight, oil-free, fragrance-free, invisible on the skin, and mattifying. 

And, most importantly, it provides broad spectrum SPF 30 with a combination of mineral and chemical sunscreens to provide maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

Bottom Line: A lightweight sunscreen that provides broad spectrum SPF 30 protection without leaving a greasy residue or white cast. 

What Are The Key Ingredients in Geologie Skincare Products?

Rather than including trendy ingredients, Geologie focuses on using ingredients that are actually clinically-proven to work, such as: 

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Kojic Acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Peptides
  • Retinol
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

All of these ingredients have research to support their benefits when applied to the skin. 

The brand combines these ingredients with plenty of soothing botanicals, such as aloe vera and squalane, as well as safe synthetics, such as silicones and humectants. 

How Much Do Geologie Skincare Products Cost?

Geologie Skincare products are mid-range in terms of cost; they aren’t cheap but they are ridiculously expensive. For example, the Geologie Retinol Night Cream costs $55 USD for 50 ml (1.69 oz) while the Active Recovery Hydro-Gel Moisturizer costs $45 USD for 75 ml (2.54 oz).

Where to Buy Geologie Skincare Products?

Geologie Skincare Products are sold on the brand’s website, as well as on Amazon. 

What is The Geologie Skincare Return Policy?

The Geologie Skincare return policy states:

“If you’re not happy with your 30-day trial set within 14 days of receiving it, just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you taken care of. We may require that your unused product be returned to us in order for a refund to be processed.”

“On 90-day subscription regimens and one-time purchase orders, we offer returns for a refund within the first 14 days of receiving the package, minus return shipping costs. The product must be unused, the package preferably unopened and returned using a return label generated through our self-service returns platform.”

Is Geologie Skincare Cruelty Free?

Yes, Geologie Skincare is cruelty free. 

Is Geologie Skincare Vegan?

Yes, Geologie Skincare is vegan (the products contain no animal by-products).  

Geologie Skincare Reviews

Geologie Skincare reviews on the brand’s website are overall very positive. The product with the most reviews is the Geologie Exfoliating Cleanser, which has earned an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars after more than 1,000 customer reviews. 

The positive Geologie reviews for the Exfoliating Cleanser mention that it feels nice on the skin, it’s easy to use, and it leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. 

For example, one review says, “The face cleanser is nice and light. A little goes a long way and leaves my face feeling clean and fresh.”

Another review says, “It’s a very nice and easy-to-use cleanser with a pretty toned-down scent of lavender. I used to rinse and cleanse my face only in the afternoon, but I really like the fresh touch of this exfoliating cleanser in the morning before putting on the morning cream.”

However, there are a handful of negative reviews for the Geologie Exfoliating Cleanser. Some of these reviews are from customers who experienced side effects like skin dryness and irritation. And quite a few reviews mention that the packaging of this cleanser is very poor. 

For example, one review says, “I originally had left a high review because I actually like these products but until they fix the packaging they are actually unusable. There’s a defect with the face wash bottle, actually all bottles but only if you get them wet, where when water gets into the pump it rusts and creates a brown liquid squirting out everywhere and eventually just becomes unusable.”

Another negative review says, “I have combination skin and it dried my face out a lot. Like to the point of mass peeling. I had to stop using it, and my skin was better than ever.”

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that Geologie Skincare products are formulated well, and this is a brand we’d recommend for men who are looking for simple and effective skincare products. 


  • Formulas include evidenced-based ingredients (i.e. niacinamide, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, retinol, etc.)
  • Geologie Skincare is cruelty free
  • Many positive Geologie Skincare reviews


  • Some Geologie Skincare reviews mention defects in the packaging

What Are Some Alternatives to Geologie Skincare Products?

If you’re looking for skincare products to address the signs of aging, one brand we recommend is Formulyst. Formulyst maximizes the use of powerful ingredients and minimizes the use of superficial ones, resulting in clinically advanced skin care solutions that help promote healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

One example is Formulyst Ideal State Moisturizer, a nourishing face cream that’s formulated to address the vulnerabilities of mature skin. Powerful complexes containing peptides, vitamin A and ceramides help skin look firmer and tighter, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Neptune kelp, hemp seed oil, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and vitamin E provide hydration at a deep level. Reishi mushroom, ginseng extract, kakadu plum extract and gotu kola contribute adaptogenic and antioxidant properties that help combat environmental stress and promote a brighter, more even-looking complexion.

Another brand that balances the power of plants with cutting edge science is Carrot & Stick. Not only is Carrot & Stick good for your skin, it is also good for the environment as the formulas skip harmful chemicals commonly found in skincare products.

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Carrot & Stick

Carrot & Stick takes a tough love approach to skincare. What does this mean? It perfectly balances the power of plants with innovative science, offering the best of both worlds. Read More


The philosophy of Formulyst is long-term and effective skincare, rather than covering up any imperfections. The comprehensive line of products tackles everything from wrinkles to dark spots and dry skin. While some brands rely on unnecessary fillers and scents, Formulyst focuses on ingredients that help create results, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Read More

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