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FarmHouse Fresh is an interesting skin care brand that was founded exactly as it name suggests. By crafting skin care products that are as fresh as if their ingredients were grown on a farm—which some of them are! FarmHouse Fresh is a natural based skincare brand grown from a farmhouse in the United States that proudly uses 99.6% natural based ingredients in their healthy, fresh, skin care products.

All About Farmhouse Fresh

Being such an interesting brand, even for the green beauty space, the story behind FarmHouse Fresh is one to hear. Like many small, indie brands, FarmHouse Fresh was created with one flagship product that went on to become the cornerstone of a full line of skin care products. Just over 10 years ago, FarmHouse Fresh launched an exfoliation trio with sea salt as the main ingredient. This exfoliation system was developed by FarmHouse Fresh founder Shannon McLinden to heal cracked heels. It was that one simple product that launched FarmHouse Fresh to almost instant success after it snagged a coveted feature on Oprah’s O-List. That achievement was just one of many with FarmHouse Fresh products scoring numerous nods from esteemed publications like Elle, Southern Living Magazine, and Redbook.

So aside from the fact that FarmHouse Fresh literally uses farm fresh ingredients, there are many things that make this brand so unique. FarmHouse Fresh princes itself on being a USA made product that specially crafts each and every one of its growing skin care line. Their message of farm life and freshness goes beyond their skin care products as evidenced by just a quick tour around their site. You’ll see that FarmHouse Fresh is dedicated to their farm and all the animals that live there.

Popular FarmHouse Fresh Products

So what about the products? Well, FarmHouse Fresh has an extensive collection of face, body, bath and fragrance products. At FarmHouse Fresh you can enjoy exfoliators, oils, lotions, creams, moisturizers, cleansers, soaks, scrubs, perfumes, candles, and more. With a product line this extensive, there a few products that stand out above the rest.

FarmHouse Fresh Body Oils: Some of the most popular FarmHouse Fresh products are the FarmHouse Fresh body oils. There are currently six kinds of FarmHouse Fresh body oils including Agave Nectar, Citrus Cilantro, Quinsyberry Botanical, Honey-Magnolia, Clementine, and Red Hot. All wonderful in their own right, we’ll just take a deeper look at one to get an idea of how the FarmHouse Fresh body oils work.

The FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar body oil, in particular, is the perfect oil to moisturize the skin after a shower. With a unique formulation, this body oil works to lock moisture into the skin helping to keep skin looking more youthful and radiant. The FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar body oil also contains a number of select anti-aging ingredients including sandalwood and barley to aid in the with helping the skin fight the signs of age. This particular FarmHouse Fresh body oil has a light oat scent, but each has a different scent so you’ll be sure to find one that you love. Each FarmHouse Fresh body oil contains a blend of oils that works to hydrate the skin without leaving behind the greasy feel that many others tend to do. You’ll find that in all of the FarmHouse Fresh body oils is 99.6% natural formulation that is paraben and sulfate free. To get the best results from a FarmHouse Fresh body oil, it’s best to either drop in bath water or apply directly after your shower.

FarmHouse Fresh Body Lotions: Another popular FarmHouse Fresh product is the FarmHouse Fresh lotions. There are four types of FarmHouse Fresh lotion in the scents Backcountry Caramel, Citrine Beach, Fresh Melon, Ginger Sorbet, and Sweet Cream. Like the FarmHouse Fresh body oils, each scent is wonderful depending on your personal preferences. We’ll dig a little deeper into the FarmHouse Fresh Sweet Cream because it’s the original formulation. The FarmHouse Fresh Sweet Cream is a nourishing and calming lotion that works to soothe and hydrated irritated skin. Inside this FarmHouse Fresh lotion, you’ll find a gentle but powerful formulation that includes skin benefitting ingredients like aloe, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. The FarmHouse Fresh Sweet Cream lotion is free of parabens, sulfates, GMO’s, and synthetic pesticides making it one of FarmHouse Fresh dedicated organic products.




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  • Anne Asher Original review: Aug 18, 2023. Reply

    I started using Farmhouse Fresh a few months ago, and I just love all the products.
    I have notice my skin shine. I am 61 years old, and I am in Love with the Farmhouse-Fresh skin line. I use the Three milk lotion and Timescape 2 minute face police. My favorite service that the company does is send out new products each time I purchase any products. These products bring me joy!!!

  • Jan Original review: Mar 26, 2023. Reply

    Way to expensive for the ordinary person

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