Dermalactives Review



Dermalactives is a luxury anti-aging skin care brand that claims their products “are revolutionary because they are the only anti-aging treatments that actually deliver protein rich collagen and elastin to all layers of the skin without using a needle.” The brand does not provide any scientific evidence to support this claim. In addition, Dermalactives does not provide any information on who discovered this technology or who even started the brand. In this Dermalactives review, we’ll discuss key products, key formulation details, Dermalactives reviews from real customers, and an alternative for you to consider. 

Key products

Dermalactives skin care products are divided into five unique collections: Premium Skin Care Collection, Illuminating Gold Fusion Set, Eye Lifting Set, Collagen Set, and Thermal X. Each collection contains between two and six different products. Dermalactives also offers body care products and a men’s skin care line. In this section, we’ll discuss three of the most popular Dermalactives skin care products: Illuminating Gold Fusion Mask, Purifying Day Cream, and Eye Lifting Solution.

The Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask is said to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and help regulate sun and age spots, while firming and illuminating the skin with a beautiful glow. After application, this mask is recommended to be left on for 5 to 10 minutes. The product comes with a “magnetic extractor” that removes the mask with a magnet, leaving only a golden layer. After the mask is completely removed, allow the skin to absorb remaining hydration. The brand recommends cleansing your face after using the Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask. Those with sensitive skin and/or acne should not use this product. 

Dermalactives Purifying Day Cream is an anti-aging facial cream that is said to penetrate deep into the skin in order to restore hydration while also protecting against daily environmental damage. 

Dermalactives  Eye Lifting Solution was specifically developed to treat the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. This treatment is claimed to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness, brighten and smooth the skin, and fight dryness. 

Key formulation

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the main ingredients that are used in each of the Dermalactives key products mentioned above. 

As the name implies, Illuminating 24K Gold Fusion Mask features gold as the key ingredient. Gold not only imparts a feeling of luxury to this mask, but also provides several skin benefits. For instance, gold has been shown to stimulate blood circulation, enhance the absorption of other active ingredients, and improve the firmness and elasticity of skin. The mask also contains several emollients to keep the skin soft and smooth, such as coconut oil, lanolin, candelilla wax, and beeswax. According to Dermalactives, this mask contains a special polymer that enables molecules to be transported through the skin’s deepest layers, rebuilding and nourishing the lower dermal layers in a natural way.

The formulation of Dermalactives Purifying Day Cream is pretty basic. It contains standard skin care ingredients that are found in many other (much cheaper) face creams. Some of these ingredients include glycerin, jojoba seed oil, dimethicone (a type of silicone), squalane, allantoin, aloe vera leaf juice, and vitamin C. Of course, these are all beneficial ingredients, but they aren’t exactly unique when it comes to face creams. 

One problem with the Purifying Day Cream is that the formula contains collagen and elastin. We know what you might be thinking: Aren’t collagen and elastin what keep my skin looking youthful? The answer is yes, collagen helps to maintain strong, firm skin while elastin helps the skin to “bounce back” after stretching. However, topical skin care products that contain these ingredients will not restore collagen and elastin levels in your skin. This is because collagen and elastin are large, complex proteins that aren’t absorbed by the skin. Ultimately, this means that topically applied collagen and elastin will not make your skin more firm or elastic. Rather, these proteins will sit on top of the skin and provide moisturization, but that’s about it. Dermalactives claims they have breakthrough cosmetic technology that involves using a polymer to transport molecules, like collagen and elastin, into the deep layers of skin. However, the brand does not provide any scientific evidence that this technology actually works. 

Interestingly, Dermalactives Eye Lifting Solution features hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed elastin as key ingredients. Hydrolyzed means that the proteins have been broken down into their amino acids, which allows these ingredients to better penetrate the skin. In contrast to the Purifying Day Cream, the Eye Lifting Solution may be able to provide anti-aging benefits since hydrolyzed collagen and elastin can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. Dermalactives Eye Lifting Solution also includes soothing ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice and cucumber fruit extract, as well as antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. 

Dermalactives Reviews

Dermalactives reviews on The Derm Review below were are nearly all  either 1-star or 5-star, the most useful stated: “I agree with all the negative comments here about Dermalactives. I’m 53 years old and I fell for their scam in a Santa Fe, NM store. I was asked about all the beauty treatments I normally get, and how much I pay for them. I’m embarrassed and humiliated to say that I fell for all their lies, and walked out of there with an entire bag of products, including other brands i had never heard of, about 11 boxes, and paid $6K. it took a few weeks to realize what a scam that was, because the products don’t work, I don’t notice any difference. and worse yet, they burn my skin and I break out into hives. I’m not sure what’s really in these products but I prefer more natural legitimate brands. Of course by that time, it was too late to return. My salesperson was supposed to get in touch with me to give me “personal consultations”, and of course, he never did. I am a fool, and let my vanity get the best of me, and fell for all of their lies, and literally wasted thousands of dollars i could’ve used for legitimate best treatments. this was the most expensive lesson I’ve had to learn. Buyer, beware. Please, please, do not fall for the Dermalactives scam!”



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  • helppp Original review: Oct 29, 2023. Reply

    I dont know what to do, cause me and my dad went to the mall for my birthday. And this mall kiosk guy for this brand started talking to us for 15 minutes and my dad ended up spending 97$ on this crap! And the guy said it would be 60…? I don’t believe the tax could’ve been that much. No way.

    By the way I’m 13! But the guy was so annoying and I said I didn’t want a sample but of course I did it anyway. I’m sad seeing these bad reviews and my dad was that gullible.

  • Carmen Original review: May 21, 2023. Reply

    I agree with all the negative comments here about Dermalactives. I’m 53 years old and I fell for their scam in a Santa Fe, NM store. I was asked about all the beauty treatments I normally get, and how much I pay for them. I’m embarrassed and humiliated to say that I fell for all their lies, and walked out of there with an entire bag of products, including other brands i had never heard of, about 11 boxes, and paid $6K. it took a few weeks to realize what a scam that was, because the products don’t work, I don’t notice any difference. and worse yet, they burn my skin and I break out into hives. I’m not sure what’s really in these products but I prefer more natural legitimate brands. Of course by that time, it was too late to return. My salesperson was supposed to get in touch with me to give me “personal consultations”, and of course, he never did. I am a fool, and let my vanity get the best of me, and fell for all of their lies, and literally wasted thousands of dollars i could’ve used for legitimate best treatments. this was the most expensive lesson I’ve had to learn. Buyer, beware. Please, please, do not fall for the Dermalactives scam!

  • Adam Murphy Original review: Jan 27, 2022. Reply

    The store in the ogden utah mall that sells dermalactives scammed and cons their customers. They pulled us in with a free sampled and then took $700.
    They ran our card for what was supposed to be $100 but ended up being $700. They would not refund us with the brand new product still in there hands. We did not want the product at all. This has apparently happened to dozens of people at this spot. They intimated and used scare tactics to force a purchase. This store must be reviewed or close.

  • Teresa Original review: Nov 10, 2021. Reply

    I am so thankful I did not buy any of this product from the home show after reading these reviews & this article. Had it been priced more reasonable, I may have purchased but they tried to sell me box kit of 2 different facial cream & activator with a red light wand for the low price of $5,000. Yep, you read it correctly. 5k!!! Sales person even showed me the website that has the regular price listed for $9k. That was my clue to walk away & glad I did. ?

  • Teresa Original review: Nov 10, 2021. Reply

    Now that is how it should be conducted & at a reasonable price. Planning another visit to Katy in the spring so I will have to go to the mall this time. Thanks for the tip. ?

  • christine Original review: Sep 06, 2021. Reply

    So far I love each product I’ve purchased. I’ve been using their product for 3 weeks and very happy with the results. the sales ppl at the mall were very nice,and I’ve already returned to purchase more to which they gave me such great deals. I truly recommend this product.

  • Darlene Savoie Original review: Jul 09, 2021. Reply

    I bought the entire line up spent over $600 in the deerbrook mall few years ago . I the advanced non surgical collagen solution thing looks like a syringe. How did appointing when the tube was empty. The people were no longer in the mall. I paid $250 for that. So be careful of the products they could be empty or half used instead of new products

  • Lynn Original review: May 05, 2021. Reply

    I NEVER buy into things like this and especially from a home show…but I should’ve stood by history and ran from this shady sales pitch. Hundreds later, I’m completely dissatisfied as nothing works as I was told and I’m having a reaction to the daily moisture cream. If this was a legit company, they would respond to contacts and reading these reviews, guess I won’t hear back from them either. For what it’s worth, I’m going to contact the expo center where this was purchased and let them know of the unethical people they are including.

  • Marie Rockoff Original review: Nov 29, 2020. Reply

    I purchased the Advance Non-Surgical Collagen Solution last January at the Barrett-Jackson auto show in Scottsdale, AZ. I was told the effectiveness of this product would last for about 7 days after using it for 7 days in a row. The product reduced the puffiness under my eyes for about 6 hours and there was no difference after 7 days use in a row. I contacted the representative that sold me the product and he sent 1 tube of another product, Celestolite, cosmic wrinkle plumper that was supposed to be stronger and worked on reducing the puffiness under my eyes. It looked exactly like the original product I purchased and didn’t work any differently. When I tried to call him again I received a voicemail box and no calls back. I tried to contact the Dermalactives number on the online receipt. This receipt you get after you’ve gotten home. It reads “We value your business. By signing here I acknowledge that I am aware of the company return policy, which is No Refunds. Exchange only within 14 days of purchase.” The representatives selling the product don’t tell you the return policy. I called the number and left message after message and never received a call back. Also the email that is on the receipt is no good. I would never recommend any Dermalactives products. Their sales representatives can’t be trusted, they are not a reputable company and they have absolutely NO Customer Service. They gladly take your money and then leave you with no recourse or help if their product is unsatifactory.

  • Joan Smith Original review: Dec 20, 2019. Reply

    Agree Diane. I didn’t spend that much as very skeptical, and rightfully so! HARD sell. Worst product I ever bought!! Don’t fall for these expensive worthless products. I tried to replace a product, which was promised, to no avail.

  • Diane B Original review: Dec 01, 2019. Reply

    I was shopping in the mall and this guy would just now leave me alone kept telling me to try this and try this so I tried it. I don’t want this I’m over 60 and all of a sudden I’m up thousands of dollars. He just kept selling and selling the and I told him I had to keep shopping and before you know what I’m out thousands of dollars. I don’t have that money can someone help me how to get this back how to take it back how to stop this and get my money back
    I’m so embarrassed and humiliated that I was taken and I’m afraid that when my kids find out they’re gonna start thinking I can’t handle my money anymore. I just want my money back The sales person was very nice buddy he knew what to say and how to speak to make me feel better.

  • Jay Original review: Sep 20, 2019. Reply

    I am happy with my purchase of dermalactive products. I got the facial peel, salt scrub, and body lotion all for $65. The saleswoman I dealt with was very nice and wasn’t aggressive at all. She tested each product on my skin and showed me everything I was purchasing on her computer screen. I had a great experience (Katy Mills Mall, Katy Tx)

  • DarleneCorey Original review: Aug 13, 2019. Reply

    I would like more information on when and the sequence of using the various products–no information on the container. Would also like information on the IVORY to read, The presentation by Sisy was very good but I would just like additional info
    to review on hand.

  • Diane Original review: Mar 11, 2019. Reply

    Did they ever reach out to you? This product burned my skin and I am wondering if I need to go to their store and stand outside and tell people about this product.

  • Dina Original review: Mar 01, 2019. Reply

    Believe the reviews warning that this company is a high priced scam! Aggressive salespeople who hide the total cost of the products while selling them to senior citizens at Home Show Expos. The Saleperson uses a tiny Square receipt attached to their cellphone that is too hard too read. They aggressively market to senior citizens.

  • Sharon Fraser Original review: Feb 18, 2019. Reply

    I purchased the 60 second lifting cream and serum for approx $50 each and the advanced collagen solution for $45 on Ozsale. Felt a difference (tightening as indicated I should) immediately and thought I noticed a difference BUT the constant remarks on how young I look and how good my skin looks is … amazing. Not for one minute suggesting I’d ever pay the amount of dollars these products usually retail for but I’m a very happy customer … best $15o spent !!!!!

  • Sue Original review: Feb 13, 2019. Reply

    Some people won’t like to hear this but…I like the Dermalactive system I bought. It is just like what I tried at the demonstration. It takes a minute to figure out how to access the serum. Fortunately, I had no allergic reaction. Love the hair styling “hot comb” device as well. It took a while to get proficient with it but now I’ve thrown my old curling iron away! I liked the staff as I spent a lot of time asking questions. Did I spend too much? Probably. Am I upset? No. I expected little and was pleasantly surprised.

  • Lindy Original review: Feb 11, 2019. Reply

    I purchased these products at the SEA gift show in early FEB.

    I got home and started to get a sinking feeling in my gut, ‘Ive been duped”. What started it is that the product did not feel the same when I put it on at home. I’m thinking it has been watered down ……..

    It would have been so easy to step away from the booth and research the product. When I got home I did look up the company and then found it listed for sale on Amazon so I thought it was legit.

    I suggest you take the time to research anything before you buy! It would have been SO easy.

  • Sherry Nau Original review: Jan 15, 2019. Reply

    The sales person is great – after 3 minutes i “Looked so much younger”, and “what a difference”. It is all lies. My experience is like others – I was given a sample, and lead into the store, then sold a bunch of product I should never have bought. I completely regret it… and there are no returns!!! The products are totally over-priced, and I did not see any difference. Beware – everyone is correct… it is a scam !!!

  • Taffie Dolson Original review: Dec 09, 2018. Reply

    Horrible! My husband got me this! I don’t use this brand. No refunds. Great products stand behind th their product. It’s a scam. They gave him 3 of the same products. Tough! No refunds!

  • Leanne Roe Original review: Oct 27, 2018. Reply

    To follow up on my previous review, I tried to return the Dermalactives product within the very short 14 days trial period. But they never called me back or responded in any way. Furthermore, when I tried to contact the Dermalactives representative who sold me the product, her email address did not work. What a surprise!

    Furthermore, within a few days of trying the product, one morning I had a severe physical reaction that I had never experienced before. It came on extremely suddenly. All of a sudden I felt faint, nauseous, I had to get to the bathroom quick, and then I felt a sudden wave of sweat pour out of my entire body. Afterwards, I was very weak.

    This is the type of response the body does when it is trying to rid itself of toxic substances. The only reason I can think of this happening is because of Dermalactives.

    I believe it is very dangerous. It does not do what it is supposed to do. It damages the skin. And by placing the Dermalactives product in the tender, delicate areas around the eye, it allows toxic substances to more readily enter the body.

    There is no way this is a reputable company. It is a very dangerous scam. If you’ve bought the product, throw it away fast.

  • L. Roe Original review: Oct 14, 2018. Reply

    I purchased the Dermalactives box with Advanced non-Surgical Collagen Solution and Hydro Silk Moisturizer. I also purchased a Dermalactives box with Purifying Triple Power Collagen Moisturizer.

    Unfortunately, it is not going too well. The Advanced non-Surgical Collagen Solution does “reduce the appearance of fine lines, expression lines, and wrinkles in a matter of minutes”, as the box states. The problem is, it expands the tender, delicate skin under the eye, in order to spread out the wrinkle or hide the wrinkles. This is what makes the wrinkles disappear. But then later, when the skin goes back into place, the tender, delicate skin ends up having considerably more wrinkles than before. It is like taking a delicate rubber band, expanding it and then letting it come back into its unexpanded state. It becomes stretched out and ends up thinner than before. This is not a good situation. This product is damaging.

    I cannot use a product that is harmful and actually does the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

    This is a very bad, damaging product.

    On the back of the Dermalactives box it lists itself as being based in Beverly Hills. But the online receipt I received lists their address as 9110 W TROPICANA AVE, LAS VEGAS, NV 89147.

    Furthermore, the online receipt (which you do cannot see until you get home) reads, “We value your business. By signing here I acknowledge that I am aware of the company return policy, which is No Refunds. Exchange only within 14 days of purchase.”

    This company seems very shady to me. Dermalactives is a company to avoid. I wish I had.

  • Paula Freeman Original review: Sep 08, 2018. Reply

    I love this stuff! I’ve always had combo skin, and troubles finding a cream that would help with that. I put this on every night after washing my face, and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

  • Marie Grimaldo Original review: Sep 08, 2018. Reply

    I never know when to leave 4 or 5 stars on something as I don’t take the time to leave feedback very often. However, I will say that after over a month of using this product, I came back to leave feedback, and I will continue to order it as I personally feel it deserves 5 stars because of what it does for me.

  • Sophia Jones Original review: Aug 28, 2018. Reply

    I have been using this product for a little over a month now and my skin seems to really like it. It has evened out my skin tone and moisturizes very well.

  • Blanche Robertson Original review: Aug 24, 2018. Reply

    Been using this for over a year now and I love it. Its magical. Does not provide heavy coverage because it’s not really make-up, its skin care. I wear it over my moisturizer and then I give my face a light dusting of face powder and a quick atomize of mineral spray to fix the powder. My skin looks great all the time.

  • Betty Guidry Original review: Aug 24, 2018. Reply

    Great product!!! Covers very well and is truly universal: my daughters and I have medium to light to very light skin tones and we all three use it. I love that it has sunscreen. We wear it with or without make up.

  • Emely Sanders Original review: Aug 16, 2018. Reply

    This product is so reasonably priced, I can’t believe it. Works great for overnight freshening and relaxing those deep wrinkles.Will always have it in my cabinet.

  • Shirley Arrington Original review: Aug 14, 2018. Reply

    I have tried many creams claiming to reduce wrinkles and improve the condition of the face. This is by far the best. Does what is says it will.

  • lorenza davis Original review: Aug 14, 2018. Reply

    I have tried other products but keep coming back to this one. I like that it goes directly into the skin and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel.

  • Betsy Francis Original review: Aug 12, 2018. Reply

    I have tried many creams claiming to reduce wrinkles and improve the condition of the face. This is by far the best. Does what is says it will.

  • Renae Taylor Original review: Aug 10, 2018. Reply

    I have used this product for over a year now. It has made my skin feel smooth and fresh. It has improved the overall beauty health of my skin.

  • Alice Couch Original review: Aug 10, 2018. Reply

    This stuff is amazing! Seeing more and more results everyday. The only downside is you can tell when you forget to put it on, it’s like your face craves it! But hey…. bye bye fine lines and wrinkles! Loving it!

  • Ellen Rainday Original review: Aug 07, 2018. Reply

    For me. this is the most moisturizing, wrinkle reducing item I have tried, and I have tried a lot,
    Great product, and overall a very good line of products by Dermalactives. Highly recommend this.

  • Alyson Martinez Original review: Aug 07, 2018. Reply

    This really works. It absorbs instantly, improves skin tone, minimizes wrinkles and lasts better than any other moisturizer and anti-wrinkle application i ever tried at any price. It is phenomenal, easy too apply, and is not at all greasy. Using it for a few days, the effects are readily visible and remarkable.

  • Martha Hernandez Original review: Aug 02, 2018. Reply

    I really love this product it actually works. My husband uses it as well. It’s not as expensive as other face products I’ve purchased in the past. I love the way it leaves my face.

  • Darlene Deady Original review: Aug 02, 2018. Reply

    A great product that moistens and hydrates your skin. The order, the shipment, and deliverance of the product was quick and efficient. Thanks for a great product.

  • Grace Evans Original review: Aug 01, 2018. Reply

    I would recommend to anyone. I love this cream. Tried others but always went back to Dermalactives. I actually noticed some of my age spots disappearing. Try it you won’t be sorry.

  • Helen Vierra Original review: Aug 01, 2018. Reply

    I see a big difference in my face. My daughter commented on how great my eyes look and my husband told me I am beautiful without makeup.

  • Jean Harrison Original review: Jul 28, 2018. Reply

    Great product! I have been using this cream for over a year and am very happy! It has significantly reduced the wrinkles on my face. I get compliments all the time about how young I look! Will never be without it!

  • Lori Original review: Jul 27, 2018. Reply

    I bought a set and absolutely love the advanced non-surgical solution for my under eye bags. Yes, it is expensive, but totally worth it – at least that product. It literally shrinks my bags to make my skin look smooth. Never had anything work like that.

  • Kendra Stewart Original review: Jul 26, 2018. Reply

    I like it a lot. I am 73 and it makes my face look much better so imagine what it would do for someone younger.

  • Garnet Lewis Original review: Jul 26, 2018. Reply

    I had very uneven skin. I had a dark patch on each cheek. With in 1 month the patches were faded and after 2 months they were gone.

  • Elda Bolton Original review: Jul 24, 2018. Reply

    My skin feels smooth and has a nice fresh look! Not greasy, I wear it am and pm. Love it!

  • Dana Velez Original review: Jul 24, 2018. Reply

    I have droopy eyelids and this makes them go away. My skin looks firmer and my wrinkles less noticeable. This product works for me.

  • Candice Williams Original review: Jul 14, 2018. Reply

    Great cream, keeps my face moisturized all day without the greasy feeling. Excellent as make up base. Fine lines have dissapeared and my skin always shows a healthy glow. Great product!!!!

  • Lisa Loring Original review: Jul 14, 2018. Reply

    Great product. Really see a difference in fine lines and elasticity. Skin appears brighter.

  • gideon shafrir Original review: Jun 20, 2018. Reply

    My girlfriend just got home and told me she got $4500 worth of products for “ONLY $800” told her she was special and were going to give her discounts from their own personal points… i right away looked online for reviews and wow just as i suspected. Really hope this stuff doesn’t do anything bad for her skin.

  • MK Original review: May 15, 2018. Reply

    Run don’t walk as fast as you can when you pass the Dermalactives Kiosks (there are several of them) at The Woodlands Mall, Woodlands Texas.
    Excerpts from my complaint form submitted to Dermalactives Corporate office.

    I was stopped by one of the persons working at a Dermalactives Kiosk at Woodlands Mall in Woodlands, Texas.
    Tagel was her name and she applied and demonstrated Non-Surgical Collagen solution under my right eye and the puffiness and bags went away. I purchased eye lifting solution and eye cream which I thought was what she applied on my eye. Once I was home I tried the products and they didn’t work as they did at the kiosk. I attempted to return the items the next day and she wasn’t there.
    Omer and Adar were there, and they mentioned that Tagel sold me a maintenance product rather than what she applied at the Kiosk. They applied Non-Surgical Collagen again and it worked and removed the puffiness and bags. They also applied Gold Fusion Mask and Lifting Face serum to my neck and it appeared to look better. They really had a hard sell technique and offered 2 boxes of Non-Surgical Collagen. 1 box of eye cream and 1 Lifting Face serum box for free if I purchased Gold Fusion Mask for $1000.00.
    I liked the results and purchased these items but no exchange for eye lifting solution they sold me in error.

    Once I was home my wife said my neck seemed to look better and wanted to try out the mask solution. The next day I applied the Gold Mask Fusion plus Lifting Face serum exactly as per the instruction sheet and no noticeable change occurred, basically nothing happened at all.

    Then I applied Non-Surgical Collagen under my eyes exactly as per instruction sheet and no change occurred as happened at the Kiosk. I realized then we must have been sold different type solutions than what they were applying at the Kiosk.

    I was very dissatisfied with all the products that were practically forced on me and attempted to return them for a refund. Omer told me that we were sold exactly what they applied on me at the Kiosk, I asked why they didn’t work at home and he said they should have. I told him how dissatisfied I was with all the products and wanted a refund. He said he couldn’t refund but could exchange the products for others he had there, I said that wouldn’t do any good as they wouldn’t work for me and my wife. He said he had to talk to his manager about the possibility of a refund, he called and said there was no answer. I asked for his manager’s number and name, but Omer said he couldn’t share that information. I asked when the manager would be available and he said he didn’t know and never knew when he would come by to see them. It seemed weird that they would allow returns of open products and exchange for others, but wouldn’t accept returns for refunds due to them being opened and used. This doesn’t make any sense.

    I knew right then there was a scam going on. That was the same excuse others had experienced on your customer review page.

    Jessica I would think your company wouldn’t appreciate having third party distributors giving it a bad name and reputation. I need for him to make this right and issue a refund, if not I will dispute the 2 charges with my bank.

  • Jacklyn Original review: Apr 30, 2018. Reply

    I purchased three of these products for $275.00 the eye cream, moisterizer and mask! I ended up using the moisturizer! Bought it in February, I will have to say for me it’s been amazing! I’m 62; I’ve had acne all my life
    “No chocolate for me, ☹️Seriously! This product has over time eliminated my acne! Flattened out my wrinkles
    And I have a mole on my cheek and that’s now smaller!! It’s been a journey as my face broke out worse before it got better but my pores have gotten smaller, big time! I use the eye syringe on deep lines between my brow and on my ckeek near my mouth and nose! This product works over time! It also lightens dark spots!
    If your going to buy this product start with the moisturizer and just insist on paying no more than $80.00 or walk away! It’s defantly worth that for me! Anyone that isn’t happy with this product send it my way! I am searching on eBay as I’m sure by July I will need a new bottle! For me, it’s been awesome!

  • Carol Tingey Original review: Apr 10, 2018. Reply

    Barbara I have had the same experience with this product. I have more in my sink then on my face, I don’t like the product either. Terrible sales person too. I have never been high pressure to buy anything like this, I was not prepared for this, and ended up spending a lot of money.

  • Ashley Original review: Feb 24, 2018. Reply

    I was shopping at the rogue valley mall in medford oregon and a very nice energetic man came up to me and was sooo excited to show me the products. I normally would never purchas anything like this ever…but my mission was for skin care wich was so ironic that i ended up being approched but the results were astonishingly instant my tattoos popped like they were brand new again and my skin feals so so very soft and clean and ohhh my goodness my eyes it was nuts they looked fabulous no dark circles or puffiness then he showed me the online price for just the eye serum i was like yea no way lol so then he he started discountiing 50% off and threw in almost every product available for 375.00 i was not gonna do it but my son said mom its your birthday you never do anything for yourself so just do it so I did and im glad I did in my oppinion it is like giving to a charity because the workers have family to feed to just like us and thats there job but its cool to get a little something to at the same time as helping them out working on comission is no joke and my salesman was awesome he was super nice to anyone who had a bad incounter just forgive them like god would and move on if it ain’t for you it ain’t for you but you don’t have to ruin a great product over a bad sales person everyone has a bad day at some point to those of you who can afford it think of it as helping them out while helping yourself out….god bless!!

  • Simon Original review: Feb 12, 2018. Reply

    Just bought some from a lady in the woodlands in Houston l. Great saleswoman, I could smell the bulllshit early on , said she owned the company then 5 mins later forgot her patter and said she gets the product at 50% off haha! I didn’t have the heart to correct her slip as she’d worked so hard on the sale , I let her enjoy the moment. That said the product did what I wanted it to do and does feel great which is why I purchased. Reviews in general seem good for the stuff but you’d be mad to buy at full price , get a few things thrown in for free.

  • Anna Original review: Feb 04, 2018. Reply

    Salesman broght peel down to $49 after I wouldn’t agree to high price. I purchased one at $49, but something didn’t seem right. Guy held on to my card too long. As soon as I left, I checked my account and sure enough my card was charged twice. I immediately went back and complained, and they assured me it was a mistake. I called my bank right there and then to report and shut down card. I told them I wasn’t leaving till they reversed charge and I would return product. They would not accept return, but did eventually reverse the second charge.I like the product very much, but will look for another product. Their sale tactics are very shady.

  • Susan J Original review: Feb 01, 2018. Reply

    I never sought out the product. Rather the salesperson approached me in a Texas mall, saying ‘come here, have a seat, and let me give you a gift’, and then proceeded to ‘sell’ me on their products. They would demonstrate a product, and then talked about the gifts they could give me with that product and how it was a “special discount just for me”. As soon as I said no, I didn’t need it, they would demonstrate and apply a different product. Standing over me, telling me to wait while a product sample dried so I could see the results, and then they would move onto another product. I felt trapped in the chair between the two of them.

    At the time I made the purchase (totaling $2273.25), I felt pressured to buy and was emotionally assaulted by the salespeople. They kept switching items saying and encouraging me to add items to my purchase. Emotionally intimidated, I left with a purchase I didn’t need and didn’t want. At no time did anyone tell me the products couldn’t be returned, nor was there any sign visible to me stating that.

    I went back the next day and was met not with understanding but rather with pressure to exchange the goods for even more products.
    The salespersons with whom I spoke with insisted there was no one at that location who could authorize a return and their policy was to never refund money.
    I spoke with the manager who also refused to allow me to return the items and get a refund.
    When I called the office in California I was informed that this was not something you would handle. Further stating that any purchase made outside of their website is considered a “third party”.

    The point isn’t whether or not the product works but that their business practices are deplorable.

  • Linda Original review: Feb 01, 2018. Reply

    My husband got took and bought 1,150.00 at the Woodland Mall in Texas, this does not work, receipt said not refund for 30 days, we better get a refund , this is a scam, we will be going to credit card to disput this charge

  • Jean Bradford Original review: Oct 31, 2017. Reply

    I just had the eye lifting solutions and something else tried on me and in about two hours I had burning redness and itching to my face. I hadn’t even left the conference building and tried to return the stuff but he wouldn’t let me. Told me to go home and use it after I had washed my face. Why would I put something on my face again that caused that reaction?
    And I really believe it is smoke and mirrors like some others have said.

  • Mabel Martinez Original review: Oct 06, 2017. Reply

    Yep! Another one that got sucked into the products at a Vegas Kiosk. I like the products and find them to make a difference on my skin, but the pricing and way they approach you to sell them has much to be said for. I realized after I was talked into buy $500.00 (but as they told me worth ($1700.00), that these kiosk and sellers are in every corner, mall and kiosk in Vegas, but all have a different name and logo. Most personnel is from Israel and bash each other out. In particular, when I told them I had already purchased from one kiosk, the so called owner of the store at the Bellagio said it was a ‘scam.’ Really? …then he tried to show me the same product with a different name and logo on it. Be aware! I think you can find just as good, if not better locally in the US and NOT from a kiosk or tourist venue. What ever you do if you are walking in the mall and lure you to sit down in a chair – DO NOT!

  • Vicki Copas Original review: Sep 01, 2017. Reply

    I got sucked into $100 worth of product down from 500$.. All I was doing was exchanging a bra with my daughter and the guy sucked me in.. I left pissed at myself because I could have spread that $100 on much more! Their sales tactics are good. He got some 17 year old guy after he got me.. I like the product. Hate the price.. There has to be something more affordable out there. I am so scared I am going to have an allergic reaction to it.. so I will see what happens…

  • Joanne Original review: Jul 30, 2017. Reply

    We were in Vegas recently and my husband and I both tried the stuff that will reduce puffiness under the eyes. The difference was incredible and instant. We said we wanted to think about it first. She offered us a discount, but we were in a hurry to meet people so we left. Our friends couldn’t believe the difference, so I did go back but it was closed. The next day however underneath the eyes were sagging, puffy and very itchy. This lasted for three days. This didn’t happen to my husband. A ccouple days later, we were again approached from a different location and I showed him my eyes, he said he had hypoallergenic products now. Just wondering about this. Anyone else experience this

  • Rose Original review: May 11, 2017. Reply

    Run! Don’t walk away! I was a fool. I got sucked into buying 400 dollars worth of product (3) that started out as being 1200.00. Hello! Warning sign! I only wanted 1 product but was pushed into getting all 3 at a kiosk in California for a “special discount, just for me.” Kudos to the sales girl she got me on one of those “day dreaming” walk through the mall days. Afterwards, I allowed myself to be ushered into a “spa” that had this “very important manager/owner” who would give me a consultation if “he had time for me.” Where the magic of a face lift could be mine in 3 products for 5,000.00. Two hours later and he’s negotiating 5,000.00 worth of product down to 600.00. Again, warning bells! This time I didn’t fall for it because I was already feeling buyers remorse over the 400.00 I just purchased. I left feeling drained and ugly. The “honesty” he dished out was brutal. A 38 year old man telling a 47 yr old woman she looks to be in her 50’s is a bit harsh even on the best of days! It all felt scripted by both the sales lady and the “manager.” Frankly, it was one one most bizarre experiences of my life. The product I purchase seems fine but I was told to use them only once a week and this again sends warning bells! Regardless, 400.00 for 3 products is ridiculous and frivolous. I keep thinking I could have given that money to any number of charities. I actually just feel ashamed. Don’t get sucked in like I did. Go buy lunch for your coworkers, feed the homeless, save some dogs, go to Disneyland with your family. This was a waste…

  • Gina Original review: Apr 11, 2017. Reply

    I got sucked in by a nice guy named Ryan-got the eye serum for puffy eyes and face peel. But then he shuffled me off to a weird guy named Luis-supposed big wig in skin care-NOT! Narcissistic and had a weird looking suit on. Has no certification in any skin care profession. Ridiculous! Was rude to me when I declined his “deal”. Ruined my entire impression of the company-terrible sales tactics. Young man Luis has no idea how many contacts and friends I have who can afford that crap-I’ll be sure to warn them all!! Good luck Dermalactives-your EQ sucks and so do you!!

  • Barbara Original review: Apr 03, 2017. Reply

    Purchased Dermalactives eye cream and Advanced Collagen Solution from a very high pressure salesperson in Las Vegas. The eye cream pump dispenser either does not work or spits out a huge glob at once which is a such a waste. Have constant trouble with it.
    I feel as though my undereye wrinkles have actually worsened with the use of these very expensive products. Never again will I allow myself to be sucked into something like this. I’ve learned my lesson.

  • Karen W Original review: Jan 29, 2017. Reply

    RUN don’t walk away from these sales people. They all have the same script. Scammers!!! They make you feel old and wrinkly. I was just in Vegas and had them giving out free samples every few feet. Aggressive and sometimes very rude. One guy came up to me and asked me how long I have has sinus problems. If you read the ingredients on all the sample packets you will notice the first ingredient is aqua (water) and they all have alcohol and chemicals you can’t pronounce. No thanks, I got samples with 5 different names on the label. The are all alike! Stick with your drug store brand and save your money. On there spare time they sell time shares and swamp land!

  • Jean Original review: Jan 17, 2017. Reply

    My friend got sucked into Skin 415 in San Francisco. It was like being at a smoke and mirrors timeshare presentation. Guy told us his product was worth 40K but today, for you, 5K! He treated his sweet assistant like shit, and asked us if we would be promotors for him. He needed five. He told us he only asked the beautiful ladies, not the ugly ones. Who is he to decide that? I could not wait to get out of there! I considered taking the product back, but didn’t want the hassle from this weasel!!!!!

  • Dana Original review: Dec 05, 2016. Reply

    Was pressured into a sales at a kiosk in a mall. Woman took my credit card and then rang up three products, not just the one I agreed to. When I demanded a refund, I was told that they could not do refunds until a manager was present. This was a later date at 11 in the morning when I could not be there. I ended up spending more then 350$ worth of product I didn’t want. Worst experience ever.

  • John Stewart Original review: Oct 23, 2016. Reply

    I was in Las Vegas walking through fashion show mall. I was stopped by a very aggressive sales lady who convinced me to try the eye lifting stuff. I am skeptical by nature but the results she showed me were amazing. She asked for $540 for eye cream and eye serum. I literally jumped out of my seat. She then proceeded to give me a discount or more gifted but by that time I already locked up and was not open to any further negotiation. As I was walking by I noticed the results again, her boss was around and he promised to give me a great deal. I needed up paying half of the asked price and got the scrub for free. Amazing how their sales tactics work. If I didn’t walk away I would have paid $100 more and got less value for my money.

  • Linda Nilson Original review: Sep 28, 2016. Reply

    Hi there, my name is Linda Nilson and i’m 40 years old. I recently used a Dermalactives product Age defying serum by chance. My skin has some wrinkles on my face and I was worried about them, but not sure what might be proper product to treat them. I went to a mall and see there were some sale representatives showing cosmetic anti aging products. I talked to them about anything effective for wrinkles. They told me about many products with different benefits. All products were same company named dermalactives. But I was not much impressed as I know these tactics, anyhow i took risk and bought it age defying serum. After using it I got a good experience. I sooner feel my skin more glowing and younger. I would highly recommend this product

  • Linda Nilson Original review: Sep 28, 2016. Reply

    Hi there, my name is Linda Nilson and i’m 40 years old. I recently used a Dermalactives product Age defying serum by chance. My skin has some wrinkles on my face and I was worried about them, but not sure what might be proper product to treat them. I went to a mall and see there were some sale representatives showing cosmetic anti aging products. I talked to them about anything effective for wrinkles. They told me about many products with different benefits. All products were same company named dermalactives. But I was not much impressed as I know these tactics, anyhow i took risk and bought it age defying serum. After using it I got a good experience. I sooner feel my skin more glowing and younger. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Kelly Leon Original review: Oct 01, 2015. Reply

    the product’s are just fine finally after all this years that I used Channel I am very happy I was in the mall and a guy named
    Ron he was very kind and nice the personal service that he gave me was impressive .
    showed me the eye and face stuff and a mask I bought for a 1000 a 2 year supply.
    very recommended.

  • Lea Original review: Aug 21, 2015. Reply

    While I was in Las Vegas, I too got sucked into a Kiosk. The female representative first placed the lotion on my hand and began to rub it in, to show me how it works. Then she quickly got a male representative to take over and she disappeared. It was amazing to me that hours later, I noticed my ring missing. No one else had contact with my hand my entire time in Las Vegas.

  • Sakamel Original review: Aug 15, 2015. Reply

    The product works pretty well, especially the body scrub, the body butter, the facial peel and the thermal set. I tried them at fashion show and they made a huge difference that I could feel. BUT the price is way too much at least for my small budget. I had to sacrifice some of my gambling money to get the thermal set and the sales person gave me the scrub, the butter and the facial peel free. He also gave me 50% off from the web prices which are ridiculous to say the least. Moral of the story: ask for discounts at the kiosk and they will give them to you.

  • Steven Original review: May 13, 2015. Reply

    MY wife recently returned from a trip to Vegas, where she encountered Justin, a sales rep for Dermalactives. She was lured in by his sales pitch, and she did purchase the Dermalactives product. However, Justin’s business ethics leave a LOT to be desired. He wasn’t pushy, but he did tell her that he was “in love with her”, wanter her to divorce me and go with him to Jerusalem. I find these tactics HIGLY offensive and insulting. If this is how Justin chooses to do business, than I recommend that he find another line of work and Dermalactives needs to dismiss him as a representative. She did receive a LOT of free product because Justin wanted her to marry him. :-/ To the tune of $8,000 worth (plus another product that was not in the Dermalactives line).,

    Beware of Justin, who has a kiosk (or the spa) at the Stratosphere in Vegas.

    I’m sure that Dermalactives is a good product (if not expensive), but for a company rep to hit on a customer is just WRONG.

    BTW, I did not accompany my wife on this trip.

  • lauren Original review: Feb 27, 2015. Reply

    I got sucked into a kiosk by a pushy saleswoman the other night while I was in the forum shops in las Vegas. She put the mask on my face and basically held me there trying to get me to buy the products for $950! Sorry but I work for a company that sells skincare and body care products including salt scrubs I know how much this stuff costs to make and it’s nowhere near what they want for their products (i understand they need to make money but the margins on this stuff must be huge totally rip off) I ended up having to get my husband to call me to get me out of there. Not to mention the saleswoman tried to tell me she was a dermatologist. ha! Plus the stuff she put on my face did nothing for me, she claimed it would clear up my rosacea ( which was just a flush on my cheeks from walking around in the sun all day.) Pretty sure i was too nice about it, I should have just walked away immediately. I did outright tell her i couldn’t afford it but she continued to push by telling me to treat myself. No way. If i want to do that I’ll buy products from my work for a fraction of the price that smell way better.

  • ayanna starr Original review: Feb 16, 2015. Reply

    Last week, me and my girls, 16 yrs and 20 months, went shopping at this particular mall going to banana republic. I couldn’t find it so I stopped and asked this one lady at this store where was it because stores move all the time. She told they were no longer there. So she asked me if she could show me something and I was like sure why not. I had time since my stire was gone. But I wasn’t buying anything. So she shows me ther products. I was amazed. She kept talking and showing and all I could think of was how much. I let her finish. Then I asked. She said that the large products were usually 399 but she would let me have it for 199. Not bad but I just shopped over 500 bucks in clothes and shoes. So, nope not this time. It was the large facial peel, toner, moisturizer, and foam soap. When she saw that I was reluctant she sashaid she would give me her discount. Ok lets se what that is. So she goes to the counter, I give my teenager this uh huh whatever look. She comes back and says not to say anything and that she didn’t want her boss to know what she was doing and she shows me on the calculationsor 180. What that’s no discount. I asked what if I took off the foam and be left with 3 products she said 178. That’s nothing. So I asked well what about the facial peel alone. She said 45. I thought on it but it didn’t make since to get only that and I use my moisturizer at home on top of that. So I told the lady it didn’t make since to get only one thing. I was wanting my daughter to have her own as well. In my head I was thinking 150 for all 4 products. She started to get mad and putting up stuff. The mall had closed like15 minutes ago. So at this point I knew I did the right thing. I asked for her card in case I changed my mind I would come back to her. She got mad about knowing I wasn’t gonna do anything with it. I started laughing with my daughter and shaking my head. she acted like a car salesman. Why is she getting mad? She pulled me into the store when I was looking for another. She put all those products on my hand and my face. Don’t get mad because I didn’t buy. I know nothing about this product. Never heard of it so how do I know if it’s really that good. I had to do my research. I’ve learned from my husband not to buy the 1st time. To shop around and wait. I honestly believe that it’s a great product line but I wasn’t going to spend 200 bucks on a product ive never heard of. Plus the sales lady needs to work on being told no.

  • Aly Original review: Jan 27, 2015. Reply

    This product is amazing! I bought the Purifying Triple Power Collagen Facial Peel & Collagen Moisturizer for $90.00. And than I got 2 free extra products. The price is totally worth for the results I am getting. I’ve only purchased these products about a week ago and I already see results! I recommend these products!

  • Anonymous Original review: Dec 23, 2014. Reply

    I was walking in Vegas at the fashion show mall and stopped by the kiosk.
    I tried so many products in wallmart cvs Macy’s neiman etc and nothing is working only this amazing product, the eye lifting solution. I spent more then 1000 $ and I’m ordering every year.
    People must try it!!

  • Terry Griffin Original review: Sep 28, 2014. Reply

    I was pulled in at a Kiosk at the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas….he ran his shpiel, we talked him down and ended up getting a salt scrub and body butter for $70 each, which I still thought was over priced. Then he showed me the under eye cream and it had immediate amazing results since I am very puffy under my eyes. It tightened without leaving a crusty edge and lasted a good long time. It was worth the price and yes, I bargained with him until it was way less than the asking price. Just stand your guns at the Kiosks and they will ultimately get to your range, although the high end of mine. For buying the eye cream my friend got an extra salt scrub…

  • Victor Original review: Sep 09, 2014. Reply

    I was in the Premium Outlet at Las Vegas Blvd South when I was approached by one their sales person, I was given the the test but I was not in pressed by product or their overpriced products. Well, that was when the sale man got personal and insulting.
    Further more, he started showing me copy of sales receipts from the day sale, like if I really care how many sucker he scammed that they.
    Tourist shop big at this mall or should I say suckered because if you bottle urine and labeled as holy water their are suckered that will pay any amount of money for it.
    People without doing their researchs get sucked at the mall everyday and that is not tourists only.
    As your dermatologist for what products you should use and they will send you to Walmart because you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to keep looking good, just take you body and eat well.
    My wife is 55 years old but alway getting complements on how she looks in her late 20th’s but that takes commitment.

    She is not one to be out on the sun without proper protection, eat proper, gets her 8 hours sleep, workout and drinks plenty water .

  • Lala Original review: May 04, 2014. Reply

    I’m 49 and have a turkey neck pouch just below my chin which bothers me more than any wrinkles. I bought the Illuminating 24k gold fusion mask as that is what the salesman recommended most for sagging skin. I have to say the results have been much better than I expected. My pouch is much smaller and my skin is much smoother and less red and lined. No, it is not as tight as when I was 18 but then again I’m not as thin as I was at 18 so I suspect some of it is fat. I think it was worth the price considering the alternative price and risks of a surgical neck lift. Plus, it’s a 2 year supply.

  • chris Original review: Apr 09, 2014. Reply

    I wasn’t going to bite on the facial peel for $120. She went down to $39….She was going to give me the entire product line for $350 but I was never interested in it in the first place but I liked what the face peel did. She dropped from $120 to $79 and I said no so she went to $39. I probably could have gotten it cheaper…..Lesson here, never pay full price when someone pulls you in like they do

  • Kelly T. Original review: Apr 03, 2014. Reply

    I LOVE Dermalactives! Yes, it cost me an arm and leg but my face and body feels and looks great.
    I’m not a big fan of the way the kiosk sales people work their way into pockets (Which has nothing to do with Dermalactives itself since Dermalactives does not own the kiosks. They’re run by other companies, just fyi) but I like the Facial Peel, Body Butter and Salt Scrub. No, I LOVE the Salt Scrub. I believe they have two scents, I only tried the “Wild Flower” one and LOVE IT!
    I feel there needs to be more body products.
    Overall Dermalactives products are okay with me. If you don’t like Dermalactives you probably didn’t try there Body Butter and Salt Scrub. TRY IT

  • Diane Original review: Jan 24, 2014. Reply

    This is the best products I have ever used. Yes, it was expensive but I have never had such nice skin. I have been using it for a week and everyone comments on how nice my skin is. You use so little that it will last for at least a year. You will not be sorry if you buy the products.

  • Su Original review: Jan 08, 2014. Reply

    Just say no. Don’t get taken in for more money than any of these products can possibly be worth like I did. The salespeople are smooth talkers and can sell ice to eskimos. Walk away fast. I just wish I had seen some of these reviews before handing over $300. They don’t do refunds even if you haven’t opened a single bottle and all seals are intact.

  • Abby Original review: Dec 03, 2013. Reply

    I saw Dermalactives at the mall and they tried very hard to sell me their range.
    When I saw the price, I walked off without even saying thank you.
    The prices are just too much for a cream.

  • Angela Original review: Nov 06, 2013. Reply

    I was at the mall today and the man at the kiosks lured me over. He went through his whole sales pitch even saying how his boss, the owner was there making sure he was doing a good job. Okay, I didn’t fall for it for one minute. He did the salt scrub on my hands, the skin peel on my arm, the mud mask for necks on the top of my hand (with the cool magnet trick) and the under eye cream. Out of all of the products, I did find the eye cream the most interesting. He tried to sell it to me for $250, I said no. Then he offered to give me two other items along with the eye cream for $250. Again I said no. He kept lowering the price and I continued to say no. When I began walking away he stopped me again and then offered me the eye cream for $75. I told him that there was no way I was going to purchase such an expensive product without doing my fair share of research first. He then let me walk away. It was worse than being at a car dealership. Now a couple of hours later, I see nothing different from the products except that where they were applied the skin feels sticky….I am happily going to stay with my current skin care products. After reading other reviews I have concluded that my decision to say no over and over again was a wise one indeed.

  • Stella Original review: Oct 26, 2013. Reply

    These products have a very watery feeling which makes me question if it really is worth the high prices. I find it strange that Dermalactives does not offer a money back guarantee. If they had good products worth the price they would offer guarantees.

  • Yale Original review: Oct 10, 2013. Reply

    Why did I choose to try Dermalactives? The girl at the counter was very convincing and offered me a substantial discount. I also did not feel I could say no. I will be much tougher in future. I cannot see any difference in my face after using this product for almost 8 months. Last time I pay ridiculous amounts of money for skin care.

  • christine Original review: Oct 10, 2013. Reply

    i was suckered into a kiosk but I was amazed at what the product could do. The gold mask lifted my sagging neck significantly and continues to hold a week later. The lines around my eyes almost disappeared on the first treatment. I did end up buying the eye treatment for $250 but they threw in salt scrub, body butter and face peel for free. When I looked online the eye stuff alone was selling for $590.
    Yes it is expensive and I haven’t tried the other products mentioned here but I did not know these results were possible without surgery.

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