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The story behind Cosmedix

The story behind Cosmedix began in 1998 when a team of aestheticians, chemists, and doctors had the idea to create medical-grade skin care products that combined natural yet effective ingredients to address common skin concerns without causing irritation. Cosmedix also focuses on using “chirally-correct” ingredients. In case you don’t know, chirality refers to handedness, or the direction in which a molecule is rotated. So what does this mean in terms of skin care? According to Cosmedix, this means their formulas have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin, resulting in less irritation and more concentrated formulas capable of real change.

What are the Best Skin Care Products of 2022?

What are the best selling Cosmedix products?

Cosmedix formulates products for every step of your skin care routine, including cleansers, toners, serums, eye and lip care, moisturizers, sun protection, body care, exfoliators, masks, balms, and more. With so many products to choose from, you may not know where to start! That’s why we’ve gathered the top three best selling Cosmedix products and have the details below. 

Cosmedix Pure C
By far the most popular product by this brand is Cosmedix Pure C. This product is actually a mixing powder of pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) crystals that can be mixed with your favorite nighttime serum or moisturizer to boost results. Cosmedix Pure C is said to help firm skin and smooth wrinkles, as well as even skin tone by reducing the look of acne scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Cosmedix Pure C should only be used at night because it may cause sensitivity if you expose your skin to the sun. 

Cosmedix Serum 16
Cosmedix Serum 16 is an anti-aging retinol facial serum that is said to help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, smooth wrinkles, and boost moisture. The brand claims that unlike other retinol serums, Cosmedix Serum 16 will not cause the typical retinol side effects of redness, dryness, or irritation. This serum should only be used at night because it may cause sensitivity if you expose your skin to the sun. 

Cosmedix Opti Crystal
Opti Crystal is the brand’s #1 bestselling liquid crystal eye serum that is said to reduce the look of dark circles and improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging around the eyes. Cosmedix Opti Crystal can be used both day and night. 

Cosmedix ingredients: The Five A’s

Cosmedix categorizes the key ingredients found in their products into the five A’s: acids, amino acids, vitamin A, antioxidants, and ascorbic acid. We’ll talk about each of these categories in detail so you’ll know what to expect with Cosmedix skin care products. 

The acids used in Cosmedix skin care products include both alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are most well known for their ability to exfoliate the skin by targeting corneocytes (dead skin cells) in a process called corneocyte desquamation. By enhancing their breakdown and increasing the separation of skin cells, the rate of cell turnover is increased, leading to smoother, more radiant skin. Examples of AHAs in Cosmedix products include lactic, malic, and tartaric acid. The beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that Cosmedix uses is salicylic acid, which is known to exfoliate the pore lining and help reduce acne breakouts. 

Cosmedix includes amino acids in their skin care products because amino acids are building blocks of peptides, which are building blocks of proteins. You need amino acids to build important skin proteins like collagen and elastin. In addition, amino acids are humectants, which means they attract and hold onto moisture, thereby keeping the skin hydrated. 

Vitamin A (aka retinol) is one of the best anti-aging skin care ingredients because it has the ability to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve uneven skin tone, restore skin firmness, and shrink the appearance of enlarged pores. You can find retinol in several Cosmedix skin care products, such as Cosmedix Serum 16 and Cosmedix Define Age-Defying Treatment. 

Antioxidants are ingredients that help to protect the skin against free radical damage. This is important because the harmful effects of free radicals occur as direct chemical alterations of the cellular DNA, the cell membrane, and cellular proteins, including collagen. Damaged collagen manifests as signs of premature skin aging, including wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. 

The final Cosmedix ingredient we’ll discuss is L-ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. L-ascorbic acid provides potent antioxidant benefits and therefore protects collagen from free radical damage. L-ascorbic acid also stimulates the synthesis of new collagen in the skin. By increasing the amount of collagen in the skin, signs of aging will be diminished and the skin will appear more firm. Another benefit of L-ascorbic acid is its ability to reduce the appearance of dark spots and improve uneven skin tone. This is accomplished through inhibition of melanin synthesis. Melanin is a pigment that gives our skin color, but too much of this pigment can lead to undesirable dark spots called hyperpigmentation. L-ascorbic acid decreases melanin formation by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that is required for melanin synthesis. The result is skin that appears brighter with less dark spots and a more even skin tone. 

Where is Cosmedix sold?

Cosmedix skin care products are only sold on the brand’s website and through authorized professional partners. You can use the store locator on the brand’s website to find a spa location that sells Cosmedix products near you. 

What is the Cosmedix return policy?

The Cosmedix return policy states, “If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, simply return it within 30 days and we will be happy to issue an exchange or refund. Shipping & Handling charges are not refundable. If you prefer, you may exchange your purchase for other COSMEDIX products. Only products purchased on may be returned for refund or exchange.”

Is Cosmedix cruelty free?

Cosmedix is cruelty free. The brand does not test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. In addition, Cosmedix does not sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

Cosmedix reviews

Cosmedix reviews on the brand’s website are overall very positive, with most products receiving 4 and 5 star ratings. Cosmedix Pure C reviews rave about how this product really does help with hyperpigmentation and brightening the skin tone. There really aren’t many negative Cosmedix reviews. The ones we did find were concerning the Cosmedix Opti Crystal eye serum. Some customers found this serum to be too greasy, and others said it produced no noticeable difference. 

What are some alternatives to Cosmedix?

After evaluating the key ingredients and product formulations, we think that Cosmedix skin care products offer a great combination of well-studied skin care ingredients. But we understand that some Cosmedix products may be out of reach for some consumers (you’ll have to drop $95 for just a quarter ounce of the Cosmedix Opti Crystal eye serum!) That’s why we have an alternative for you to consider: Formulyst

One product we recommend is Formulyst’s Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream. This lightweight, fast-acting formula contains a rich blend of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to help visibly brighten and smooth the delicate skin in the eye area. Key ingredients in this Formulyst eye cream include quinoa seed extract, caffeine, and butcher’s broom extract. Quinoa seed extract is rich in essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids help to restore the skin’s barrier function, which keeps the skin hydrated and soft. Caffeine helps to reduce the amount of blood that accumulates under the eyes (dark circles) while also reducing puffiness. Butcher’s broom extract has astringent and soothing properties. Together, these ingredients help to brighten and smooth the under eye area. 

Want to know the best thing about Formulyst products? Formulyst allows you to bundle three products together for $108/shipment, so you’ll end up with three products for about the same price as just one Cosmedix product!

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Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals Review

Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals is pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) crystals that can be mixed with your favorite nighttime serum or moisturizer to boost results. This product is said to help firm skin and smooth wrinkles, as well as even skin tone by reducing the look of acne scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. L-ascorbic acid exerts potent antioxidant activity. Specifically, ascorbic acid donates electrons to neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are generated when the skin is exposed to UV light. This is important because the harmful effects of ROS occur as direct chemical alterations of the cellular DNA, the cell membrane, and cellular proteins, including collagen. Damaged collagen manifests as signs of premature skin aging, including wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. L-ascorbic acid also serves as a cofactor for two enzymes involved in the synthesis of collagen, the protein that helps keep skin strong and firm. Thus, Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals may help to reduce and prevent these signs of aging. Lastly, L-ascorbic acid decreases melanin formation by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that is required for melanin synthesis. The result is skin that appears brighter with less dark spots and a more even skin tone.


Cosmedix Charcoal Mask Review

Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask is a rinse-off mask that is said to draw out pore-clogging dirt, oil, and daily impurities while cleansing away age-accelerating pollutants for a flawlessly fresh, smoother-looking and clarified complexion. One of the key ingredients in this mask is activated charcoal, which works by trapping toxins and impurities in its millions of tiny pores. Rather than absorbing the toxins, however, activated charcoal works through adsorption (the chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface). Thus, activated charcoal helps to purify and detox the skin.

Another key ingredient in the Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask is kaolin, a naturally occurring porous soft clay. Kaolin has excellent absorption properties, which means it can absorb excess oil from the pores and help to reduce shine. Kaolin also functions as a gentle abrasive that can exfoliate the top layers of skin, removing any accumulated dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. Another exfoliating ingredient in this mask is Diatomaceous Earth, which functions as a natural, gentle abrasive due to its rich composition of silica. Lastly, the Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask includes dandelion extract and alteromonas ferment extract to help protect skin against pollution and revive radiant-looking skin.


Cosmedix Clarity Serum Review

If you’re looking for the ultimate weapon against stubborn acne breakouts and blemishes, you may want to check out the Cosmedix Clarity Serum. While many acne products contain salicylic acid, the Clarity Serum contains a salicylic acid and retinol blend. These two ingredients work together to speed up cell turnover, exfoliate the skin and resolve congestion for a clearer, smoother looking complexion. This product can be used all over as a serum for larger patches of breakouts, as well as hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars. But it can also be used as a spot treatment for the occasional blemish or inflammatory acne mark. In addition to the two active ingredients we mentioned, this product includes willowherb, tea tree oil and aloe vera, which further help to reduce the appearance of active acne and help it to heal faster, thanks to the calming and soothing properties of aloe vera. Because of these ingredients, we’d recommend this product most to those who have trouble finding skincare products that appropriately address their acne blemishes, congestion and blackheads.


Cosmedix Opti Crystal Review

If you’re looking for an under eye serum that is truly unique, you may want to check out the Cosmedix Opti Crystal. This product was designed to target dark circles, fine lines and crow’s feet using coconut and liquid crystal technology. These ingredients provide essential hydration while a copper complex works to target more stubborn skin concerns. But one of the most notable aspects of this product is the coloring of the formula itself. When you first apply this product through the clear application, the product looks exactly like the name suggests: a liquid crystal! The formula contains reflective particles that diffuse light to create a more radiant finish, but also to give this multi-colored gel an iridescent effect. With all of these beneficial ingredients and unique aspects, its no surprise why this product has been the number one best selling eye treatment that Cosmedix offers. The formula has also been on the receiving end of quite a bit of praise from skin care professionals, beauty editors and influencers.


Cosmedix Purity Clean Review

If you’re looking for an exfoliating cleanser that targets blemishes and clogged pores, you may want to look into the Cosmedix Purity Clean. This product was designed to gently, yet effectively cleanse while simultaneously exfoliating the skin. Unlike most of the exfoliating cleansers on the market, the Cosmedix Purity Clean uses 5% lactic acid instead of salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin. Lactic acid is an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy acid. Because of it’s slightly larger molecule size and its hydrating properties, lactic acid can be used by a wide range of skin types ranging from oily and acne prone to dry and mature skin types. In addition to lactic acid, this formula also includes tea tree oil and peppermint oil to calm, cool and clarify the skin. Because of the inclusion of essential oils however, we would recommend that those with sensitive skin types patch test this product before incorporating it into your daily routine, as essential oils can be sensitizing. Otherwise, this product would be just for those of you who are looking for a mild, daily exfoliation and often find that leave on products can be a little bit too much for your skin at times.


Cosmedix Serum 16 Review

If you’re looking for a retinol based serum that also features a significant dose of hydration to buffer the negative side effects of retinol usage, you might want to check out the Cosmedix Serum 16. This product features two different forms of retinol, retinol and retinal, which work to target the signs of aging while simultaneously addressing hyperpigmentation and even blemishes. Alongside this key active, are also a number of key ingredients which help to reinforce the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which can also become damaged during the retinization period. Combined, these two aspects help to improve the skin from both angles, creating a smoother, clearer and more youthful complexion without any of the redness, dryness or irritation that many expect from a high powered, retinol-based product. In a six week clinical study, 90% of participants reported a brighter, more even skin tone, while 88% reported noticeably firmer skin.


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