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Can Bio Oil Improve Skin Health?

When Bio Oil was launched in 2002, it was not a well-known product, and didn’t command much media attention. Since then, this specialty brand has grown in popularity and is now sold in numerous countries, including USA, Ireland, Guatemala, Peru, Russia, Turkey, just to name a few. In fact, this brand quickly developed a strong following and a distribution base that would make any skin care company jealous. But why has Bio Oil become so popular? Is it a miracle product that is in demand because it’s so effective, or can there be other reasons for such success? To answer these questions, it’s important to dig deeply into this skin care product, read Bio Oil reviews, and work with a skin care professional who can give you deeper insight into how Bio Oil works. To help you get a head start in the process, we’ve compiled some of the most pertinent information, below.

How Bio Oil Works

According to the manufacturer, Bio Oil is a specialty formula that works by combining a number of ingredients essential to effective skin care. Unlike retinol serum or a hydroquinone cream, this oil is not specialized-enough to target advanced issues. However, the maker of Bio Oil claims that the product can have a meaningful impact on more general problems like aging skin symptoms, stretch marks, uneven pigmentation (like sun spots), and dry skin.

The idea is that by using this item regularly, Bio Oil will provide the skin with necessary chemicals and building blocks to repair itself and look healthier.

Bio Oil Ingredients

There are many ingredients included in Bio Oil, which on the one hand makes it a less specialized treatment, but on the other hand increases the chances that at least one of the chemicals will have a positive effect on the skin.

Some of the key Bio Oil ingredients include:

  • Rosemary Oil:  This ingredient is often included in skin care products due to its antimicrobial properties. By reducing infection-causing bacteria and viruses, rosemary oil may be able to reduce inflammation and promote healing of micro wounds. This, in turn, will help keep the skin healthier and more resilient.
  • Chamomile Oil:  This Bio Oil ingredient has many healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and is formulated into skin care products for several reasons. Firstly, mere inhalation of the oil can have calming properties, which promotes lower stress and an overall sense of well being. However, chamomile oil is also known to reduce inflammation on the skin and to even out pigmentation issues.
  • Vitamin A:  This nutrient is a common skin care ingredient and is included in Bio Oil due to its ability to regulate the skin’s shedding process. Of course, in more potent versions, this chemical is referred to as retinol. Certainly, retinol is more potent and can provide more dramatic improvements in skin pigmentation and pore cleansing. However, the weaker version (vitamin A) is less likely to cause skin irritation or other adverse reactions.
  • Lavender Oil:  This Bio Oil ingredient is believed to have been used in skin care for thousands of years, and is valued for its ability to destroy bacteria and fungi, and induce a calming effect. Further, lavender oil is thought to carry antioxidants that reduce skin damage.
  • Vitamin E:  The Bio Oil formulation also includes vitamin E, which is a well-known antioxidant. Additionally, vitamin E is also a natural preservative and helps keep the product from expiring early.
  • Calendula Oil:  Bio Oil also contains calendula oil, which is a strong skin moisturizer, and helps to heal dry, flaky skin.

Is Bio Oil Greasy?

Bio Oil is not a very greasy product. The greasiness of an oil-based skin care product is a vital consideration, because heavy oils can clog pores and exacerbate acne. Further, greasy products make it difficult for key ingredients to penetrate the skin deeply, where they are most needed. Bio Oil manufacturer claims that the company was able to make the oil light-weight with a specialty ingredient called PurCellin Oil.

Bio Oil Reviews

The consumer Bio Oil reviews are largely positive, with many customers claiming that the product helped them achieve significant improvement in the appearance and texture of their skin. In addition to experiencing positive effects on the skin, many reviewers seemed to also enjoy the Bio Oil scent.

Although scent may seem inconsequential for skin care, it’s actually a very important aspect, beyond just basic enjoyment. The reason being that many consumers experience early onset of aging skin because they don’t moisturize enough, since they simply forget to do it or don’t feel that it’s important enough.

However, research in the last few decades has suggested that a big part of our behavior is based on habits. A habit emerges when we have a cue, perform a routine, and receive a reward.

Because Bio Oil smells nice, it can promote more regular skin care because the good smell acts as a reward for going through the process of applying this product. Therefore, in theory, the consumer is more likely to remember it and use it on a regular basis.

The Price of Bio Oil

One aspect that deserves special attention is the cost of Bio Oil, which runs at about $20 for over 4 ounces. At such a low price, this item is very affordable for most skin care budgets. Further, this low cost may be one of the reasons why Bio Oil reviews are generally positive.

Where to Buy Bio Oil

Bio Oil can be purchased through virtually any major retailer in the United States, including Wal Mart and Target. Because it is so easily found, the product can be a good choice for a regular routine, because it can be easily replenished. However, due to potential botanical allergies and irritation from orange coloring, the consumer is advised to perform several skin patch tests to avoid Bio Oil side effects.




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  • Karen Original review: Aug 14, 2023. Reply

    Stains clothing: bio oil was recommended. If applying to the skin and wearing white , cottons are stained with brown markings that are almost impossible to remove ! Disappointing when the maternity wardrobe is limited. Too early to say if this product works but no warnings on the bottle itself to avoid contact with clothing. Do not recommend.

  • Mwikali Mutuku Original review: Jan 31, 2020. Reply

    I recently started using bio oil for my whole body and the results are amazing, I have a lot of stretch marks but now after using bio oil for a month am loving how sable my skin is this product is beyond perfect,am planning to start using it on my face for an even tone

  • Penny Hall Original review: Aug 29, 2018. Reply

    My sister is 58. She started using bio oil daily. I noticed her skin was smoother, plumper, and the lines were much less noticeable. Her skin was glowing. I asked her what she was doing and she said bio oil. I then saw her about 6 months later, (she does not live close) and her skin looked more aged. I asked if she was doing the bio oil, she said no, she had stopped for a while. I then saw her at a later date and her skin looked better again. She stated she had started bio oil up again. It was such a noticeable difference. I can tell you from the distinctive visual difference I saw on my sister, that this stuff works. I’m 53 and starting my regimen with it now.

  • Maria Martinez Original review: Jul 16, 2018. Reply

    I have a lot of stretch marks on my butt checks and inner thighs. I have tried to use Bio Oil on them before, but after using it for about two weeks I noticed that I was break out in both areas. I don’t usually break out on my butt checks or things – does Bio Oil cause break outs? I stopped using it right after I noticed that I was getting pimples (not a lot of them, just one or two) I would like to give it another try, but I’m afraid that it’ll cause me to break out again.

  • Lisa Arcangeli Original review: May 29, 2018. Reply

    Bio-Oil is magnificent! I have spent I don’t know how many hundreds of pounds on expensive high-end creams, lotions and potions and none have created such a dramatic improvement to my skin and lines around my eyes, mouth, upper lip and neck. A very little goes a long way. And the fact that the oils are all natural adds to the benefits of using such a product. The smell takes getting used to, though. But that is a small quibble for such a powerful and excellent result.

  • lindy Original review: Jun 25, 2017. Reply

    I tried this for some peri-menopausal acne scars I got on my chin, and decided to just use it all over my face, neck and chest twice a day. What the heck. It’s been two weeks and the scars are minimizing, but I think the more incredible thing is how glowy and beautiful my skin overall has become. I look younger. I’m not just saying this. My friends commented how I was “glowing”. I pair this with a heavy lifting serum that I’ve been using for awhile, so it’s not that, it just seems my skin loves this. It is greasy going on and needs a bit to sink in, but I love it because when that happens my face is super soft and glowy. Seriously. I’m 50. I don’t think this will solve all your problems, and you probably still need a good serum with peptides and/or retinol to do that, but this is probably the first skin care product review I’ve felt compelled to write. EVER.

  • Sandy Original review: May 06, 2017. Reply

    I used bio- oil on a 30 year old scar on my forehead. It took about 6 months of daily application but it thinned the scar and reduced the redness. It even colours in the summer though I wouldn’t say it fully tans. But enough there is no jagged white line across my head. I just started using it on a healed cut on my arm. Less than three weeks and it’s thinner and half the length of the cut. I have a lot of environmental allergies (grass, dust, pollen) and I have never had an issue with the ingredients. For the price and with the availability it’s the best choice for me.

  • Margaret Original review: Jan 05, 2017. Reply

    After major surgery to remove a large tumour in my head in Oct 16, I was left with a large lumpy scar down my face and into my neck. Bio Oil was suggested by a cosmetic surgeon to use on the scar. It has been 3 months now since my surgery and the scar’s lumpiness has flattened and you really have to look very hard to see where the scar is. An excellent product and I would certainly recommend it to others. Many thanks.

  • Alicia Original review: May 05, 2016. Reply

    In my experienced, it works better that the new one. It’s fading already in my thigh (20 years old) and not working yet on my new one in my tummy due to pregnancy (gave birth 5 months ago).. but i have been using it only for 5 days now.

  • Alicia Original review: May 05, 2016. Reply

    I have been using bio oil for almost a week now for skin discoloration in my shoulders.. I also have chicken skin, and I’m amazed, it’s gone now. I’m using it for my stretch marks due to pregnancy and I haven’t notice changes yet, probably because I just use it for a couple of days.. But i’m so excited for the result after 3 months. I’m crossing my finger and hopeful for a positive result.

  • Sara Dutton Original review: Apr 21, 2016. Reply

    I can’t believe how well this had worked. I’ve been using it for two week, twice a day. Have some bad scars on my arm, now they are flatter.colour hasent changed yet but tge whole area feels smoother. Have some pretty bad stretch marks on my tummy, legs and upper arms. The ones on the tummy are softer and lighter. No change as yet everywhere else. My skin feels soft and its definitely working! For 6 quid a bottle you cant go wrong, very happy with this.

  • deby Original review: Apr 05, 2016. Reply

    Some foods will give me hives. Then after the hives the skin is dry and very red/irritated. This is the only product I have ever found in my life that I can put a little on it all day, it feels good going on and helps it heal. It is quite unbelievable. Also helps my grandson’s eczema. Have used many many creams lotions etc in my 50 years, basically a beauty junkie and nothing has impressed me such as this product.

  • Amanda Marler Original review: Oct 17, 2015. Reply

    I am 35 years old. I just acquired a bottle of Bio-Oil and I am hopeful that it helps me as much as it has helped others. I have all of the issues stated on the packaging, so I figured it’s worth a try. I was a tomboy as a kid and have lots of old scars from failed bike jumps and roller skating, etc… My first pregnancy took me from 110 lbs to 173, blessing me with a very healthy 10 lb 2 oz boy who will be 18 next month AND a whole lot of stretch marks!! I had 2 more babies after that and I don’t think I got any NEW stretch marks with the last 2. My youngest will be 11 years old soon. I’ve noticed that I’m also getting older, I have acne scars and an uneven skin tone… I’ve also been having issues with extremely dehydrated skin that itches, peels, and splits the skin on my feet which is extremely frustrating. I have tried several types of lotions and nothing has helped thus far… it isn’t athlete’s foot and I am not diabetic. Hopefully a month or so from now I will be raving about my results!

  • Maria Original review: Aug 21, 2015. Reply

    Hi, i have an old scar, can bio oil really fade/erase the appearance of old scar? It is very disturbing to me and lower my self esteem.
    I have tried many scar gel yet there’s no better result.

  • Zoey Andrew Original review: Jul 30, 2015. Reply

    I used Dermalmd serum to reduce the darkness of my stretch marks… After used of 3 weeks daily 2 times… its 90 percentage faded… only few it means lightly its looking and i hope it will go in shortly if i use this.

  • aynn Original review: Mar 27, 2015. Reply

    Please read my reply to Archana. just use it religiously. even when my scars are gone, i still use it as a lotion cause my skin sometimes gets easily dehydrated. it has nice aroma too. i think there’s no other variety. if ever there is, am using the bio-oil with the pink-coloured oil.

  • aynn Original review: Mar 27, 2015. Reply

    i get rashes since few months back and i can’t avoid scratching my leg till it get scars. good thing i tried bio-oil, i got curious of it, and thought it may alleviate the itching (like vaseline does, though just sticky) and it did. and not only it stopped the itching, as days passed without my notice, my scars were healed. for me, i think it was a week or two that i noticed my skin was clear, i dint rub the oil religiously though, only once a day before i sleep, and at times in the morning. my sister is using it too and her stretched marks were gone; a friend of hers, she said, had more darker scars and all over the legs than mine yet they were all gone. i met her friend one time, and she was wearing shorts, she has flawless legs though and that time i din’t know that she used the bio-oil nor do i know about bio-oil. my legs get itchy still from time to time, cause of dusts and sands, yet this time i rub the bio-oil first before i scratch them like mad. am trying the oil on my face too, these past few days, since i got few scars and pimples, somehow my face is clearing up slowly, i used every other night though but it’s only my 2nd or 3rd time yet. there’s really good healing flower oils in bio-oil that it works like magic, i thought of it as a rose-hip oil but even better and less cheaper.

  • Archana Original review: Mar 09, 2015. Reply

    I have been getting scars on my leg due to shaving.It’s really embarrassing.Will Bio-oil be effective in getting rid of those scars and how much time it may take?

  • Shabir Mehta Original review: Feb 21, 2015. Reply

    For all those looking to buy Bio Oil in India, the best price which i got after researches at amazon, snap, flipk, etc was at a new site called ..
    my wife has been using the oil for about 6 months now.. Although her post pregnancy stretch marks are gone, she is still using the oil for her other stretch marks like around knee, arms, etc

  • Neha Original review: Feb 17, 2015. Reply

    M 24 yrs female, n m having marks due to some itching skin conditions,and also stich marks post surgery in leg,also hv accident wound marks and some pimple scars too on my face,will bio oil work for me.,plz rply…m from India…which variant of the product will be useful..if there are variants?

  • Katie Corn Original review: Jan 27, 2015. Reply

    How long should i use it for my facial scars? It’s been 3 and a half months and i don’t see any changes yet

  • Dap Original review: Dec 16, 2014. Reply

    I used to have issue with my face since college, been having pimples (due to stress and improper diet). Few years back I’ve been suffering from flare ups, and red dry patches leading to uneven skintone coz I have eczema and it was all over my face and I have to cover that with heavy concealer (I know bad choice) but its irritating. My skin type used to be dry and now I notice I have oily part in my T-Zone area . So I gave Bio-oil a try since its the weather is getting cooler. I use it as my night moisturiser, because I sleep with an AC on. I’ve noticed that my face is clear, even glowy and plumpy. It also heal the ugly pimple scar I had on my nose!

    I advise that after you cleanse your face make sure you wash your face with cold water to close the pores then use toner or rose water (For sensitive skin like me ). Then apply Bio oil. Dont forget to change your pillow sheets every week to avoid possible bacteria or dirt going to your face (If you like resting your face on the pillow.)
    Oh and stop touching your face!

    Bio oil is perfect for winter, I have yet to observe on summer.

    Bio oil is a win win for me. It helped me alot.

    Not sure though if I should use it for a long term.
    Give me your opinion.

  • Fransiska Original review: Dec 15, 2014. Reply

    I recently caught in fire in my hand and legs, fortunately it wasnt bad and it started peeling now, will Bio oil work to diminish the scar or possible discoloration? It’s kinda expensive where I live so I hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks!

  • Yug Original review: Dec 04, 2014. Reply


    I have got strectch marks on my waist and on the shoulders due to heavy weight lifting, do any recommend Bio Oil for me????Please reply asap.

  • Erica Original review: Nov 18, 2014. Reply

    I was 79 pounds when I found uo I was pregnant with my daughter. I was beyond petrified to get stretch marks because of how tiny I was. My Ob had recommended bio oil and I’ve never looked back! I gained 50 pounds with my precious baby and had not one stretch mark! I started issuing bio oil when I was 3 months pregnant, twice a day, everyday, even a month after having my daughter I still continued to use bio oil. I am extremely pleased and am now on my second pregnancy and am 100 percent sure I will be using bio oil the entire time.

  • Carol Original review: Nov 11, 2014. Reply

    Thank you so much for pointing out that BHT was an ingredient in Bio Oil, and it’s worrisomeness. I’ve been avoiding all cosmetic products with parabens for over a decade, but was unaware about BHT. After your concern about it, I researched it online, and I did not like what I read. As I’m in my 60’s I’ve been using it for aging skin for a couple of months, but after reading the possible health hazards of BHT on numerous sites, I won’t be using it further. Too bad as I really liked the product. I agree that pregnant women should do some online research on BHT in cosmetics in regards to use.

  • Sara Jenn lee Original review: Nov 09, 2014. Reply

    I have heard good things about bio oil, and i used it for months after breast surgery with literally no change at all! I used scar-guard at first, and got great results..decided to try bio oil. I don’t know why people were raving about it because it did absolutely nothing and didn’t even absorb either. I wasted time that I could have been using scar-guard instead. This stuff isn’t for everyone, I know I wouldn’t recommend it. I even tried it to make my uneven skin tone go away, an redness and it did nothing.

  • Angela Original review: Oct 28, 2014. Reply

    I purchased a small bottle of Bio Oil to use on a ‘new scar’ (3 weeks old) and can honestly say that after a week of applying (twice daily) the scar has smoothed out and is much more supple. The overall appearance redness etc has improved too.
    The surgeon had not done the neatest stitch up job I’ve ever seen and had left what looked like a ‘step’ where the skin had been stitched together!! Not a pretty sight!
    I am very impressed with the Bio Oils work on this scar that I can highly recommend it!

  • Jelena Weentolini Original review: Oct 26, 2014. Reply

    Blegh. This stuff is super oily and greasy; no matter how much I tried to rub it into my skin it still just felt yucky and oily even hours later. I got it to use on my (newer/recent/still red) stretchmarks and it didn’t help at all, not one bit. It seemed to make them worse, if that’s even possible! This stuff also smells disgusting, and the smell lingers. I used it twice a day everyday for a few months until I got so frustrated and just threw it out. Total waste of money. This is just overpriced fragranced MINERAL OIL.

  • Lynda Original review: Oct 24, 2014. Reply

    About a year or so ago, I noticed a circular patch on my left cheek – about the size of a two dollar coin – where the skin was dimpled – resembling the skin on an orange. My MD referred me to a dermatologist who quickly said it was skin damage related to sun exposure (I am 60) and did not offer any treatment recommendations. I do not consider myself to be vain but I was disheartened with this news – even foundation does not properly cover / smooth it.

    Very recently I decided to try bio oil on my forehead to see if it would help with dryness related to rosaceas. After starting to use it, I decided to try it on this sun damaged spot.

    I am astounded to say that in less than one week of use daily, the deepness of the “dimples” in that spot have significantly diminished so as to almost disappear!!! I am beyond thrilled with this unexpected outcome.

    I wish I had taken a picture of this area before I began to use Bio Oil and would strongly encourage some clinical research on this type of sun related skin damage and this product. There are numerous blogs on the internet where women lament about this same damage and their inability to resolve it.

  • Estella Glory Original review: Oct 14, 2014. Reply

    Contains BHT and many other worrisome ingredients especially since so many people seem to use this obsessively during pregnancy. Many of these should NOT be used during pregnancy. Should have read the ingredients before purchasing

  • Kate Original review: Oct 10, 2014. Reply

    I’ve heard about Bio oil & always said I need to try it but never got around doing it, until 2month’s ago when I developed an itchy skin irritation which left me with dark marks after scratching, I then decided to try Bio Oil hoping & praying that it would work for me & guess what? It does work for me, not only have my marks lightened it also makes my skin feel and look TONED, SMOOTH & HEALTHY.

    I’ve tried many products before but none work as well as BIO OIL, so to those who really wanna try it GO FOR IT!!!

    Remember you have more to GAIN than to lose with this product its GREAT.

  • Shina Original review: Oct 09, 2014. Reply

    Bio-oil does not remove pimples or stop pimple breakouts, that is totally not relevant to it’s functions. Bio-oil only helps to hydrate your skin, brighten scratchmarks and scars. They do not stop pimple breakouts. But they can be used to dry the pimple and after that, serve to brighten the scar.

  • Anonymous Original review: Oct 08, 2014. Reply

    Alexia didn’t snap at Patricia, she was simply stating true points and common sense. Why would she be jealous that someone used plastic surgery? Patricia was bound to have surgery anyways since it was a dog bite that did damage to her face, it was nothing major, really. The internet wasn’t made for medical questions, the internet was made for a variety of things not just medical related queries for example, social media, news updates and for recreational uses like gaming. Also, Alexia did answer the question for her, why would you rely on people on the internet before consulting an actual doctor who has a profession on things like this? Think before you speak, dear you are just making fun of yourself. And yes Patricia, consult your local GP for information, it’s better to get information from someone who actually has knowledge on things like things.

  • Alexcia Original review: Oct 04, 2014. Reply

    Patricia….why would you ask someone on the internet?
    Why not ask an actual healthcare professional who was in front of you on the 30th?
    You spent the time (&presumably money) to get the surgery, why not ask the doctor?

  • patricia Original review: Sep 28, 2014. Reply

    Hello, I have recently had plastic surgery on my upper lip due to a dog bite!!!! The stitches come out on Sept 30th 2014…. can I use bio oil straight away ?

  • Claire Original review: Sep 18, 2014. Reply

    I have started having stretchmarks on my hips and bum since I was nine . Now I’m eighteen, and the stretchmarks are still there. Plus they are black. Will bio oil work for it.
    Also I have pimples spots on my face and one or two pimples still pop out every month. Will bio oil help clear the pimples spot and not provoke a pimple to pop out.
    Please reply

  • Ritz Original review: Aug 26, 2014. Reply

    I was on summer holiday to Europe recently, my skin wasn’t use to such different weather hot and cold summer. I had a scar on my face because of dryness and it was visibly dark when I’m back here in Asia. I remember to apply the Bio-oil on my face ease the dryness and trying to remove the scar-as well.Honestly, I noticed just for a week the scar was totally gone and my face is hydrated. I still continue to use this wonderful oil.

  • Venice Original review: Aug 25, 2014. Reply

    How old is your stretch mark miss megan, before you use the product?

  • Gaya Original review: Aug 21, 2014. Reply

    Jayne, i understand you used bio oil since May. Its almost been 3 months.. Do you see any difference? Kindly share your views, Thank you.

  • prity Original review: Aug 13, 2014. Reply

    Hi, I hav stretch marks coz of my 1st pregnancy. Now I’m pregnant again, so if I use bio oil this time can it remove my old stretch marks? From which month of pregnancy I can start useing it safely? And is it good for oily skin too?

  • MYS_MAC Original review: Jul 18, 2014. Reply

    I have been using Bio Oil on my face for about 2 months now and I have noticed a difference. When you apply it, you need to make sure you are applying it in a circular motion and you don’t need a whole lot. The bottle says twice a day but for my face I apply it at night only right after showering. I have a separate skin lightening cream with SPF for the day (Palmers Cocoa butter/hydroquionine). I had to go lighter on my makeup. Also keep in mind, makeup, your diet and the liquids that you drink, have an affect on your skin. I have started to use this on other places on my body (the recommended 2x a day) and I am very pleased!!

  • Jennifer Original review: Jul 06, 2014. Reply

    Just purchased Bio Oil today.. really hoping it helps with my new and old stretch marks! Cant wait to feel confident in a bikini again! 🙂

  • Diana Original review: Jul 02, 2014. Reply

    Derma needle roller and Mederma scar gel. Make sure skin is clean and read instructions. Helps flatten keloided scars and bring even tone back to flat white scars. Then continue using bio oil to maintain supple skin and even color.

  • PRIYANKA Original review: Jun 30, 2014. Reply

    My face skin is pretty good but my body is so dark and tan so can i apply bio oil as a body lotion please reply me soon so that I can purchase

  • Bridget Original review: Jun 18, 2014. Reply

    I had knee surgery with 3 different procedures two and a half years ago. I was left with 2x 7cm scars vertically down my knee, and another 3 scars on the inside/outside. They were a very dark purple/red and honestly looked repulsive. After seeing practically no results using vitamin e cream for two months, I began rubbing Bio Oil into my scars twice a day. It took a few months, but eventually the scars started fading like you wouldn’t believe. I wish I could post a photo to show how incredible they look now – there’s honestly no colour in the scars whatsoever – they match my skin tone completely and the only reason you can tell they’re there is because of the slightly puckered skin from where it’s healed. Incredible product, 10/10!

  • Mode Original review: Jun 16, 2014. Reply

    I have light stretch marks on my thighs and bum, and I don’t want it to get worse. Even though they are light, but when I want to wear a bikini I have to think twice and feel quite embarrassed and end up not wearing it. Next month i’m going on holiday and want to actually wear a bikini! I heard about bio-oil and I want to try this out, but would my stretchmarks go in a month, considering they are light?

  • Klovis Original review: May 23, 2014. Reply

    I have VERY old circular dark scars on my arms and legs. Will bio oil clear it?? And whats best to remove them in about 4 months tops

  • Bahar Singh Original review: May 16, 2014. Reply

    I get a lot of ingrown hair on my legs because of shaving. These leave some ugly scars. I tried Bio Oil for a while but then someone recommended coconut oil. I was amazed at how well coconut oil works. My scars faded quite quickly. Coconut oil is pretty expensive if bought form an organic store, but if you know of a store that sells Indian groceries, you can buy half a kilo of edible grade coconut oil for $5. I used ‘Parachute Coconut Oil’. I can vouch for the results!

  • jayne Original review: May 09, 2014. Reply

    Just started using bio oil on my face like wot I see tbh x

  • bob Original review: May 08, 2014. Reply

    I have gotten stretch marks from working out(arms went from nothing, to defined in 6 months) and so far its lightened the bright red stretch marks on my very fair skin.

  • Liz Original review: Apr 02, 2014. Reply

    If anyone replies to this I am curious about this product for the same reason. My husband was left with a nasty gash on his forehead when he was rear-ended and hit the steering wheel. once it heals completely closed, we are curious if this is the best option for helping it not to leave a scar.

  • Patrick Original review: Mar 30, 2014. Reply

    I had a bad accident 6weeks ago which left me with a vertical type scar between the eyebrows slightly above…it is still healing; will bio oil fade the scar eventually?

  • Brit Original review: Mar 26, 2014. Reply

    I get the same question about my skin! Use it twice a day! I started noticing dark spots fading quite soon after buying the product. Been using it for about a year now and ill continue! It’s gotten rid of any noticeable uneven skin tone, fine lines are so faint and my skin looks plump, hydrated and glowy. I figure if I keep using it, it’ll help slow down the aging process and any damage from the elements both in summer and winter. DONT USE THE NONAME. The brand name ive noticed applies better, better for sensitive skin, and works faster.

  • Brit Original review: Mar 26, 2014. Reply

    I’ve been using it for about a year now on my face and neck. I’m 26 and I love to tan, unfortunately it was giving me some quite noticeable uneven skin tone. I looked into a photofacial but decided to try bio-oil first. No need for the photofacial now! My skin is amazing! Plump, even, bright, smooth, and blemish free. So even, freckles and fine lines have faded. Protects my face from drying out in the winter as well! I swear by it. My neck and chest also look so smooth and even. I get complements all the time about how beautiful my skin looks. I recommend a light face wash, a toner and bio-oil twice a day on face, neck, and chest. Lightly exfoliate once a week.

  • Xihla Original review: Mar 21, 2014. Reply

    I have been reading about Bio oil for a while, an i have been meaning to use it.

    Does it really work the way people say it does?

    I think I am finally ready to give it a try, and I just don’t want to be disappointed.

  • 58 & hopeful Original review: Mar 07, 2014. Reply

    I was with my Neice recently & noticed a beautiful glow about her. I asked her what she uses on her face…”Bio Oil” she said. She swears by it! I just purchased a bottle today & will let you know if it has helped my weathered wrinkled skin due to years of smoking & the sun!!! Reading all these reviews confirms for me that in fact it really works, because that glow everybody was talking about, was what I noticed & loved on her!

  • Lana Original review: Feb 26, 2014. Reply

    What did you use Bio Oil for? I just bought it tonight so I’m just curious. I used it on my face and hands and also a small scar on my stomach. How long did you use it for? Thanks for any feed back!

  • Renee Original review: Feb 22, 2014. Reply

    I just had a knee replacement and have a huge scar on my knee. Was told to put vitamin e oil on it then someone said no use bio oil. Which one is better? Thank you.

  • Kimberly Original review: Feb 20, 2014. Reply

    No, its an oil. Any body can buy it..

  • Neha Original review: Feb 12, 2014. Reply

    Hey hi I m neha from India I am 24 years old.
    My skin get sensitive after using creme for hyper pigmentation .
    But after few months it left redness on my face and scars reappear. Scars are usually ny pimple marks.
    Even my face become hairy.
    Can I use bio oil..?
    If yes then how it can help my skin?

  • Dee Original review: Jan 30, 2014. Reply

    DO NOT waste your money.

    Does absolutely nothing and has simply no affect.

    I even complained to the manufacturer Godrej, and they dismissed my complaint.

    I’m sure there are other products on the market that do a far better job than Bio-Oil.

    They should in fact be done for false advertisting!

  • Jodie Original review: Jan 27, 2014. Reply

    I previously have had acne and have been on medication, which has cleared my skin, for 9 months now. I am now left with scars and the only think of bio oil, however, I’m worried if it will break me out or if it actually works….any recommendations?

  • SJ Original review: Jan 26, 2014. Reply

    I have just started on Bio Oil. I love this oil. That parenthesis wrinkle around my mouth is gone. Now I use this oil on my whole face instead of moisturizer. My face feels supple all day and not taut like before. Although not in the recommended use, I like it so much I have also used it on my hair ends like a serum of shampoo and dry. It makes my permed curls look soft and healthy. I am happy that something so reasonably can actually works

  • Mona Original review: Jan 26, 2014. Reply

    Can bio oil be applied before face cream is appkied!!?? I mean after I take bath I apply a face cream..on face cream can I apply bio oil!!??

  • Ravi Sharma Original review: Jan 22, 2014. Reply

    hey, i have scars on my face and some blemished too and my skin is oily so can I use it????

  • Samantha Original review: Jan 18, 2014. Reply

    I have been hearing about Bio Oil for quite some time now. My boyfriend bought me some a week or so ago, and so far I love it. I originally wanted for my stretch marks on my tummy from my pregnancy, but I decided to try it on my face for a scar I got several years ago. Now my face is glowing. My skin tone is evening out, and best of all, my stretch marks are fading!!! This product is a bit pricey (got mine for $30) but its definately worth it!!! Would defiantely recommend this product!!!

  • Meg Original review: Jan 18, 2014. Reply

    I started using Bio oil and it is effective. My skin is glowing. I have been using it on my legs as I have little spots on them. Bio oil works.

  • Chrissa Original review: Jan 09, 2014. Reply

    The women in my family all have a lot stretch marks due to pregnancy, and I was told I would have a bunch as well. My mom bought me Bio-Oil and me and my fiancé started using it on what scars I do have as well as other areas that could be at risk. I am proud to say that I have very few stretch marks now, and sadly I do have some on my butt…e.e I plan on keeping the one on the front of my stomach on the ones that look like a paw print on my side. (I don’t want to lose the memory of knowing I had my baby-girl, and they are my tiger stripes.) I don’t care about the front of me…However its my butt that I want cleared up of marks. So I just wanted to say Thanks for helping me prevent stretch marks, and I will post up again, letting people know the results of me using Bio-Oil on the scars I want gone.
    AND it was 100% SAFE to use while being pregnant, Thank you Bio-Oil Developers.

  • Abhilasha Original review: Jan 07, 2014. Reply

    Does bio oil works on old streach marks????

  • Andy Original review: Jan 07, 2014. Reply

    Im 45yrs old Male I have been Using Bio Oil for almost a year now a replacement for my Loreal For Men After Shave Anti Aging Cream, and i was so amazed how it works also in fading away my old acne scars when i was in my high school days..not also it vanished my old acne scars away but during our high school reunion last year everybody was telling me i look much younger than my age. :=)

  • Stephanie Original review: Jan 06, 2014. Reply

    Does it help for acne scars?

  • Peter Original review: Jan 02, 2014. Reply

    I have been using bio oil on acne scars I have had for years. Is bio oil suitable for this type of
    scaring? Thanks.

  • cathy Original review: Dec 30, 2013. Reply

    I’ve been using BIO-oil since July 2012 (only ‘cuz I got a coupon @ Rite Aid-never heard of the product before then) and I LOVE IT! For an oil, I notice it absorbs easily in your skin so fast that it’s not greasy after about 20 minutes. Your skin is like a sponge to it! My face just drinks it up! I have somewhat dry skin so it’s perfect for me to use as a daily moisturizer under makeup! no flaking or separation of my foundation at all.I’m obsessed with it now:))) Only one caveat:,don’t use under eyes. They tend to get a bit irritated. Thanks BIO-OIL!! :)))

  • Haley Original review: Dec 29, 2013. Reply

    Hi Sneha,

    It helps all sorts of scars. There is no harm in trying so why don’t you get some and give a go for a few months? You’ll have to be diligent and do it every single day to see results. Hope it works for you. 🙂

  • Bridgette Original review: Dec 10, 2013. Reply

    I used it my whole pregnancy I got pregnant weight 110lbs hit 165lbs and have barely noticeable strectch marks. I swear by this. I only used it from 11 weeks pregnant to birth never used it postpartum ps. The baby was 9lbs 6oz 22 inches. Now I just found out I’m pregnant and bought it again. But I think it’s worth it and would recommend to anyone pregnant as for scar I don’t know

  • Keke Original review: Dec 03, 2013. Reply

    I have had really deep dark stretch marks for about three years now and I just want to do sometime about it. How long do you think it would take for my stretch marks to go away or even fade away?

  • Dee Original review: Nov 21, 2013. Reply

    I also have stretch marks on my backside and i wanna start using it on them. How long will it take before I start seeing results on my bum? and is it safe to use on my face if i used to suffer from acne?

  • Gao (South Africa) Original review: Nov 19, 2013. Reply

    I am pregnant and I have stretch marks everywhere its sad…I have been using Bio Oil for a few months now and I don’t see any results or maybe am using it wrong? 🙁 or maybe I should be a little patient? My stretch marks lOok horrible

  • Lisa Gonzalez Original review: Nov 09, 2013. Reply

    I had purchased BIo Oil on Nov.7th, 2013 going on the second day and using it twice a day on my stretch marks that I have nearly on all parts of my body since 1992 due to weight gain and pregnancy to 3 children and scars on my legs that Ive had many years ago.So ashame of my body for what and how I look.A friend posted comments about bio oil that has helped her prevent stretch marks during her pregnancy and it sure did her great.Months went by that I had finally decided to ask around the drug stores to recommend me a product to help cure old scars and had showed me bio oi.Oh how I was shocked to come across this product here in South America and immediatedly bought 2.The results for such a short period of time(repeat 2 days only)has left me astonishedof how it is working miraculously fast on my century old marks.Thank you lord and The creators whom discovered and made this outstanding product.I Love this product!!

  • A H S Original review: Oct 30, 2013. Reply

    i”m reading the reviews on bio oil, i wanna start using it on my face but i’m wondering if it works on acne marks!!! or i shouldn’t be using it because i used to have acne??
    thanks 🙂

  • Merry Widow Original review: Oct 30, 2013. Reply

    Bio Oil is a revelaton. After a long period of being a sole carer I looked tired and old. Some moisturisers worked quite well but then the menopause hit…not a good regime for skin. Then I discovered bio oil in the local supermarket and thought I would give it a go. My skin immediately felt softer and nourished and my body skin feels years younger. I use it all over the body and am delighted with the results. And yes, the skin around my eyes is much firmer and the eyes less ‘hooded’. Do I also detect a firming of the breasts and buttocks??? I think I do! I have been using it for about a month now. Thank you to whoever invented/discovered bio oil…please don’t stop making it!

  • Laurie Original review: Oct 26, 2013. Reply

    I use Bio Oil every day INSTEAD OF a moisturizer, under my makeup. Works better than any moisturizer I have ever tried and, at 52, people are amazed when I tell them I am a grandmother of 5. The wrinkles around my eyes have diminished to practically nothing and it has evened out my skin tone.
    I have sensitive skin…break out terribly with vitamin C type products for the face…but have NEVER broken out with Bio Oil. I even use it under my eyes with no adverse reaction…only awesome results!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bio Oil and will never use anything else! The money I save on skin care products is a plus, as well, as a large bottle lasts for about 6 months…about $3/mo!! Not bad!! 🙂
    I do want to point out that I was using a moisturizer after applying the Bio Oil until I ran out of my moisturizer, then started using the Bio Oil alone. My skin actually started looking BETTER when I used the Bio Oil by itself. I would not recommend using a moisturizer with Bio Oil. I realize everyone is different, so test it for yourself! 🙂

  • martina Original review: Oct 24, 2013. Reply

    I started using Bio oil three months ago, I put it inside my body lotion and wow, my skin is glowing. Wherever I pass people say that my skin looks nourished and glowing. It works, just try it and you will be amases

  • Kathy Original review: Oct 23, 2013. Reply

    I had a hysterectomy 8/21/13 and started using bio-oil after 2 weeks. I went for my post op checkup and, my doctor barely noticed the scar on my stomach. Love it! I use my regular skin care in the morning after my shower, after that has penetrated I used a q-tip and go around my eyes (lids and under) and have noticed a difference in the sagging look on my upper lids. I just bought a bottle for my daughter since she had breast augmentation a few days ago and, is worried about her scar underneath and stretch marks. I would recommend this product.

  • kela Original review: Oct 18, 2013. Reply

    i have just bought the bio oil and have read the comments.. i too hope that my scars that i have all over my body go away so i dont have to live in embarrassment.

  • Nesh Original review: Oct 07, 2013. Reply

    im 37 weeks and i have strech marks on my belly and my legs i started to use it 3 days and already i see results i love bio oil thanks to my husband for buying it for me. Great product its worth the money

  • Francesca J-stl Original review: Sep 30, 2013. Reply

    I am 31 weeks pregant and thought that I started seeing strech marks one night. I went to my local walmart store seeking to find Palmer tummy butter because in my recent preganacy and up untill that day I only knew about Palmers product and cocoa butters, helping for skin. I was undecided about which formula I wanted that night and remember that I come across an ad about bio-oil in a parenting magazine and remembered that it was highly recommended and asked the friendly worker where the prduct was located and she informed that there were only two bottles left, so I jut knew that it was a good investment and bought it and the palmers stechmark formula and its been great for me! TRY IT AND YOULL LOVE IT!!!!

  • Francesca J-stl Original review: Sep 30, 2013. Reply

    I am 31 weeks pregant and thought that I started seeing strech marks. I went my local walmart store seeking to find Palmer tummy butter because in my recent preganacy and up untill that day I only knew about Palmers product and cocoa butters, helping for skin. I was undecided about which formula I wanted that night and remember that I come across an ad about bio-oil in a parenting magazine and remembered that it was highly recommended and asked the friendly worker where the prduct was located and she informed that there were only two bottles left, so I jut knew that it was a good investment and bought it and the palmers stechmark formula and its been great for me! TRY IT AND YOULL LOVE IT!!!!

  • Jessica Lucinda Williams Original review: Sep 29, 2013. Reply

    Awesome! I have a 15 yr old and she goes through that too! Although I buy hers for her, you can buy it for yourself, no problem! 🙂

  • Marie Original review: Sep 29, 2013. Reply

    I just ordered bio oil online. When i found out that Kim Kardashian uses this for her stretch marks, I automatically was inspired to buy the product and I did! I’ve been using it for 2weeks now and I use it on my stretch marks on my thighs and buttocks and so far, it’s been really great. My stretch marks has been fading and I can’t wait to purchase more of it. I will try it on my face though. Hope it doesn’t cause much breakouts! overall, i love it!!!!

  • jhenny Original review: Sep 23, 2013. Reply

    I just bought Bio oil yesterday.
    I have old scar since I was a kids that why I didn’t wear short because I don’t have legs to show up.

    And while I’m reading all the comments using Bio oil hopefully my scar fade too.

    Can’t wait the result.

  • Pattie Original review: Sep 14, 2013. Reply

    I just bought the Bio-Oil this past weekend from Sam’s Club. Some lady was doing a demonstration of it. Tried it on my hands and within 2 minutes it was absorbed and not greasy, so I bought the package of the 2 oz and 4.2 oz sizes inside. My hands were extremely dry and have improved in just a few days. I have also been using it on my feet and elbows and they are much much softer and smoother. Can’t wait to see the results I have after a month or two. And all it takes is about 3 or 4 drops per foot and just 3 drops in my palm to do both hands. Now trying it on my face too. Love this stuff!

  • alo Original review: Sep 10, 2013. Reply

    I’m 6 months pregnant and I want to start using something to prevent stretch marks. I also have a little bit of stretch marks on my thighs and I want them gone! So I heard that bio oil actually works. I will give it a shot and hopefully it’ll work (:

  • Veronica Original review: Sep 09, 2013. Reply

    I found Bio Oil is Costco.

  • Elize Original review: Sep 05, 2013. Reply

    No bubbles, you can buy it yourself. No parent needed. 🙂

  • Bubbles Original review: Aug 28, 2013. Reply

    I live in Australia and I’m 14 and I’ve self harmed I know stupid but I’ve stopped for almost a year. I was wondering do you have to have a parent with you to buy bio oil ?

  • geraldine Original review: Aug 26, 2013. Reply

    I’ve been using bio-oil everyday for a whole year and it does wonders to my skin tone. i have a scar on my face from an automobile accident 20 yrs ago and it has changed the appearance alot .of people don’t even know it’s there…plus it helps my skin glow nicely.

  • Dreamer Original review: Aug 20, 2013. Reply

    IM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!!! I have these gnarly red stretch marks on my stomach, lower back, back of my knees, on my thighs. All because I went to Juvi 114 pounds and gained 35 pounds in about 1 month. SAY NO TO DRUGS!!! But yeah…. Im losing the weight now but the stupid stretch marks are still there, so i went to Target for some Palmers product, but cam across Bio-Oil. It a wee bit pricey for someone that had no money, but I see now that it was well worth it 113%!!! Im am conserving it, by only using it twice a day and by not letting anybody “borrow” any. But yeah, I give Bio-Oil 5 stars.

  • Dreamer Original review: Aug 20, 2013. Reply

    You can go buy BioOil at any drug store. Target, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS,Rite Aid…. its not expensive at all. I baught mine for only $20.00. Ive been using it for over 2 months, and so far its been pretty worth the money.

    – DREAMER. <3

  • Mel Original review: Aug 19, 2013. Reply

    I only got bio oil today, but I have had some stretch marks on my leg for a round 2 months and they were like a purpley red colour. I heard that means its the best time to treat them so I made sure I brought this as quick as possible. As soon as I put it on the colour went straight down and was hardly noticeable ! This seems to be a great product and can’t wait for the future results!

  • Novi Original review: Aug 16, 2013. Reply

    i’ve been using bio oil for a few months now.. at first i used it for my burnt scar and the scar is almost completely gone by now.. then i started using it for my keratosis pilaris condition on my ipper arms.. it kinda works magic.. the skin is so much smoother!

  • tara primasing Original review: Aug 15, 2013. Reply

    I have been using bio oil on my scar on my nose from a piercing that healed incorrectly, it is helping quite a bit, i also use it on my tattoos, keeps the color strong and my skin looking good. awsome product!!!

  • Anonymous Original review: Aug 07, 2013. Reply

    Gosh this works, even though it’s glossy, I only use it at home (: overnight and when I wake up, I don’t care for how it looks, I care about the results. I’ve had a scar on my nose for YEARS. I had it around 2 or maybe 3 from an accident hitting my nose against a dresser from flying up off a bed slamming straight down. My grandma didn’t know much what to do and my mom was at work. So she couldn’t really help, but I’m amazed of how I’m 14 now and using this, and it actually WORKS? *-* oh my , I’m thankful for it to have faded away and my confidence has flipped me upside down (: never knew it would work but it did . Ive been using it for about 2 & a half months. Gosh can’t thank bio oil enough , lol. I’m a more confident person, the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m amazed from the results that I got.

  • Ruby Original review: Jul 25, 2013. Reply

    Where can you buy Bio Oil in the US?

    I was using this when I was living in the UK but have not been able to find it here locally since I have gotten back. I am not interested in buying it online and want to get it from a store.

  • Shane Original review: Jun 21, 2013. Reply

    It was recommended by my physician to use Bio Oil when I got a scar on my leg and he made it clear that my using it early it would help prevent the scar. I’ve been using Bio Oil for 3 years now and it seems to be completely gone so I am very happy with it.

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