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You probably have a cabinet full of cleansers, moisturizers, and serums to keep your face wrinkle-free, right? But what about the rest of your body? This is exactly what Wrinkles Schminkles founder Gabrielle Requena was thinking when she created this line of unique, medical-grade silicone wrinkle patches that can prevent deep wrinkles from forming while you sleep. But how exactly do the Wrinkles Schminkles patches prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles? We’ll cover the science behind these silicone patches in this review. We’ll also be discussing the brand’s best selling products, Wrinkles Schminkles reviews from real customers, and more.

The Top 3 Wrinkles Schminkles Products

Wrinkles Schminkles sells silicone wrinkle patches for nearly every part of your body, including the eyes, mouth, forehead, neck, chest, and hands. Below we’ll take a closer look at the top 3 Wrinkles Schminkles products.

Eye Smoothing Kit
One of the brand’s most popular products is the Wrinkles Schminkles Eye Smoothing Kit. Whether your signs of aging around the eyes are caused by natural aging, hereditary, lack of sleep, or your sleeping position, the brand claims that their silicone eye patches will help by preventing the skin from being able to crease or wrinkle. At the same time, the patches help the skin retain moisture, stimulate blood flow, and boost collagen production, resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles Schminkles eye patches can be worn while you sleep or anytime during the day, in the morning to de-puff, or before your makeup to plump the skin.

Mouth Smoothing Kit
The Wrinkles Schminkles Mouth Smoothing Kit is said to help with all kinds of mouth wrinkles, including marionette lines, lip lines, smokers lines, and jowl lines. The silicone mouth patches work by comfortably hugging your skin and preventing laugh lines, vertical lip lines, or any wrinkles around the mouth from being able to form.

Forehead Smoothing Kit
Forehead lines and wrinkles can be difficult to treat, but the brand claims these signs of aging are no match for the Wrinkles Schminkles Forehead Smoothing Kit. Whether caused by aging, repeated facial movements, or sleeping position, these silicone forehead patches are said to work by comfortably hugging your skin to prevent it from being able to crease or wrinkle. The Wrinkles Schminkles Forehead Smoothing Kit can be used for frown lines (aka the 11’s), brow wrinkles, and all forehead wrinkles. The patches can be worn while you sleep or for a minimum of 2 hours during the day to deliver a smooth forehead, free of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduced frown lines after your first use.

What Are The Key Wrinkles Schminkles Skin Care Ingredients?

There are no active ingredients in the Wrinkles Schminkles patches. Rather, the patches are made out of 100% medical grade silicone. A common misconception is that silicone is an ingredient on its own, when in fact the term silicone refers to a combination of ingredients. Silicones are synthetic polymers made up of repeating units of siloxane (elemental silicon and oxygen) combined with other elements, most typically carbon and hydrogen. Thus, silicones can also be called polysiloxanes. In the medical field, silicone can be found in implants, contact lenses, bandages, and scar treatment products. Hospitals and other medical practices primarily use silicone-based medical adhesives because silicone has an extremely low occurrence of allergic skin reaction.

There’s no doubt that silicone adhesives play an important role in the medical industry, but can they really help to prevent and reduce signs of aging? There are a few ways that silicone patches may be able to smooth out your wrinkles. First, when the Wrinkles Schminkles patches are applied to the skin, your skin is unable to crease or wrinkle while you sleep or while worn during the day. The patches are kept in place – comfortably and securely – using the gentle adhesive silicone, keeping the skin taut so that no new wrinkles or lines can form overnight.

Another way that Wrinkles Schminkles silicone patches may help to reduce lines and wrinkles is due to the occlusion formed by the silicone patch. According to a publication in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, silicone sheeting provides occlusion that increases hydration of the stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of skin). Skin that has lost its moisture not only appears dry, it also is prone to lines and wrinkles. Therefore, by improving the skin’s moisture retention, the Wrinkles Schminkles silicone patches may help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

You may be hesitant to use Wrinkles Schminkles patches due to rumors that silicones are unsafe or toxic. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Silicones cannot cause or worsen diseases or cause allergic reactions because their molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, preventing them from entering the bloodstream. The claim that silicones can bioaccumulate (build up) in the body is also false since their size prevents them from being able to pass through cell membranes, a key requirement for bioaccumulation.

How to Use Wrinkles Schminkles Patches

You should cleanse and dry your skin before using Wrinkles Schminkles patches. Once skin is dry, peel away the plastic layer of the silicone patch to reveal the adhesive. Stick the silicone patch on the target area, adhesive side on skin. You can wear Wrinkles Schminkles patches while you sleep for best results, or 1 to 2 hours during the day for a boost. After use, gently peel off the patches, sticking them on the enclosed storage sheet.

According to the brand, the more you use the Wrinkles Schminkles patches, the better the results you will get, especially given you will prevent the skin from further creasing and wrinkles forming. However, deciding how frequently you would like to use the Wrinkles Schminkles patches is entirely up to you! Some customers like to use the patches just the night before a special event (e.g. wedding, parties, etc) and get more uses out of their Wrinkle Patch set. Others like to use the Wrinkles Schminkles patches every night in order to treat existing wrinkles plus prevent new ones from forming.

Where Are Wrinkles Schminkles Products Sold?

Wrinkles Schminkles products are sold on the brand’s website, as well as several third party online retailers such as Dermstore, Amazon, and more.

What is the Wrinkles Schminkles Return Policy?

The Wrinkles Schminkles return policy states, “We want you to love Wrinkles Schminkles products as much as we love creating them. However, if something isn’t to your satisfaction, we’re here to put it right. Products can be returned within 14 days for a refund or exchange. We cannot accept returned goods that have been used, unless there is something wrong with them.”

Is Wrinkles Schminkles Cruelty Free?

Wrinkles Schminkles is cruelty free.

Wrinkles Schminkles Reviews

Wrinkles Schminkles reviews on the brand’s website are a mix of positive and negative. There are quite a few positive reviews from customers who experienced great results with these patches. For example, one review for the Wrinkles Schminkles Eye Smoothing Kit says, “These patches were advertised on the TODAY program. I bought the eye, neck and lip patches. From the very first night, they would not stay on my skin. Within two minutes they fell off. After 3 days they are totally useless. A waste of money.’

1. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery volume 32, Article number: 82 (2008)



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  • LaBow Original review: Oct 08, 2023. Reply

    These patches were advertised on several TV programs. I bought the eye, neck and lip patches. From the very first night, they would not stay on my skin. Within two minutes they fell off. After 3 days they are totally useless. A waste of money.

  • Penny Original review: Sep 11, 2023. Reply

    they won’t stay on overnight. that is for sure unless you pit eye mask on over them

  • Sue kennedy Original review: Jan 03, 2023. Reply

    A waste of money, do not see any results after using.

  • Vickie Original review: Apr 25, 2022. Reply

    With all the skin care that’s on the market and does not work, Why doesn’t just one company that knows there products DO Work take someone like me with deep wrinkles at the age of 63 but looks 75, and prove to the public day by day step by step RESULTS that Truly Work, There are Millions that just don’t have the money for All these companies that give you hope that they do, 97 Percent of any and all skin WRINKLE Care does not work. These companies at the end lose money because customers stop buying their products knowing they don’t work. If I had a wrinkle skin care product that truly worked, I would be giving my product to customer to prove it works, That’s when you have loyalty customers they buy because it works.

  • PAW Original review: Dec 23, 2019. Reply

    These patches were advertised on the TODAY program. I bought the eye, neck and lip patches. From the very first night, they would not stay on my skin. Within two minutes they fell off. After 3 days they are totally useless. A waste of money.

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