Ultratherma: How to look extraordinarily younger than your years



Put your best face forward always. The complexion which has strangers guessing your age as 10 years younger than your experience. The smooth skin which has your best friend asking – just what is it you’re doing? The youthful bare faced look you feel confident and proud to wear.

Time effects your skin but you don’t need to accept time’s effects on your skin.

Especially not when your skin has the natural processes available to it, for re-creating a smooth, healthy, turning heads again complexion. A process which your skin begins to forget from your 20’s but can be rejuvenated and revived with now available Ultratherma.

A secret too good to keep for yourself.

What is Ultratherma?

There are 2 words which describe ultimately what Ultratherma can do for your eyebrows, face, neck and décolletage; lift and tighten. 2 fantastic attributes of youthful skin. When skin becomes lifted and tightened, fine lines and wrinkles reduce, jowls pull back in and skin sagging significantly smooths.

Usually these are the kind of affects you need surgery to achieve. The kind of effects you’d need a face lift to experience. Ultratherma says no more. Ultratherma says you can have your cake and eat it.

Face lifting effects with no surgery and no downtime.

How Does Ultratherma Work?

Ultratherma is a very simple procedure. You have 1 paddle which is placed to your skin, which emits ultrasound energy, which re-ignites your skin’s collagen production.

Collagen is the skin protein responsible for a plump, volume full complexion. It’s literally like the scaffolding of your skin, with levels of collagen declining from your 20’s.

Ultratherma helps your skin reboot healthy collagen production. You see smoother, firmer, more youthful looking skin.

Ultratherma Reviews: What Do They Say?

“I had this treatment done in October and I am completely amazed by the results. The pictures speak for themselves. If anyone is even considering this treatment, I say got for it!” – Lauren

“I am a 45 year old woman who had Ultratherma and it literally shaved years off my face” – Melissa

“I also got the Ultratherma treatment and am STUNNED at how fast I’m seeing results with just one treatment.” – Rose

Ultratherma Before and After: What to Expect

It’s a simple fact, the more healthy collagen your skin makes, the younger your skin appears. Ultratherma naturally helps your skin make the collagen levels of a much younger you and because it’s natural, results reveal themselves gradually.

You will look in the mirror and see a younger you – not a face lift.

2 to 3 months is the average time it takes most patients to see ultimate results.

Ultratherma: How Long Does It Last?

What an important question. Ultratherma works with the natural processes of your skin so how long Ultratherma results last depend on how your skin’s naturally programed to age plus how well you take care of your Ultratherma results.

Bottom line: If you take great care of your skin you will look much younger for a significant amount of time. Make sunscreen your best friend.

Does Ultratherma Work on Jowls?

Absolutely. Ultratherma is a specialist technique for skin laxity in your face, neck and décolletage. In fact any of these areas are Ultratherma appropriate;

– Eyebrows
– Chin
– Jawline
– Forehead
– Crow’s feet
– Cheeks
– Jowls
– Chest
– Décolletage

You are a great Ultratherma candidate if these areas show mild to moderate skin laxity. With the bonus being – they’re the ones which are most telling of your age. Make more collagen here and it won’t be long before you’re receiving compliments worth blushing over.



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