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Probiotics, often referred to as the “good bacteria,” are not just a buzzword in the holistic health space, but are vital to the health of your microbiome. And guess what? The health of the gut microbiome is a cornerstone of overall well-being, influencing everything from digestion and nutrient absorption to immune system function and even mental health.

If you’re considering a probiotic supplement, you may have heard of Seed Probiotics. Seed is a brand that formulates supplements that are actually synbiotics. Synbiotics are mixtures of probiotics (helpful gut bacteria) and prebiotics (non-digestible fibers that help these bacteria grow).

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In this Seed Probiotics review, we’ll take a deep dive into the realm of pre- and probiotics, exploring their role in digestive health, as well as the surprising ways they influence aspects of our well-being beyond the gut. We’ll also share some Seed Probiotics reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of these products.  

What is The Gut Microbiome?

The gut microbiome is like a bustling city in your stomach, packed with trillions of tiny residents — bacteria, viruses, and other microbes all living in your digestive tract. 

These microbes aren’t just hanging out; they’re working hard to keep you healthy. They help with important stuff like breaking down your food, absorbing nutrients, and even keeping your immune system in check. 

But here’s the catch: if this microbial community gets out of whack, it can cause some trouble. This is referred to as gut dysbiosis. 

According to a publication in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, “Dysbiosis of the gut bacteria communities in patients or animal models may cause allergy, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.” 

To prevent these negative health consequences, it’s important to support the gut microbiome with pre- and probiotics. 

What are Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Synbiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms, primarily beneficial bacteria, that, when consumed, confer health benefits to the host. 

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that serve as nourishment for these probiotics, helping them flourish and exert their positive effects. 

Together, they create a harmonious environment in the gut, supporting efficient digestion, bolstering the immune system, and contributing to overall well-being. 

As mentioned earlier, the Seed Probiotics supplements are actually synbiotics, so they contain both probiotics and prebiotics. 

What’s Inside Seed Probiotics?

Seed Probiotics DS-01® comprises 24 scientifically-validated probiotic strains with a patented, non-fermenting prebiotic. 

A significant challenge in formulating probiotics lies in preventing their breakdown in the acidic environment of the stomach, which can compromise their viability and effectiveness before reaching where they need to go: the intestines.

That’s why Seed developed their ViaCap® technology, which ensures a 100% delivery rate to the colon. The inner capsule holds the valuable probiotic blend, while the outer capsule acts as a protective barrier against oxygen, moisture, and heat. This eliminates the need for refrigeration, distinguishing it from other probiotic supplements.

What Are The Benefits of Seed Probiotics?

Now onto the benefits of all these different strains in the Seed Probiotics supplement. Seed has linked dozens of strain-specific benefit studies on their website to demonstrate how the strains used in their supplements will benefit your health.

Many of the studies focus on the impact of probiotics on gut health, including their role in maintaining a balanced microbiome, alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and preventing or treating constipation and diarrhea.

For instance, Bifidobacterium longum (one of the strains in Seed Probiotics) has been shown to improve intestinal environment, defecation frequency, and fecal characteristics, according to a publication in the journal Bioscience and Microflora. 

What’s interesting is that probiotics are being studied for their benefits outside of gut health, too.  There are several studies that show probiotics can benefit the immune system, cardiovascular system, and even the skin. 

We read about one randomized controlled trial published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology that demonstrated how a mixture of probiotics had beneficial effects for adults with atopic dermatitis (eczema). 

An interesting publication in the Journal of Functional Foods demonstrated how one probiotic strain (Lactobacillus plantarum) was able to lower cholesterol in adults with high cholesterol. 

As for the kids and teens Seed Probiotics (PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic), the 9-strain synbiotics was studied in a double-blind, randomized 12-week trial in a pediatric population, demonstrating that it is tolerable and health-promoting for children and adolescents. 

For instance, it was shown to support digestive function and regular, healthy bowel movements in children with fewer than five bowel movements per week. The supplement also helps to maintain healthy bowel movement regularity among non-constipated children without creating hyper-frequency of bowel movements.

Where to Buy Seed Probiotics?

Seed Probiotics are sold exclusively on the brand’s website. 

How Much is Seed Probiotics?

Both Seed DS-01® Daily Synbiotic and Seed PDS-08® Pediatric Daily Synbiotic cost $49.99 USD for a 30 day supply. You must sign up for a subscription when purchasing these supplements, however, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

What is The Seed Return Policy?

The Seed return policy states, “If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of delivery of your first order. We’ll refund you for the full cost of the product less shipping, VAT, or duties—no questions asked.”

Seed Probiotics Reviews

Unfortunately, this brand does not display Seed Probiotics reviews on their website, so we went over to to read real customer reviews. After receiving more than 200 customer reviews, the brand has earned an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

There are many 5-star reviews for Seed Probiotics from customers who noticed benefits in their digestion, their skin, and overall well-being. 

For example, one review says, “I’ve been taking these for about 2 months or so now and really loving them! I feel like they have helped me become more regular and less bloated which is huge for me! So far I do think they’re worth the money. The packaging and everything is nice too which is an added bonus.”

Another 5-star review says, “This probiotic is fantastic.  It lives up to its claims. Def more and better poops. Most importantly for me was the effect on my skin. I had a bad skin rash associated with candida overgrowth.  After 1 month of seed use my skin condition greatly improved. I’m now a Seed fan!!”

However, there are a handful of negative Seed Probiotics reviews, which are mostly from customers who either had negative reactions to the supplement (nausea, stomach discomfort, etc.) or didn’t see any results after using it. 

For example, one review says, “This did nothing for me. I tried it for 3 months, and saw zero changes (good OR bad) in my GI system. I wonder if their strains aren’t as active as they claim.”

And here’s a review from someone who experienced negative side effects: “I’m on day one…took a pill this morning. Right now it’s bedtime and I feel awful. There is a heads up on the bottle about this. It’s like I need to both throw up and go to the bathroom at the same time. The bloating is excessive. Not sure if I can continue taking it.” 

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that the Seed Probiotics supplements are formulated well with researched-backed probiotic strains, and these could be a beneficial supplement to try. 


  • Research studies have shown that the strains used in the Seed Probiotics supplements offer benefits 
  • Many positive Seed Probiotics reviews
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Some Seed Probiotics reviews mention negative side effects and/or that the product didn’t provide any benefits

What Are Some Alternatives to  Seed Probiotics?

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