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What is Rodan and Fields Lash Boost?

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash serum that conditions and moisturizes lashes to promote the appearance of fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes. This serum can also be used to achieve fuller-looking brows. While Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is known to be effective, it also contains one ingredient that is quite controversial and known to cause many side effects. In this review, we’ll discuss who may benefit from this product, key ingredients used in the formulation, how to use the product, and Rodan and Fields Lash Boost reviews from real customers. 

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Who is it for?

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is designed for those who want to achieve fuller, longer, dark-looking eyelashes or fuller-looking brows. 

Formulation insight

In this section, we’ll discuss each of the key ingredients used in the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost formula. You’ll learn how each ingredient may benefit the eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as any side effects to be aware of. 

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost contains both keratin and hydrolyzed keratin. Keratin is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins. It is formed by the combination of 18 amino acids. In humans, it is the key structural material making up hair, nails, and the outer layer of skin. In cosmetics, keratin is derived from an animal source (i.e. sheep’s wool), which is something to be aware of if you are vegan. Hydrolysis breaks the keratin protein down into smaller components that can better penetrate the skin and hair, resulting in hydrolyzed keratin. The hydrolysis process typically involves boiling the protein at high temperatures or soaking it in acids.

When it comes to the eyelashes and eyebrows, keratin is very important since 90% of your hair is made up of keratin protein. Keratin not only strengthens hair, but hydrolyzed keratin protein is also moisture binding so you can increase your moisture retention to reduce breakage. 

The next key ingredient in Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is biotin, also known as vitamin B7. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that functions as a coenzyme to produce fatty acids and metabolize amino acids, which form proteins. This process assists with healthy cell formation and growth, leading to healthy hair, skin, and nails. There is debate over whether topical biotin can help improve the health of hair. Hair experts and cosmetic chemists believe that topical treatments containing biotin (such as Rodan and Fields Lash Boost) can bind the biotin molecule to the hair, giving the illusion of more thickness. However, it’s important that the hair absorbs biotin while it is still connected to the blood vessels in the follicle to provide actual improvement of strength and overall hair health. This can only be accomplished by incorporating more biotin-rich foods into your diet or supplementing with biotin. 

One of the most important ingredients in Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is a synthetic prostaglandin analog called isopropyl cloprostenate. Isopropyl cloprostenate was originally used in prescription eye drops to lower the intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients. Several years ago, glaucoma patients treated with isopropyl cloprostenate noticed a side effect was that their eyelashes grew longer and more lush. Thus, isopropyl cloprostenate is now used in the cosmetic industry to grow both the eyelashes and eyebrows. 

While isopropyl cloprostenate is well known to effectively increase eyelash growth, it’s important to note that this ingredient has the potential to cause many side effects. For example, isopropyl cloprostenate can cause eye irritation, dryness, redness, itchy eyes, flaky skin, burning, and pain. Other more serious side effects of this ingredient include blurred vision, cysts, change in iris color, eyelid drooping, and eyelid discoloration. Rodan and Fields was hit with a lawsuit over this ingredient because the company failed to warn customers of the potential side effects of isopropyl cloprostenate. 

In 2011, the FDA warned the manufacturers of other eyelash-growth products for labeling their products as a “cosmetic,” but then making claims (like eyelash growth) that clearly make them sound like drugs. The FDA said in a warning letter that the products were “not safe for use except under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to administer them.” Thus, if you’re considering using Rodan and Fields Lash Boost, it is best to check with your doctor first due to the potential serious side effects of isopropyl cloprostenate. 

The next key ingredient in Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is allantoin, a true multi-tasking ingredient. Allantoin is a naturally soothing, anti-irritating skin protectant that also has moisture binding properties. Allantoin also promotes and accelerates cell proliferation, as well as improves the elasticity and softness of hair while giving it a slight glossy effect.

There are two highly effective conditioning ingredients used in Rodan and Fields Lash Boost: panthenol and sodium hyaluronate. Panthenol is provitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate is the salt form of hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients draw moisture into the hair. In addition, sodium hyaluronate can increase hair growth and the strand diameter, leading to thicker hair (and in this case, thicker eyelashes and eyebrows). 

The final key ingredients we’ll discuss in the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost formula are two peptides: copper tripeptide-1 and octapeptide-2. Peptides are fragments of proteins that are formed when amino acids bond together. For example, when two amino acids are joined together by a single bond it is called a dipeptide. Three linked amino acids are a tripeptide, followed by tetrapeptides, etc. 

Copper tripeptide-1 is composed of the three amino acids glycine, histidine, and lysine combined in a specific geometric configuration with the physiologically beneficial mineral copper. Copper tripeptide-1 is used in Rodan and Fields Lash Boost because it helps encourage hair growth by blocking the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is known to curb hair growth. Octapeptide-2 is used in Rodan and Fields Lash Boost because it is a growth factor that promotes healthy hair growth.

How to use

According to the Rodan and Fields website, Lash Boost should be used only once daily at night. 

Before applying Lash Boost, all eye makeup including eye shadow, liner, and mascara should be completely removed and your face should be clean. Then, dry eyelids and lashes completely. Apply Rodan and Fields Lash Boost only along the upper lash line of both eyes. Dip the brush once per eye and wipe any excess product off the brush before applying. Finally, it is recommended to gently wipe off any excess serum from your eyelids or lashes.

It’s important to not wash your face or eye area after applying. Also, be sure to wait approximately 90 seconds for Lash Boost to dry before going to sleep or applying other products around your eye area. If you are going to apply other products to the eye area, such as an eye cream, avoid eyelids and lashes. 


Rodan and Fields does not display customer reviews on their website. Instead, they have results based on an 8-week U.S. clinical and consumer study. Results from the study found that 90% of participants experienced fuller-looking lashes, 85% longer-looking lashes, and 63% darker-looking lashes. On the website, Rodan and Fields Lash Boost reviews are overall very positive, with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars after 543 customer reviews. Many positive reviews mention that Lash Boost does make a difference in the length and volume of lashes. 

However, there are a handful of negative reviews from users who experienced side effects such as redness, itching, watery, swollen eyes after using this product. Moreover, Rodan and Fields Lash Boost actually causes some people to lose all of their eyelashes (exactly the opposite of what it is intended to do). Another common Rodan and Fields Lash Boost review is focused on the fact that the serum does not provide permanent results. In order to continue receiving the benefits of the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost serum, you have to continue using the product. Some users even report eyelashes falling out and becoming thinner than before if they stop using this product. 



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Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

What is Rodan and Fields Lash Boost? Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash serum that conditions and moisturizes lashes to promote the appearance of fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes. This serum can also be used to achieve fuller-looking brows. While Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is known to...
  • Jennifer Taylor Original review: Feb 14, 2019. Reply

    I have used lash boost for 2 weeks and my eyelashes are gorgeous: I am 65 and my eyelashes were barely visable: when I was in high school and throughout my 20 and 30’s my eyelashes were thick, black and long: they are slowly returning to the full lashes I once remembered

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