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Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is a thick cream that’s used to remove makeup while simultaneously helping to moisturize and soften skin. But what exactly is a “cold cream”? And who should use it?

We’ll answer these questions and more in our Pond’s Cold Cream review. We’ll give you the details on all the Pond’s Cold Cream ingredients, including the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use in skin care.

We’ll also share some Pond’s Cold Cream reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of this product. 

Is Pond’s Cold Cream Right For You?

Before we get into the details, here’s the TL;DR if you just want to know whether or not Pond’s Cold Cream is right for you.

  • Key ingredients? Mineral oil, beeswax, emollients
  • Skin type? Dry skin
  • Texture? Thick, greasy
  • Fragrance? Yes
  • Cruelty free? No
  • Cost? Depends where you purchase (e.g. $4.99 USD for a 6.1 oz jar on
  • EWG Rating? 4

What Are The Key Ingredients in Pond’s Cold Cream?

Before we get into the key ingredients, let’s answer the question you probably have on your mind: what exactly is a cold cream?

A cold cream is a mixture of water and oil (typically mineral oil) that includes added thickeners and beeswax. It feels cold on the skin when applied, hence its name.

Pond’s Cold Cream includes all of these ingredients, as well as a few ingredients that aren’t so great for your skin, which we’ll discuss below. Let’s get started.

Mineral Oil

The highest concentration ingredient in Pond’s Cold Cream is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a clear, odorless oil derived from a mineral source, typically a distillate of petroleum, that functions as an emollient. After application, mineral oil forms a protective film on the surface of skin that helps to prevent evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture.

Mineral oil is also the ingredient in Pond’s Cold Cream that removes makeup. When you use mineral oil (or any oil) to remove oily makeup and sebum, you’re employing the chemical principle known as “like dissolves like.” Basically, oils will dissolve other materials that have a similar chemical structure.



The Pond’s Cold Cream formula includes a few additional emollients to help the skin feel soft and moisturized, including beeswax and behenic acid. 

Keep in mind that the combination of mineral oil with these emollients gives Pond’s Cold Cream its thick, greasy texture. Those with dry skin will likely appreciate this texture and the cream’s moisturizing properties. But if you have oily skin, you may find that this product is too greasy for you. 


Synthetic Fragrance

Unfortunately, there’s a few problematic ingredients in Pond’s Cold Cream that we should discuss, such as a synthetic fragrance blend and methylparaben. 

First let’s talk about the fragrance. We know many consumers want their products to smell nice, but fragrance of any kind (whether it’s natural or synthetic) isn’t doing your skin any good. 

That’s because all fragrance ingredients impart scent through a volatile reaction, and this natural reaction almost always causes a sensitizing reaction on skin.

Even if you don’t have a full blown reaction to the ingredient, the damage may still be occurring every day. Ultimately, this can cause mild problems for your skin in the short term and worse problems in the long term.

The use of synthetic fragrance ingredients poses even more of a risk because the brand can use a proprietary blend of chemicals to create the fragrance. On average, this consists of 30 to 50 chemicals (but it can have as much as 200 components). 

Want to know the worst part? The brand does not have to disclose which chemicals they use on the label. They are allowed to list this blend as “Fragrance (Parfum)” on the ingredient list.

Furthermore, a 2018 study by Women’s Voices for the Earth discovered that in over 3,000 chemicals reportedly used for fragrances, 1,242 were chemicals of concern – and that included at least 7 possible carcinogenic (cancer-causing) agents. 



Another problematic ingredient in Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is methylparaben. Parabens are preservatives used to extend the shelf life of a product by preventing microbial contamination. 

The use of parabens in cosmetics and skin care products is controversial because there is conflicting research on the potential health consequences of long term exposure to parabens.

According to the EWG, parabens can act like the hormone estrogen in the body and disrupt the normal function of hormone systems affecting male and female reproductive system functioning, reproductive development, fertility, and birth outcomes.

How to Use Pond’s Cold Cream?

Start out with clean, dry hands and with two fingers scoop out a bit of Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser from the jar. Apply a light layer over your entire face, massaging gently. Then, ​​use a warm washcloth to wipe the cold cream off. Splash warm water on your face to remove any remaining cream.

Where to Buy Pond’s Cold Cream?

Pond’s Cold Cream and other Pond’s skin care products are not sold on the brand’s website. You must buy Pond’s skin care products from third party online retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more. 

Pond’s skin care products are also sold in physical retail locations throughout the United States, such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. The brand has a store locator on their website so you can find a location near you. 

How Much is Pond’s Cold Cream?

The price of Pond’s Cold Cream will depend on the retailer where you purchase the product. For example, Pond’s Cold Cream costs $4.99 USD for a 6.1 oz jar on 

What is The Pond’s Return Policy?

Pond’s does not have a return policy on their website since they do not sell products on their website and, therefore, don’t accept returns. 

Is Pond’s Cruelty Free?

No, Pond’s is not cruelty free because Pond’s is owned by Unilever, a company that tests on animals when required by law.

Is Pond’s Cold Cream Vegan?

No, Pond’s Cold Cream is not vegan because the formula includes beeswax. 

Our Verdict

Overall, we don’t recommend Pond’s Cold Cream due to the inclusion of fragrance and methylparaben. If the brand removes these ingredients, we would recommend Pond’s Cold Cream for those with dry skin. 


  • Thick texture is good for dry skin
  • Effectively removes makeup
  • Many positive Pond’s Cold Cream reviews


  • Pond’s Cold Cream contains a synthetic fragrance blend
  • Pond’s Cold Cream contains methylparaben
  • May be too greasy for those with oily skin

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EWG “What Are Parabens, And Why Don’t They Belong in Cosmetics?” April 2019



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  • Evelyn Perez Original review: Jul 17, 2023. Reply

    My mom is 92 and she only wears pond cold cream.. She never, ever has purchased any other facial moisturizer. I been using it since I was 10yr old I am 58 and everyone I meet,are shockwith my skin.. your not that age. No wrinkles. I thank PONDS cold cream and i highly recommend it to all . I do hope and pray, if formula was changed. Please reverse to original. You have a great product. No short cuts. If price needs to go up a little to keep old formula…I will pay to get my original cream. Thank you for creating a fabulous cream we have 4 generation using this.

  • Dot M Original review: Nov 06, 2022. Reply

    Why are cosmetic companies still allowed to use parabans? It should be banned, forcing them to find safe alternative. Please do something about this.

  • T M Original review: Aug 20, 2022. Reply

    I agree with comment that formula changed, Not for the better. I was extremely disappointed
    also. It was so velvety now it does feel more like vaseline thickness!!! So so disappointed.

  • Asifa Andleeb Original review: Apr 21, 2022. Reply

    I am 45 years old and using ponds cold cream since the age I don’t remember, I mean from childhood. For all these years l have not used anything else on my face except this cream. I am mother of two and without any exaggeration no one believes my actual age, l look 8 to 10 years younger. I give all credit to this beautiful product. Thanks ponds

  • Julie Prior Original review: Dec 13, 2021. Reply

    I’ve been using Ponds since I was 13 yrs old. People can’t guess my age because of skin, and remark about my skin. I have taned over the years ,and as long as I use my Ponds it has made my skin beautiful. Thank you. Julie Prior. Almost 68 yrs young

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