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The Story Behind Omorovicza

Omorovicza is a Budapest-based skincare brand that utilizes the healing powers of Hungarian thermal waters to create a wide variety of luxurious products. The brand was founded by Stephen and Margaret Omorovicza in 2006 after the couple visited Budapest’s ancient spas and were inspired by the profound effects of the waters on their skin. But this wasn’t the first experience with these healing waters for the Omorovicza family. In the 1800s, Stephen’s ancestors commissioned one of the most famous architects in Hungarian history, Miklos Ybl, to build the beautiful Racz spa in the capital, Budapest, on the site of a medieval healing spring. Today, Omorovicza is a global beauty brand located in the world’s most exclusive stores and spas. In this review, we’ll discuss the brand’s best selling products, key ingredients, Omorovicza reviews from real customers, and more.

The Top 6 Omorovicza Skincare Products

The Omorovicza skincare range contains almost fifty products that are divided into four collections. The brand has many bestselling and even award winning skincare products, but some of the most popular Omorovicza skincare products include the Thermal Cleansing Balm, Deep Cleansing Mask, Queen of Hungary Mist, Cleansing Foam, Complexion Perfector, and Gold Sugar Scrub.

Thermal Cleansing Balm
The award-winning Thermal Cleansing Balm is a gentle black facial cleansing balm that is rich in Hungarian Moor Mud and sweet almond oil. This balm is designed to remove all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara, and cleanses all skin types without stripping the skin’s natural oils. The result is a complexion that is more soft, hydrated, and radiant.

Deep Cleansing Mask
Another popular Omorovicza skincare product is the Deep Cleansing Mask, which also features Hungarian Moor mud in order to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. Additionally, white kaolin clay works to draw out toxins and impurities while naturally absorbing excess oil. Kaolin also exfoliates the skin, effectively removing dead skin cells that cause skin to look dull and can even clog pores, leading to blemishes.

Queen of Hungary Mist
The Queen of Hungary Mist was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, the world’s first recorded perfume, formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th century. It is a purifying and hydrating face mist that features apple pectin, which contains particularly high concentrations of vitamins A and C, and potassium.

Cleansing Foam
The Omorovicza Cleansing Foam is a sulphate-free blue cleansing foam that is said to purify and refresh the skin while removing all makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. The formula primarily consists of Hungarian Thermal Water, glycerin, and two surfactants. A surfactant molecule contains one end that is hydrophilic (attracted to water) and one end that is lipophilic (attracted to oil). This allows surfactants to attract and suspends oils, dirt, and other impurities that have accumulated on the skin and wash them away, leaving the skin clean.

Complexion Perfector
The Omorovicza Complexion Perfector is an all-in-one tinted moisturizer that is available in four shades. The silicone-free formula is lightweight and blends effortlessly in order to correct skin tone and smooth the complexion. The formula contains zinc oxide, a type of physical sunscreen to provide broad spectrum protection, as well as vitamin C to protect against free radical damage.

Gold Sugar Scrub
The final best selling Omorovicza skincare product we’d like to discuss is the Gold Sugar Scrub. This Omorovicza scrub contains fair-trade cane sugar, which functions as a physical exfoliant to manually remove excess dead skin cells that can clog pores and lead to dull skin. Colloidal gold adds a sense of luxury to this scrub and also provides several skin benefits. For instance, gold has been shown to stimulate blood circulation, enhance the absorption of other active ingredients, and improve the firmness and elasticity of skin.

What Are The Key Omorovicza Skincare Ingredients?

Margaret and Stephen Omorovicza decided to formulate their line of skincare products in such a way that replicated the effects of the healing Hungarian thermal waters. You may be wondering what gives these waters their healing and rejuvenating properties. Well, it turns out that the earth’s crust is thinner in Budapest than any other city in the world. That’s why the waters rise up to the surface and the unusually high concentration of minerals absorb more effectively in the water.

In order to capture all of the benefits of these waters, the couple worked with the head of a Nobel-prize winning Hungarian laboratory to develop and patent a mineral delivery system called Healing Concentrate. The process of creating this delivery system involves a course of lengthy bio-fermentation, a unique scientific process that amplifies desired qualities found in nature. During this process, the molecular structure of the minerals in the water is reconfigured. The resulting complex molecules are bioavailable, meaning that they can be easily absorbed into the epidermis, where they are most effective.

Another key ingredient found in several Omorovicza skincare products is Hungarian Moor Mud. This ingredient is also derived from Hungarian thermal waters and is rich in calcium and magnesium carbonates, as well as humic acid and fulvic acid. Humic and fulvic acid are major organic constituents of soil that provide many nutritional properties. According to Healthline, fulvic acid is also a very potent antioxidant and functions as an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent. Together, these components of Hungarian Moor Mud work together to purify and nourish the skin.

In addition to the Healing Concentrate and Hungarian Moor Mud, the Omorovicza skincare products contain vitamins, botanical extracts, and other natural ingredients sourced from across the globe. Omorovicza even uses naturally derived alternatives to commonly used synthetics, such as silicones and parabens.

One thing to keep in mind is that all Omorovicza skincare products contain fragrance from essential oils. This is problematic because essential oils have the potential to cause contact allergies, skin irritation, and even skin damage. In fact, according to a 2016 publication in the scholarly journal Dermatitis, nearly 80 essential oils have caused contact allergy. This is because all fragrance ingredients (whether natural or synthetic) impart scent through a volatile reaction, and this natural reaction almost always causes a sensitizing reaction on skin. Even if you don’t have a full blown reaction to the ingredient, the damage may still be occurring every day. Ultimately, this can cause mild problems for your skin in the short term and worse problems in the long term.

Where Are Omorovicza Skincare Products Sold?

Omorovicza skincare products are sold on the brand’s website, as well as several third party online retailers such as Sephora,, Nordstrom, and more. Omorovicza also has spa locations where you can receive skincare consultations, spa treatments, and purchase Omorovicza skincare products.

What is The Omorovicza Return Policy?

The Omorovicza return policy states, “Purchases made on can be returned and are eligible for a refund (if product is unused) or online credit (if the product has been used). Products must be returned within 7 days of order receipt and refunds will be processed within 7 days of arrival.”

Is Omorovicza Cruelty Free?

Omorovicza is cruelty free. The brand does not test their ingredients or finished products on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. They also do not sell their products where animal testing is required by law.



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Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil Review

Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil is a nourishing face oil for all skin types that is said to replenish like a rich cream yet absorb instantly like a serum while working to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This face oil contains a high concentration of sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil. Sweet almond oil contains many beneficial fatty acids, including 32% monounsaturated oleic acid (an omega-9 fatty acid), 13% linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated omega-6 essential fatty acid), and 10% saturated fatty acid (mainly as palmitic acid). Apricot kernel oil is primarily composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid. Unsaturated fatty acids are required for making skin, in particular for making ceramides (the family of waxy lipid molecules that make up 50% of the skin’s barrier). Thus, the fatty acids in both sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil help to balance, nourish, and lubricate the skin by replenishing the lipid barrier. Another key ingredient in Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil is bakuchiol, a plant-derived alternative to retinol. Bakuchiol is an east asian plant seed extract that provides many of the same benefits as retinol, including the ability to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and reduce the effects of sun damage (including uneven skin tone). Two final key ingredients in the Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil include rosehip oil and sea buckthorn berry extract. Rosehip oil is a rich source of beta carotene and all-trans retinoic acid, which both promote regeneration in the outer layers of the skin. This improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In addition, rosehip seed oil has a high content of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is known to improve the skin’s barrier function and calm inflammation. Sea buckthorn berry extract contains unique unsaturated fatty acids, such as palmitoleic acid (omega-7) and gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6), which promote regeneration and help repair damaged skin. In addition, sea buckthorn berry extract easily penetrates through the epidermis, where it improves blood circulation and facilitates oxygenation of the skin.


Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C Review

Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C is a brightening, protective daily serum that is said to provide essential daily protection against environmental aggressors, whilst stimulating the production of collagen for a more youthful-looking complexion. A precursor to ascorbic acid (the active form of vitamin C) known as sodium ascorbyl phosphate is used in this serum because it is more stable and does not cause a stinging sensation upon application. Once sodium ascorbyl phosphate is absorbed by the skin, it is converted to ascorbic acid, which provides several benefits to the skin. Ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Ascorbic acid also has the ability to improve skin firmness, brighten skin tone, and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

In addition to sodium ascorbyl phosphate, the Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C serum features Actinidia arguta (kiwiberry) extract. Kiwiberry is a naturally potent source of vitamin C that further protects skin cells from oxidative stress and skin photoaging. By stimulating cells’ natural energy, this extract also helps prolong the healthy life of skin and protect its DNA. Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C also contains an innovative complex of watercress extract, zinc, and niacinamide (vitamin B3). This complex works to inhibit the production of melanin, thereby reducing pigmentation and correcting skin tone for a brighter, more even complexion. Lastly, this serum contains Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate™, which provides skin with the healing powers of Hungarian thermal waters.


Omorovicza Blue Diamond Concentrate Review

The Blue Diamond Concentrate from Omorovicza acts as a restorative serum to illuminate and heel damaged, overworked skin. This product features unique ingredients to lift the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The formula behind this serum features diamond peptides to help prolong the life cycle of skin cells, nasturtium derived polysaccharides to protect against hypoxic stress and hyaluronic acid to lift and hydrate the skin. Other notable features to keep in mind with this product include a unique compound of amino acids as well as copper. This compound stimulates collagen and elastin production for a more youthful and renewed appearance. But, of all of the ingredients present in this formula, their patented Healing Concentrate is the most unique. This blend acts as a potent delivery system to create firmer, more supple skin.


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