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NuFace Trinity is an FDA-cleared facial toning device to help improve facial contour, facial tone and reduce wrinkles in as little as five minutes a day. The story behind NuFace Trinity begins with Carol Cole and her daughters, Tera Peterson and Kim Morales, who created the device out of their home in Encinitas, CA. Carol, a licensed aesthetician, has a long history of using microcurrent facials with her clients in order to treat complaints such as sagging eyelids, loss of contour, and simply “tired of looking tired”. She soon recognized her clients’ need for more frequent microcurrent treatments. In 2005, Carol and her daughters launched NuFACE for their clients to use at-home in between their professional microcurrent facials. Today, NuFACE is a leader in at-home beauty devices. In this NuFace Trinity review, we’ll discuss key products, key formulation, NuFace Trinity reviews from real customers, and an alternative for you to consider.

What are the best selling NuFace products?

NuFACE Trinity is the best selling product offered by NuFace, but the brand also has a variety of skin care products to be used before and after the device. In this section, we’ll explain who may benefit from the NuFACE Trinity device, as well as one of the most popular NuFACE skin care products.

NuFACE Trinity is a facial toning device that is designed for those that want to improve their facial contour, facial tone, and wrinkles at home. The company claims that you can start to see visible results with using the device for as little as 5 minutes a day. This is why microcurrent therapy treatments are often referred to as the “5 Minute Facial Lift”.

NuFACE Trinity is able to provide these results because of microcurrent technology. Microcurrent is a safe, effective, clinically tested therapy treatment that is used in spas and medical offices for facial contouring, toning, and firming of aging skin. Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative anti-aging results. Because microcurrent works sub-sensory, the treatment is soothing and most people feel nothing at all.

The microcurrent from the NuFACE Trinity device sends soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues, and down to the facial muscles. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production (adenosine triphosphate), the primary carrier of energy in cells. ATP provides the energy to create key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are both necessary for maintaining firm, youthful skin. Increased levels of ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing the muscle is often an improved, lifted appearance.

The NuFACE Trinity Device comes with a skin care product called the NuFACE Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer. This is a lightweight hydrating gel that is recommended to be applied before using the NuFACE Trinity device for optimal conductivity during NuFACE microcurrent treatments or anytime skin needs a moisture boost.

The NuFACE Trinity Device can be used with other skin care brands and actually works synergistically with many skin care lines. However, it’s important to avoid oil-based skin care products before your NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer and NuFACE ini treatment as the oil may prohibit the optimal delivery of microcurrent.

What are the key ingredients used in NuFace skin care?

Since we’ve already covered how NuFace Trinity works and what benefits you may be able to achieve with this device, let’s discuss the key ingredients used in the NuFACE Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer.

NuFACE Hydrating Leave-on Gel Primer features a high concentration of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid improves skin hydration while also providing a temporary plumping effect to fill in lines and wrinkles. The primer also contains Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp (snow mushroom) extract. Due to its gelatinous structure and rich composition of polysaccharides, snow mushroom extract has excellent water-binding properties and provides hydration to the skin. It acts similarly to hyaluronic acid by drawing moisture into the skin. Research has also demonstrated Tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Where are NuFace products sold?

NuFace Trinity and other NuFace skin care products are sold online through the brand’s website, as well as authorized online retailers (Sephora, DermStore, Amazon, QVC, etc.) NuFace products are also sold through authorized department stores, spas, and physician offices. The brand has a list of authorized retailers on their website, as well as a store locator to find NuFace in your area.

What is the NuFace return policy?

The NuFace return policy states, “NuFACE devices and attachments can be returned within 60-days of purchase, and NuFACE Primers & Skin Care can be returned within 30-days. Refreshed NuFACE devices and attachments are FINAL SALE and cannot be refunded unless received damaged. Please retain your proof of purchase, as it is required for all refunds and returns.”

Is NuFace cruelty free?

As of 2019, NuFace is not cruelty free; they do test their products on animals.

NuFace Trinity Reviews

Reviews below are positive overall, with a mix of 1, 3 and 5 stars. The most helpful: “I have used the NuFace device for nearly a year and it really does work. I have not experienced any of the negative side effects mentioned here. The one thing I will say is that it works well, but only if you use it regularly (3x/week is good). Sometimes it’s hard to do that, so consistency is the key!”



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  • Sunny Lambert Original review: Aug 15, 2023. Reply

    Nuface is a scam. Their products are made to die right after warranty. They are shameful.

  • Gabby Original review: Aug 11, 2021. Reply

    I feel like I’m experiencing the same think I bought it and I have been using it and now I see some redness and swollen in my eye balls. What did you eye doctor told you? Thanks so much so sharing

  • Paola Simbula Original review: Mar 30, 2021. Reply

    I have just written an e mail to the company because after 15 days of utilization I have had for the last two days an equilibrium trouble and difficult in sight to focus object… now I have stopped the treatment and wait for information from the company about contraindications….let me know if you have a similar experience.
    Maybe it is a problem that doesn’t depends on nuface but anyway tomorrow I show it to my othrin.

  • Deborah Original review: Nov 13, 2020. Reply

    After using the NuFace for only a couple of minutes I developed severe burns along the line where the metal orbs passed on my skin: the burns took more than 2 weeks to subside. I took pictures and sent them to the company but they claimed they had never seen this reaction to their product. Today I know better–it’s called follicular burn. Hair is a conductor of electricity so if your face has a lot of hair (peach fuzz, white hairs, etc.) make certain you remove all facial hair by whatever means suits you prior to using the NuFace or risk burning your face. I even tried using the device on the lowest power possible but still saw faint red bumps. I’m going to try NEWA and hope I have better luck with radiofrequency than I did with microcurrent.

  • Sam Original review: Sep 11, 2020. Reply

    Hey Rachel! I’m not sure if you’ll see this but my eyes feel kind of funky after using the NuFACE just 3-4 times. I was wondering how long you used it? And how long did it take for your side effects to go away?!? I’m a little nervous about it now and wondering if I should visit my eye doctor.

  • Rachel Original review: Feb 19, 2020. Reply

    This device is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS!!! I have had some serious side effects where there is fluid built up in eye, subconjunctive hemorrhage in eye, swelling under eye and face, inflammed nerves all around face and inside mouth, headaches, and more. I have been to my eye doctor multiple times from using this device and he said he would NEVER recommend this to anyone as there are too many nerves around eyes and face. This device is seriously dangerous and for a temporary fix it is not worth the risk. I hope this comment can save someone from some serious pain and suffering. This has been a very scary experience!!!!

  • Bethany Original review: Nov 25, 2018. Reply

    I have been using Nuface Trinity off and on for two months and I love the results. I started with the 15 minute routine. Isaw immediate improvement in tree quality of my skin tone, the size of my pores, my smile lines, forehead, eye area, neckline and jawline. I didn’t even know my neckline and jawline had issues until I saw the improvement. I also see an amplified result from the skincare I was already using.

    My skin is clear, glowing, and the clock has been reversed!

    Then, I took a bit of a break because I had a baby. Despite NuFace’s claim that results are temporary, I saw the results last. About six weeks from the last use, I was enjoying the results.

    Now, I use NuFace whenever I can (about once every few weeks) and I’m still pleased and surprised by the results!!

    I recommend this product to everyone!

    Just be sure to use enough gel. I use AquaSonic gel. If you go that route ( aloe is another option), just be sure to wash all the product off before applying your regular skincare treatment.

  • Tamara F Bacon Original review: Feb 11, 2018. Reply

    SAME! I haven’t reacted to their new formulation, and have success with their “Gold” line–its just so much more expensive so I usually save it to use with my Jenu, whose micro current conductor was likewise allergenic. I now use a pure aloe jelly and add salt for conduction (just add a little at a time because it liquefies the gel).

  • Stephanie Original review: Oct 11, 2017. Reply

    Wow – this happened to me as well. I wasn’t sure what it was from. Red, swollen face and rash. I do have sensitive skin but the reaction was the worst I ever had. Wasn’t sure if it was from the electrical current. Have you tried the device with just aloe?

  • Lisa from UK Original review: Sep 02, 2017. Reply

    I purchased my NuFace Trinity device 30 days ago and have to say I’m really pleased with the results. I don’t want to turn back the hands of time but just have good skin for my age (I’m 46).
    The first week I committed to the 15 mins per day and the “holds” that are recommended. There was a clear difference in laughter lines and forehead wrinkles (11 lines about the nose), after 2 weeks I began to notice cheekbones were much defined ( I didn’t have any before!) The gel provided ran out very quickly so I bought some organic Aloe Vera gel from the local health store and this has been a much cheaper replacement.
    Ensure you apply plenty of lubrication to your skin ( as per the instructions). When Ihave been in a hurry and not applied enough gel there there have been red marks where the nodules have been held and a strong electrical urgent sensation therefore I ensure I follow the manufacturers instructions! I look forward to using it as it’s such a relaxing sensation.
    I’m now at day 31 and people are commenting on his “well” I look and my husband has asked if I’ve lost weight so there’s an obvious difference that people just can’t say why or How!
    I am so pleased with the results I am going to buy the wrinkle reducer attachment. I can’t praise it enough. It does just what the company claims.

  • Elaine Original review: Jul 14, 2017. Reply

    Use caution when using this product! The gel contains methylisothiazolinone a perservative that many are allergic to.

    Made me break out in hives and my eyes are swollen up like balloons!!! Going today for a steroid shot!!!

  • Susan Original review: Jun 11, 2017. Reply

    Bought the nuface and used it for 4-5 days and suddenly got a headache on my left side !!!! Never had this problem before!!!
    Do not use this product it causes side effects !!!!! Very dangerous!!

  • kim Original review: May 17, 2017. Reply

    I just tried the “Good Clean Love personal lubricant Almost Naked” gel with the Nuface and it left my face really red. I am hoping its not a burn. Will monitor. If you do not react to the gel sold with the product, stick with it- you dont know how ur skin will react to something else. Otherwise, Nuface does help w/ lifting, very subtle changes. If you are young, i recommend not smoking and eating a plant based low sugar diet as well as waering SPF always to keep your skin looking good. For the rest of us, I guess we will do what we can. I am 31 btw but 12 yrs of smoking and not the best eating habits in my 20’s are really taking a toll w/ sagging especially jowls and undereyes.

  • Bobbi Original review: Jan 25, 2017. Reply

    I have the NuFace Mini. First of all, I had a reaction to the gel in the silver tube. It made my skin on my face very bumpy and scabbed a little. I changed to the firming gel in the gold tube and the bumps immediately went away. I’m noticing a difference in my cheek and jaw area. It is less saggy and more firm, so I’m pleased about that. However, approximately a week ago I started experiencing vertigo. I used to suffer from vertigo years ago and then it went away on it’s own. I don’t know if this device can cause dizziness or not. I guess I’ll stop using it for awhile and see if the vertigo goes away. I really like the results of the NuFace Mini and was originally planning on upgrading to the Trinity, but for now I have to determine if I’m experiencing side effects from this device.

  • D. A. Pendery Original review: Jan 06, 2017. Reply

    Bottom line the product did not measure up to the claims made by NuFace manufacturer. It is a waste of good money. I have decided the only effective way to diminish wrinkles and brown spots is with the facial peels and laser treatments done in dermatologist and board certified plastic surgeons’ offices. Don’t waste your money on these false claims.

  • betsy ross Original review: Oct 17, 2016. Reply

    Got the NuFace Mini unit 6 months ago, Used it faithfully (the 15 minute procedure) every day for 3 months and got minimal results at best. I now only use it every other day 15 minute procedure only because I paid for this thing and feel if I don’t use it, its a bigger waste of money. I am 60 years old and have the lines from nose to mouth and a saggy chin area-this has done nothing to improve those issues. It has very slightly improved the horizontal lines on my forehead. I think this probably works for younger women who have faster collagen turnover. Wish they made a stronger one for us more mature ladies. I did not get skin discoloration from this, but I use a nice layer of the gel every time. Do not skimp on the gel.

  • Eva Original review: Mar 18, 2016. Reply

    My Nuface is working great! I only am using it since 3 days and I already saw a difference upon first use. My skin is lifted, more taut and more rosy and has a nice glow. I hope I will get the promised results after 2 months. I bought it because I don’t have a firm jaw line. I am 41 years only and have combination skin. My pore size already seems to have diminished.
    I bought the LED attachment and I am curious to try it out!! You do need enough gel on the microcurrent prongs otherwise it will sting.

  • Emily Original review: Nov 17, 2015. Reply

    Reading the mixed reviews, Here is what i conclude, It does tone skin, but you need to find a method that works. i am only 4 days in but do see some slight results thus far.

    Here is what is working for me. 1) Clean face, right out of the shower (“out” being the key word). 2) Gel is a must! use a healthy amount I could feel it when i hit a spot without gel, (i believe the ladies below when they said it left a mark). so GEL, GEL, Gel… 3) use the internet instructions. Those instruction say keep the device moving up and down, back and forth, for 5 seconds, 12 different areas repeat twice. I would not follow any instructions that recommend holding it in one place for an extended period. 4) Wipe off excessive gel and complete your regular serum/moisturizing routine. (i use Epicuran 4-step on Amazon, make sure, you look up pictures to get the real stuff, like NuFace there are imitators on Amazon).

    My experience thus far. i will keep an eye out for discoloration and submit another response if it happens!

  • Eve Original review: Aug 22, 2015. Reply

    I have been using the NuFace electric stimulation device for a year. The sagging that was starting to occur along my jaw line has reversed. I am 57 and my jaw line is as taught as it was at 30. I practice TM meditation twice daily for 37 years and this prevented forehead wrinkles. However, the overall effect of 57 years of gravitational pull was causing some overall forehead sagging. No longer. Gone are little skin sags above my eyes from the tightening of forehead muscles. This product is amazing. I hope it doesn’t damage my brain in the process of making me look more youthful. I experienced terrible irritation and breakouts when using the NuFace gel, so I tried an aloe gel. Not good – it dried quickly and did not provide a good glide. I switched to a an all-natural, very smooth gel called “Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant Almost Naked” :). Great on both ends! I am curious about the trinity LED attachment, how long it lasts, burn risk, etc. and have not found any good reviews of it. Anyone else?

  • Leah Original review: Jun 14, 2015. Reply

    I love the results I’m seeing with NuFace. It arrived two days ago, and my face is lifted and wrinkles diminished. I hope I don’t encounter negative results shared in prior replies. So far, great!

  • Lee Original review: Apr 28, 2015. Reply

    The prong attachment burned my face horribly. Serious burns that started about 12 hours after the treatment at Canyon Ranch spa boutique in the Palazzo Hotel in Vegas. Had a 5 minute demo and have been suffering a burned face for 4 days. It is getting worse instead of better each day. Looks like I was in a fire.

  • Sally Original review: Feb 28, 2015. Reply

    Received this for Christmas . I do see results with the lift aspect cut now have noticed areas of hyper pigmentation where the machine is used . One step forward and two back. I will no longer be using this . Such a shame because it was working with skin lift . Once the cell damage is done , hyper pigmentation is difficult , if not impossible, to reverse

  • Laurie D Original review: Jul 21, 2014. Reply

    I have been using Nuface for over a year and love how it makes my skin feel. It even seems to help the occasional sinus headache. However, I now have two slightly darker stripes on my left cheek that match the track of the orbs on the machine. On the right cheek I have a dark spot at the “landing zone” where I stop the upward stroke. It’s sad because I had a nice even skin tone before. So far I haven’t been able to get the spots to fade. If anyone has a suggestion I’d love to hear it.

  • Elaine Original review: Jul 20, 2014. Reply

    I have used the NuFace device for nearly a year and it really does work. I have not experienced any of the negative side effects mentioned here. The one thing I will say is that it works well, but only if you use it regularly (3x/week is good). Sometimes it’s hard to do that, so consistency is the key!

  • Huntington Beach Original review: Jun 28, 2014. Reply

    I recently purchased the NuFace trinity device thinking it would be a great addition to my skin care regimen. I’m glad I took before and after photos to realize what happened to my skin. After using it for 2 weeks exactly as the company instructs, I noticed circular, brown spots, (the size of the metal orbs on the device) in the exact areas they tell you to place the device and where they tell you to hold it for the advanced holds; i.e. at the temples, at the brow line, in the center of forehead above the brow, etc. I phoned the company and spoke to 3 different people. One lady told me the NuFace device was bringing them up to the surface and that they would go away. I am a licensed, practicing esthetician for 20 years now so I really pay close attention to my skin and honestly, this device caused my skin to look older after 2 weeks of usage. Another side effect was that my skin felt sunburned for several days after using it. I even noticed spots that looked burned on my cheeks. One of those spots healed and has left a brown mark. I stopped using the device but the damage is done. I saw that another lady left an online review about how she experienced brown spots after using NuFace too, so you can add me to that list. What a shame. I thought it would make my skin prettier and the opposite was true for me.

  • Liz Original review: Jun 27, 2014. Reply

    I recently had a facial, complimented with a NuFace treatment. Since that time I have had several very uncomfortable sensations where my equilibrium is off. Worse first thing in the morning. I can’t be certain this is the cause, but the only connection I can make. Would be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced.

  • debbie Original review: May 26, 2014. Reply

    Hi. I bought the nuface trinity with the wrinkle removing led light attachment,
    both game me frontal / eye / sinus headaches that diminished after stopping use. It works, but being ill all day nearly every day to get a few less wrinkles and slightly lifted skin just wasn’t worth it in the end. Shame.

  • Susan Scott Original review: May 17, 2014. Reply

    I bought this NuFACE because I had a series of strokes in the past year that made the corners of my mouth droop down. It gave me a mean expression, not good for a grandmother. This thing has tightened my muscles back up to virtually normal. It also has improved the rest of my face. I look cheerful again. I use it each evening and sometimes in the mornings if I have the time. If you make a firm commitment to it and use this on a regular basis, then it absolutely does what it says it will do. I bough hospital grade electrode gel on eBay for five dollars a huge nine ounce tube and it works great with the NuFACE.

  • Teresa Haddad Original review: May 03, 2014. Reply

    I used Nuface Trinity today for the first time and had amazing results. My skin looked as though I had a face lift. When my husband arrived home from work, the very first thing he said to me was, “You look good.” And he is not someone who easily gives complements. At dinner, he asked me if I had lost weight. I then told him about Nuface Trinity. I am very excited about my new toy. Especially because it really works!

  • Sandra Original review: Nov 05, 2013. Reply

    I never leave reviews but the manufacturers of Nuface have a winner. This is a really good device that will help make you skin glow. I don’t how it works or what it does but the lights leave your skin looking healthy. I think it might help reduce the size of the pores.

  • Willow Original review: Oct 23, 2013. Reply

    That is why you should not buy beauty products from third party sites. Go with the original manufacturer even if it costs more because you know you are getting authentic.

  • Natalie Original review: Oct 10, 2013. Reply

    I bought NuFace Trinity on Ebay and I think I got an imitation. I contacted NuFace and they said they cannot help me. The only thing I can do is throw it out because it is some cheap Chinese imitation. I am very disappointed I did this just to save $50 and ended up loosing $200.

  • Melissa Original review: Sep 05, 2013. Reply

    Just bought NuFace, actually went for the rebuild version as it is exactly identical to the original but more cost effective. Looking forward to getting the device and using it for the first very time.

  • Lucia Original review: Aug 22, 2013. Reply

    I have been using NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device for 4 months and this is one area i will not scrimp on. I was paying around $100 per session of Omnilux and Gentlewaves and this does the same thing. I have not seen a reduction in wrinkles but my skin looks clearer and smoother and I just bought it recently. The before and after photos are exaggerative but apart from that I think it is a great device.

  • London Original review: Aug 14, 2013. Reply

    I was considering buying Facemaster but I just read your NuFace and LightStim review. Which is the best option for wrinkles? It looks like Lightstim is more affordable but is it less effective? The all look promising but comparable. Even the before and after photos are similar. It looks like you have not written a review on Facemaster yet. Is that because it is not as good as NuFace Trinity?

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