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What do pearls, diamonds, and gold sapphires have in common? Of course, they are all gems that are valued not only for their beauty but also for the healing powers they are believed to hold. But did you know that these rare jewels are the key components found within a line of luxury skin care products? Read on to learn how Lionesse Gem Skin Care has incorporated some of the world’s most precious jewels into their line of skin care products and whether these products are worth the price tag. 

The story behind Lionesse 

Lionesse is a globally recognized luxury beauty brand offering over 100 different beauty products, including high-end makeup, hair tools and hair care, and skin care collections. The name “Lionesse” represents a woman that is resilient to society’s idea of beauty as she radiates splendor through her bare luminous skin. The brand believes that women are unique, strong, alluring, and fierce; just like a lionesse. 

What are the best-selling Lionesse Gem Skin Care products?

Lionesse Gem Skin Care is the brand’s newest luxury skin care line, with seven different collections that are infused with precious and semi-precious gems including amber, black onyx, diamond, gold sapphire, white pearl, opal, and morganite. 

The brand conveys that they use gemstones in their skin care products not just because of their exotic nature and pleasing looks. Rather, Lionesse understands that gemstones can influence the human body in more ways than one. For instance, one of the biggest advantages that gemstones offer is their natural energy. It is believed that a gem has the power to radiate a unique glow and generate a balanced energy. Gemstones are successful in improving blood circulation as well as renewal of healthy skin cells, giving the user a more youthful complexion. 

One of the best selling Lionesse Gem Skin Care products is the White Pearl Day Moisturizer. Pearls have long been associated with wealth and elegance, but did you know that pearl powder has been used both internally and externally in Chinese medicine for thousands of years? When ingested, pearl powder acts as a powerful antioxidant, stimulates the regeneration of collagen, and is rich in amino acids and more than 30 trace minerals. When applied to the skin, such as with the White Pearl Day Moisturizer, pearl powder calms redness and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. In addition to the pearl powder infused within this moisturizer, you’ll also find sodium hyaluronate and glycerin. Both of these ingredients are well known for hydrating the skin, resulting in a firm, plump complexion. 

Another best selling Lionesse Gem Skin Care product is the Black Onyx Mask. When applied to skin this unique formula has an instant warming effect to help eliminate dirt, oils, and other skin damaging pollutants. This mask also contains anti-aging ingredients like vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Vitamin A is well known to minimize multiple signs of aging while improving the skin texture and tone, and vitamin C can provide antioxidant protection and brighten the complexion. 

The final best selling Lionesse Gem Skin Care product we’d like to mention is the Amber New Age Syringe, which is said to immediately reduce the look of deep wrinkles while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. It is true that this product will instantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles thanks to the ingredients magnesium aluminum silicate, sodium silicate, and sodium polystyrene sulfonate. But the effect is purely cosmetic and wrinkles will return once the product is washed off. Fortunately, the product does contain a few anti-aging ingredients that will provide long term benefits, such as DMAE, acetyl hexapeptide-8, and retinyl palmitate. Curiously, the ingredients list for the Amber New Age Syringe does not even list Amber powder like the rest of the products in the Amber collection. 

What are the key ingredients in Lionesse Gem Skin Care?

As mentioned above, each collection in the Lionesse Gem Skin Care line is based on a gemstone. Here is how each collection is said to benefit your skin:

  • The White Pearl Collection is considered the starter collection with all of the essentials for basic skin care. 
  • The Amber Collection focuses on skin concerns specifically around the eye area.
  • The Black Onyx Collection is the anti-aging collection that works through thermal/heating effects
  • The Diamond Collection is formulated for those with dry skin as it provides intense moisture and hydration
  • The Gold Sapphire Collection is known as the skin rejuvenation collection for its calming and restorative ingredients

In addition to the skin benefits from the gemstones, the Lionesse Gem Skin Care line also contains a number of very common ingredients, like aloe vera, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid, among others.

Where are Lionesse Gem Skin Care products sold?

Lionesse Gem Skin Care products are sold on the brand’s website. There are also Lionesse Gem retail locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, the Philippines, Saint Maarten, and Hong Kong. You can find these locations on the brand’s website under ‘Store Locator’. 

Is Lionesse cruelty free?

Lionesse is cruelty free. The brand does not test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. In addition, Lionesse does not sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

Lionesse Gem Skin Care Reviews

Lionesse Gem Skin Care reviews on the brand’s website are overall pretty positive, however, there aren’t very many! The lack of Lionesse Gem Skin Care reviews is most likely due to the incredibly high price tags on these jeweled skin care products. While the least expensive products of this line will cost you several hundred dollars, the products range all the way up to $4,000 or more! 

All of the best selling Lionesse Gem Skin Care products mentioned above have received mostly 4 and 5 star ratings from customers who have tried these products. Reviews for the White Pearl Day Moisturizer mention that this is a great moisturizer, however, several reviewers pointed out that it may not be best for those with oily skin. Black Onyx Mask reviews mention that this product helps the face to appear more youthful. Many of the Amber New Age Syringe reviews call this an amazing product, however, it seems as though several people are confused about how to use this product. 

Besides the Lionesse Gem Skin Care reviews on the brand’s website, we also found a few reviews across the internet (mostly from beauty editors and bloggers), which concur that these products really do help your skin to glow like a gem. A review of the Lionesse Diamond Rejuvenation Face Mask by StyleCaster stated that this product did make her skin “glow like a diamond” but that it simply wasn’t worth it for the price. 



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  • Nikia denny Original review: Dec 29, 2023. Reply

    The pushy but kind sales girl put the must have wrinkle remover around my eyes….
    She was mad when I didn’t purchase it then before I even made it home it began to flake off. This product was 300.00!!!! Absurd and fraudulent!! Will never support this company.

  • Nancy Original review: Jul 22, 2023. Reply

    What a bad feeling with these people,The sales people were good at the begining but when I bought the stuff the attitudes changed..They took my credit card in the back just so they could look at it I was stupid to give it to them OMG..they suck..

  • Nancy Original review: Jul 22, 2023. Reply

    Does anyone know if you can return unopen skin car to the store?

  • AMARI Original review: Mar 24, 2023. Reply

    We were clearly staying away from the sales people offering for free testing, but one of our friend got caught up and decided to enter the shop, as so did we… At first i find the product qiite surprising, since you can really feel the softness but then they started to keep lowering the price from $300 and i was quite aware of that kind of sales method, and i still told them i wouldn’t buy it, and then they started to add more product on my face to let me agree that their product seems to work immediately and then the saleman started telling me that he was an expert and their product are suitable for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, and I was never convinced in buying their products but my friend did. After hours of waling around the mall, i started to fell itchiness on my face, where they applied the product. Thankfully didn’t pay $300 for a product that they say are suitable for “sensitive skin”. My face is skill itchy… Hope it gets better tomorrow

  • Jean Original review: Dec 01, 2022. Reply

    The white pearl undereye seemed to work at the demonstration booth but then used it consistently and I did not see a change at all. 400 dollars later. Totally ashamed of myself…. I knew better

  • Tara Original review: Jan 14, 2022. Reply

    I hardly go to malls, or anywhere for that matter so I never heard of Lionesse until I was given the stuff. So far I only tried the pearl wrinkle pen. It did work! I have tried so many products which seem to do nothing, or make me look worse. Unfortunately the result seems to be temporary. I don’t want to put egg white on my face like other comments mentioned. However I did get suckered into buying a different product, Skinmedica SNS, that actually has great reviews but hasn’t made an improvement.

  • Toby Original review: Nov 22, 2021. Reply

    Totally feel you guys . I have the same bad experience at Orchard Wisma branch, Singapore. I was in a hurry indeed but was soft hearted due to one of their sales literally rushed out to pass me a sample and i thought of helping them to try but wanna go home but a senior sales came to soft talk me. And so, very quickly, she convinced me applying a transparent serum thingy on my palm yet applying a totally different Color thingy on my left eye, and it feels very bad as it is too tight but the sale is very forceful in a way to try to convince me by saying it is effective and so I will feel this way. I expressed my unhappiness with their sales technique as I know some facial products do penetrate your skin to a certain level that your skin may start repelling to absorb other normal product ingredients. That feel to me is really like that. Yes it feels tight but super unnatural and uncomfortable that till now (1 hour ) plus I still very unwell with the “tightness” under my left eye and the imbalance on the skin on two sides of my eyes. Very horrible experience. I don’t know how will my left eye feel tmr, if it can’t feel flex like before, I will also consider failing a law suit with them too.

  • Karen Jack Original review: Mar 13, 2021. Reply

    Just today at the mall I was “sucked in” and two Very Charming sales people gave me some demos with the extremely expensive products. Long story short, I walked away after spending $200.00 that I really did not want to spend. I was too weak to just get up and leave. I am very mad with myself. Expensive lesson learned.

  • Tina Original review: Oct 23, 2019. Reply

    The same tactics, high pressured sales and I got sucked into buying the eye serum for $300.00 and got one more cream for bonus and future free consultation about my skin. No facials like some of the customers were offered. Very questionable business practices and first I wrote Lioness on the check and they made me cross it out and write True Beauty? and then the bag is from the third company? Very shady, I felt totally stupid for being softy and will not show up for any other demonstrations/consultations. I agree Oil of Olay Regenerist is much less and works!

  • Sena Original review: Oct 15, 2019. Reply

    Like the others, I had one eye done……..but this is a high pressure scam. I just got up and left Without my free sample, the grabbed that back up.
    It turned pasty after a while.
    Evyone is selling this type of product and for a lot less.

    Sticking with Chanel.

  • Patricia Baker Original review: Aug 26, 2019. Reply

    I was nabbed while waiting for my daughter at the mall. I too went in with the thinking of not buying anything but when she did the left side of my face with Diamond de-puffer i was amazed. My granddaughter was with me n could see the difference. I purchased it along with some other items that were greatly reduced. I was also give two products at no charge. I am 62 n any help is apprecited. I will try the product n see how it all works

  • Tracey Dvorak Original review: Aug 01, 2019. Reply

    I was approached at a mall and I kept saying I would stop back and she kept “secretly” lowering the price and adding in a free set of the face product. Starting at like $300 ending up at $100. I should have been stronger! After this long drawn out ordeal….I went into a store and the clerk said “oh no, u did not buy that stuff”. She told me that they were going to sell it to her and got down to $30.00. I complained to the mall, they had me contact the company, who replied one time to my email saying that they wanted to satisfy me. Nothing ever came out of it, and they will no longer respond to me.

  • chickenladybug Original review: Apr 07, 2019. Reply

    I was killing time at the mall of Louisiana and a handsome young man was handing out free sample packets outside of Lionesse. Needless to say he suckered me into the store and sat me down. He introduced me to many products I have never seen or heard of before. The first product he used on me was the Amber new age syringe and within one minute of applying it to one eye my under eye was smooth and the fine lines were gone, also any puffiness I had was diminished. I was very impressed, (and not a lot impresses me) I couldn’t afford the price he told me at first, not without my husbands approval. But then he offered it to me at a much lower price and asked me not to disclose the drastic discount. Which I won’t. But he also asked that I promote and share with friends and family when they ask about my skin in return. So I will. The salesman was very genuine and happy and really cared about promoting the line to consumers who needed it. I didn’t feel in any way that he was out to make sales, he said he was just a promoter. And it worked he got me to see how great it is, all the products he used on me were great! I just can’t afford that in my life right now. I’m very excited to keep using the syringe. If you’re at a mall and they get you in the seat just go for it. It might change your life.

  • Judith Colby Original review: Mar 30, 2019. Reply

    I am not happy with the tactics they use to get you to finally purchase the product. I never stop at the kiosk because I don’t like the drama. After an hour he talked me into buying the Nonsurgical eyelid. I really couldn’t afford it and tried to explain it to him but to no avail. Taking no for an answer he once again kept telling me I needed to treat myself and he would not listen. He kept lowering the price on the next line until I just wanted out and got nonsurgical facelift for $949.50. The first one cost me $422.00.Total of $1381.15.
    When I left the counter I was approached by a woman who said she had the same problem with them. My salesperson was Andrew. I kept telling him over and over that I really couldn’t afford it. But he wouldn’t listen. Was told by security at the Maine Mall that they had other complaints
    against them. I don’t like high pressure tactics. And all the compliments they give you to buy. I would much like a response to this email. A refund or a partial credit would be nice. I am on my live on Social Security.
    Thank you,
    Judith Colby

  • Roxanne Drouin Original review: Feb 19, 2019. Reply

    They sucked me in, I just wanted a facial, and they told me it was 500$ for a facial! So 270$ for the amber new age syrum (they thing that tightens your face in minutes and website says it cost 995$ ) is probably what you’re looking for. I say by it on Amazon , but I don’t think bags under my eyes is worth that much . I got 3 other free things and a facial…a facial while sitting in a chair using creams … That’s not a facial !

  • Erica Original review: Jan 29, 2019. Reply

    I usually politely decline offers of free samples from salespersons standing outside a store and walk on by. But when a woman asked me if I was interested in an under-eye cream as I walked by the Lionesse Beauty Bar at the Luxor Las Vegas, I stopped. I am not impressed with the results of the L’Occitane eye cream I have been using for the past two years. The saleswoman applied the Amber New Age Syringe to my left eye, fanned my face, and held up a mirror. The result was instant and amazing. The dark circle and puffiness were drastically reduced. She offered the Syringe, plus the White Pearl Day Moisturizer and a facial with a “NASA” technology device for $199. She did not use high-pressure tactics at all. I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money without doing a bit of research, so I walked out. I read these reviews and looked up the retail price on the website ($995 for just the Syringe!) and decided to go back. The products sound great and the promotional price was good.

    I made my purchase and sat down for the free facial. During the facial, I was introduced to the other Lionesse products. A lot of products were offered and many prices were tossed out, which I was prepared for thanks to these great reviews. In the end, I was offered at least 8 different products and the facial device for $1500 or just the entire collagen line for $400. I repeatedly declined. The salesperson was persistent, but always polite.

    I am excited to try my new products. If they work, I will definitely go back to the Luxor location and act like a newbie to get another great promotional offer.

  • Samuel Goh Original review: Oct 28, 2018. Reply

    For and on behalf of my Wife and me …and what scary is that We see no good result of our application of Lioneese products plus they took a huge some of $10900 from my bank without giving a receipt.

  • Rhi Crawford Original review: Sep 07, 2018. Reply

    The other reviews accurately describe my experience with the company and salespersons. They offer insane discounts to get a sale, they play up how secretive these discounts have to be, the original price for each item is beyond insane. I do not believe for a second that you were actually able to throw in a thousand dollar product with my many discounts. On this front, yes, absolutely, the prices are inflated beyond reason, and even after 75%+ discounts you’re still paying a crazy amount for your product.

    But I will say, and the main reason my rating is what it is, the “free” facials do math out to something a little easier to chew. If you spend $700 on product and get 6 “free” facials that take upwards of an hour, you’re paying for the facials. If you’re willing to pay $50 to get a facial regularly anyway, then that’s already functionally $300 out of what you spent. Assuming the remaining $400 is product alone, and the product is usually supposed to be enough for you to do your at home routine for 6+ months, then it’s not a completely insane price–if each product (usually something like mask/activator/serum/moisturizer, that kind of thing) were $100 for a six month supply that you use either daily or eventually weekly, then that’s not nearly as exorbitant as it could be–but I can’t really compare these products to cheaper alternatives, as if I already had a daily/weekly regiment of skin maintaining, I wouldn’t have bothered going in at all.

    My partner sees improvement in my face, and the products we bought didn’t give either of us bad reactions, but there are always more products being pitched when you go in. Every facial doubles as an infomercial half way through, and ends with a new lineup of products they want you to buy next. It is absolutely a splurge, and one where you are being invited down a rabbit hole of more and more products at higher and higher prices. But if you go in knowing that, and you’ve got the money at the time, and you want to be peppered with compliments and unwind after a bad day or week, I think it’s not a complete waste. The product demonstrations were useful to me as someone who has never bothered with masks or facelifts or exfoliator scrubs or eye serums, and in all honesty, I’ll end up using the little bit I learned that wasn’t just pitch for more affordable products in the future.

  • CC Lee Original review: Aug 23, 2018. Reply

    This is definitely a “BAIT & SWITCH” SCAM!!! My Mother, SISTER & I each bought the LionesseGEM AMBER EYE SERUM & the one in the large seringe in LAS VEGAS & spent $700.00 plus dollars. The product worked great during the demonstration, however when we got home & tried the product that we bought, we ALL hated it & it did NOT work at all to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, bags under eyes. The product did nothing!!! They are using stronger, or a different product during demos just to sale you & get your money!!! This company also will NOT REFUND ITEMS!!! Save your money, time & skin & DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It leaves your skin feeling dry & brittle, A white pasty look, & it does leave a white residue. Not worth a dime!!!

  • Kim Original review: Jun 22, 2018. Reply

    I agree with the other reviews. I got nabbed by a wonderful sales man and yes the product works. With the salesman and my daughter say how wonderful my eyes looked i did buy the serum and i did get the night cream as a bonus gift but this is not something that i could afford on a regular basis. So i will use and take the advantage while i can.

  • Linda Original review: Jun 02, 2018. Reply

    These folks appear everywhere, especially at vacation/event venues. Conventions, cruises, etc. etc. They use different names for the product, but the tactics and results are EXACTLY the same. They also do temporary kiosks in malls. New Orleans French Quarter is where I was taken in. I discovered ($300 later) that this scam is identified all over the web. They also know that if you are just taken in practically off the street for the demo that you are not taking the time to research it prior to the sale.
    Or course the results of the miracle eye cream THEY used on me in the store, was not what was actually sold to me. Whatever that stuff is, is truly incredibly amazing! It was immediate and very, very effective. I have been desperately trying to find out what that stuff is in the tube they use for that demo. Does anyone know? PLEASE! help me on that.

  • Linda Original review: Jun 02, 2018. Reply

    These folks appear everywhere, especially at vacation/event venues. Conventions, cruises, etc. etc. They use different names for the product, but the tactics and results are EXACTLY the same. They also do temporary kiosks in malls. New Orleans French Quarter is where I was taken in. I discovered ($300 later) that this scam is identified all over the web. They also know that if you are just taken in practically off the street for the demo that you are not taking the time to research it prior to the sale.
    Or course the results of the miracle eye cream THEY used on me in the store, was not what was actually sold to me. Whatever that stuff is, is truly incredibly amazing! It was immediate and very, very effective. I have been desperately trying to find out what that stuff is in the tube they use for that demo. Does anyone know? PLEASE! help me on that.

  • Bebe Original review: May 26, 2018. Reply

    I just bought the Amber New Age Syringe and it did take away my puffy bags It seems to be a smell and I have a headache so I am going to attempt to take it back

  • Kathleen Original review: May 05, 2018. Reply

    I was talked or rather pushed into buying several hundred dollars worth of the lionesse skin care product.
    I have to admit the White pearl Day Moisturizer is amazing. But really too much for an ordinary person to buy.
    Now I am wanting to buy another jar of it and they tell me they don’t have it… Pardon !!!
    I looked over everything they listed on their Page but it is not there.
    I asked Google where I can buy it in Durham Region , they haven’t heard of it Apparently !
    The packaging is beautiful and so is the cream, but what good is that if I cannot buy more when I run out…..
    So Good bye Lionesse, unless I hear from the company with some kind of news….good News that is !
    Their website, in my opinion, is a disaster and I wouldn’t trust it at all”’

  • Robynne Cornell Original review: Apr 07, 2018. Reply

    Who takes advantage of a vulnerable autistic man??!! Lionesse Beauty Bar at Clackamas Town Center in Clackamas, Oregon, that’s who! They sold $150 worth of “skin care” to our son who “has breakouts on his skin” according to the sales associate! First of all, he is disabled and vulnerable, and, second of all, he has NO NEED for a skin care regimen! His skin is perfect!

  • Chris S Original review: Apr 04, 2018. Reply

    I am using this as a lesson for my daughter who is very interested in the entertainment industry. After a high pressure sales technique as described above (less expensive because of medical conference, etc) at the Venetian in Las Vegas, the salesperson ‘expert’ informed me than I could not be sensitive to any of the ingredients – because they are ‘natural’. He said this on the authority he has ‘as a biologist’. I am a physician, so I was internally alternating laughing and shaking my head – and am very thankful that I have sensitive skin which made me need to see how the products are for my skin for at least 6 hours before buying anything. So I left. Now having read these reviews, I realize I am not alone and hope this is a lesson for my daughter, who was with me and saw this as a viable option (my under- eye wrinkles do actually seem better- but as said here, egg white would do the same). Best wishes everyone. I’ll stay away.

  • Amazed Original review: Mar 26, 2018. Reply

    Lioness Amber New Age Syringe DOES work!! I have very puffy eyes thanks to genetics. The Salesclerk put some under my eye followed by Vitamin C Collogen and used a small fan to dry it. Was VERY impressed that the puffiness disappeared. You can feel the tightness keeping the puffiness away. Feels like a glue that keeps it tight. Was told to use it once a week. Problem is the puffiness reappears the next day. Was wondering why we can’t use it daily. Contacting customer service with this question. My husband was also impressed!!

  • Ashley Original review: Mar 17, 2018. Reply

    Whatever you do, don’t even accept a sample from these terrible people. That’s how they get you. Once you sit down in the chair you are sure to be swindled. I am reading all of these reviews, and I see I am not alone in getting duped. I bought the facial peel for $50 and now I’m afraid to even use it because I know it’s junk. I always say no to pushy salespeople and for some strange reason I allowed them to trick me. I was carrying several bags and the idea of taking a seat sounded pleasant. So like others, the hypnotizing sales tactics worked. I even felt like I was being fooled but I went along with it. I thought maybe the product would actually be good for my skin. It isn’t. Any person even thinking about getting something from these conartists DON’T.

  • Jane B Original review: Mar 11, 2018. Reply

    While attending The SECO (Southern Council of Optometrists) a Medical Conference in Atlanta this weekend (Feb 28 -March 3rd, as a faculty member and volunteer for the National Academy of Opticianry I was in and out of the conference every day. On the first day of the show, I was “barked” into the booth by David; the first thing he asked me was if I was a doctor (I guess he was verifying that I would be able to afford the products.) I am embarrassed to say he sly talked into purchasing several products with the promise of decreasing my puffiness and wrinkles with a 100% guarantee of success! (that statement should have stopped me in my tracks, but he started applying the product under my left eye while using a mini fan then showed me minimal results in the mirror meanwhile talking to me about his aunt and how happy she was. The sales rep David was using opened products on me to “show” the results of the product. In the state of Georgia only sterile or disinfected sample products can be used in the application of products applied to the skin and it MUST be done with gloves. There were no facilities for any of these sales people to wash their hands prior to application of their products!

    I am ashamed that I allowed this “smooth talking” charlatan to lead me down the path of youth by making false promises. After begrudgingly agreeing to purchase one product because he “cut” the price in half and threw in other products to sweeten the pie, he then tried to push the LED Skin rejuvenating device on me. Before my eyes he reduces the price from $4,600.00 to $1,100.00 because there was tiny tear in the packaging and he would not sell a damaged product! Ironic as some of the boxes of products he sold me were all banged up on the corners much worse than the little tear on the plastic of the box! I told him I was retired and on a fixed income and that was more than I got in my Medicare check but that did not seem to faze him. He proceeded to show me a picture of a race horse that recently sold for 7billion dollars to minimize in an effort to reduce it to the ridiculous for the cost of the products he was pushing on me. I told him I had dermatologist friends that would possibly buy the product and that I would give him referrals… he ignored that statement then stuck an I-pad in my face to get my signature on the LED product! I then told him I had a lecture to prepare for and must go to my booth, he practically ran after me!. Again, I should have known better but he kept promising me that your products would take 20 years off my appearance with a guaranty, now I am perplexed a guarantee of what? David also stated that the products were not tested on animals… I have yet to uncover evidence to back up that statement.

    That evening I developed numbness on one side of my face and severe itching on the side where he tried the LED unit on my neck and face and then applied a lotion to “soothe” the area, then harshly rub the product off, after I had told him NOT to put any more product on me!

    Eager to avoid any further reactions to the product I went the next morning to return the UNOPENED products to David, since he was not yet at the booth, I spoke with a woman whose name I do not recall and was “assured” that there would be no problem with returning the products but that I needed to speak with her “boss”, David. I asked her to have him come to my booth as soon as he arrived. When David came to the booth I explained my concerns and the reaction I had to the products I explained I wanted to return the products because I did not want to risk having another allergic reaction, he stated that the product I reacted to was not in the package he sold me! How did he know that? I asked politely and professionally for a refund, whereby I was “told” by the rep “David” that I was “out of luck” because I signed the receipt which stated no refunds… He proceeded to show me his $9,000.00 watch and that he would never ask for a refund if he observed something wrong with the watch, because as a consumer that I knew the risks! I was not made aware of the no refund policy AT THE TIME OF THE SALE! as the receipt was not available for me to view until AFTER the purchase because I was e-mailed the receipt! This constitutes fraudulent sales techniques.

  • Silver Fox Original review: Feb 22, 2018. Reply

    Pretty well the same story as those above, here in Arizona, my husband & I saw the results after the guy, named Eli used the Lionesse products, I bought several in a neat bag at a cut price too and now, I do not see any changes or improvement, in fact, my skin feels dryer, much dryer than before, my wrinkles are more pronounced too. just sent an email for a refund, I read here that is not an option. I guess I have some products to use for a couple of years, if that is the case. I will use them.

  • Barbara Original review: Feb 17, 2018. Reply

    I have to say that I love the Lionesse products. I do not love the price however. I purchased the amber eye serum and the eye firming cream, both of these products are amazing. I too was approached by one of the sales people in the mall. I actually liked these ladies. I feel they were selling good products but they were a little costly but all in all worth the money. I usually avoid the sales people in the mall but I am glad that I gave them the chance to show me their products because the Lionesse products have now became my favorite over any product I have used.

  • Kriabolina Original review: Jan 31, 2018. Reply

    I was at the Chandler Fashion mall with clients. I was caught by surprise. The young man with an accent handed me a crepe sample. Next I knew he was putting undereye cream under my right eye. During the gell with a hand held fan.. Giving his best sales pitch he gave me the price for the “surenge” of serum. $299 he kept saying. I didn’t quite get and said $2.99. I looked at my undereye bags. Believe it or not the serum worked. The eye bag was gone. He offered me a special price of$149.0
    I did not have that kind of cash to spend on eye cream. If I did have the disposable cask. I waould of bought the undereye serum. Only at the $149
    Never, Never $299. If I won the lottery.
    I’d purchase the entire line. : )

  • Nicole Kelly Original review: Jan 25, 2018. Reply

    Nicole Kelly. I found these emails very helpful. I agree that the lady that sold me products was very pushy and pushed the products on you. Also lowering the amount when you say, “No.” or “I can’t afford it. I got sucked in real bad. Now I am weining myself off of it. I am 45 and I don’t have barely a wrinkle in sight. People think I am 12 years younger. I saw some difference but my skin is more blotchy and I peel some. That never happened before. My skin is also drier. If you want a unbelievable product get Oil of Olay Regenerist. I am going back to it. It is absolutely amazing. Your skin is so soft and it does amazing things to your face. The information is true to its word, it has a list of ingredients and has been around a long time. Very affordable for the amazing things it does. I believe it is better than $100, $200 or $400. worth in its product. I should have listened to my gut feeling. I am sticking to Oil of Olay Regenerist. No more facials from them. Thanks for the info. on your reviews ladies.

  • Nina Khan Original review: Jan 19, 2018. Reply

    regretfully yet another shopper that has succumbed to pressure and bought a Lioness amber eye syring from a very pushy sales woman
    Prior to purchasing this expensive eye cream I was introduced to a man called Vic who offered to carry out a 50 minutes complimentary facial and s micro bras ion if I was to purchase the lioness eye syringe cream/serum (having told him that I was on vacation and returning to uk first thing in the morning and could only benefit from the complimentary facial if it was offered whilst I was in the Baco raton mall only to be told after the purchase that he was too busy and I would need to come via an appointment another time He was very rude when I complained and said I was wasting his very valuable time. Totally unprofessional.

  • Ellen Harris Original review: Dec 25, 2017. Reply

    The swarmy sales tactics coupled with my time is too valuable to play the haggle game says stay away from this line. The fact I had an eye cream put under my left eye without my permission, and being told its all natural when I said no equals assault in my book.

    Next time wde berth, very wide berth!

  • Nixon Original review: Dec 25, 2017. Reply

    Theres alot of people in this site complaining about sales people, but I want to know if this product actually works.

    Can someone tell me about the PRODUCT and not the sales people please.

  • Michele Original review: Dec 22, 2017. Reply

    I have to say I’m
    Shocked after reading these reviews. I was shopping at Haywood Mall in Greenville, SC with my grown daughter when we saw the store front. It was so clean and pretty very chic. Eliran did not approach us. Which was smart because we avoid those people in the mall. They are an aggrevation. He used some of the face peel on my daughters arm and we could both see a difference. He sold us three products for 150 total. He told us how to use it so it would last an entire year. He was a little sales pitchy, but even those in the big box stores are taught that.

    Honestly the scrub/peel has worked great on my face. As well as the mud cleanser and cream. I noticed people remarked on how strong the products scent is. I find it to be mild and fresh smelling. I normally use Lancôme products, which I do enjoy but am open to new things. (Lancôme uses way more Perfume in their products)

    Personally I think the products I’ve tried have been worth the money. I also have extremely sensitive skin, as does my daughter. Oh and Eliran said if I didn’t like it he’d refund my money 100%. He was even willing to give me that in writing. So maybe it’s with most places? Depends on who you get?

    I give the product and Mr Eliran 5?

  • Ann Original review: Dec 14, 2017. Reply

    I hate to admit that I got suckered into buying this product… but I did. I’ve used it faithfully since I purchased it.
    My skin actually looks worse.
    I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and went back to talk to the sales girl where she confirmed that they do not offer refunds.
    Alona, shame on you for participating in this scam.
    I will make it my mission to discredit this company and their lying sales tactics.

  • M Benoit Original review: Dec 10, 2017. Reply

    My aunt and I attended the Helen Britt show in Baton Rouge Dec 8 2017 and had sat in on a demonstration done exactly like yours and we thought we were purchasing Celestrolyte products, that’s what they were using on us there, but with the quick swap of hands and moving boxes around and kept putting mirror in our faces and almost sitting on us we were sent home with different products called Lioness, which do not do the same thing as the product he, Lior, was using during demonstrations. We were scammed:( I am in the process of filing a complaint

  • Sher Original review: Dec 07, 2017. Reply

    Did you find out if you for sure if you can get a doctor’s note and if they would except it for a refund? They did NOT mention this to me about this. These people are TERRIBLE! I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself for getting suckered in. They try to make you feel like you are their best friend and they are doing you a favor. I read where someone said they even made them promise not to tell what a good deal they were getting. The same thing was done to me I kind of laughed to myself that that was so childish and pinky promise, OMG! No Refund but they are willing to give me more items just to keep what I already paid them.
    How can people scam people out of money and sleep at night (BAD PEOPLE). I will NOT return for any type of FREE facial. I have a fantastic esthetician and she does NOT try to sell me anything!


  • Eva D Smith Original review: Oct 22, 2017. Reply

    no rating. I now realize that there is a scripted sales scenario and ask are very well prepared. Pleasant but insistent and at times pushy but not overly obnoxious and keep reducing the price s till they figure out what it’s the price you can afford our you are willing to pay.
    Same description with me. St new orleans discount outlet mall, the young lady literally stopped me and told me only a try under my one eye then asking my husband and friends if they could see a difference. Once they all said yes, that was the hook for her to start the pressure about only got you this price out that office and finally all three products for the price of one with lots of samples and a voucher for buying through the internet. What surprises me the most I’d of this line is so expensive for few that can afford these prices of $200 -$700 why are they peddling this stuff in malls where the average consumer does not have such disposal income? Anothrr thing that surprised me was that that there is no information out instructions included in their packaging, no ingredients listed and there is no marking of the company their address telephone our customer care department or return info in case something goes wrong. I am wondering if this it’s legal. Possibly pure bs.

  • Gladys Harried Original review: Sep 24, 2017. Reply

    I was in Mall of Baton Rouge, La. I was approached by a smiling man named “Johnny”. He applied some brownish colored cream under my left eye, I felt tightening, he then fanned my face. He kept asking my spouse if he could tell the difference between the two eyes, my spouse said yes. When I looked, there was a noticeable difference, I was impressed. He was friendly but persistent. I refused his offers which ranged from $700 to 199 with some free items, along with free facials. He kept asking me the same three questions, “which product did you like best? If I give you an amazing discount, do you promise to keep it a secret? Do you promise to give promote my products to your friends and family?” He put some white cream under my right eye, it did not have the same effect. I believe the display creams are not the same as what they sell you. My husband kept asking Johnny what was he putting under my right eye, it isn’t the same thing. Johnny wouldn’t answer, so I got up and left the shop. Later that evening, my right eye had a white film under it.

  • Mary Blanchard Original review: Aug 08, 2017. Reply

    I liked how it made me look better temporarily. I know nothing is going to work forever and that is okay. But the tactics were unbelievable. I kept trying to get away from the sales guy and he wouldn’t let me. He even tried to look in my wallet when I put his “card” in there! He asked me how much money I made, how many credit cards I had and so on. He told me if I said I worked at the mall, he would sell it to me at a discount. He even asked me why I was at the mall if I didn’t have that much money to spend! If I ever wanted to spend that kind of money on skin care, he is the last person I would ever buy from, he was that rude.

  • ella Original review: Aug 02, 2017. Reply

    This stuff is a total gimmicky scam. My mother has purchased thousands of dollars worth of this stuff and has fallen for the sales tactics of this company. The expensive masks, the amber potions, etc… her bathroom cabinets are brimming with these products. I tried a few of them. They did nothing but leave irritation on my skin and they are highly fragranced. Fragrance is a skin irritant! It is not good for anyone’s skin. On top of that, some of the products contain alcohol – also a skin irritant and can destroy skin cells. I would never purchase any of these products. It’s actually laughable to me that the brand is marketing itself as high-end and luxury when the products aren’t good for skin. I’m in my late 20’s and have no wrinkles, but any effect that some are seeing of wrinkles or bags disappearing is only temporary and it will return. All I experienced was a residue, pilling of a few of the products, and a lot of irritation. If you have sensitive skin, STAY AWAY.

  • Brenda Little Original review: Jul 25, 2017. Reply

    I just got suckered into buying only one item. I chose the facial peel. I liked the demo and i probably would have bought the under eye serum. I didnt have money to spend today but the pushy sales i couldn’t walk away. I feel fortunate to only spend 50 dollars. Im gonna use it because i paid for it. This is why i hate the Mall.

  • Vivian Original review: May 31, 2017. Reply

    I was also approached at the mall in Palm Springs. The lady was friendly but pushy. She put some cream under my eye. She said it is going to take away the puffiness from my eye. I did not see any difference. The cream felt like it had egg whites. She told me how much I needed to have these products. The cost for one jar was $300. She wouldn’t stop putting me to buy the products, even after I got up. She was bound and determined to make a sale. I dug my heels and kept saying no. After I left, I went to the restroom and washed all that stuff off my face and yes, it was peeling. My first red light was that they did not have any kind of labeling of the product, there was no ingredients, addresses, no guarantees. To me this is a NO SALE! TOTAL SCAM!

  • Sue Original review: May 24, 2017. Reply

    Assertive sales girl got me to do the eye pen demo on one side.. yes it tightened ( as does a raw egg white whipped and applied to eye.. and puffiness was reduced) and stinging but in half an hour there was drying white pasty residue , and my skin looked like elmers glue dried on it – not to mention stinging– but I have sensitive skin and many eye products do that to me.. Glad I didnt purchase— I told her I would see how it looks and feel after a couple of hours… and of course it didnt perform well. Duck them if you see them…

  • Frieda Mezzacappa Original review: May 20, 2017. Reply

    I used the product, and it burned my skin, I immediately tried to return the product, and get a refund of 160 dollars, I was denied, I then proceeded try to contact the manufacturer , by email as they have no phone number, I should have know just from that its a scam, I have not been contacted nor has anyone ever really ever shown concern of my skin burn, I am giving this company till the end of may , if I am not refunded I am going to proceed with a law suit, as my skin is burnt, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT> OR BE TAKEN IN BY THERE TACTICS IN MALLS< AND SHOPS<

  • Robin F. Original review: May 06, 2017. Reply

    Just like most of the reviews I must admit that I have walked by their store dozens of times and just keep putting my hand up and saying no thank you. But today I had time to kill so I went ahead and said yes. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I have tried pretty much every product under the sun. The big difference, was that I did not experience any negative effects on my skin after sampling the product. I did not have any flakiness under my eyes and I could see visible results that lasted for about 6 to 7 hours. It is true that they were incredibly high pressure and I found it rather comical how the price started at $700 and by the time I walked out I had two products for approximately $270 and several samples and I am scheduled to have a facial in a week. I am a natural redhead with incredibly pale ivory skin which burns almost immediately and is sensitive to a lot of over-the-counter products. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles considering that I am 50 years old, and I had an amazing mother who made me use tons of sunscreen from the age of 5 and a full skin care regime by the time I was 12. Because of her persistence, I don’t look 50! When I ask people how old they think I am, usually I get somewhere between 38 and 45, which I consider an amazing compliment! If you can get past the high sales approach, the products do have quite a bit of merit to them. It is been my life’s work to make my clients beautiful and I feel that Lionesse is comparable to any other high end department store products. Whether or not it’s the right product for you depends on how your individual skin reacts to it both short and long term. Not everyone can handle their high-pressure tactics, it truly is a skill that one can develop over time but if you’re a pushover then you should probably steer clear of the Lionesse stores as they will squeeze you for every possible penny you have. I found that the longer I sat in Emily’s chair the lower the price would go. She of course said all the same things stated in other reviews about “manager deals”, medical conventions etc. so obviously the company trains their sales people in a uniform manner and if you really think about it, there are many other companies that utilize the same techniques (i.e.-Mary Kay, Senegence, Amway etc.) only those representatives may not be quite as hard core, it’s all in the training. My advice would be if you really want to try this product it’s worth the time and make sure that you are fully aware that you will be almost bullied into buying and the prices will start inordinately high but with time and patience you will get them down. As a professional in the beauty industry it’s my recommendation that you sit in their chair and be patient and keep saying how it’s just too expensive until you get them down under $100. Remember, the retail sales world is merely just a game of numbers. We’re just so used to paying whatever the price tag says here in the U.S. While in most other countries “haggling” is the norm. Good luck!

  • Pacebunny Original review: Apr 05, 2017. Reply

    If you think the Lionesses eye serum really works….well I have a bridge I’d like to sell to you.
    The serum is simply a temp fix and your “bags” return as soon as it is washed off. I let one of the pushy sales guys
    do one of my eyes. Yes, the “bag” did disappear and stayed gone unitl I washed my face, then it was back to “bags”.
    The serum feels gritty on, and if you touch your skin it flakes off. This junk is no better than beaten egg white with a
    a touch of colour. Save your money…..

  • don Original review: Mar 25, 2017. Reply

    Look at the similarities in these reviews. It’s clearly a marketing approach. The locations are near busy high traffic areas where people are in a hurry. For those who can’t say no, I feel sorry for you. I experience the same treatment today. Identical right down to the readjusted pricing. I asked if their product was on the internet and she said yes but it’s much more expensive. I explained that I’m not a compulsive buyer and would share this with my wife. Glad I found these reviews.

  • Sarah Original review: Mar 22, 2017. Reply

    Ok so I just read these reviews and yes the people are so pushy almost making it feel lile you are doing something wrong by saying no! So yes they got me, convinced me I spent over 200.00 and received the face peel, moisturizer, 2 nail buffing kits and they sat in my closet for a year. During a mive I found them and decided to try! So I applied the peel and saw immediate results, and my fave feels clean and I even put it on my lips and they were a bit plumper afterwards. Then I applied the moisturizer and feel like I just left the spa! So far so good! I will continue using as I have alot of skin issues and hope it clears up my face. But yes so far to the product and boo to them for their weasel bullying approach!

  • Maya Original review: Mar 15, 2017. Reply

    I meant to write this review a while ago. I bought several of the Lionesse products, the eye serum, exfoliator, day and night cream in May 2016 at the Countryside mall in Clearwater, Fl. I was really only looking for exfoliator, but was suckered into the other stuff. I never usually fall for this type of sales pressure, but for some reason I did and then felt really bad about it that evening. I tried to return and of course could not, which then made things worse. I had such anxiety over it that I didn’t even want to use the products after such an ordeal. I can’t determine if the products are good or not. I used the exfoliator a few times and it gave me an ingrown hair bump on cheek. So I stopped using. And I did really like the way creams smelled. I also read that the sales people are students that come to the country for a little while and then go back to Israel, so you may never see the person that sold the product to you again. If it isn’t a scam it feels like one. I wrote this to make those that this may have happened to know they are not alone unfortunately and to help those that decide to look at reviews before they purchase make a more informed decision. Be wear.

  • Maria Garcia Original review: Mar 06, 2017. Reply

    I was at Del Mar Home and Garden expo today….I approached the sales person lady for a sample, she looked at me up and down and gave me one sample, she didn’t give me any information about the product until I asked her. She asked me one question: “What face moisturizer do you use?” I said drugstore anti wrinkle moisturizer. She said very rude “well this is a high end expensive product, dermatologist and plastic surgeon use/sell this product. Very short and rude! I have never experienced something like this before. For that I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!! I should have thrown the sample back to her.

  • Marilyn Original review: Feb 24, 2017. Reply

    Stopped at the Lionesse kiosk at Riverfront Mall in New Orleans. Facelift Filler was applied under one eye with noticeable results and I felt skin tightening. After other eye was treated and I heard the speil, I bought the syringe for $199, declining offer to buy 2nd syringe for $100. At home I have had one treatment but did not feel the same skin tightening. Could this be an example of “bait and switch”?
    I’m skeptical of this line.

  • Jami B Original review: Feb 18, 2017. Reply

    For all the poor reviews this product is getting-I believe people are expecting a miracle because of the price and are misunderstanding how and when to use. I was approached by a Lionesse sales rep, a lovely young woman with NO obvious skin issues under her light application of makeup. I let her apply a bit of the tightening serum from the syringe under and around my left eye and give me the sales pitch. I could feel the skin tightening up, she showed me in the mirror and I could see a difference, when I moved my face, you could feel a tight mask where she applied it. She told me the product was to be used ONCE a WEEK, only at night and the tube would last a year. In that time it would eventually decrease the fine lines and lessen the deeper ones. She told me in their store it would be $700, they were having a special of $400 to promote their nearby salon treatments. I told her I couldn’t afford it. She found another box that was trashed, but the product was fine–she’d sell it to me for $150. I still couldn’t afford it–I have some temporary cash flow issues right now. I wish I would have got it with a credit card. I believe after a few months you would notice a difference in apperance. It’s got ingredients like peptides that keep working after the dried product is washed off. It’s not a moisturizer for day -it’s a treatment to be used at night that will work over time.

  • Zabeth C Original review: Feb 03, 2017. Reply

    I wrote a lengthy post and when I tried to submit it was I couldn’t use banned words. I didnt use any foul language in fact i actually like the prodcut i bought. Whatever.

    This is definetly a shady business. They use attractive salesperson to lure you in and give you a major discount so you buy. I can’t believe some people got scammed more than $100’s and $1000’s. I guess I was lucky bought the pearl facial peeling for $32 with tax plus an extra fee for using card.

  • Marie from Detroit, Mi Original review: Feb 02, 2017. Reply

    I was approached while walking along Front St. in Phillipsburg, St Maarten. A young woman pulled me into her store and applied her eye cream under one of my eyes and used an oriental hand fan to dry the product. I saw no noticeable difference so she suggested I continue my tour of Front St and come back in an hour. I did stop in a few shops and checked my face in various mirrors and the only thing I noticed was a light colored residue. When I got back to the store I told the lady I did not see any change but the skin felt a little tighter. She insisted there was a noticeable improvement. Eventually, the store owner moved in and asked if he could do my other eye. I let him apply the cream and he used the fan as well. After a lot of repetitive spiel about the product, he admitted he did not use it himself, so I asked the price. $500.00. He said after a week of application before bed the affect would last 8 months. In the meantime, I was to use his other products for maintenance. The other creams cost $180.00 each. I said no and got up to leave he lowered the prices drastically to all three products for $200. I left the store without making a purchase.

  • GL Ramsey Original review: Jan 17, 2017. Reply

    Like all the other reviewers, I was approached while strolling through the Venetian Hotel Resort Mall in Las Vegas on Friday. The first person to stop me was passing out samples of hand cream. She then asked me to sample some eye cream. That’s when the second supposingly skin expert took over with a fake foreign accent. She applied the eye cream that was suppose to tighten the skin under my eye & reduce the appearance of fine lines. The skin seemingly felt tighter but I was interested in how long this would last. She told me that today only the price would be $199. This price was due to a medical convention going on in the resort. Next was the up sale of another product to use daily help the rest of the face. That product would be an additional $199. After I said no, she said she would talk to her manager to see if she could include another product. After she went behind the makeup mirror and I could no longer see her, I began to leave. She reappeared instantly and said she got approval. By this time I was already standing and preparing to leave. I told her I wanted to wear the serum and see how long throughout the day it would last. She kept going on and on with her sales pitch. I then became annoyed and knew then it was a pressure sale and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I called my friend on my cell phone and began to talk to her like she called me. I made a mad dash out the store as if I was late meeting my friend. I ran away!! Just as others have stated that within an hour I noticed white egg like residue under my eyes and the tightening had diminished. I have selfie photos to prove it. That’s how I noticed it. Yuk!

  • Lisa Alexander Original review: Jan 15, 2017. Reply

    I was getting off an escalator at Westfield shopping center in SF and a pretty girl approached me w samples. I said no thank you but she followed me till I agreed to chat for a moment. Next thing she was putting the cremes on my face and asking which ones I was buying. I said I want to see how they feel and she keep after me. The $ 700.00 was a 1 day only special of $199.00 but she would also through in the eye cream etc…( same story as above ) I had to literally escape as when I tried to leave the chair she stood in front of me. Most importantly, I spent the rest of the day watching this stuff that had dried like egg whites flake off and it was not good. I had red spotches for two days. This is a total snake oil salesman approach with snake oil products. Not cool.

  • Rick P Original review: Jan 05, 2017. Reply

    I was approached by Leo at Lloyds Center, in Portland, OR who said the cream could be used by guys as well as ladies. I fell for the promo that was for $99.99. He tried to get me to buy other products but I said I didn’t have any more money. Had I known I didn’t have the money to spend, I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. I went home and my wife told me to send it back since we needed the money for bills. I looked at the receipt and it said no refunds. Leo did not tell me in the spiel that there were no refunds and I went back to get the refund the next day and he said he would have to call his manager, who was not there. I left him my number and went home. Mind you, Lloyd Center is about 30 minutes from my place. I went there today after New Years Holiday and the kiosk was covered with a tarp. I asked a worker from the booth next to the Lionesse one if they would be back in and he said they are not working any more, only for Christmas holidays. So, I am scammed out of $100 and products that we don’t need or would use. Don’t use this place…ever!

  • Linda Walker Original review: Jan 04, 2017. Reply

    Do not buy any of the Lionesses products under any circumstances. Similar to Mary I too experienced a severe reaction to the products after several days of use. I was told by the store owner that I must have used the product incorrectly as if it was an allergic reaction it should have happened the day. I was told there no refund policy for opened products and there was nothing he could do because no one has a reaction to the products that late. Good beauty products will refund your money if you have a reaction. Poor customer service and obviously a scam.

  • Sarah Original review: Dec 28, 2016. Reply

    I was pressurised into buying two products in Las Vegas airport. At the time the products seemed to work – well, the stuff they used for the demo. What ever they actually gave me doesn’t do a thing, and weirdly there are no instructions or legal markings on any of the packaging. It’s a total scam!

  • Nancy Original review: Dec 24, 2016. Reply

    A young woman from Portugal approached my husband and me while we were walking through the mall. She applied a liberal amount of the Facelift Filler. My husband and I did notice a very nice difference. I wondered how long it would last, so I looked at the time. Less than 3 hours later my skin still felt slightly tight–but my husband (who NEVER notices this kind of thing!) said it looked as if I had smeared egg white on my face. He pointed out flaky bits of clear dry material around my eyes and cheeks. I looked in a mirror and could see exactly where the material had been applied: there were 2 very noticeable opaque circles around my eyes. By the end of the day this stuff had collected in my smile lines and under my eyelashes. I was thinking I would buy the product, but wondered if it could be too good to be true… it was.

  • Cathy Original review: Nov 24, 2016. Reply

    Talk about a hard sell. The salesperson would not let me go after I had said “no” several times. She started with a $40 diamond nail buffer that she said she could sell to me for $30. At the till it was $40 if I bought 2 and she would throw in a free third one. Confusing.
    No prices listed, crazy up selling and lots of empty flattery. $1000.00 face cream?
    I allowed her to use an eye cream under my one eye. I saw no difference but she insisted there was. Later my skin turned red and puffy. Same with an exfoliation gel. Booked me for a “free” facial later in the week which I cancelled. But the prices would be back to retail if I didn’t buy now at her special price.
    No thank you.

  • Carly Original review: Nov 22, 2016. Reply

    It appears that it is just a latest of scams or perhaps a pyramid scheme given that their website has a link for wholesale customers. After having read several accounts of people’s experiences, it’s clear that all of their sales people are after the very same training: friendly, connect on personal level, give you a sample, show some impressive immediate-results kind of product and then try to sell it to you in combo with something else for way less or for free althogether. It’s funny how often people selling cosmetics claim to be from France. The sales person that tried to sell me stuff told me he is from “a small town that maybe I heard about – Nice”. When I said that of course I know it and that I’ve been to Nice several times, he got quiet. Really? Here you’re trying to connect with me and get me to like you, but when there’s finally something to talk about you go quiet or change the topic? I call bs. Also, I think that a company that claims to be exclusive and attempt to sell products for hundreds of dollars would be able to have their own branded mirrors and not use those of competition. In case of the store I went to it was Dior.
    My online research only confirmed all of my suspicions. Especially all those fake formulaic reviews signed by first + last name. Even the reviews try to upsale you. Ponzi scheme for sure!

  • Karen wilson Original review: Nov 21, 2016. Reply

    While at the S.F. Gift show, I was offered “the experience of a life time” to knock at least 10 years off my life and see neck wrinkles disappear in a matter of minutes. Since I was actually looking for a place to sit down, I agreed to the demonstration. Time would not permit the sales rep from doing my entire neck (or so he claimed), so just a patch of neck skin would have to surface.. However, he had the time to give me the sales pitch went on forever. I was offered the wholesale price of $2500 to buy the 3 jars. I was told I only needed to spend 15 minutes per month for the next 3 years and my neck lift would be complete withouit having to go through surgery. I just needed to buy a 3 year supply right now. 2 free facials, additional creams, etc. would also be given to me. I kept looking for the “blue light” overhead. Needless to say, I bought nothing and spent the next hour watching the neck cream flake off on everything.

  • Deborah Tinsley Original review: Nov 16, 2016. Reply

    My sister and I were approached by a sales person in the Park Meadows Mall in Littleton, CO. Very persistent. My sister finally agreed to see how the product worked on her dark under eye circles. We were encouraged to buy the product because all the women and men in the shop use it, love it, etc. Told it was $700, I began to walk out, but the price came down to $350 and free facials. This was over six months ago, we both used the Lionesse gem skin care White Pearl Facelift Filler as we were shown, and frankly, I believe this is a scam. All either of us got out of it was very dry, peeling skin. Plus, my sister went back for the ‘free facial’ and was so pressured into incredibly expensive product and services, she walked out during the facial. She told me the staff, male and female, were very expressive in their ‘disapproval’ of her decision not to purchase any more product or services; they did not intimidate her, as she is a psychiatric nurse and is used to dealing with unreasonable people! However, everyone else, be warned. Ridiculous prices, very pushy sales people; who needs this?

  • Kayla Original review: Nov 13, 2016. Reply

    I was browsing the mall thursday when approached by a sales guy. He showed me the facial cleaner and moisturizer. Once I found out the price I said no I can’t afford that so then he said it was on promotion for half off. Now $100 each. I still said no it’s too much. Keep in mind I had my 6 month old baby attached to me. He offered me a card and and I said I would take it as I planned to research the company when I returned home. He went to give me card for 30% off along with one of the head managers email who also happened to be in Canada for a few days, she is originally from Las Vegas she said. She offered me the product for employee pricing $79 I was still hesitant so she gave me more moisturizer samples along with the hand cream treatment values at $25 itself. So after taxes it was just over $90. She claims to really want me as a customer as she feels she can help me with my subtle skin break outs. That the facial cleaner would clear my skin in 4 weeks using the product once a week. And acne 6-8 weeks. She wants a review from me in 4 weeks and if not happy land have no results I alwas guaranteed my money back. So I took the chance for $90 and trying to find yes even the “20 seconds” once a week to use the product. As a new mom I’ve only just used it today. I found time 3 days after purchasing it. So yes the “20 seconds” is still too long as it’s to sit on your skin for 20 seconds then rub it away and then rinse and moisturize. I simply do not have another 2 minutes to do this as my duties as a mom and house owner are more important.
    After trying the product I saw minimal differences. Pretty much the same outcome as the $15-20 products I use. So I’m hoping after the 4 weeks I see more of a difference. If not I will email and return the product. Just out of my way to return product 🙁

  • Vasilka Original review: Nov 08, 2016. Reply

    On holiday in San Francisco, I was approached by a salesperson Maya, who insisted on applying the anti-wrinkle product on one side of my face to see the astonishing results it promised. Neither myself nor my husband saw any difference in the ‘miracle’ Maya claimed to witness this product do to my wrinkles (which I barely have anyway). She showed me the $700 price tag on-line and told me that she could do a better deal for me at $349 as she was adamant I should start using the product to avoid deep lines in the future. I told her I wasn’t going to spend that money so she asked for my permission to ask her ‘manager’ to see if she could reduce it to employee’s price at $189. Manager approved, but after I refused to accept that amount again, she proceeded to ask her manager if she could sell me the undamaged product from a damaged box due to shipping at $159. After that was approved also, I told her that I wanted to think about it and let her know the next day. She told me the offer was for the day only and not applicable the next day. During the very intense sales ordeal throughout the entire session, she also showed me receipts of customers who have paid thousands of dollars (up to $16,000) for their products and that she didn’t really need my sale, only she wanted me to “feel good and stay young for a long time”. I walked out not buying anything as I found the sale pressure overwhelming. I too, found flakiness under my eyes soon after I walked out of the salon. I am glad I have had the chance to read the reviews here as well as report my experience.

  • Mary D. Cope Original review: Oct 11, 2016. Reply

    I purchased three of the Lionesse products on Oct 6, 2016 at the Expo in Portland, Oregon. I asked the woman named Alex what their return policy is and she said no one ever returns the products. That is all she said. I was not told that in order to get a refund one has to get a confirmation from a doctor. The company does not deal with this sort of thing as one buys the products from individual vendors. Needless to say two days after purchase I woke up to red, itchy swollen eyes and parts of my face. I used the product sparingly as directed. Alex called me and told me to continue using the product….that what I was experiencing was common. Red puffy itchy is “common”? Having to see a doctor and get a note is their policy??? I phoned my credit card company
    and the wrote to the company and they told me they couldn’t do a thing. I don’t know how this will all play out, but I warn anyone
    buying anything from this company.

  • Lam Original review: Sep 26, 2016. Reply

    Tried the facial cleanser and peel, didnt even work as well as a cheap simple cleanser. Not worth my time and money at all, could say it was a purchase of impulse. The staff were very persistent and had no intention returning my credit card until i paid for a single product. After the first product as a shocking price, the purchase on purchase items were offered to me at extremely low prices, even lesser than 1/8 of the first product that I paid for. I left the shop dumbfounded from all that hardselling from the three sales persons and had flakes that were hard to come off all over my clothing.

  • Linda Conner Original review: Sep 20, 2016. Reply

    I was approached by sales person who was aggressive but good. He showed me several products and did apply 3 products. I did see immediate results on 2 of the products. It is quite expensive and while I could not afford at this time what I would like to have bought -he did give me samples to take home. i will definitely buy when able. Lionesse under eye serum took 5 years off my face and just got better as the day went by. I did not experience flakiness. I was instructed to use at nite upon purchase. The gentle exfoliator was the 2nd product he applied that I noted immediate results of fine lines. Try it.

  • Cathy Davis Original review: Aug 21, 2016. Reply

    I was given a demonstration under one of my eyes to plump up wrinkles and add “collagen”. Not only did I not see any difference no matter how many times the sales person tried to get me to say I did, but about an hour later I noticed the product had turned all flaky under my eye. As I tried to rub it off it flaked all over my shirt. This product is a joke.

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