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Founded in 2004, Le Mieux is a subsidiary of Bielle Cosmetics, Inc. The latter is a skin care research company that claims to focus on creating and testing science-based skin product formulas. However, though the manufacturer makes many claims about Le Mieux products and touts them as formulations on the cutting edge of science, the consumer is advised to approach any such new products with caution.

This is because each person’s skin is unique and needs a specialized approach to treating skin damage and signs of aging. Therefore, the consumer will benefit greatly from reading Le Mieux reviews, carefully assessing the ingredients, and speaking with a skin care expert before buying these products.

How Le Mieux Products Work

The skin care items in the Le Mieux line are not based on a single cornerstone ingredient (though many of the brand’s formulations do contain hyaluronic acid). Instead, the manufacturer seems to focus on creating formulations that increase the penetration of helpful chemicals into the skin.

Though this may seem trivial at first, the way in which a skin care company positions its brand is actually very important to the consumer.

For example, a consumer who considers a skin care brand with one cornerstone ingredient may have an easier time making a purchasing decision by verifying whether the main ingredient will be helpful for their situation. In the case of Le Mieux, however, the consumer mostly relies on the company’s ability to create effective and safe formulas. This makes it vital to thoroughly research the specific item you are considering, and to seek the help of a third-party skin care expert who understands your medical history.

Le Mieux Ingredients

When it comes to assessing whether Le Mieux products are right for you, the best approach is to carefully review the ingredients in the product formulations. Let’s take a closer look at a select group of products within this brand.

  • Eye Wrinkle Corrector:  The key ingredient in this Le Mieux eye cream is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is often utilized in skin care applications due to its ability to attract moisture the treatment site. This quality of hyaluronic acid can reduce wrinkle appearance in the short term by giving the skin more volume, and provide long term benefits of ample moisture. Additionally, the formulation includes antioxidants, to repair skin damage, and peptides, to tighten skin. Depending on the distributor, this Le Mieux Wrinkle Corrector retails at approximately $45 for half an ounce.
  • Retinol Serum:  This Le Mieux serum is formulated with 0.5% retinol, to reduce signs of aging and skin damage. The power of retinol lies in its ability to boost the efficiency of skin cell function, which can lead to cleaner pores, reduced acne breakouts, brightening of dark spots, and reduction in wrinkles. Additionally, this Le Mieux serum contains wheat protein, to hydrate the skin; aloe leaf extract, to soothe skin irritation; and ceramides, to further strengthen the moisture barrier. The price of this retinol serum can vary depending on the third party distributor, but can fall between $60 and $95 for one ounce. This offers fairly good value.
  • Exfoliating Cleansing Gel:  The exfoliating gel from Le Mieux is formulated with salicylic acid and lactic acid. The former is often used in skin cleansers due to its ability to unclog pores, while the latter can boost skin texture through exfoliation. This formula also contains ingredients like green tea, due to its antioxidant content; rosemary extract, to further repair skin damage; and sage leaf extract, which also contains antioxidants. The cost of this Le Mieux cleanser can vary widely, depending on distributor.
  • Brightening Serum:  This Le Mieux serum was formulated to reduce brown and red spots on the skin, which can occur because of sun damage or hormonal factors. The serum contains ingredients like shea butter, to improve the skin’s protective barrier; mulberry extract, to reduce production of melanin pigment; licorice extract, to reduce inflammation; and hyaluronic acid, to moisturize. The cost of this Le Mieux serum can range between $50 and $100, depending on the vendor.
  • TGF Booster: This is an impressive formula that contains both a peptide complex, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It also contains bio ferments, which are great for overall skin health. This is an impressive formulation for aging skin.
  • Bio Cell Rejuvenating Cream: For a cream, this formula contains a surprising number of functional ingredients. It also skips a lot of standard texture enhancing ingredients, like silicones. Instead it combines both natural source ingredients with high tech actives that make this a formula that is worth $75.

Where to Buy Le Mieux Products

Le Mieux skin care products cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer, and may be difficult to find online. This is because the company focuses on a third party distribution model, and offers its products to consumers through a network of skin care professionals and medical spas. This is a shrewd business strategy, as it incentivizes spas to sell Le Mieux products at a profit, thus driving sales.

Le Mieux Reviews

The consumer may have a difficult time finding meaningful Le Mieux reviews online. This largely has to do with the distribution strategy. Since the vast majority of sales occur offline, the chances of a consumer leaving a review on a third party website are drastically reduced. Therefore, the consumer may need to speak with a dermatologist before using Le Mieux products.

Our Verdict

Le Mieux product are well formulated, and are surprising high tech for a European brand. Typically European products are more focused on texture and fragrance.


  • High tech formulas
  • Positive reviews
  • Good value for money
  • Clean formulas


  • Limited number of retailers




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