Le Domaine Skincare Review: Brad Pitt And The Antioxidant Power Of French Grapes



There’s no denying that Brad Pitt continues to maintain his boyishly handsome good looks at 58 years of age — but could you ever have imagined that the actor, producer, and rosé wine guru would launch a skincare line? Le Domaine skincare just started offering online shipping of its three initial products (the fourth drops in January 2024) on October 1. Le Domaine Essentials, a more accessibly priced skincare line, is poised to launch in February 2024.

In French, the word domaine is defined as both a “field” and an “area of control.” When used in connection with wine, the word means a parcel of land under the control of a winemaker. That said, it should be no surprise that Pitt tapped the Perrin family, who worked with Pitt to restore Chateau Miraval in 2013, to co-found Le Domaine. The products are formulated with wine production remnants, natural ingredients (including olive oil from Pitt’s vineyard), and two patent-pending ingredients developed after years of research.

But make no mistake. “Le Domaine is not meant to be a celebrity brand,” Pitt says in a press release. “It is an anti-aging cosmetics range for every man and woman. I love the idea of a genderless line.” While that’s all well and good, with price points ranging from $80 to $385, the brand may be out of reach for some. 

Let’s take a closer look at Le Domaine’s brand ethos, product formulations, and the science behind this new wine-inspired skincare line.

The Brand Ethos of Le Domaine 

The foundation of Le Domaine is the earth itself. The brand’s products are a unique way to reconnect with nature while becoming more attuned to the environment. The focus is quality over quantity, sourced from artisanal, local, and family partners based in France.

In interviews, Pitt has said that he doesn’t believe in the term “anti-aging,” but rather, aging healthy in a healthy manner. 

  • Le Domaine is dedicated to producing green and clean products with formulas that are 96%-99% natural. They’re also vegan.
  • The products are created, developed, and made in France with maximum active, sustainable, and upcycled ingredients. 
  • Formulas are dermatologically tested. 
  • All skin types and genders can benefit. 

The Brains Behind the Brand 

Nicolas Lévy, MD, Ph.D., has spent the past 20 years of his career trying to understand the changes that occur because of age-related disease (otherwise known as pathological aging) and how they differ from changes associated with a healthy aging process. 

  • Lévy is the co-founder of ProGeLife; a biotech company focused on developing medicines for rare diseases. ProGeLife’s research has identified new skin aging causes, prompting the company to establish a cutting-edge cosmetic active compound called ProGR3. It’s been proven effective in slowing down the signs of skin aging, which is why it’s one of the core ingredients in Le Domaine’s skincare products.

Pierre-Louis Teissedre, Ph.D., is a leading expert in the science of enology and a professor at the University of Bordeaux. 

  • For the past decade, Teissedre has studied the grapes of Château de Beaucastel, where Miraval wine is produced. Through years of observation, the professor identified which grapes have the most potent antioxidant effects. From his research, he created a patented antioxidant-rich active compound called GSM10.

The Science Behind Le Domaine Skincare: Key Ingredients

The core of Le Domaine skincare is the potent combination of two patented ingredients: GSM10 and PROGR3.

  • GSM10 is packed with antioxidants from the pulp, skin, and seeds of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre grapes harvested from the Perrin family’s vineyards. These grapes are associated with a post-biotic micro-organism beneficial to the skin microbiome. They “provide protection against oxidation if applied regularly, and over the long-term, they will limit skin aging. They also combat the risk of dry skin,” said Dr. Teissedre in a press release. The compound also has been proven to balance the skin effectively.

Grapes contain resveratrol. Studies have shown the protective effects of resveratrol against ultraviolet radiation-mediated oxidative stress and cutaneous damage, including skin cancer. 

  • PROGR3 helps reduce the adverse effects of progerin, a biomarker used in studies on natural aging. This protein is a mutant form of the LMNA gene, causing defects in the nuclear envelope. The gold star ingredient is formulated with vine sarments, camomile, and green tea extracts. 
  • Hydrating and soothing grape water harvested from an organic farm is the base of the brand’s products.
  • Organic olive oil harvested from Pitt’s own vineyard. Olive oil unsaponifiables are easily absorbed by the skin. The unsaponifiable portion of olive oil contains phytosterols and squalane, both very beneficial to the skin. Phytosterols are similar to cholesterol and benefit the skin by replenishing its lipid barrier and providing soothing effects. The squalane in olive oil unsaponifiables helps to replenish the skin’s barrier, keeping it soft, supple, and moisturized.
  • Glycerin helps to increase hydration, prevent moisture loss, protect the skin, replenish the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), and expedite healing. Despite its simplicity, glycerin is an exceptional hydrator which is why it’s so widely used. 
  • Products only contain fragrances of natural origin (96%) without labeled allergens. 
  • The brand has a strict blacklist of ingredients, so you won’t find any controversial ingredients that are harmful to you or the environment. For example, you’ll never find parabens, preservatives, silicones, microplastics, mineral or synthetic oils, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, MIT, sulfated surfactants, EDTA, or animal or of animal-origin ingredients. 

Sustainability Efforts

  • Le Domaine’s products are refillable; most glass bottles and jars are recyclable.
  • The minimalistic yet sleek packaging includes upcycled product caps from wood left over from Perrin’s wine barrels.  
  • Plastic is avoided as much as possible. However, if it needs to be used, the brand opts for the PCR version – post-consumption recycled plastic. 
  • Except for the cleansing emulsion, FSC paper is used for packaging purposes. FSC-certified paper means it has been harvested responsibly. Although FSC-certified paper often contains recycled paper, it does not have to include it to be certified.

A Review of the First 3 Initial Le Domaine Products

The Cleansing Emulsion

This cleaner doesn’t contain any sulfated surfactants, so it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. It’s airy and smooth in texture and effectively washes away impurities despite having a low foaming action. 

  • The Cleansing Emulsion is formulated with the brand’s patented superhero ingredient, GSM10, to help soften the signs of aging. 
  • Organic grape water harvested from organic farming is the base of the cleanser formulation. The ingredient is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties.
  • The Cleansing Emulsion is enriched with moisturizing and nutritious active ingredients, including organic olive oil and glycerine.
  • 100% of subjects experienced improved hydration levels (in vivo test carried out on a panel of 11 volunteers aged between 26 and 60).

The Cream

The Cream is Brad Pitt’s favorite product in the Le Domaine product lineup — at least, so far. The silky whipped cream provides ample hydration without feeling overly heavy. It also nourishes, protects, plumps, and awakens the skin’s appearance. 

  • It contains a high concentration of GSM10 and ProGR3, the brand’s two exclusive patented active compounds, to help slow down the signs of aging skin
  • Like The Cleanser, the Cream is formulated with soothing grape water and nourishing organic olive oil — but you’ll also find ultra-hydrating shea butter and an ayurvedic plant extract to help diminish the appearance of fatigue
  • Clinical studies (conducted under dermatological control) revealed that The Cream significantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has an anti-fatigue effect and improves the complexion’s radiance in just 28 days (in vivo clinical test carried out under dermatological control on a panel of 33 women and men aged between 46 and 65).

The Serum

The serum is the perfect complement to The Cream because it contains a higher concentration (50%) of GSM10 and ProGR3 to target the signs of age aggressively

  • Another critical ingredient is skin-plumping, moisturizing hyaluronic acid. As we age, we produce less of it, resulting in increased dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. For this reason, hyaluronic acid in skincare is incredibly beneficial. As it’s a humectant, it can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water, so it’s safe to say it’s a super-hydrator of epic proportions.
  •  It should be no surprise that you’ll again find soothing grape water in the formula.
  • Immediately and with long-term use, skin texture, tone, and hydration levels are improved, promoting a more radiant and youthful-looking appearance. 
  • The Serum showcased similar clinical results to The Cream in terms of improved a drastic improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and has an anti-fatigue effect

Coming Soon

  • Coming in January, the brand is launching The Fluid Cream. While there aren’t any details on the website as of the time this review was published, we can imagine it will be a lighter version of The Cream.
  • In February, you can look forward to the launch of Le Domaine Essentials, a more accessibly priced skincare line. 

Our Verdict

Between two patented compounds developed by two industry leaders and efficacious, natural ingredients harvested from the Perrin family’s vineyards (and other artisanal partners based in France), we can’t deny that Le Domaine exhibits excellent potential in the skincare world. We love brands that take a clean and clinical approach to maximize efficiency while being good for you and the environment. 


  • The brand is vegan and takes several measures to promote sustainability, including using recyclable bottles and jars, making products refillable, avoiding plastics when possible, using FSC-certified paper, and creating upcycled product caps from wood left over from Perrin’s wine barrels.  

The only potential drawback to Le Domaine is the steep price point, which may make these products a bit unattainable for some. We’re looking forward to seeing what the brand has in store for what it allegedly calls its more accessibly priced skincare line, Le Domaine Essentials.

What are some alternatives to Le Domaine? 

While we strive to provide accurate reviews, the reality is that only some products or brands are for everyone. The good news is that you have options. 

Deep Science is affiliated with Carrot & Stick and Formulyst. While we stand behind our brands, we’re not here to tell you what to put on your skin — that’s up to you. However, we still believe it’s worth sharing a few alternatives, including our lines and other top-rated picks. 

  • Like Le Domaine, Carrot & Stick combines the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between nature and science. Its products incorporate the gentle nurturing of plants with the powerful results of innovative science, resulting in skin that looks healthy and radiant, minus the toxins. Carrot & Stick products are also environmentally friendly.
  • Le Domaine isn’t the first beauty brand to harness the power of grapes. The idea for the clean beauty brand Caudalie was born in a vineyard in Bordeaux, France, back in 1995. Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas discovered that vines and grapes could benefit the skin in this picturesque vineyard. 

Working with Professor Joseph Vercauteren, a world-renowned polyphenols specialist, Mathilde began extracting these superior benefits from the vines, advancing to create a patent for this process, and officially forming the Caudalie brand. Interestingly, Caudalie was the first to use grape seed extract in a cosmetic formulation.

  • Korres blends nature with science to create its line of skincare that was born out of a Greek homeopathic pharmacy versus a French vineyard. Since Korres has been around for nearly 20 years, the brand has been able to spend time developing its own niche that makes them unique in the skincare industry. 

The brand’s philosophy is based on homeopathic principles but also emphasizes research. Many Korres skincare products include medicinal herbs, greek flora, and natural actives while avoiding controversial ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin wax, silicones, parabens, propylene glycol, ethanolamines, and PEGs.



The brand’s website doesn’t specifically cite whether or not its products are cruelty-free. However, they are vegan and do not contain animal or animal-origin ingredients. Even so, that does not necessarily mean Le Domaine is cruelty-free.
The initial line of products ranges from $80 to $385.
No. In interviews, Pitt said he doesn’t believe in the term “anti-aging.” Instead, it’s more about aging healthy in a healthy manner.



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