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Forever Flawless is a luxury anti-aging beauty brand that infuses real diamond powder into their entire product line. The idea for using diamonds in skin care came from a popular trend in the beauty industry: diamond microdermabrasion treatments and diamond peeling at high-end, professional salons and spas. Forever Flawless aims to offer similar benefits and experience of high-end spa or salon treatments at the comfort of one’s home.

In this Forever Flawless review, we’ll discuss key products, key formulation details, Forever Flawless reviews from real customers, and an alternative for you to consider. 

Key products

Forever Flawless skin care products are divided into 9 unique collections: Daily Care, Eye Care, Anti-Aging, Collagen Boost, Lifting & Stretching, Body, Men, Titanium, and Perfection.

Since there are too many products to cover in one review, below we’ll discuss three of the most popular Forever Flawless skin care products: Diamond Infused Peeling Gel, Diamond Infused 24K Gold Instant Tightening Complex, and Diamond Infused Collagen Serum.

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Peeling Gel is a gentle, yet effective exfoliating and peeling treatment for your face that is suitable for all skin types. It is said to gently remove dead and dry skin cells and impurities from the top layer of your skin, revealing smooth, soft, and luminous skin underneath.

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Instant Tightening Complex is a skin tightening cream formula that is said to minimize visible signs of the aging process, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and is designed to achieve an instant tightening and lifting effect. 

Part of the brand’s Pink Diamond Collection, Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Collagen Serum is said to rejuvenate your skin by repairing damaged skin tissue, increasing collagen production, and protecting the skin from free radicals. Regular use of this collagen serum is claimed to result in younger, firmer, and more elastic skin while preventing further signs of aging. 

Key formulation

Forever Flawless uses real diamond powder in all of their skin care products because diamonds have been widely recognized for their exceptional powers and therapeutic abilities. In ancient times, diamonds were regarded as the gemstones of Venus, the Roman goddess that represents beauty, love, and fertility. In modern times, diamonds are considered as a symbol of purity and perfection. In alternative medicine, diamonds are known for strengthening all the energy centers of the human body.

One of the most popular trends in the beauty industry is diamond microdermabrasion treatments at high-end, professional salons and spas. These treatments require several visits to the spa or salon. Another recent trend in salons and spas is diamond peeling, in which the aesthetician uses diamond crystals and powder throughout the facial treatment. These kinds of treatments are very effective and common among celebrities, but are generally very expensive.

Forever Flawless wanted to take luxury skincare, for personal use, to the next level by integrating diamond exfoliation and peeling benefits into their formulas. That is, in every use of their products there is a phase that includes a controlled diamond exfoliation and peeling. Then, in phase two, when the skin is ready, the cream, serum, or mask penetrates deeper and more effectively into the skin for a better ultimate results. Next, we’ll discuss the main ingredients (besides diamond powder) that you can find in each of the key Forever Flawless products mentioned above. 

The formulation of Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Peeling Gel will likely give you an instant tightening effect due to the very high concentration of witch hazel water. Witch hazel water is a source of tannins. Tannins impart astringent properties, resulting in a constricting and drying effect when applied to the skin. They work by cross-linking with keratin proteins, creating an invisible film that can temporarily degrease skin, tighten and tone skin, and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. However, it should be noted that tannins can cause irritation and sensitization reactions with some people. Another ingredient that may irritate the skin is apricot seed powder, which is included to further exfoliate the skin.

Unfortunately, apricot kernels have irregular and sometimes sharp edges that can scratch or tear at skin. 

Interestingly, the brand does not disclose the list of ingredients used in the Forever Flawless Diamond Infused 24K Gold Instant Tightening Complex. 

Similar to the brand’s Peeling Gel, the formulation of Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Collagen Serum is pretty disappointing. The majority of the formula consists of water, carbomer 940 (gelling agent), polysorbate 80 (surfactant), and triethanolamine (a toxic buffering agent). All of the beneficial ingredients are used in concentrations of less than 1%. We know this by looking at the ingredient list (which is in order of descending concentrations). All of these ingredients are listed after the preservative phenoxyethanol, which cannot be used in concentrations more than 1%.

Forever Flawless reviews

There aren’t many Forever Flawless reviews on the The Derm Review and most of them are negative. Most complaints relate to the companies policies and tactics, including the high pressure sales tactics. In fact, most negative reviews related to this and not the product instead. For example, one review said: “I completely agree with Misty and JC. I was sucked in and spent thousands. Turns out I was allergic and cant return the product and get my money back. They offered me thousands in discounts and I still paid thousands. They get you when they will only give you back based off 70% retail. Since I got it at 70% off I couldn’t get any back. so I am out a bunch of money for a product I cant even use. I was a FOOL! Buyer be ware. Over inflated prices so you cant return and get your $$ back if you have issues.”

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that Forever Flawless products are overpriced and not worth the high price tag. 


  • Fancy packaging


  • High cost (some products cost thousands of dollars)
  • High pressure sales tactics
  • Synthetic fragrance blends
  • Nu Skin products are tested on animals
  • 25% restocking fee for refunds.



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  • Anonymous Original review: Apr 08, 2022. Reply

    I was walking through a mall in NJ, when a man named Roy (the “manager,” light brown/blond hair, claimed to be polish and had an accent– he said he lives in Las Vegas and travels every 3 months) stopped me to show me a demonstration. The product he first showed me on my hand was the Forever Flawless “Diamond Infused Facial Peel,” I was apprehensive about the price of $179 for just a facial peel. So after bantering for awhile he offered the peel, “diamond infused hydra AM moisture complex facial creme” and deluxe nail set for $179 + tax. Cool, I was still hesitant but I agreed. It ended up being $191 and some change.

    While he was ringing me up, we started talking about the bags under my eyes. He then decided he needed to show me their under eye products. He applied them to my face, which was nice. They made me look great, but I noticed the “Black Truffle Instant Repair Syringe” by Truffoire looked tinted (like make up). I brought that up, he denied and was like oh no, no it is not it goes on clear. After he told me how great I looked blah blah blah, he showed me the prices: $1250 for the repair syringe and $225 for the eye serum. At that point I was like absolutely not. But then he was like how about $600+ tax for the serum, eye repair, and a free facial worth $500.

    I thought the idea of the facial was really cool and the products SEEMED nice enough. So I agreed. (Apparently I am really gullible). The total for the second purchase was $666 and some change. While he was ringing me up, he must have felt bad for scamming me because he threw in a “gift” for free of the “purifying toner.”

    I am home and examined under my eye, the “repair syringe” is 100% just a tinted moisturizer that comes of with rubbing your finger.

    Now, I am searching online and can see on eBay you can buy some of this stuff like the peel for $50. Other reviews people say their experiences at the mall and the “Black truffle instant repair syringe” was only $163 not $1250.

    I looked at the receipt and it says the free facial is a “facial consultation,” which leads me to believe they are going to try and get me to pay for even MORE while I am there. I’m a small, apparently naïve woman and their facials are in a seperate room, so I’m actually scared to go. But I want to go to tell Roy that he is a jerk.

    I feel like I was robbed and violated. In no means am I rich. This is disgusting. I know I will not get my money back. But this is not a nice feeling. Someone on here said to dispute the charge, but I don’t know if it’s legit to do that because technically they gave me “expensive products” according to the website.

    I would NOT recommend purchasing from here.

    P.S. someone mentioned their sales rep showing receipts for $12,000 and absurdly high amounts… they did that to me too! It’s all a tactic.

  • snope Original review: Jun 10, 2021. Reply

    The salesperson I encountered is the worst. I thought I wasn’t the only who got pressured into buying the products. They’d offer me a free sample lotion so I took it then they pulled me into entering the store. I went along as I had no plans that day. Little did I know itd be the worst day ever. They told me my skin wasn’t nice and all and I had face discolouration but when I looked in the mirror, i looked totally fine.. she kept saying their products are considered cheap that comes with great skincare ingredients. She will go on and on until I had to lie that someone’s waiting for me. If not I’d have to purchase more which i can’t afford to.
    the worst thing they charged my credit card without even telling me the price first and I was totally in shocked when I saw the receipt. I was so angry I didn’t know what to do i just wanted to get out from the store.

    Word of advice: ignore, do not take their samples, look forward and keep walking

  • Julie Taylor Original review: Nov 18, 2019. Reply

    Was made to feel amazing. Then she started telling me about how I dont care about myself. Very degrading. She was very upset when I didnt purchase more product and wand. Did get skin tightened and exfolient for 200 but still feel scaled. Am happy with product I did buy. Sales woman was so belittling once she knew 8 wouldn’t make a big purchase. Don’t fall for it!

  • KERIN O KINZER Original review: Nov 05, 2019. Reply

    Absolutely do not purchase this product. They did not refund when I had a horrible reaction to the products. When I returned the two bags with $2512.75 worth of products they refused to refund the money. I strongly encourage anyone with this problem to contact the state’s attorney general and file a complaint! They will eventually move to shut them down if complaints keep coming in.

  • Sandy Original review: Feb 20, 2019. Reply

    I completely agree with Misty and JC. I was sucked in and spent thousands. Turns out I was allergic and cant return the product and get my money back. They offered me thousands in discounts and I still paid thousands. They get you when they will only give you back based off 70% retail. Since I got it at 70% off I couldn’t get any back. so I am out a bunch of money for a product I cant even use. I was a FOOL! Buyer be ware. Over inflated prices so you cant return and get your $$ back if you have issues.

  • Ronia Original review: Jan 17, 2019. Reply

    The product is extremely expensive and not worth the hundreds of dollars especially when you get an allergic reaction to the eye and face creams.. I went to complain to the manager about the white face cream and the blue eye cream that gave me a reaction and for two months I have been suffering from eye infection from using the creams. I brought with me more than 6 different boxes that I bought to show him what I am using and what could have caused the infection. After explaining my status as a cancer patient and wanted to know what he thinks could have caused me the eye infection. I did not ask for my money back but the one unopened never used cream to exchange it with anything else but not to use on my face. He seemed very understanding in the beginning then he offered to help me by taking the unused jar back and give me the eye serum providing that I pay 170$ difference.
    I did not want anymore eye cream as I am still getting the treatment and showed him my medication. Of course once you are in the store you cannot leave without having them take your money. The manager Roy did not take the unused cream back but kept pushing and talking about it until he gave me another eye serum and charged me $138 for it whereas in the past I bought it for $100 from a different guy his name was Maor These people are well trained to brainwash their customers and not even consider the emotional stress they cause after leaving the store.
    He kept pushing me to get the serum and took my money. I felt I was taken advantage of and did not get an answer of why the product may have caused the infection because he obviously doesn’t know nor care about a cancer suffering patient seeking an answer instead of spending more money. Good way to fool people which i don’t consider you as a professional but “….” manipulative and inconsiderate.
    Watch out when they fool you by offering a stupid tiny pouch of hand cream and make you spend over $800 when they are not even trained to answer your questions about the allergic reaction of the product and only to stress you out and get your money.
    I admit it is my fault to buy the eye serum again but I warn everyone to watch out before you spend hundreds of dollars on a product that’s not refundable unlike clarins or Clinique or any other product you buy in big stores and you deal with real professionals and guarantee your money back. I am so stressed and sad and wish I had never gone there last night. Don’t let them fool you. Never again. Live and learn

  • Misty Original review: Dec 30, 2018. Reply

    WAAAY overpriced! The Perfectio red light and Saffire blue light wands are stupidly expensive $4000 each, and no returns, you have only 7 days to register the product for warranty, and should you try to resell your impulse purchase on EBay, you will be taken the Ebay site by the off as a ‘Trademark infringement’. This is even if you have purchased through a licensed verifiable reseller and have the receipts to prove it. You can get better LED Light Therapy for THOUSANDS of dollars less, with good reviews, warranties and return policies. These are not worth the money!

    I have no feedback on the efficacy of the rest of the product line. Seems overpriced and not enough verifiable reviews from true skin care professionals.

    Try the freebies, but don’t allow pressure. Keep your wallet closed, walk away. You can always return, really, they won’t remember you. See if the ‘deals’ are offered the next time by another rep. Ask about return policy, ask about what to do if you have a reaction, ask about their licenses and endorsements. Don’t buy unless you are absolutely certain this is the best for you.

  • Jc Original review: Sep 18, 2018. Reply

    I had just finish school, it was early than usual so I decided to walk around the mall. This girl was offering me a sample for hand/body lotion she then asked me to go inside to show me something. I had nothing planned to do so I said ok. She then started sampling this peeling gel onto my hand. Then she proceed to my nails. And ask me which is more I like. So I said the one for the skin. As soon as she told me the price I was ready to walk out the door plus I said I have never even heard of this company before. 160$ for that gel. But she went ahead and pull her “I’m the manager” card and gave me a special discount plus a nail buffer! It happened so fast, she took my money, I got out of the store with their product. I went to the washroom and suddenly I realized what a terrible mistake it was, she was so pushy, she went on talking about the good stuff and I looked, “wait my skin is fine!” I’ve been using Cetaphil and it works great for me. So I regretted that decision and came back to the store for a refund. She told me there won’t be a refund cause it says so in the receipt and it was a promotion they have & she’ve pulled some strings. But I said that I didn’t want it and I want my money back. Then she offered me a free facial to come back by next week if I keep the product. I still said no, I didnt want it. However maybe she can make a “call” and do it over the phone blah blah blah. She said she had to make a call. She went to a room for 30 secs. I reminded her that I paid cash. Then she was like “Oh! Then it’s fine I’ll give you your money back!” She was banging the cash register and went straight to bitchy attitude. This company is a scam. If they can sell this product for half of the price, why sell it to other people for hundreds of dollar per product! She was all nice and had a really good sale tactic but you won’t have any thinking to do because they keep pushing you into making a sale. They won’t even try it on your face when it’s supposed to be for the face! They sample it in your hands! You could go home, bought that product, tried it on your face and have weird reaction or redness due to that product that they claim “all naturals” and all that money to waste.. just saying!

  • Eric Original review: Sep 03, 2018. Reply


  • Kdp Original review: Jan 16, 2018. Reply

    I was in Vegas for a trade show and stupidly entered a store selling this product. You almost do feel assaulted by the sales techniques. You can never quite get a handle on what something costs either. Long story short, I went back to store 2 hours after buying product and was told that product already shipped (in 2 hours?!!). Customer Care got involved and they are as aggressive as sales personnel. I will be contacting BBB, credit card and hotel shop was in. Run, run, run if you see the Forever Flawless product shops near you.

  • Sydney Original review: May 08, 2017. Reply

    I’m 17 years old with EXTREMELY oily skin. That being said, I do the best I can for skincare and I’m able to keep it pretty manageable despite some red spots on my face that seem to be allergies. Went to my local mall and I was on my way heading out (having already shopped at Sephora and a few other spots, so my budget was gone), about to get a drink from the Starbucks right next door, when I saw that this one lady was dodging the salesperson, who seemed upset. I stopped– although I really shouldn’t have– and watched for a second, and the sales rep immediately focused in on me. She immediately asked about my skincare (which I stated I used some all-natural products from the drugstore, which she reacted akin to being told I put canola oil on my face nightly), berated my teenage acne, telling me that I could be “so much more beautiful”, and tried to usher me in. I decided to go in, because my father and I hold a special hatred for these places and I wanted to exhaust them of their samples before declining. They tested the exfoliant on me, which did not really work impressively enough for me (I use a peel from the Body Shop which is, ironically, a few doors down from the store). They then used a moisturizer which left even my wrist feeling oily. I already had the free sample and she asked me if I felt like “treating myself” today. I had informed her when I went in that I was underage, and I told her I could not afford it. She then continued to pile pressure on me, all knowing that I was a 17-year-old she was trying to scam, until I simply got up and left. It’s ridiculous that they try to scam even underage people. She spared no words with her berating my skin, calling it “unhealthy” and “unattractive”… the sampler I received ended up making me break out. So.

  • Paulina Smith Original review: May 02, 2017. Reply

    Absolutely disappointed..this is by far the worst investment I have ever made in skincare. I made the purchase at a Vegas trade show and the sales rep was so rude and aggressive. I decided to get the Paragon after she basically shoved it down my throat. She said I would get results after a month and I see no difference! Overpriced and NOT worth it AT ALL. SCAM!!! It’s not even FDA approved!! I really regret buying it. The worse part is that I can’t even get my money back.

  • Jen Original review: Mar 29, 2017. Reply

    Buyer beware of Cozumel location

    First I would like to start off by saying I have no issue with the product I actually really enjoy it.

    I would like to warn travelers that go to the Cozumel Mexico location. The customer service person there misrepresented the product by assuring me that I could use the product for 24 months – turns out most of the product that I spent almost $700 CAD on expired before the 24 months that she promised. I contacted Jacky the girl I dealt with buying the items and she promised to send me replacements within 2 months – NEVER HAPPENED. I even contacted the owner who said he would take care of it again – NEVER HAPPENED. I was lucky when I contacted the HO in Las Vegas to speak with Farrenn, she was super nice and sent on the products​ to me right away. I’m not saying don’t buy the product, I just would not recommend dealing the the Cozumel Mexico location.


  • Christy Original review: Mar 19, 2017. Reply

    After experiencing the Forever Flawless sales pitch on St. Patty’s Day, my parents came quite close to a purchase…However I quietly stepped out of the store and did some research only to see mostly poor reviews. Before they could make the purchase I stepped in and said we needed to go, so we left with $150 intact and with 6 free lotion samples that I happened to receive from the salespeople. They’re not the only ones who know how to play the game.

  • Mick Original review: Mar 12, 2017. Reply

    I want to share my experience and wish I knew what product was used on my skin. I was on a cruise in Key West and was literally pulled into a FF store. My husband, who was standing outside waiting for me, took off with my purse when he heard a man say to his wife while exiting the store, “$480.00???” He knows me well and knew there was a good chance I would have made a purchase! As it was, this very pleasant gal put some kind of under-eye product on me. It not only removed any trace of my constant eye bags but kept them hidden for over 2 days. Neither he nor I could believe it! I must have looked in every mirror I passed to see if the magic was still at work. Unfortunately, I do not live near a FF store to investigate what may have been used on me but I sure wish I knew what it was as I would probably save up to buy it!

  • Laura Bryan Original review: Mar 11, 2017. Reply

    I was recently given a sample of the moisturizer as i was walking past a kiosk. The salesman was very persistent in getting me to come over to the kiosk to sample the products on hand, I said, NO many times. At least 5. It wasn’t until my husband approached him and stepped between the salesman and I that he stopped the relentlessness. The salesman said “This new product will guarantee to take 10 years off of your wife why won’t you let her try it.” My husband relied, “because unlike you I am aware that my wife has very sensitive skin, which is something you didn’t ask before corralling her over to your both, AND my wife doesn’t need to take 10 years off, she’s beautiful as she is and I love the natural look she has without putting all that goop on her face, which in the end does nothing but cause rashes, acne, discomfort and makes her miserable and wishes she never tried it. She has a skin care regiment that works wonderful for her, Get Lost Bozo.”

    WELLL……I did stash the sample in my purse and recently came across it while I was changing purses for the season. After my shower today I put the moisturizer on sparingly (leaving approx. 3 more applications in the sample packet) After 1 hour my face looked and felt so oily you could fry eggs on my forehead. When i felt my face it had a slimy residue on it and the oil that transferred to my fingers was just…wow….alot. I cleaned my face off with witch hazel (love love love that stuff, for those who don’t know its basically a non drying substitute for alcohol) Then i put my regular Aveeno (very soothing) brand items on. I gotta say I wont be buying or trying anymore of that product. I’m glad i didn’t have a reaction to it, but i have a feeling if i had had it on any longer i think i might have regretted it.

  • Abby Mitchkins Original review: Feb 24, 2017. Reply

    I just had the absolute worse experience at the mall. I am visiting from out of state and I had a nice young lady say everything that I’ve read on here. I was told a price and then charged several hundreds more – yes you read that right…I told the girl this price isn’t what you quoted and her manager takes my card and adds yes adds additional $440 as she said I needed additional products. I flipped out and then the woman says I’ll refund your money just sign the receipt so I can then do a I signed and I swear the woman then says “we don’t give refunds”…I went off and walked out of store and called my credit card company and I’m disputing the charges as I took nothing out of store!!! Do not be taken these stores are nothing but cons!!!!! Run don’t walk away from them!!! This was a horrible experience and I’m still in disbelief this can go on!!!

  • Dave B Original review: Feb 02, 2017. Reply

    If you bought something and feel scamed, CALL your credit card company and do a chargeback! was at the Omega Watch store at La Canter here in San Antonio and walked over to Pottery Barn, and this place was next door. Some cute gals standing out front and they invited me in. I don’t buy anything except clothes and food without doing research. They put that stuff under my eyes and they look great (this was an hour ago), but feel dry and I doubt I would use the product even if was cheaper and didn’t burn my eyes a little bit.

  • elicious Original review: Dec 27, 2016. Reply

    JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEIR PRODUTS. They are like Egyptians, pushing you into their stores, selling you their ”flawless” produts and giving you discounts or even another free product.
    My story was the following. Me and mom were basically pushed into that store in Antwerp, Belgium. The woman showed my mom the produts for eyes and starting to push the produts in our hands. It’s true that I saw the results, and she looked younger but that has dissapeared after 30 minutes. I am happy, that i stopped my mom from buying it.

  • Yogitoes Original review: Dec 01, 2016. Reply

    I just bought some product last night. If you want more, go to a store and act like you’ve never tried it. You will get a huge discount if you play hard to get. I hope I like the product, I will know more in a week.

    Do not want to go back for the free facial only to be pressured into buying more product that I can’t afford.

  • Dixie Original review: Nov 22, 2016. Reply

    I was encouraged to enter their store In San Juan, PR. Amazingly, the wrinkle cream took away wrinkles in a few seconds! The sales person then used the cream on the 2nd side of the face and amazingly, I looked great. After about an hour’s sales pitch, I purchased the 2 products used on my face. Yup, spent $200 but in using the products since being home from this vacation, it does not take away any wrinkles, in fact beneath my eyes became puffy. The salesman showed me a cosmetic store near my home and am trying to look them up…… complain in person!

  • Lea Original review: Nov 03, 2016. Reply

    Run, don’t buy this! Pushy sales lady and I fell for it. 4 days later I had not used it so I took it back for a refund. I had not even taken it out of the bag!! There is NO refund whatsoever! I wish I had never walked in! Don’t fall for it!

  • anonymous Original review: Oct 22, 2016. Reply

    I give them 0 stars. This is the biggest scam out there. They are very pushy and do not honor their return policy. I too, got a rash. I am frustrated that stores like this are allowed to prey on the insecurities of people. They claim they are FDA approved. They are not-the FDA does not approve cosmetics. They misrepresent the product and the services. The person who does your “facial” is not an aesthetician. No real cosmetic site or company should recommend this product.

  • Jan Original review: Sep 13, 2016. Reply

    I just spent $149 for the scrub and was given all this other free stuff. I feel so ashamed of myself. when I told my best friend about my purchase she said to return it right away. That kiosks are not to be trusted and there’s actually terrible stuff in those products and are bad for your skin. Of course as I walked back to try and return it I see on the receipt that it says no refunds….so here I am at home with a dent in my account for something I can’t even use….hating myself for being so gullible.

  • Katie Original review: Aug 05, 2016. Reply

    STOP REVIEWING YOUR SALES ASSOCIATE INSTEAD OF THE PRODUCT. I love this product, I currently use the White Diamond Collection. The peeling facial scrub is great but due to my sensitive skin I would recommend only using it once a week. The scrub has no smell and the cleanser has a lovely light smell. My skin always feels refreshed after using. Due to the price of the product I usually only use it when I start breaking out, and my face clears up in no time! Love it.

  • K Original review: Jul 12, 2016. Reply

    Mall of America, Baton Rouge, LA:

    The first time I walked by, two guys outside the store were calling to people and offering samples. I ignored them and jogged away to catch up with my group, as I usually do. Later my group went to a store I wasn’t interested in, and although I made a wide arc around the store to avoid another pitch, a salesman ran across the mall to offer me a sample. I had nothing better to do and some time to kill, so I let him lead me into the store (I do like free samples, and I am a pro at shirking a purchase because I’m not scared to seem rude to people who just want my money). He sampled the diamond exfoliator peel on my arm and I was very impressed and wanted it very badly, especially after he showed how well the moisturizer absorbed on that arm than the other. I did not show my interest, though, as I am not made of money. I thanked him for the sample, and attempted to leave, but he kept going. Normally I would have been very annoyed, but I patiently told him that I’m a college student who just drove 5 hours from home to get my iphone fixed (since it would’ve been more expensive in my own town). He seemed to suddenly understand that I really wasn’t in a position to buy anything, and offered me the scrub and moisturizer for very very cheap. I’m sure they work for commission, so I asked how he can possibly offer that deal. He showed me the reciept from one of his regular customers from that morning, who he had offered the same deal a while ago. This lady had just dropped $12,000 in this place!! He says he can afford to make that offer because most of his customers keep coming back. He was very willing to answer my 100 other questions in the name of making the sale, and I did not feel like I was being conned or lied to. I wanted the scrub pretty badly, so I agreed to the steeply discounted price.

    I used the scrub and moisturizer that night and shared with bae, and we loved it! It helped to clear a pretty stubborn breakout overnight!!! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to afford another pot of it at the regular price, but I do feel like it will last a very long time. It’s two days after that first treatment, and my face is still as smooth as a baby’s butt. My skin absorbs other moisturizers and treatments way better, and makeup goes on like a dream. I can hardly wait to do another treatment, but I honestly feel like it will be more than a week before I need one.

    So, as an overview, I’ve heard great things about the scrub, and I love it myself. Sounds like the eye cream is hit or miss at best and allergenic at worst. You can get it for its real value if you play hard to get, but some of the sales people are really bad at being persuasive without being aggressive or even insulting, and complaints are generally ignored. You can demand refunds if you’re very persistent, but it’s probably a better idea to refuse to buy unless you really really want the product.

  • Kitty miller Original review: Apr 19, 2016. Reply

    I was lured into this store by a nice gentleman who, once I was in the store, laid on the pressure hard and heavy. The sales pitch is extremely aggressive and pure nonsense. I had absolutely NO plans of parting with my hard earned money in exchange for this snake oil but I wanted to see how desperate this guy, who claimed to be the manager, was going to get in the “deal” and the claims. Wow, he went to some crazy places, folks. These people (I will not call them salesmen) are predators. No other word for it. The product is pure junk. He did the eye cream on me and my skin felt dry, tight and hurt. I believe if I put toilet bowl cleaner under my eyes, I’d get the same results! I was able to escape without buying a thing and with a mere shred of my dignity as I felt as though I’d been assaulted. The experience really shook me up. About 1 hour later my eyes began to burn. I noticed in the mirror as I was washing this crap (sorry no better word for it) off my face in a public restroom, that the predict was cracking off, yup, just like a parched, dry riverbed. Pure crap, junk, garbage, snake oil!!!!! I then began to feel really bad that others will be lured in, have their time wasted, and worse, waste their money on this garbage. By the way, the skin under my eyes is swollen and red with a rash. WALK AWAY. JUST SAY NO. YOUR NOT BEING RUDE. They don’t care about us they just want our money and at any cost

  • Jonathan Original review: Apr 16, 2016. Reply

    My wife was introduced to Forever Flawless during a trip to Miami. She is very pleased and recommends the line to her friends. I just got online their Men’s after shave and I think it is really good. Its 5 Stars in my book.

  • April Frankln Original review: Apr 15, 2016. Reply

    Most of the reviews I read are bashing the store sales tatics & NOT the product! I do agree that while some of the sales tactics in the physical stores leaves something to be desired, apparently they are individually owned. I personally just call the customer service number direct to order and haven’t had ANY issues! I use the Hydra-AM & PM on a daily basis and the 24K Gold collection. Lea (my sales lady) is always very friendly, courteous and always knows exactly what to recommend based on my current skin situation! I beg anybody who has a negative experience with the store (not the products) to simply call their 470 number and start ordering direct. You won’t be disappointed! MY SKIN HASN’T BEEN THIS AMAZING IN YEARS BY THE WAY!

  • Sandra M Lincolen Original review: Apr 14, 2016. Reply

    I really don’t know what you all taking about!!!!
    u guys probably work for a different
    company and that the reason u guys shaming forever flawless!!!!
    FOREVER FLAWLESS have great product!!!
    me, my mom and my aunt using FF product and we love it!!! we all was at forever flawless store in Boca Raton FL and got in because they offered me a sample.when he apply the lifting and stretching diamond cream on my mom, the change was immediately!!!! i wish i could post my mom before and after picture!! its was amazing and even now my skin look amazing. and my mom and my aunt love it!! THANK YOU FOREVER FLAWLESS FOR MAKING MY SKIN AMAZING!!! we all got the same deal and ues it for 8 months. true it was expansive so what? CHANEL and LA MER also expansive but NOT as good!!!

  • Tie R S Original review: Mar 17, 2016. Reply

    I was pulled into a store a couple weeks ago. The man started his sales pitch, putting the diamond peel on my wrist, having me try the body scrub on my hands, blah blah blah. The entire time, I was very consistent with saying that the products were to expensive. Finally, I was able to get the body scrub for $60 and he threw in the diamond peel for free and believe me, I checked to make sure I was only charged for the body scrub. I have very dry skin, I’m talking flakes falling off my body whenever I towel dry. While the diamond peel is ok, the body scrub is amazing. It has a really good citrus smell and has an oil in it. No more flakes on my body! Woohoo. He also said, that I can bring in the empty jar and I can get a new jar of body scrub for only $10. I will be going back this Sunday, to find out if he told the truth about that.

  • Kathy Original review: Feb 14, 2016. Reply

    I got my products in Oak Park Mall, Kansas City

    The sales rep was knowledgeable and not too pushy,

    I’ve been using the products (the blue for the eyes is my favorite) for almost a year and I’m very happy with the results!
    I also came back several times for facials, and got the black diamond collection which I love. (using frugally to make sure I have it for longer term 🙂

    It’s difficult to try and use the products after reading all the horrible reviews, but it’s always good to try it yourself on your skin.

    I recommend to try one or two products first at your LOCAL location (not during vacation! The stores in Vegas was very very pushy and tried to sell me more stuff for higher price!)
    if you like it, go back for more.

    Local stores has better customer service and work more about preserving the customers to keep coming back. also the prices in this specific store are more affordable, not like other reviews I’ve seen here.

  • Sherry Palm Original review: Feb 05, 2016. Reply

    This product is a complete scam!!! EVERYTHING ABOUT it! Stay away. I bought some eye cream and it is very moisturizing eye cream! They got me with a “free” facial. My lucky DAY! HUH! they check out the purse you are carrying the jewels you are wearing and prey on you. It was super funny to watch. I was having NONE OF it and they were not happy with me and started to insult me and call me names

  • ALEJANDRA Original review: Dec 12, 2015. Reply

    I just arrived from the 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen where I live, and I’m ashamed to say I was pushed into going into the store and listen for 10 min about these products and let the sales man try them on my arm. 20 min latter I have red spots in both arms. I’m happy to say I didn’t buy anything and was able to get out of there. y husband found this website and showed me your comments. So glad he did so I’ll never fall for their nice speech again. Normally I use Clinique products I think I’l just stick to those.

  • Brianna Original review: Dec 04, 2015. Reply

    I understand the whole “pushy” salesmen tactic but c’mon now… You can’t say someone suckered you into spending your money! I’m 17 & I’d never let someone talk their way into my pockets. YOU ALWAYS HAVE AN OPTION PEOPLE! You can’t blame them because you simply didn’t know how to say “no, thank you”. It’s literally that easy. PLUS… It kinda is their job to use those tactics.
    I recently just bought FF at a mall in my area. The lady who was very enjoyable to talk to & was nice & I didn’t feel tempted at all. I purchased the peeling exofloilater and a moisturizer kit, for myself & a foaming cleanser, body scrub, and moisturizer for my grandfather. It totaled up to about….$280 maybe! I can’t wait to see results!!!

  • anonymous Original review: Nov 14, 2015. Reply

    I tried the eye serum at the Den airport kiosk. It worked really really well on lines and puffiness around my eyes, but the sales process felt scammy and when I checked the reviews while I waited for my flight to board I was put off. Luckily, my flight was delayed a bit so I returned to the kiosk. There were 2 customers looking at the product so I pulled aside one of the salespeople and said that I didn’t want to say anything in front of the other customers but I needed to return the product because it was burning my eyes (it did feel a bit odd). Given the option of me voicing my concerns in front of the other two customers she hastily refunded my $175. I do think the product produces very good temporary results, but what was I thinking paying that much money in an airport for something whose ingredients and reviews I hadn’t checked?!?!?! Thank goodness for this website and the reviewers that have posted! Back to the Kiehl’s eye cream with avocado for me. And a dose of loving my self at any age!

  • Mark Original review: Nov 13, 2015. Reply

    I had purchased the blue eye set from lady at the DIA. I have been using it for a while and my eyes looks much better less puffy. The lady was very nice and helpfull. She also helped find my gate.

  • Agnes Original review: Oct 29, 2015. Reply

    Very true! The way they lure you in by saying with a sweet smile, “Hello gorgeous, allow me to apply this on your wrist..”. After using it for 2 weeks, I find it nothing more than gelatin with orange scrub balls. So, I just got scammed in my hometown Singapore, at Marina Bay Sands. I could have bought so many other good products with the money I wasted on one tub of something.. I had never heard or seen. Should report them. They are so unfair.. they totally made use of my day-out-for-shopping-mood.. and the rich environment that the mall’s arrangement offered. No need to buy anything from them, EXTREME PRICED, USELESS stuff.

  • Heidi Original review: Oct 27, 2015. Reply

    Today I experienced the Forever Flawless masterful sales pitch. Same as others commented, there was the rapid price drop and adding on of “free” products a facial. My handsome young salesman with a foreign accent flirted with me and exclaimed at the dramatic difference the product made under my one eye. I could not tell the difference but I could feel a tingling of the skin. Before and after looked the same to me. He spouted scientific sounding rhetoric about how the product promoted the skin’s own production of collagen. But after I got home I read that claim attached to the “pink diamond” line not the “blue diamond” line he was selling me. He didn’t say anything about the product containing diamond dust but the website claims this is the important secret ingredient. He said the products would last me two years, yet the bottles are tiny and other commenters said they ran out quickly. I asked if it was guaranteed. He said yes it was, as his eyes shifted away. After my credit card is swiped I see a small sign taped near the register that says “no returns, no refunds” and knew I had just been had. At this point it doesn’t matter if the products work – I’d never buy there again.

  • Cheryl Original review: Oct 18, 2015. Reply

    I ran over to the mall in LA to return a rather expensive necklace ironically it was a gift from my husband who didn’t realize I already had the piece. I say this because to illuminate that although I think these products are over priced, I am not against or unable to purchase them. I ran over to the mall, as in quickly, because I had a horrible flu and over 101 degree temperature. I looked like a mess and my eyes were obviously those of someone whose been feeling miserable. Nevertheless, an employee at FF caught me as I passed the store and told me how wonderful my skin looked and with some pretty hard false tactics got me to sit down. I can tell you as a professional in mental health & particularly in manipulation techniques that these employees are very trained to sell and frankly manipulate, after all, these are costly products & they do get a commission. First she must have quickly scanned my face because she chose only one side to try products on & made sure I didn’t look too close prior. Then she marveled at how that one side has improved. I happen to know that the side she applied the products on is my “soft side.” We all have one side of our face that is more relaxed & using that one side creates the appearance in comparison that your skin has greatly improved. Truthfully any time or basic product you use that contains vitamins A & E along with collagen will have an identical effect. Studies show that it is actually the act of purchasing a skin care product and using it that improves our skin. I’m not saying the product is crap, I’m saying it is no better than the vast majority of others and how we see ourselves taking care of ourselves directly impacts how we present ourselves to others which in turn impacts how they respond to us…. So back to the actual scam of a sale: yep, I could have gotten a cheaper price and a facial. In fact, I got some BS story thrown in about “our heritage” as I mistakenly made a comment that revealed my origins. Apparently also my seller needed to move the material quick because she was moving to the Vegas store. Yes! I got my hand scrubbed and she showed me the “dead skin” coming off. Yeah…. Cause that’s actually what happens with a scrub on the top of my hand when I’ve had self tanner on……LOL!. The products do leave a chalky residue that was odd and unpleasant to me but felt soft to the touch. I suspect that’s a factor in the “immediate” results as its filing in temporarily whatever fine lines we have but ladies there are so so many amazing products now on the market that do this and plenty available even at your local drug store in creams and make up.

    I’m actually surprised this company is existing and taking up in malls and hotels but they have a good thing going with the image they present and the facade of fabulousness as well as affluence. Maybe some people buy into purchasing because who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to products supposedly used by the rich and famous (who by the way if the celebrity is marketing it or flaming to use it you can almost guarantee they are getting PAID to do so). But it seems like a total scam. The actual incredients are near identical to most mid scale products. And the diamonds? Did I mention the sales last didn’t once mention that the diamonds were what made the product work well. Of no, it was the collagen….


  • Cheryl Original review: Oct 18, 2015. Reply

    I can’t help but wonder, since you brought up the idea that other reviews might be fake, if you happen to be an employee of the company or someone paid to post positive reviews.

    There are far too many negative reviews both about the sales pitch pressure and poor quality of the products to be fake. Seems to me a true consumer is smart to pay close attention to the negative reviews as they are far more likely to be authentic.

  • alice Original review: Oct 17, 2015. Reply

    very pushy was pulled into a shop by my hand…… sat in a chair and felt amazing for a minute the was told it would be 168.00 and even though I was told it was a free trial they treated me as if I had agreed to pay for the sample facial….. was out of town on vacation in Atlanta told the woman I had no money she reduced a whole kit to 68.00…if you discounted it that much how much is it really worth in real life… reknewed my dislike of malls…… sold on ebay for 70.00 it turned my face crusty.

  • Nathalie Original review: Oct 12, 2015. Reply

    They tricked me too, and convinced me to buy the face scrub, matching the price I usually pay: $60, supposedly a value of $150 or even more. It happened last week of September when I was visiting New York City. The lady (manager of the shop on Fifth Ave) was very nice and seemed loyal, not aggressive and very convincing. Though I must admit a very good saleswoman. I wish her a better job!
    I tried it first one week before my bad experience, applied the gel and lightly rubbed my face for 2-3 minutes. This time there was no reaction, but not much of a result either. I trusted it and used it again under the shower (as proposed by the salesperson) and scrub gently everywhere for about 5 minutes, then rinsed and realized parts of it did not wash off. The scrub had turned to a glue and stick to a portion of my face. The product seemed to have peeled the skin off… Right after my shower, I checked in the mirror and the area in question was red and burning. Three day after, my skin is slowly healing and I am learning a good lesson: keep using the product that I trust and that are natural from renowned company, and stop believing in eternal physical youth.

  • Ana Jean Original review: Oct 01, 2015. Reply

    I recently purchased $600 worth of Forever Flawless and was extremely disappointed! While staying in a nice Vegas hotel I walked by the gift shop area. I was approached by salesmen and I was heavily pressured after being asked to try the eye cream. I think the effects are quick and sudden so you are tempted to believe it will work. The results are not long lasting. The eye lift cream and serum leaves a white powder, crusty residue under your eyes. I said we did not have the money for this and the sales people were relentless. All three sales people I saw there were foreign with broken English so there was a breakdown in communication as well. I agreed to the eye cream and serum and he kept adding things and promising greater results. My husband was being nice and decided to splurge a little on me. After we purchased that day, I went back that night for the facial they promised, it was hard to get the treatment. They did a rushed sloppy job. They treated me suspicious for coming back, as they told me would be included with my purchase. Once I got home and applied the products exactly as my salesman instructed my eyes burned instantly and were swollen for 2 solid days! The company has been a nightmare to reach, get ahold of anyone, or get any phone calls or emails back. They are extremely unprofessional and the whole thing feels like a gimmick!!! Thankfully this store was in a nice hotel so I contacted the hotel retail manager who over sees the gift shops. She put some pressure on them to respond and they finally responded and say they will reimburse me. Even after I told them I had an allergic burning, swollen eye reaction, they asked me to try it again!

  • RexRedbone Original review: Sep 29, 2015. Reply

    Hard pressure sales at the vegas store is right all I had to offer was $200.00 cash this was like blood in the water the sale person was trying to sell me 4 items at 200.00 each I ended up with 3 items and promised not to say anything so the real going price for the the products are 66.00 each cash is King !

  • Va Va Original review: Sep 21, 2015. Reply

    Let me guess.. they came up to you telling you to come over and give it a try… while they talking to you they telling you bullshits like nicky minaj and the kardashians are using it …. giving you a look at the before and after results by putting some cream under one eye so u could see the difference… after they telling you that those creams are worth thousands of dollars but telling you they appreciate you so much they willing to low down the store price AT THEIR EMPLOYEE PRICES… bullshit.. I bought those creams for a total of 299$ (I had the cream plus the serum) in NYC two years ago… they work like a charm at the beginning but after couple of hours your skin gets back to normal…. nothing impressive there… i am shocked to see they making enough money to establish some of their scamming boutiques in montreal now… dont fall for their pressured sales…. walk out or dont even walk in..

  • Nancy Original review: Sep 15, 2015. Reply

    Sounds like you all were luckier than I regarding price. While walking through the UTC mall in Sarasota, FL I was stopped by a VERY high pressure salesman telling me how nice my skin was and putting some cream under one eye so I could see the difference and notice how well it got rid of wrinkles. While we were waiting the 2 minutes for the cream to take effect, he told me how I needed 3 other products to complement the eye cream. Well, had I purchased JUST the facial moisturizer, the price was $1200 for the jar that he claimed would last 2 years. VERY LONG story short: within 10 minutes he had lowered his price to all FOUR products for $399 (which he claimed was his cost.) I very nicely told him that I do NOT do business with people who start their price at $1200 for one product, then lower it to $399 for four products. I left and will never return to that kiosk again. The free sample of facial moisturizer he gave me works just as well as my Nivea skin lotion that I have been using for years. This business should be ashamed of the way they pressure people and work “magic” with their numbers. I bet “rich” women who have nothing better to do with their money pay the $1200 price right off the bat. Guess that leaves the salesman a little “wiggle room” for those women who keep resisting until he gives his $399 price.

  • Laura Original review: Aug 19, 2015. Reply

    Just turned down the sales man from Tyson’s, I was passing by, but stopped by a salesman, he spent 10 minutes to do all the demonstrations and persuasions. I just came back from china with all the sales scams at tourist scenes, now I have to appreciate all the pushes I d been through from Zhang jia jie where a recent movie shoots mountain scenes:)

    This kind of forced sell should be stopped, customers should not go through this guilt/pressure

  • Jennifer Original review: Jul 30, 2015. Reply

    I bought 3 items a few months ago. here are my results.
    The face cream was ok the first day or 2. It seemed fine but after continual use it left a white chalk-like mark on my face, and it would not absorb into my skin but just sat on top. I do not recommend.
    I bought the eye gel as well and thought it was fine- nothing special. The bottle will last me about 4 months, not 1 year as the salesperson said. I will not buy again since I can find similar products at the beauty supply store.
    Lastly I bought the peel/scrub. I only used it a few times and don’t see any great results, so I will not buy again.

  • Nastja Original review: Jul 24, 2015. Reply

    I actually had an amazing experience in the South Beach, FL Store. I bought a few products and I absolutely LOVE THEM. Have no complaints whatsoever and the product makes my skin look amazing. It seems to me that a lot of these comments are from the competition as I can’t imagine why they would not like the product.

  • Lucy Original review: Jun 26, 2015. Reply

    Under high pressure tactics I purchased Forever Flawless but only after the extremely pushy sales girl told me I could return it. That girl even took my picture, before and after the lotion under my eye. (I hope she is not using my photo to sell to other unsuspecting customers.)
    I immediately looked the product up, discovered these reviews and the above chart. That night, I could hardly sleep after reading that some people had difficulty returning the product. When I arrived at the store (San Antonio, La Cantera) I got the same run around the other writers did. The young lady told me I had to call the rep who sold it to me so that she could arrange a refund. I responded that I could not do that, informed them that I would be leaving town the next day, insisted on my refund. That clerk called her manager as I watched nearby. He allowed the refund and I went on my way, relieved but angry at myself for being drawn in the previous day. The product that was applied under my eyes made my skin look great, temporarily, but my eyes had begun to burn. I don’t know if that was the result of the product or simply because I was tired. I used that as my excuse for returning the product rather than tell the young lady about your website. The sales girl who gave me the refund suggested that I might be sensitive to Resveratrol which is in the Forever Flawless product. I’m so glad to learn about this Scam and was able to compare products on this website. I use Revive Perioral Cream. It’s great to know it’s highly rated.

  • jeanie Original review: Jun 23, 2015. Reply

    I was one of those dumb ones alone in the Den airport and didn’t see any improvement but believed her so I bought over 600.00 worth of stuff. I said no but she kept talking. guess being 60 you believe any one when they said it will help you! now I have to figure out how to pay credit card off again!! there is no miracle!!!!!!!

  • W Original review: May 23, 2015. Reply

    I agree, I too got sucked in with friendly but very aggressive sales tactics, resulting in a huge outlay which was way beyond what I would have spent…. However, the cleanser is amazing, as are the eye creams – and I have had people commenting on how good my skin is looking. Love the products but highly priced with great promises which are not always met. Also no after-service!

  • xu lin Original review: May 19, 2015. Reply

    Hi diane, i noticed your review about these products. i’m from singapore and i’ve been purchasing these products for sometime and i can understand one thing from your review; i’m in sales and i do know that sometimes the sales person can be the one who make the product very good and sometimes the product sell it self. these products has been sold to me in the same approach, but in a more soft and not as pushy as you described. i know that these guys sell in an aggressive way but i understand where it comes from. i researched about the product and it is recommended by Dr. Oz and i read some articles of scam warning and after a while this website published that it has been tested in their labs and it is a really high quality of product who justifies the price. anyway research about the revenues that cosmetics make and understand that, as an example: Estee lauder make profit of few hundreds of percentage, just as elizabeth arden, Creme De Lamer, laprerrie ETC. Anyway, this product made a good change for me and i will keep on using it.

  • S.W. Original review: May 19, 2015. Reply

    If you’re a working class, stay away from this store. It’s not for you. I made the mistake of going for a facial. While it felt nice, the lady wouldn’t let me leave until I agree to buy their membership and a year’s worth of facials. She also told me not to tell people what a big discount she gave me. In my view, if they’re a reputable company, they don’t need to use such high pressure tactic. It’s turning customers away.

  • Cheryl Original review: May 18, 2015. Reply

    I keep reading about the hard sales tactics practiced by FF Sales people. I did not experience that at all in the DEN Airport. I had a few hours to kill and I thought, “What the heck? I could possibly look better than I do when I arrive at my city after this!” Michelle was fun. The facial was amazing. No matter what Michelle told me, I just watched to see what happened. In fact, I had forgotten a lot of what she told me. So when I bought some products, I had to have her write down the steps for me. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her any time if I had questions. I bought the Blue Diamond eye serum and cream, Vit C Boost, and Pink Diamond neck mask, serum and cream. They eyes don’t lie! What I saw happening to my skin was amazing to say the least. What’s more, another lady stopped by as I was finishing and I stayed to watch her facial. Though she had different issues than I did, her results were equally amazing. I had to leave the kiosk to catch my flight, but I know she was on her way to buying the Blue Diamond eye serum, cream, the Pink Diamond Collection and two others. I feel badly for the bad sales tactics everyone has experienced. I know all products are different on others. But this line worked for me. Me, who is sick and tired of buying expensive products that don’t work even after months of using them. FF is the opposite of those products. You see a difference right away, and yet you don’t use it as often as other products. I was even warned not to “waste it” with over use. It is expensive and I will cringe when I have to reorder. But i know it works, and I won’t hesitate. In fact, I already bought the body lotion after the major purchase because I loved the sample. If you try it, I hope it works for you as it does for me.

  • Marsha N Original review: May 17, 2015. Reply

    Marsha N, I have been using FF for 2 years now. I love it. Strangers approach me and inquire what product I use as I have beautiful skin. I use the exfoliation diamond dust monthly. Daily I use the AM PM creams and cleansers. The facials I use about every 6 weeks. Expensive, you bet, but worth it! The product should be used sparingly and each jar lasts about 8 months. Play the game and get their best price.

  • Shelly Original review: May 15, 2015. Reply

    After reading many reviews, I’ve noticed that many complain about two major things. 1. Price. 2. Salesmanship.

    Anyone who thinks that this is “too expensive” clearly shouldn’t be buying it. It’s out of your price range. Go to Nordstroms and look at La Mer. Super expensive, and it made me break out really bad. Does that mean it’s crap? No. It just means I haven’t found the right product for me.

    As far as salesmanship, they are pushy. Each store has their own way of doing things. The manufacturer cannot control that. If you feel uncomfortable, get up and walk out. Pretty simple. They won’t chase you down and take your first born.

  • Boe Original review: Apr 01, 2015. Reply

    Yes.. they suckered me in a couple of times but I just laugh at them. I am familiar with sales and knew what was going on. When she asked me why I wouldn’t buy I told her I didn’t want to be sold and took off.

  • Bin Original review: Mar 24, 2015. Reply

    The products are good to me. I can see immediate effects on wrinkles around eyes with mask stretcher and serum. The sea-salt based product tried on my hand did remove dead skin cells and showed skin complexion difference right in front of my eyes. I purchased the mask stretcher and serum, but not the sea-salt based product.
    I don’t see the diamond power will help any penetration effect from purely physical point of view. My speculation is that the diamond power is more of a marketing strategy. The marked price is too high. But with negotiation you will get that price from sky to earth.
    Overall effective products. Make sure you take the price down to what you feel comfortable before making purchase decisions.

  • Maria Original review: Mar 03, 2015. Reply

    I agree 100% with the comments regarding “excess sales pitch” but, I also understand that the sales people probably have a very aggressive sales target —- so, I get it —- But, given that , as far as I can see, everybody that ends up buying the product does it at a very discount rate, it might be a good idea for them to re-think their pricing/sales strategy!!!
    Regarding the product, it is quite fantastic…. huge difference from “before” and “after” — High quality stuff…

  • anonymous Original review: Feb 10, 2015. Reply

    So I was at the mall today trying to find my GF a nice Valentine’s day gift & this sales lady saw me walking out of VS store empty handed (they didn’t have what I was wanting in Stock) so of course this girl preyed on me like a vulture going in on its kill, started off with a little, simple example of what the product feels like on my hands & is making eyes at me while telling me how much my wife would absolutely LOVE this product & it’ll show her how much I love her & after the exfoliation, showed me the water in the basin, told me all about the minerals from the dead sea & proceeded to put lotion on me infused with “diamond dust”, (probably 1 part per million so they are not legally lying? ), & how it’s such a fantastic deal for 1 jar at $88 or 2 for $100, my jaw dropped & long story short, a half hour & 2 associates & 1 district manager later, I finally was able to walk away with only the cuticle nail kit, the free sample & a free open facial for my girl upon returning with her & still don’t feel satisfied about my purchase/lifetime investment on the buffer.

  • anonymous Original review: Feb 06, 2015. Reply

    Too expensive. Sales lady was really informative but of course doing the hard sell. When i tried to leave without buying she straight out asked me why and even at one point called me lazy about how i take care of my skin. Im not really making a big deal about it because fact is I am kinda lazy about it. If they are going to market their product at this price then they need to give out samples and let people try it first. Despite my laziness about skin care i am one to attempt to take care of my skin if i find something i like. But i refuse to buy something that expensive without doing research on the validity of their claims and the ingredients in the product itself. If it truly is a great product then they ought to consider giving samples and letting the product speak for itself. The fact that they have to hard sell makes me doubt it’s worth as a product and how safe it truly is for your skin.

  • Catherine Original review: Jan 27, 2015. Reply

    I received many Forever Flawless products. It has been a big disappointment. The packages are beautiful but the creams and Thermal Mask do not do the job they are supposed to do. The Thermal Mask is useless. The diamond infused Facial Peeling Gel is okay, but L’Oreal and other less expensive products are just as good. The Hydra am moisture cream feels sticky as well as the Diamond Age-Defying Cream. The vitamin C is too sticky to put on my face. We are paying for the beautiful packaging which would make a beautiful decoration.

  • Michele Original review: Jan 24, 2015. Reply

    I love it! I’m getting comments on how great my skin looks! My husband bought the Forever Flawless products for me, and I figured it would be a brand x experience, but I’m a fan. Love the results, love the softness, and I will buy more for myself.

  • Victoria Original review: Jan 21, 2015. Reply

    Today after work I got home and my dad says my mom had a surprise for me. my mom had been talked into buying something from forever flawless. I started laughing because I was like oh no. She spent $200 and got two manicure kits and the facial peel. At first I thought she got scammed but I used the facial peel and it works like a similar mall product I bought from an over zealous salesperson. It does remove dead skin. It even took some off of my fingers where it touched while I was using it on my face. It is a ridiculous amount for the product but I know easily it will last a year. My other Dead Sea facial I’ve had for a few years and it’s half the size of the diamond peel container. I know next time my mom will not be swindled by the fast talking Italian saleswoman.

  • Carolyn D Original review: Jan 14, 2015. Reply

    Going to try to bring it back today. will call credit card co. if they give me a hard time.

  • Don Hulbert Original review: Jan 06, 2015. Reply

    I’ve only been using the products for about a week, but so far, so good. My complexion has been a little “cranky” lately, and this seems to be helping. I agree that the salespeople are beyond aggressive; I had to literally say at one point “no, I MUST leave now,” because I was on my way to another appointment. Agree that it’s extremely pricey, and it remains to be seen for long haul how well it actually works. That said, some of the criticisms sound to me like the product is being used incorrectly. The exfoliator does have a viscous, sticky texture; if used sparingly, though, it works and washes off fine in my experience. Same for the moisturizer — a little goes a long way, it doesn’t need to be laid on with a trowel. Not every product will work for everyone, so I do wish that the salespeople would be a bit more patient and give out samples instead of going into a hard-driving pitch. I assume that they are paid a commission for each sale, so I have some sympathy, but I think the sales reps would create better buzz for the product if they’d dial it back just a touch.

  • Ann Marie Original review: Dec 24, 2014. Reply

    I had the same thing happen to me, I finally got most of the particles off my face. I am returning it,hoping I get my money back.

  • David Original review: Dec 20, 2014. Reply

    My friend and I were each given a facial by a very nice saleslady. It honestly felt very good, and there was no disputing that visible improvement in the skin were the result. What really shcoked me was that prior to the facial I purchased three bags of products and was given a certificate to give to my wife for a complimentary facial. I set the bags aside during the facial, and when I retrieved the bags the certificate had been removed! Good thing I checked the bags! They gave me a new certificate – which I’m curious to see if it is honored when my wife tries to use it, but still – taking it out of the bag?!?!? That made me wonder what kind of outfit these Forever Flawless stores are.

  • Camille Olivia Original review: Dec 18, 2014. Reply

    Went to the local mall today for the first time in YEARS. I only went because I thought I might find something for my 2 (grown) nephews who are impossible to shop for. As I walked along, a beautiful young woman with a darling Russian accent offered me a sample. She was, and I’m not kidding when I say this, one of THE BEST sales people I’ve ever encountered. And I used to be one! Anyway, she’s doing her schtick and I’m taking it all in and she asks if she can put some of the eye cream on. So I let her. I gotta tell you, if I’d had the money, I’d probably have bought the product. It was that noticeably different! It isn’t often I can say this but I feel lucky to NOT have had the money. She went from $600, to $300, to $150 for the eye serum. Told me it’s her “wholesale price”. Either way, I told her that unless she wanted to let me make payments, she was S.O.L (shit outta luck). She was really quite sweet so I had no angst over any of it. I asked her if she was going to put the cream on my other eye so I wouldn’t have to walk around looking like a freak. She laughed and said, “Of course!”. So off I went to cruise the mall. About half an hour later, on the third floor, I ran into another salesman. This one was a very young, very attractive man who tried to lure me in. I told him I’d already spoken to M….i (I don’t want to use her name here) and he asked what was her “best price”. When I told him, I could see the surprise on his face. Apparently she did offer some super-deal. Anyway, I told HIM that if I bought the product I’d have to forgo food for the rest of the month. He laughed and said, “Well, food is more important than beauty, yes?” I laughed along with him and told him that there wasn’t a person on the planet who could tell me that I needed to spend that kind of money to “be beautiful”. He wished me “a good day” and I walked on.
    When I go home, I decided to do some research. Again, SO happy I didn’t have the money to buy the product. I’m still pretty amazed at how different my eyes look, but still. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS???? There must be a market or else those folks wouldn’t be selling it. But I have to say…I think it’s pretty sad when there’s that much pressure and people (like some who’ve commented here) feel like there’s “no way out”. So here’s my last on a very long-winded comment:


    It’s that simple, ladies. NO. And walk out.

  • Denise Original review: Dec 18, 2014. Reply

    I too was scammed by their crafty sales pitch. I ended up buying the “diamond” infused facial peeling gel this morning and I feel like I have needles stuck in my face. Seriously, I can’t get the stuff off my face. It’s like it is embedded in my skin. I took it back today and was told to contact customer service, which I did. As of yet, I have had no response. I’m going back to the mall where it was purchased and will cause a scene if necessary, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Don’t buy it – IT’S CRAP!!!

  • Susan Original review: Dec 11, 2014. Reply

    I bought one product earlier this week at a mall kiosk and received 5 ‘free’ products, so I don’t feel quite so ripped off. I don’t have any results to report, other than from their Nail Envy package. Obtaining the high shine look of a freshly polished nail by simply using their Buffer was incredible to me. A great option if you’re in a pinch and can’t make it to the salon. However, my salesman’s BIG PUSH was to go to their main store in another mall and receive a FREE FACIAL. I will NOT go there, as I know there will be very HIGH pressure to buy, buy, buy. I feel fortunate to have gotten out of the grips of the salesman with only 1 purchase and NO commitment to book the facial. He has sent a follow-up email, but there’s nothing more he can do to get to me. haha

  • Casey Kelley Original review: Dec 10, 2014. Reply

    I admit that I once bought a jar of their exfoliation gel at a very reduced price from 150 bucks but it didn’t last me long since it was a very little amount and I needed to use it for my entire breakout prone face. I went into one of their stores today and the salesman told me it’d last me a year but previously it only lasted a few months. Maybe it’d last a year if I barely used it all over my face but I felt duped. Liars.

  • Harriet Original review: Dec 10, 2014. Reply

    I too tried the product in the store with a very well trained saleswoman She was very astute and after applying the product she showed me a mirror. She had picked the eye that was less puffy so I thought I had remarkable results. At home the second eye results was ok.. Since I had major occasion coming up in 2 months I thought I might as well be diligent( of course I payed less than half of the original price quoted). The eye serum was to last a year as well as the cream. I ran out of serum after two months. It is impossible to get to what is left on the bottom of the pump and its jar. But now that the occasion has passed and I am out of serum I must say bags and swelling have returned to my eyes. I really am totally surprised. Would another product worked as well I do not know. I would like to buy serum but refuse to pay the amount asked for on the internet

  • Diane Original review: Dec 05, 2014. Reply

    I was pulled into a Forever Flawless store but a friendly, yet assertive, salesperson. The whole experience in that store was bizarre. The prices are absurd and when I wanted to leave without buying any product, the prices dropped by 50% and they started giving me additional products to make the sale. My jaw dropped when they tried to sell me some antiaging program for $22,000 – $40,000! Seriously?! The sales pressure is overwhelming and the prices for their products are ridiculous. People! It is just a cream, it will not work miracles. These people are selling good old fashion snake oil NOT snake venom! Unscrupulous shameful sales tactics. If the first salesperson can’t close a sale, they call in the “owner” who just happens to be “visiting” the store. It is my lucky day, apparently, to be shown the product by the owner. They are super clever about sales, too. They say Dr. Oz recommends their product. LIE. They say Forbes did a piece on their product….BIG MISLEADING FIB. Not FORBES the business magazine but some lame Riley Forbes who has a youtube segment on the product. I had a hard time finding any meaningful information about their product. I could find no reviews made by a legitimate source.

    Business practices such as this one should be OUTLAWED! So… If you get suckered into one of their stores, be aware that you will not be able to leave without being completely exhausted by the smiling high pressure sales tactics for a product that is nothing more than a simple cream in a pretty package.

    Bottom line? Run away as fast as you can. There is NO product on the market that can do what they are promising from their product.


  • Laura Original review: Dec 05, 2014. Reply

    I too felt pressured into buying and could not escape. I purchased and within 30 minutes said screw it I can’t pay this much for 3 skin care products. I went back to return and the “manager” said it was impossible to do full refunds but that he would take back 1 product. He said the computer system was not even programmed to do refunds but he might be able to override to do a partial refund and said if he hadn’t been there I would not have even been able to get that. However, in order to do it he swiped my card, bringing the balance to zero, than re-swiped for the price of 2 of the products. So it was as blatant of a lie as it sounded because he clearly refunded all of the products first (even though it was impossible) before just re-charging me. Really feel swindled.

  • Deb Original review: Nov 29, 2014. Reply

    I have tried the Diamond Infused Stretching mask several times & they say on their website that you will feel a lifting effect & I can honestly no that I have never had that result. Your skin feels nice afterwards but for $399.00 per jar, it was a waste of my hard earn $$. Will never buy again.

  • Jana Original review: Nov 28, 2014. Reply

    I have bought some of their products and I absolutely love the body salt and Shea butter I had got it at a good discount for the amount I got. I had problems with eczema on my hands and my legs it went away after using it, also it made the color of my tattoos stand out more.

  • Elizabeth Original review: Nov 14, 2014. Reply

    What I need to know and can not seem to find out is how many times a day do I use the Blue Diamond eye care? Do I use it like other creams, twice a day or just at night? Should I get near the eye,( on the upper eye lid) or just around the bone area?
    Thank you in advance

  • Patty Original review: Nov 10, 2014. Reply

    I was visiting in NY and walked in for a sample that was offered by a girl. Although the gentleman who helped me was very nice; I did feel like he was fibing about being the district manager visiting from Las Vegas. When I left another gentleman made a comment that came across negative. I am just saying they left a bad impression for representing a high end product. I would never buy or believe in this product because of the feeling and sales pitch I received!

  • Shirley Original review: Nov 02, 2014. Reply

    I also feel scammed into buying their products by their misuse of the words ‘refund’ when what they meant is ‘discount’. I will also try and get a refund through their customer service but I’m not holding my breath..

  • Judy Doyle Original review: Sep 23, 2014. Reply

    I sent back about a week ago paperwork 4 pages long for a refund and I have not yet heard back from your company for purchase of $450 I’m awaiting an answer as well as the return label so I can ship the product back would you please let me know the status of this request thank you

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