Dermawand Review



DermaWand is a popular anti-aging device that has been featured on Dr. Oz, NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Rachael Ray Show, and more than 3 million units have been sold in 70 countries worldwide. This device is claimed to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone and tighten saggy skin, help reduce enlarged pores/uneven texture, and reduce the look of puffy eyes. Those are some pretty hefty claims! In order to determine if the DermaWand lives up to these claims, we’re going to explain exactly how the DermaWand works, evaluate DermaWand reviews from real customers, and discuss possible side effects from the DermaWand.

How does DermaWand work?

DermaWand works through radio frequency technology. Radio frequency (RF) is a type of energy that is measured in frequency, or wavelengths per second. In dermatology, radio frequency skin tightening is a non-invasive cosmetic technique that harnesses the power of radio frequency energy to smooth and tighten the skin. This procedure can be used for a variety of skin concerns, such as wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck. Radio frequency skin tightening can also be used on the body to smooth stretch marks, tighten loose skin, and reduce body fat.

DermaWand utilizes the same stimulation technology as the radio frequency machines used by doctors and medical specialists to help manage the signs of premature aging. The only difference is that DermaWand uses lower amplitude (100,000 cycles per second), which is suitable for everyday in-home use.

When the DermaWand or any other radio frequency device is applied to the skin, it produces a controlled rise in tissue temperature. The high energy delivered by the radiofrequency current induces thermal damage and destroys collagen in the targeted area. Collagen is a structural protein that is responsible for the resilience, strength, and durability of the skin. After the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen in the skin each year. Moreover, environmental free radicals from things such as UV overexposure and cigarette smoking can degrade collagen. The loss of collagen in the skin is a major cause of skin aging, manifesting as lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

We know what you might be thinking – why would you want the DermaWand to destroy collagen? Don’t you need collagen to have firm, youthful skin? Well, here’s the really interesting part of using radio frequency treatments like the DermaWand: destroying existing collagen results in new collagen production! Specifically, new collagen production and collagen remodeling through a controlled wound healing response occurs over time as a result of the deep delivered energy into the skin. The new collagen will give your skin more support and firmness, thus resulting in a smoother, sleeker, and younger-looking version of yourself.

Is the DermaWand dangerous?

If you’ve never heard of radio frequency skin tightening, you may be wondering – is the DermaWand dangerous? Unfortunately, there is not a clear cut answer to this question.

In general, radio frequency skin tightening treatments are considered to be safe as long as you choose an experienced provider, such as a board certified cosmetic surgeon, who offers FDA cleared technologies. However, there are a few potential risks associated with at-home radio frequency machines, like the DermaWand.

Even though the frequency is not as powerful as an in-office radio frequency skin tightening treatment, the DermaWand is still emitting powerful energy. Like any concentrated dose of energy, radio frequency carries a risk for burns if performed incorrectly. Dermatologists and other skin care specialists who use these machines during office treatments have received specific training. And unlike the average consumer, they are very knowledgeable in regards to both radio waves and human anatomy. Unfortunately, we did read several DermaWand reviews that mentioned burned skin.

There is also controversy over whether or not radio frequency causes cancer. According to the FDA, the World Health Organization has classified radio frequency radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. We are all exposed to low levels of human-made RF every day, such as cell phones, TV, WiFi, and more. Professional RF skin tightening treatments are done in a controlled area with a set amount of exposure. However, using an at-home radio frequency machine could be exposing your body to too much RF, and over-exposure could cause problems down the road. So you may want to consider if using the DermaWand to potentially reduce signs of aging is really worth this risk.

Where is DermaWand sold?

DermaWand is sold on the brand’s website, as well as third party sellers such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and more.

DermaWand reviews

The brand’s website does not display DermaWand reviews, only before and after pictures. To get an idea of what real customers think of the DermaWand, we are turning to Google for DermaWand reviews.

After nearly 500 DermaWand reviews, this device has received an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars. There are many positive DermaWand reviews from customers who have used this device for years with great results. 

Negative DermaWand reviews are mostly concerning the durability and quality of the product. There are a few other negative DermaWand reviews that say this product may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Plus, there are several DermaWand reviews that mention side effects such as burning. 



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  • Gabriela Original review: Nov 19, 2023. Reply

    Hi,I’m a little confused as what to use with the wand, does moisturizer have to be oil free as not to interfere with conductivity? Thank you

  • Esther Mary Quinlan Original review: Sep 13, 2023. Reply

    I am 64 am and on my 3rd DW.
    I couldn’t be without it.
    Everybody saysI look at least 10 years younger..I use it at night after my beauty routine.I have it at the max dial number.I follow the instructions given on how to use it. Also available on You tube…It is a wand…A magic wand..Ì am going to try it with Bio Oil as mentioned by one reader..Great product…and worth every penny.❤❤

  • Carolyn Mcmanus Original review: May 18, 2023. Reply

    I have been using Derawand for 10 years and I havnt aged, I definitely look the same and I’m 56 and look 40 by most people if not 45, I will be using this product for ever, I only use it in the morning on high and every day, Sometimes I miss days.I have the old one hope to get the new one this year 💙

  • Nydiana Loubriel Original review: Nov 04, 2022. Reply

    My first dermawand was a gift from my mother. After that, I have had two more purchased on Ebay. So I decided to buy it directly from you thinking about durability and safety with your guarantee. I bought the most expensive one and obviously bought the 5-year warranty. It only lasted months. I wrote to you, called you, waited for a response from you and nothing. I bought again on Ebay. It’s a shame that a product that I like so much and you guys are so irresponsible.
    I imagine that they know social networks and that a negative review can be very harmful.

  • Mitah Mouquet Original review: Apr 07, 2022. Reply

    I bought the Dermawand a few years ago but did not use it at first because I did not like the feeling. However after seeing some reviews I thought of trying it again and must say I was very surprised how the sagging improved… BUT after a month of using it I noticed it actually burnt my skin and now I have black spots all over my face! although it is still tight. Has this happened to anyone and importantly will the scars disappear?

  • Sharon Original review: Jun 24, 2021. Reply

    There is an arcing of electricity that jumps from the probe, glass, to the skin just before it makes contact. You can eliminate any discomfort by placing a finger on the probe, glass and releasing your finger once contact is made. You can also dial down the strength.

  • wendy Original review: Jun 05, 2020. Reply

    Hi I’m Wendy 59yrs old I’ve used my dermalwand 5 times so far.I can see a very good improvement in my skin.I’m well pleased.

  • Kate Original review: Mar 28, 2019. Reply

    I am 53 years of age. I just purchased my Dermawand to target the ridge under my eye and consequential eye bags. In one use, I noticed the skin plumped and the ridge is less noticeable. I did not expect miracles. I just want a more graceful appearance without the hideous bags. Potions don’t seem to give me a desired result. I am concerned about complaints on the web that the bulb shatters or the device weakens. Also, I don’t press it against my skin, as it seems to work well without contact. I understand it is a maintenance tool, not a permanent result, but the result is worth it for me, personally, if it continues to work. I would be interested in comparing direct contact with my current method.

  • Denise Daniel Original review: Aug 23, 2018. Reply

    I have had my Dermawand for years and recently started using it again. I use it with Bio Oil and the wand glides effortlessly.
    I have seen the “11”‘s between my brows really reduce. I use it on my face, neck and upper chest.
    I se it twice a day…in the morning & in the evening and I use it every day. I’m 55 years old and I love it!

  • Winn Original review: Jul 21, 2018. Reply

    Hi I bought my dermawand a few days ago, and on the lowest setting at present as you said in your comment that you feel a zap when putting it on the skin,but feel nothing while on the skin, I’m just going to put it up to number two to see if it feels different, also was wondering if anyone else’s has noticed if their appliance get very warm/hot ( the part you hold) when your using it, is this normal as don’t want it to burn out, thanks for any help on this

  • Crazfox Original review: Jan 14, 2018. Reply

    I am 58. I am curious if other than the mild zap I get when it touches your skin if the rubbing does anything? I feel and smell nothing while doing that. Is it defective?

  • Charlotte Original review: Jan 01, 2018. Reply

    Gabriella, I just got mine. The instructions say give your face a sweep for 3 minutes then each problem spot 30 seconds mouth lines smile lines you zigzag from bottom up. Jaw you go from jaw to upper ear. From eye brows to hairline. Looks like when you do something you are moving upward. Don’t hold in one place for any length of time. Hope his helps

  • tanya lee Original review: Aug 19, 2017. Reply

    I cringed at my crepey neck when I turned sixty last year. I bought the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream for my eye’s bags and got decent results – nothing major. On a lark, I decided to try the Olive Night Cream on my neck. BOY OH BOY! The results were startling! I just applied a thin layer of it and kept my neck upright while it dried. It doesnt firm up your neck unfortunately, but it sure lessens the crepey look!

  • Georgina Barker Original review: Jun 26, 2017. Reply

    I’m amazed to read that most of the comments are coming from 30 + year olds who in my opinion wouldn’t or shouldn’t have the wrinkles experienced by someone much older!! Can we have comments from people over 50 and 60 please who are the ones most likely to need it, or is it only plastic surgery that’s the answer here!!

  • Betsey Original review: Jun 02, 2017. Reply

    Hi Anne,I am thinking of buying the Derma wand.Im 45 and have the lines and everything else that comes with age lol.It looks like you really like it.What is the gel that you use?Id love to lift my eyebrows.Have you tried that?

  • Rose Original review: Oct 05, 2016. Reply

    I’m 39 and have been using it for 2 years. It does work. Maybe you don’t have deep enough lines and wrinkles yet so you can’t really tell if it’s working. It’s improved the sagging of my cheeks, upper eyelids, undereye area, jawline, neck. It keeps my skin smooth, tight, and more refined-looking. I also zap my pimples with it. They dry up the next day. Start using it now and you’ll save yourself the pain of having saggy, wrinkly skin. Not without saying, you also need to eat lots of whole, fresh food; get lots of sleep; and make time for exercise. I do yoga 5x a week and it helps clear up my skin, too.

  • Sonja Original review: Mar 08, 2016. Reply

    Hi. I am 39 years old now and bought my first DW about ten years + ago. I had a terrible acne problem on my jaw line . from skin care product to medications. at last a friend told me to get a dermawand. and whalaa. my skin got better and better. at one stage my DW fell en the little glass broke. I was devastated! I googled a lot until I found one online. Now adays I use it on both my boys for there acne and THEY EVEN BRING THEIR FRIENDS FOR SESSIONS!.
    DW works for us!

  • Annie Original review: Aug 02, 2015. Reply

    I bought my Dermawand in 2011 and it does work for me. It did lightened the deep wrinkles on my face such as: the laugh lines on both sides of my mouth, the horizontal lines on my forehead, the laugh lines on the side of my eyes (crow’s feet) as well as the deep wrinkle on that tiny area between my eyebrows. I started with the lowest setting and at this point I’m haft way on the dial setting for my face. What I’m still struggling to erase or lighten are wrinkles (deep and light ones) on my neck. I’ve used the highest setting for my neck (a year ago) but the skin on my neck remain thin and saggy with deep wrinkles (horizontal deep lines and vertical tiny lines). I use my Dermawand once a day. I noticed it takes about a week not using it to see the lines slowly coming back. I just turned 60 last year. I also found a better gel to use- the gel doesn’t dry up going through my face and neck. And it comes in bigger container with bigger opening so i can use up all the gel in the bottle- nothing wasted. I do have one question that i can’t seem to find an answer- i noticed deposits of gel inside the bulb. Some of the yellow gel turned black. Does anyone knows how to take the bulb and clean them? thanks.

  • Jodie Original review: May 30, 2015. Reply


    Where do you live?

    I’ve never noticed the Dermawand for sale at the RiteAid I go to. Did you find it in the “As Seen on TV” aisle? Maybe I should look around at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.

    Did you get the products with it?


  • Teri Original review: Mar 22, 2015. Reply

    I just watched the video you are suppose to pull from the middle of the chin up to the ear lobe and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times. Then the other side of the face. Then from the middle of the chin to the corner of your mouth and hold for 5 seconds. Then middle of the chin around the corner of your mouth up to the corner of your nose.ncount to 5 and repeat 3 times. Then from the corner of the nose pull along the cheek bone over to the ear hold and count to 5. Repeat 3xs. For the eyes use the setting at 1. From the corner of the eye, push up to the brow ad hold and count and repeat. For the creases between the eyes put the wand on the left crease and pull up to the right of the forehead up to the hairline hold for 5 and repeat 3xs. The same with the other crease. Diagonal pull up. On the forehead set it to the setting you can handle and use circle motions going from left to right. Hope this helps.

  • Terri Original review: Mar 09, 2015. Reply

    I have been using the DermaWand for 3 weeks. I like the creams that come with it. I haven’t noticed a difference yet but for the first time I have been able to use a moisterizer overnight without a bad breakout in the morning. That is all I know right now. Still have wrinkles.

  • Katherine Original review: Feb 23, 2015. Reply

    I am 37, have oily to combination skin, and I bought two DWs ten years ago but put them away until I moved to a new place recently. I found them and started using them again 2 weeks ago. I use cleansing emulsion with facial brush, then apply a light oil toner with DW as I lost the liquid that I ordered with DW long time ago. The treatment has soften my skin even without exfoliation for two weeks. And then whenever I get pimples, I use DW on and around the area and the pimple will be gone in a day without any medication.

    I hope it could help with dark circle but perhaps as mentioned by another user above, moisturizers show no effects with DW so only sleep and brightening serum can deal with dark circles.

    I didn’t use mask for two weeks and the skin is still soft.

    However, I have a few wrinkles on forehead when I look up but I don’t feel DW can help that. Yet skin on forehead becomes smoother.

    If you don’t have the manual then just use it in circular motion around an area but don’t zap the same spot for too long.

    Now I am using it every night when I have at least 10 minutes to work on my face. Before I was just too lazy. In any case, using DW and seeing the results has encouraged me to really do skin care more carefully, such as switching to better foundation (primer+BB cream) yet lighter cosmetics (no powder for me now) for the glowing smoother skin looking even better. Even my friends notice the difference.

  • Allie Original review: Jan 27, 2015. Reply

    Using light oil during treatment rahter than moisturisers is the key for me:

    I’ve been using DW off and on for about 10 years and I find that it works wonders as long as I remeber to use it frequently. By frequently I mean about once a week. Others may need to use it more often or less.

    One very important thing I found though is that if I use it on top of any kind of moisturiser, i.e. anything that makes my skin just a little bit wet, the effect of the DW is diminished dramatically. However, using it on naked skin makes the bulb drag so I use the DW on top of a thin coating of oil. It really makes sense: The water in the moisturiser conducts the microcurrent from the DW bulb and sort of spreads it over the surface of my skin rather than allowing the effect to go deeper. Oil, on the other hand, is less conductive and does not prevent the microcurrent from going deeper. Any oil will work, but my skin likes jojoba oil so that’s what I use.

    Then, to take advantage of the increased microcirculation which DW provokes in my skin I apply quality products (which always contain water) AFTER the DW treatment. I gently wipe off any excess oil and then apply my products.

    To those who experience drying and flaking, try to reduce the power of the DW and don’t treat each part of your face for too long. Over a period of time you can probably increase the power and treatment time as your skin gets used to the treatment.

  • vicky Original review: Jan 06, 2015. Reply

    Hi thanks for the review. What state does sale Derma Wand @ Rite Aid? Thank you. V

  • Kathy Original review: Jan 02, 2015. Reply

    I have a question?? i just recived my derma wand for christmas…….did u find that ur skin was flaking like with dry skin…just wondering if the wand takes of dead skin.

    Thank you for your time

  • Jackie Original review: Dec 30, 2014. Reply

    Hi, I lost all my instructions and DVD on how to use the derma wand and it’s proctoscopy. Could you help me out on how to use it?

  • Linda Original review: Dec 27, 2014. Reply

    Received the Dermawand for Christmas 2014. I have used it twice and found my skin glowing and firmer already.

  • Maddie N. Original review: Dec 15, 2014. Reply

    I am only into my second week and I saw results within a few days! It has diminished two wrinkles that have been troubling me for about a year. It has tightened my skin, even the neck area. It is a perfect treatment for your skin — with dedication. I am 62 and my skin looks like that of someone in their 40s. Thank you, DermaWand! P. S. I purchased it at our local Rite Aid store for $69.99. So if you do not want to go through the hassle of online ordering, seek it out. It’s well worth your time.

    I am going to purchase another one when I see it on sale, in case something happens to mine!!

  • lovejp Original review: Dec 14, 2014. Reply

    The Derma Wand is not a scam. It does work. More on somethings then others. Some people have instant results and some have to stick with it and be patient. I love it but it brought back my Melasma. I now have to work once again to get rid of it. So,be careful if you have darker skin or have had Melasma in the past.

  • gail Original review: Nov 03, 2014. Reply

    Just wanted to know if this will work on your whole face along with the turkey neck as well.

    Has anyone used it on other parts of the body neck etc .

  • Andin Original review: Sep 08, 2014. Reply

    Some people commenting it’s a scam, maybe they just didn’t do it right. It did help on wrinkles and acne. It did help tightening pores. But it’s not magic. I’m 29 and I saw the result on my skin. My mom tried it at level 5 for 10 minutes, and we saw the differences instantly. I didn’t get results that much but maybe that’s because my skin is still plump. I’m happy with Dermawand. If I use it in the morning, I realize it’s easier to put my make on.
    Use it daily, and use it right. Watch the dvd carefully and you’ll see the difference instantly

  • Ursula Original review: Aug 13, 2014. Reply

    please let me know if the Derma wand worked for you.

  • Jasmine cool Original review: May 02, 2014. Reply

    The derma wand does woek, i been using for 5 yrs and im 51 yrs old, if i dont use it i do notice a difference in the sagging and puffy eyes, i wont go a day with out it! Its the next best thing to surgery!

  • Joni Original review: Apr 29, 2014. Reply

    I’m pretty sure the statement “You can go overseas and do it for cheaper if you are on a budget” makes no sense! If you are on a tight budget (I have a large family, so we run on a tight budget) “going overseas” would not fit in that budget! LOL

  • Joni Original review: Apr 29, 2014. Reply

    Cyndie, how has it worked for you?

  • Judy Original review: Apr 27, 2014. Reply

    I am curious as to what sort of creams/moisturizes the manufacturer recommends. You mentioned argon oil which I have heard very favorable reports about. Would you recommend this.
    Kind regards

  • Gabriela Original review: Apr 14, 2014. Reply

    Hi everyone ..
    Would u please tell me how long u use it per section ..
    I don t think I am using right ..that why I can t see any change for more than a year 🙁
    Thank you ….:)


  • Cyn Rome Original review: Apr 03, 2014. Reply


    How many times a month did you do the derma roller and derma wand?

    Thanks, Cyn

  • Pepper Original review: Apr 02, 2014. Reply

    I’ve been using my Dermawand everyday for a month, and although I’ve noticed a slight improvement in my mirror image, it wasn’t until I took some photos and compared them to photos I took the day before I started using it (both shot in the same room, same light, and same time of day, both with my hair pulled back off my face, and both wearing a white scoopneck top), that I really noticed the results.

    WOW is all I can say … of particular concern to me was the lines I had going from each corner of my mouth down my chin – they made me look miserable! Well, they’re not completely gone now but they have definitely diminished. My overall complexion looks brighter, and I definitely look younger. My eyes are lifted, and I look happier – brighter – too. I am looking forward to catching up with friends who I haven’t seen in a while, to see what they say.

    I found the instruction leaflet a little hard to follow, so I watched the instructional DVD several times, pausing it throughout, and made my own notes about the steps to follow. I also sketched a face, copied this several times, and on each copy drew the strokes / circles that the instructions stated – using a new page for each section of the face (and a separate page for the problem areas). I refer to these pages every day, even three months in.

    I decided to target the problem areas everyday even if I didn’t think they were a problem, as I bought my Dermawand on a trial basis and wanted to ensure it really was as good as they say it is.

  • Danielle Original review: Mar 22, 2014. Reply

    My experience has been much like many others. I was kind of nervous after buying it and it wasnt til I started using it that my confidence became positive. Its really easy to use and you could easily think that nothing is happening. BUT you really have to keep doing it every day as it says in the instructions, to have a noticeable effect.

    The lady on TV has used it every day for years to get her results. Most people seem to get younger looking skin in about 3 weeks to 3 months using it. It is a good idea to take before photos I think and especially ask people who have not seen you for a few months what they think.
    You probably dont need to ask.
    Good luck to all of you.

  • Nellie Original review: Mar 20, 2014. Reply

    Hi, I have been using Dermawand for nearly two years and it has done wonders for me actually. I remember seeing the adverts before I bought it and wondering if it would work for me. It was a bit of a risk but Im really happy with the results. However I must tell you that I do use it every day. It was hard to get into the habit to begin with but now its just like teeth cleaning. A few minutes every day is what I think has helped me.
    Thank you,

  • Pat Original review: Mar 14, 2014. Reply

    I have been using my derma wand for 2 weeks, I really like it . My skin feels tighter and appears brighter….I would like a better step by step instructions though, I have emailed the company but havent gotten a reply on that yet…I really want to understand the eye exercise better. I have thought about eye lift on top as my skin lays on my eyelid but really do not want to do that if I can do the exercises properly and get results. Can any of you help with abc instructions?

  • Wendy Original review: Mar 11, 2014. Reply

    I`m 60 years, can anyone tell me if it works on deep wrinkles, pl

  • Lisa Original review: Mar 08, 2014. Reply

    Cyndie- you didn’t post your email! I’d love to know how your trial is going! I will check back here I guess…..

  • Marie Original review: Feb 11, 2014. Reply

    Maybe not for you- that doesnt make it junk- it works beautifully for me

  • anniefannie1234 Original review: Feb 03, 2014. Reply

    I bought Dermawand because I liked the fact that you didn’t have to order additional this and additional that… buy it ….and there are no other expenses associated with it. I got it without the products…..I use argon oil on my face then put cocoanut oil on my face …..I first emulsify the cocoanut oil on my hands….and its wonderful…..I have used some ot those top of the line products for the face and now I am love with cocoanut oil..and it works beautifully with the deramwand….consistency is “key”… me it feels like an aerobic workout for the face ….it makes me feel “alive” in that area….it stimulates it… makes you feel like your doing something positive for yourself and everytime I finish my face glows…..I must say the eyebrow liting is a temp thing but it stimulates the muscles there and that’s a good thing so just don”t think you ae going to walk around with lifted eyebrows all day….I am very satifsfied with it….its a great stimulant for waking up your skin…

  • shelley Original review: Feb 01, 2014. Reply

    I have had the dermawand for about 2 weeks. My skin felt better and looked brighter after a few days and i only use it at night. When, i didnt use it for the next two days….thats when i saw a difference. definately does make your skin look better. However after two weeks of using it regularly (which you have to do for results) i notice a much bigger better difference around my eyes. And the lines on my forehead are not nearly as deep. Remember to slant it. If your not feeling the zap, it wont work. Also..clean the cap of it after every use. It takes a bit before your good at using it. Im liking the dermawand a lot. To me its worth it.

  • Chinonso Original review: Jan 29, 2014. Reply

    I will like to ve one Dermawand product for my use and treament. please can anybody details me on how to go about it… the contact and delivery process. love u all

  • PATRICIA Original review: Jan 28, 2014. Reply

    please send the before and after pics to me if you would be so kind.
    Thank you and God bless.

  • Derma User Original review: Jan 27, 2014. Reply

    Been using the Dermawand for 2 months now and with Obaji product and other medical spa customized product for my skin type, the Dermawand works very well. Have realistic long term goals and you will be happy with results. It will take 3 months to see results and most likely 1 year to see longer term “non-surgical” type results. Using Dermawand with medical spa products will ask be the key for continuous improvement. Pores are smaller, lines are smaller and overall health of skin is glowing more due to exfoliation. Only on level 6 at 2 months. Good luck!! If you do use medical spa products for first time with Dermawand, be careful.

  • Dixie Original review: Jan 23, 2014. Reply

    I purchased my DermaWand just after Christmas, I have been using it twice a day, I didn’t notice much difference to begin with but other people did ! A friend of mine said wow you look umm I don’t now…different, better, well, that was a couple of weeks ago. Today I notice the changes in my skin and its overall appearance, its tighter, clearer, glowing especially my eyes that were a bit hooded that’s changed and they seem more open now, my skin is smooth and really feels fantastic I don’t know why it works for some and not others all I know is it works for me !!

  • Vicki Original review: Jan 18, 2014. Reply

    I have been skeptical as well as many of you on purchasing the DermaWand. I cannot afford cosmetic surgery, so of course I look for alternatives. Besides my concern about this product doing what it says, I have yet to see anyone ask if it can cause skin cancer. I also see that some say it works right away and some others say it takes awhile. The infomercial on it says that we can try it for 30 days at no cost. So will 30 days be enough? The cost is 3 payments of $39.95. Can a $120 product really help repair the way they say?? Also, they give you for free some creams, but you DO have to pay for the P&H. I did not check to see how much that was. So until I can find out more about if it causes skin cancer and read more about the product reviews, I will pass for now.

  • linda Original review: Jan 15, 2014. Reply

    I have had a Dermawand for 15 years, but in the last 3 years, I have not been using it regularly, but I am going to start using it twice per day again.
    The Dermawand definitely helps blemishes to heal faster, and also reduces swelling and speeds healing after my electrolysis appointments. It also helps my puffy eyes.

  • Linda Original review: Jan 13, 2014. Reply

    Hi Marisa,
    I was really excited bout DERMAWAND & have over the last couple of years have been considering using one, untill yesterday i decided i was going to do it, @ leaste for the trial anyway so i made the call, i myself had asked whether they could be purchased in store & unfortunately they are not. From there i set myself up for one & cannot w8 till it arrives…:)

  • Donna Original review: Jan 08, 2014. Reply


    I am interested in what you think of the derma wand. I am considering buying one for myself but there are so many mixed reviews. Please let me know what you think.


  • Debra Original review: Jan 05, 2014. Reply

    I purchased the Dermawand after watching the infomercial even after hesitating. There are so many scams going and with appearance being so important to both men and women today the aging process can be disheartening. I am intelligent enough to know that creams and products are no magic wand, Dermawand included however, after using my Dermawand for 3 weeks I can honestly say that my skin has a different glow. I use it twice a day and feel that it does make the blood circulate better bringing a fresh look to my skin. I am up to the highest level which I slowly increased weekly and have never experienced any type of burning to my skin.
    I am very OCD when it comes to my skin so as soon as I awake I cleanse my face and use moisturizer now I have made changes and moisturize after using Dermawand. I will say after 3 weeks I see no change in my neck at all but am hopeful that with continued daily use I will see a difference. I am 60 and only have laugh lines and lower jaw lines with neck beginning to fall so I do not expect a miracle but I do love the glow in my skin with a more youthful color.
    I will continue a microdermabrasion every 4-6 weeks and use the Dermawand even if all I achieve is better blood circulation and a more youthful glow. I expect that by 6 weeks I should see a difference in the lines “if” it really works as the infomercials say it does.

  • Jane Johnson Original review: Jan 04, 2014. Reply

    I just saw the derma wand infomercial (which I wouldn’t have seen except I am on Christmas holidays 🙂 ) I have loose skin on my eyelids and sagging in the jaw line and am really interested in whether this really works or not. I would very much appreciate having your feedback after you start using it. Please let me know.

    Thanks and have a great day

  • Kathleen Lomax Original review: Jan 04, 2014. Reply

    I purchased a Dermawand last year it seems to be stuck on the lowest setting .
    Where can I take it to be fixed?
    I lost the receipt so I cannot take back to retailer
    I await your reply

  • katie Original review: Jan 04, 2014. Reply

    What do you think? Did it work for you??!! I have deep pits in my face now!!

  • kori Original review: Jan 01, 2014. Reply

    I would be interested in your test and results. Please let me know how your experience is with the derma roller also.

  • Brooke and calvin Original review: Dec 31, 2013. Reply

    It will help it takes time we have been using it for 3 yrars it does make adifference along with exfoliation

  • Bee Original review: Dec 28, 2013. Reply

    Will the derma wand work on the neck to lift a double chin or turkey neck? How many minutes per day do you need to use it for before you will notice a change?

  • Paula Original review: Dec 26, 2013. Reply

    I saw results after 2 days, have stopped using on certain parts of my face and don’t want to loose certain laughter lines 🙂

  • Paula Original review: Dec 26, 2013. Reply

    The smell is completely normal.

  • Paula Original review: Dec 26, 2013. Reply

    I love my newly purchased wand I have had for 2 weeks and can definitely see results! I’m 40 and my skin was getting dull, too many wrinkles on my fore head and crows feet, with deep lines around my mouth. I trained in beauty 10 years ago and used this sort of technology, though of course much bigger machines that you wheel around on trolleys hahaha. I have also started to use my wand on my mother and my sister, my sister has (like me) instant results. My mother is 66 and her skin has very deep wrinkles and a lot of pigmentation and weather damage, Mum has always used Oil of Olay… After just one week there are visible results around my mums mouth, chin, eye area and forehead.
    I’m sorry you didn’t get these results, and think that perhaps the lack of instruction with the video could be to blame. Best instruction I can give is “ALWAYS UP & OUT!” never have any pressure on downward strokes.

  • Sheila Original review: Dec 22, 2013. Reply

    I was excited to get mine couldn’t wait to try it. I have had it a week and using it as directed can already see big changes. I could see the texture and softness of my skin changing immediately. Less than a week in use could see significant changes in the fine lines around the eyes. The larger pores on my nose are shrinking. I’m 51 years old and the winter months are usually harsh on my skin. In the week of using this I am so excited and pleased. I do feel like this is a winner. It is beneficial in that you notice a difference immediately. Skin is so much healthier looking. I can’t wait to use it each day so I can see what changes next. My eyes are looking good. Even the Deep Set wrinkles between my brows is getting less pronounced. I am hooked on this, love it and will tell you its definitely worth getting. If you are serious about skin care. The greatest thing is it works immediately with each treatment you will see changes. We all love the quick fix and this is one that works.

  • Becky Original review: Dec 15, 2013. Reply

    I just finished watching an infomercial on DermWand and the $169 cost at your Big W store is actually what they are offering as a special price on the infomercial. The only difference is the 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied

    Good luck to your mother with it. Hope it works well. I’m thinking about it for myself also.

  • Jane Original review: Dec 13, 2013. Reply

    I recently purchased the Dermawand and wanted to know from the other users if the unusual smell it leaves off is normal? i notice a smell as soon as i turn it on.Does anyone else get a smell like that? thanx

  • cyndie Original review: Dec 04, 2013. Reply

    I just ordered my dermawand last night. If anyone out there really wants to know how it works, your welcome to e-mail me. I expect to start using it by the first of the year 2014. I am curious myself. If I saw this page first, I may not have bought it. It cost me about 150.00. It says it comes with a bunch of creams also but the company told me I can use my own if I want. I have seen it on amazon for 99.00 but that is only the dermawand, no creams. If you decide to e-mail me please put in the subject ” Your test on the dermawand”. That’s so I don’t delete you. If it’s one thing I hate, it’s products that really don’t work!!!
    I will be derma rolling soon also, if anyone wants feedback on that. I will try to take pics as I go along. Only I don’t trust all those pics companies show cuz anything can be doctored…

  • M.C Original review: Nov 23, 2013. Reply

    I have used one for over a year..
    I was skeptical. But when i heard it uses the same kind of radio waves used in salons for years..I decided ‘why not try it’..
    There is a noticeable difference in the smoothness of the skin.. Thats a plus.. Also I feel some tightening has happened.. Have some redness after using and thats blood flow to skin.. Can’t be bad either.
    I don’t feel its a cure all. Don’t feel its going to do the same thing as say, thermage.. But for home use..?
    Then yes , it does do something.. It does brighten the skin.. And does give it a better appearance..
    Its not pointless, a waste of money or a scam..
    If you are looking for something to replace plastic surgery, or thermage.. Then its not for you.
    But if you want it to just simply make you look better..Like using facial cream or a dermabrasion cream, or wearing makeup vs none, kind of “better”.. Then go for it..~!
    Its another tool in the fight to look our best..

  • scott Original review: Nov 19, 2013. Reply

    i bought a derma wand to slow down aging, i am 38 year old man dont have any wrinkles or anything , slight bags under my eyes and my top eye lids are puffy, they dont look that bad but i can feel them sagging lower at the end of the day when im tired, its more the feeling of the eye lids then the look, which has improved already. I think its worth a try if it works great if not put it behind you and move on. While im here you should read your posts before you submit them half of the post on here are almost unreadable , and very hard to understand. Just saying.

  • Fran Original review: Nov 17, 2013. Reply

    I bought the dermawand in February 2013 and I use it every day I have found that it has tightened my skin and reduced lines and wrinkle. It is amazing for minimizing the pores on your skin my pores were masive but now I have amazing smooth skin. I began to see results after about 5 months of using it (it is a long time to wait to see results). I must say that I can now see the difference in my skin it is quite significant now but as I said I have been deligent with the dermawand by using it every day for the past nine months now and I will continue to use it. It is also great for skin circulation and bring the blood to the surface of the skin which is also great for tightening.

  • trish Original review: Nov 16, 2013. Reply

    i have been youring demawand for 6 months but aweek ago i saw the wrinkles around my neck are going away.i think it take time.a hope it help with my wrinkles on my face go

  • Minda del sol Original review: Nov 05, 2013. Reply

    i’ve been using dermawand for 2weeks now and i can see remarkable results. i highly recommend it.

  • Jannette Original review: Nov 04, 2013. Reply

    I didnt know the derma wand was knew, I thought it was just invented recently. What type of results have you seen from the derma wand? I would love to see some before and after pictures if you have any.

  • Missy Plunkett Original review: Oct 18, 2013. Reply

    Just saw info about Dermalift on TV. Started researching result effects and so far it seems posted are majority “trying” the product and hoping it works or doesnt work as stated in commercial but softens skin. Or…works only on certain types of skin. DermaLift has been on the market long enough to state whether it works as stated in commercial “yes” or “no”. Wouldnt try it unless the “free trial” was actually free. Giving credit info is not really “free”. Its costing a “risk” giving out personal information no matter what the privacy promise is. Especially with the big problem of identity theft currently.

  • britt Original review: Oct 11, 2013. Reply

    hi. i am using derma wand for 3 days now. and im very skeptic when it comes to not to do and to do.. shouldnt a nose sweep by derma wand? bcos i have many black pores on my nose.. also, wanted to know if should it only take 3-5 mins or more when u are sweeping the specific are as well.. just like on the cheek bone(enlarge pores) sweeping 2 circular motion in 30 sec. so it should extend the time..? hope to hear from you soon. thank u so much..

  • Angela Original review: Oct 07, 2013. Reply

    I am 53 and my mom is 82 and we have been using the Dermawand for two weeks now and I can see a difference in both our faces, wrinkles and not as pronounced and my face seems fuller. We are both very happy with the Dermawand and will be ordering another one!

  • Keri Original review: Sep 25, 2013. Reply

    I have been using the Derma wand for a week and I am already having great results. My skin texture has changed, large pores are smaller, my skin is softer, and my lines are decreasing. I have lost puffiness on the face and around my eyes. I am a professional vocalist so this is a great thing for my skin considering the amount of makeup and hot lights I work under on a regular basis. I have even found a small wart on the side of my nose has decreased in size. I have only one problem and that is on my forehead I have a small cyst growing under the skin. When I put the Derma Wand on it it really is uncomfortable. I wonder tho if the wand will eventually help rid me of the cyst? Overall I give the wand a 10/10. I am really seeing remarkable changes in my skin in a very short time and intend using it twice daily on a regular basis.

    I LOVE the DERMA WAND!! And will happily recommend it to all my friends :))


  • Ella Original review: Sep 20, 2013. Reply

    Hi guys.

    The Dermawand is available to buy from the Shaver Shop in Australia. It has many proven results. My mother uses it, my co-works mother also uses it. The results are not instant as many thing after using it for one week, it is a long term investment for your skin, after using it for a few months you will see the improvements. My mum and co-workers mum are proof. They love it, there wrinkles are reduces, there skin feels smoother and they say they have there “glow” back again. look on the Australian Shaver Shop website where there are many reviews and very informative! The Shaver Shop staff are trained extensively on the Dermawand product and are very helpful. They explained everything to me and the process it takes. Go ask the experts.

    If you want to know more, Go visit the Shaver Shop staff in person.

  • RHD Original review: Sep 18, 2013. Reply

    Ladies – I purchased derma wand and it really doesn’t do much – you do feel a slight tingle – even when it’s turned up to 9/maximum. All the ladies that have tried it will agree – save your money and do not purchase one. When it’s done in a spa you do see results – but, this lil machine couldn’t wake up a mouse if it was touched with it.

  • Sherry Original review: Sep 17, 2013. Reply

    I am 54 years old and although I don’t have wrinkles, I do I have two things that really bother me. My brow is fine but my lids have drooped, making my eyes look tired and partially closed. People think I’m sleepy, drugged or upset. The second thing I hate is the drooping jaw line. Jowls are just not attractive. Your infomercial does not spend any time treating these areas (although they are mentioned). Is that possibly because the Dermawand is more effective on the areas shown in the infomercial? Has any one tried Dermawand for these problems? I don’t need it for laugh lines, crows feet, lines around the lips or wrinkles, just the two areas I mentioned above. Thank you for your help!

  • Ovcharova Original review: Sep 12, 2013. Reply

    hey.. i recently lost a ltitle weight and i was really happy until i realised id strated developing stretch marks on my thighs.. how much i wish i wudnt have lost weight nw :'(.. anyway.. i am planning on buying derma roller. can anyone tell me if it works?? lke for real ?

  • Ginger Original review: Sep 12, 2013. Reply

    Those of you who expect too much from the derma wand, it is not plastic surgery. It wont life or tighten your face. It wont get rid of wrinkles. I found the derma wand informercial to be very misleading. I am not sure what the cost is but I cant believe two million people have been duped into buying the derma wand. This is utterly pathetic.

  • Pamela Original review: Sep 11, 2013. Reply

    Great if you do not want to have cosmetic surgery or non invasive procedures are a stretch of your budget. This is me. I just received my Dermawand yesterday and I have been having fun using it. You can call them up and they deliver it to you pretty quickly.

  • Patsy Original review: Sep 08, 2013. Reply

    You can buy Derma Wand at Harvey Norman Australia. I brought one last week. I love the smooth skin and face looks so healthy I use it with natural coconut oil it does plump the skin up to. So far so good. I am 50 and found my skin starting to look bit dull than it used to and now it’s getting that healthy look back. Love it !!!!

  • Haditha Original review: Sep 08, 2013. Reply

    They said Derma Wand would tighten my skin and smooth out wrinkles. I have been using this for 8 months now and following the instructions but i see absolutely no difference in the appearance of either. I did see a very slight difference is some acne marks and my pores seem slightly smaller but I am using retinol so maybe the combination just cleared things up.

  • Liza Original review: Sep 06, 2013. Reply

    I have bought a Dermawand on Amazon. It has been advertised on our television as being sold by a big department store and other well known retailers. However, when I rang the shops the product was not available. I think the adds were put in prior to retailing the product to test the market. Amazon to the rescue. And it is cheaper than in the shops. The only problem was they do not deliver to Australia, where I live. Had to ask a cousin in the States to post it to me.
    Dermawand works. My skin is glowing, and fine lines around the eyes nearly disappeared. It probably takes longer for laugh lines and pouches on the jawline, but I am working on it. You have to cover your face with a film of cream but you can use your own cream and not rely on buying overpriced creams which testifies to the honesty of the maker of Dermawand.. It is definitely not a scam, I only hope the improvements hold out.

  • Jacinta Original review: Aug 29, 2013. Reply

    Janet, you need to use Derma wand for much longer to see a result. I have heard even procedures like thermage take months to see results so handheld devices naturally take longer. Use it in conjunction with a good beauty skin care range and it will work more efficiently and you will see a result sooner.

  • Janet Original review: Aug 28, 2013. Reply

    I bought dermawand after reading the reviews on here as I was looking for a more inexpensive option laser non surgical facelifts. I’ve been using derma wand for two months and have not noticed a result yet but I think you need to use it for longer to see a definitive result. I have had cosmetic surgery procedures before but I am afraid of the pain and I do not think that topical anesthetics do much for me so fingers crossed derma wand works.

  • Dorothy Original review: Aug 28, 2013. Reply

    I have been using derma wand three times per day for six weeks now and find to to be reasonably effective. I was disappointed after the first few days as I did not notice the same results demonstrated on the informercial on qvc but do persist and you will see something happen to your skin. If you want some serious changes you are better off with Fraxel or Pixel laser – they work better and are a similar price.

  • Abby Original review: Aug 25, 2013. Reply

    Hi Christina,
    Thanks for messaging us all.
    Are you saying that derma wand is the same technology as the products you find in the surgeons offices, like Ultherapy and Thermage? Is it a similar strength or is it just the same energy? How long do you need to use Derma wand before you can see a result? Does it cause redness or for the face to peel? Does it cause peeling?
    I know you provide a warranty but are there any costs like shipping and handling if I decide to return my derma wand?

  • Christina Boves Original review: Aug 23, 2013. Reply

    Hello Everyone

    I am Christina Boves, developer of the derma wand. Please feel free to contact me directly to answer your questions or concerns. If you have purchased the derma wand and feel you are not satisfied with your results, I can definitely help you achieve those results with the derma wand.
    Derma wand is not a scam, and it rivals the same power as a clinic radio frequency unit. With all the legal laws of advertising, we have diligently gone through independent clinical testing for every claim that we make. We have complete scientific back up for all claims, in order to televise our product honestly.

    So if you need extra help or have questions, you can email to me directly.. at [email protected] I will be happy to assist you. And on a side note, WE DID NOT PAY TO GET ON THE DR. OZ SHOW. We were contacted by their producer to have our product showcased.

    Best Regards

  • Kerry Original review: Aug 22, 2013. Reply

    I would like to know if you need any volunteers to try the derma wand to see if it works. I cannot afford the cost of Derma wand but happy to be a test subject if I can get one for free.

  • Annika Burin Original review: Aug 20, 2013. Reply

    Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a extraordinary job!

  • Beeline Original review: Aug 20, 2013. Reply

    Derma wand works like a magic wand that works by erasing wrinkles and laxity. The hypothesis sounds too good to be true but the informercial on CVS looks most convincing. Since they offer a trial and money back guarantee I am going to buy this derma wand (as far as I can see this is the only derma wand of its type) and if it does not work return the box unopened for my money back. Some people cant be bothered to return things but I certainly will if it does not perform 100% or more.

  • Maddy Original review: Aug 14, 2013. Reply

    I am a beauty therapist and I decided to buy derma wand as I was getting asked a lot of questions and whether it worked or not. I think the derma wand was featured on dr oz and lots of people have seen the show and want to try it. I don’t watch dr oz as I am working at that time but I know they feature a lot of beauty products. I have seen the dermawand informercial and it was a good informercial. I’ve been reading derma wand review but there seems to be a lot of mixed review. Some people say it works, some say it is a scam and other say it didn’t work for them. Everybody has different skin and respond to products differently. It is the same with skin care products – work for some people, do nothing for others. I ordered my derma wand online and it was delivered to my work. I have no complaint about the time it took to deliver the derma wand. The million dollar question is does derma wand work? It’s 2013 and there are a lot of inventions and it is hard to keep a track. My answer is yes and no and I will explain why. As a beauty therapist I perform similar treatments that help with concerns such as wrinkles. I use Dermalogica products and they work. They work similar to the derma wand. The cost of the derma wand higher though. The offer a payment plan but the price is still higher than using Dermalogica products. The dermalogica product dot last as long as though. This is the debate I have been having with my friend beauty therapists. You can expect some results from derma wand if you keep using it a few times per day. When you get the kit, read the insturctions carefulty and make sure you follow them. I know you can buy the Dermawand from qvc, hsn but I am trying to speak to Derma Wand about getting it into my beauty therapist. This way I can recommend people use it alongside Dermalogica products.

  • Kitten Original review: Aug 12, 2013. Reply

    Just saw the Dermawand informercial. 2 million sold. I am missing out. I want to look healthy not necessarily young. I can feel the droop. Consider having Thermage but a few thousand dollars – ouch. I think they work the same way. I will give Dermawand a go.

  • Olly Original review: Aug 10, 2013. Reply

    I have had radio-frequency treatments at my Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan. The treatment is called Syneron Refirm. I asked him about the Derma wand after seeing it on QVC and whether it worked or not. He immediately mentioned that it was impossible for a device with such little energy to do much in terms of skin tightening and said I would be wasting my money and would get more benefit form skin care.

  • mary Original review: Jul 31, 2013. Reply

    Bought the dermawand around Feb. Use it every day.. Twice.. For about 5 min each time.
    I am not a big believer in product hype. I do catch the phrase ” improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” Note the word “appearance”..
    But I decided to try it as I got it for a good price.
    My skin is smoother. To that I can certainly claim.
    Also there is less of a look of tiredness.. Or slackness. That older people have.
    I have to say.. Though its not a face lift.. And doesn’t shrink wrap your skin back to your 20’s.. It seems that it does Do something..Rather than nothing..
    I will continue to use it.
    I don’t consider it a waste of money or time..

  • Dermawand Original review: Jul 15, 2013. Reply

    Dermawand using nothing else but rf energy so the results will be questionable. I bought one after seeing it on hsn but so far not impressed Dermawand.

  • Patricia Original review: Jul 15, 2013. Reply

    I see the derma wand all the time of the tv now. I usually take a bling eye to these types of offers but I was close to buying the derma wand. Lucky I saw your review of derma wand otherwise I would have lost a few hundred dollars. The derma wand packing does look a little unprofessional.

  • Zelda Original review: Jun 22, 2013. Reply

    Does Derma wand work? How does it work? I cant find any reviews on Derma wand but a lot of complaints. I was looking at the kit as the tv commercial was convincing but I want to make sure it isnt a scam or something. Will it help with fine lines or acne or is it just for wrinkles? What other non surgical facelifts are there?

  • Sears Original review: Jun 12, 2013. Reply

    Thanks for your posting your review on the Dermawand. When I first saw the Dermawand infomercial I was a little sceptical as it looked a little too good to be true. I think I will save my dollars on surgery in a few years when I retire, I always wanted to do that.

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