Reading DermaLift reviews online, it’s easy to think that this product is just a scam. In one review after another, consumers appear to be seething with anger and frustration about things like unexpected charges on their credit cards and unhelpful support staff.

However, one of the most important factors when considering DermaLift reviews, or reviews for any skin care product, is to focus on the details. Why was the reviewer upset? Was it the quality of the product, or was it something else about the experience?

By delving deeper into DermaLift reviews, the shrewd consumer can glean a lot of helpful information to make an educated purchasing decision. Of course, the best way to see if DermaLift is truly right for you is to discuss the product and its ingredients in detail with a skin expert.

How DermaLift Works

There are several issues that can make it difficult to find sufficient information about DermaLift to make a decision about this product.

Firstly, this anti aging cream seems to have been discontinued by the manufacturer. It appears to have been heavily promoted by affiliate marketers, who typically receive remuneration for helping to drive sales of the product. However, although these affiliate pages still exist, they seem to link to new, unrelated products.

However, according to several historical screenshots of the original website, the goal of DermaLift appears to have been skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

The second aspect that makes it difficult to make an educated decision about this cream is the fact that the manufacturer does not clearly present the full list of ingredients. This is a crucial aspect of researching any skin care product.

But without a detailed list of chemicals, it’s impossible to tell exactly how DermaLift works, or its potential.

DermaLift Ingredients

Unfortunately, the only ingredient information available about DermaLift is that the cornerstone ingredient is phytoceramides.

Phytoceramides is a chemical derived from plants, which is thought to mimic the ceramides present in our skin. The latter is a chemical that naturally appears in our skin and is thought to be associated with keeping the skin’s natural moisture barrier strong.

More specifically, some studies suggest that the reduction of ceramide levels in the skin may be associated with increased dryness, as a weaker barrier leads to moisture loss.

By fortifying the skin with ceramides, the idea behind DermaLift is to reduce moisture loss, thus boosting skin health. This, in turn, should slow the development of wrinkles and may even help keep the skin thicker.

Further, an improved moisture barrier may play a vital role in reducing occurrences of skin conditions like eczema (dermatitis), which are often the result of a damaged skin barrier and dry, crepey skin.

However, simply knowing that phytoceramides are part of the DermaLift formulation is not enough to make an educated purchasing decision. The consumer would need to know about any potential allergens (to avoid side effects), and any other active ingredients that may be irritating to the individual’s skin (for example, ingredients like retinol, or glycolic acid).

Where to Buy DermaLift

Consumers looking for where to buy DermaLift may have a difficult time finding this product. The free trial seems to no longer be available, and the cream is out of stock on many third party ecommerce platforms. However, the motivated consumer may be able to find it from time to time, as online skin care stores may sell their old inventories of the product to each other.

However, the consumer is advised to take extra precautions in this situation, as there is no way to tell if the jar of cream being purchased is authentic and not expired. At a retail cost of over $97 for just one jar, it may be a target of counterfeiters. Therefore, reading DermaLift reviews for the vendors on these ecommerce platforms is absolutely imperative in ensuring the seller is reputable and doesn’t send damaged, expired, or counterfeit products.

DermaLift Reviews

Reading through the negative DermaLift reviews may shed some light on why this anti aging cream was discontinued. It appears that many reviewers took issue with the company’s original free trial offer.

On The Derm Review, one person wrote: “Before purchasing from the 3rd party representative please be sure that you understand that this company will charge you 4.95 for a trail and then charge your bank account for 89.00 per month with no way to cancel the subscriptions. You will never be able to speak directly with someone in the accounting department because there isn’t one.”

Apparently, the manufacturer offered a 30 day trial of the cream, but the 30 days referred to the amount of cream the individual received. The actual period of the trial was 14 days. If the customer didn’t cancel the trial within the 2 week time frame, she was charged over $97 for the first jar of cream, and was enrolled into a monthly auto-ship program.

Many consumers who left bad DermaLift reviews suggested that these terms were not clear, and that the company was misleading about the associated costs. Unfortunately, we were not able to independently verify whether this information was outlined in the manufacturer’s Terms and Conditions, as the website is no longer available.

However, all the bad DermaLift reviews are a great reminder for any consumer to exercise extreme caution when signing up for free trials of any product, especially if the seller requires credit card information upfront.



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  • Betty Beaulieu Original review: Mar 03, 2021. Reply

    I bought some promotional cream to try recieved a bill for 8.93 charge however my bank called and said there is alot of problems with them if they try anything i will report them to the police and I will tell my credit card company not to pay do u know who to contact

  • Jane Phoenix Original review: May 17, 2019. Reply

    Do not send me any more of your cream. I’m not about to be caught in your scheme to charge more to my account. I seems there are some official inspections into your “charging” systems. Customer #81

  • Dawn Original review: Mar 05, 2019. Reply

    Who owns this company I have a complaint about your company’s policies and your customer service when you do something right they twist the story so they can take your money and I want to know why so who owns the company who is the CEO of who do I have to go to before I go to BBB

  • Jessica Original review: Feb 02, 2019. Reply

    Before purchasing from the 3rd party representative please be sure that you understand that this company will charge you 4.95 for a trail and then charge your bank account for 89.00 per month with no way to cancel the subscriptions. You will never be able to speak directly with someone in the accounting department because there isn’t one.

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