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Actor Dorion Renaud created Buttah — a skin care collection specifically formulated for melanin-rich skin — after his lifelong journey of skin struggles. As a teenager, Renaud struggled with acne and dark spots because no one he knew with melanin-rich skin ever talked about skin care or addressed his skin concerns. He tried a few quick-fix solutions that did more harm than good. Even seeking help from leading dermatologists did not seem to help.

When Renaud was 18 he began modeling, and makeup offered an effective camouflage. He became so accustomed to having makeup on every day that when they stopped filming, he was shocked to see how his skin looked without it. 

While working on a modeling job, Renaud finally stumbled upon a solution when a photographer told him to apply shea butter to give his skin more of a glow. He was a little afraid that it might cause clogged pores and breakouts, but it actually did the opposite! The shea butter helped him achieve glowing skin for the first time since he was a teenager. 

Next, he discovered the benefits of using a vitamin C serum and how effective it was in transforming his complexion when combined with a gentle cleanser and shea butter. Renaud had found his go-to problem/solution skin care system — the perfect trio that finally gave him smooth, even, radiant skin. And that’s why he created the Buttah skin care products based on these key ingredients. 

So is the solution to achieving healthy, glowing skin really as simple as a cleanser, vitamin C serum, and shea butter? To answer that question, we’ll have to dive into the formulation details, including the key ingredients in Buttah skin care products and the research that supports (or doesn’t support) their use in skincare. We’ll also share some Buttah skin reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of these products.

What Are The Top 10 Best Buttah Skin Care Products?

Buttah skin care products can be purchased in customizable kits or separately. For example, the Customizable Skin Care Kit includes the Buttah Facial Cleanser, the Buttah Vitamin C Serum, and your choice of moisturizer (Oil Free Gel Cream Moisturizer, CocoShea Cream, or Facial Shea Butter). But if you’re not ready to invest in a kit, here’s a breakdown of the top 10 best Buttah skin care products. 

Buttah Facial Cleanser

We all need a basic daily facial cleanser to remove the excess oil, pollution, and other impurities that accumulate on our skin during the day. The Buttah Facial Cleanser is perfect for this role. Like most cleansers, the formula contains surfactants. A surfactant molecule contains one end that is hydrophilic (attracted to water) and one end that is lipophilic (attracted to oil). This allows surfactants to attract and suspend oils, dirt, and other impurities that have accumulated on the skin and wash them away. The cleanser also includes lavender flower extract and coconut oil to calm and moisturize skin. 

Buttah Rosewater Toner

Just as the name suggests, rosewater is the key ingredient in this soothing facial toner. Rosewater provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects due to the high concentration of phenolics in roses. As antioxidants, the phenolic compounds protect the skin from free radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of rosewater may help to calm inflammatory skin conditions. Plus, rosewater is combined with hydrating ingredients, like aloe vera leaf juice and glycerin, for a facial toner that increases the skin’s hydration (instead of drying it out like many other toners). 

Buttah Vitamin C Serum

There’s no such thing as a miracle treatment when it comes to combating age, though vitamin C comes pretty close. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from environmental free radical damage. Vitamin C also helps fade dark spots, evens out skin tone, and increases radiance. As if that wasn’t enough, research suggests that when vitamin C is applied to the skin, it significantly reverses aging-related structural changes by influencing collagen and elastin synthesis. A vitamin C serum is the best way to deliver this active ingredient into the deeper layers of your skin.

The Buttah Vitamin C Serum combines pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with additional antioxidants, like vitamin E and ferulic acid. Unfortunately, the brand does not disclose the percentage of ascorbic acid in this serum (most brands will give you this information, like with SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic you know you’re getting 15% L-ascorbic acid combined with 1% vitamin E and 0.5% ferulic acid). Another problem is that the formula contains a synthetic fragrance blend. 

Buttah Oil-Free Hyaluronic Gel Cream Moisturizer

If you have oily skin, you know that finding a moisturizer that doesn’t turn your face into a greasy mess can be challenging. That’s because most moisturizers contain emollients that sit on top of the skin to lock in moisture. There’s nothing wrong with emollients; in fact, they are quite helpful for those with normal to dry skin. But those with oily skin should reach for moisturizers that aren’t packed with heavy emollients, like the Buttah Oil-Free Hyaluronic Gel Cream Moisturizer.

This facial moisturizer is recommended for oily-to-combination melanin rich skin types. It has a very lightweight, silky texture that absorbs into the skin quickly without feeling heavy or greasy. The formula combines humectants (aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate, butylene glycol, etc.) with silicones (cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol) to provide lightweight hydration. The formula also contains soothing oat extract and skin-brightening niacinamide. 

Buttah CocoShea Cream

If you have dry skin or you’re searching for a rich moisturizer for the dry winter months, the Buttah CocoShea Cream could be a good option for you. It’s recommended for normal-to-combination melanin rich skin types due to the inclusion of occlusive emollients in this formula, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, petrolatum (aka vaseline), avocado oil, and coconut oil. Despite all of these emollients, the Buttah CocoShea Cream doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. Rather, it locks in moisture, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Buttah Charcoal Detox Mask

This rinse-off detoxifying mask combines charcoal powder with two types of natural clays: kaolin and bentonite. Both of these clays have excellent absorption properties, which means they can absorb excess oil from the pores and help to reduce shine. 

And there’s even research to back up the oil-absorbing and detoxifying effects of these clays. According to a publication in the journal International Geology Review;, “The high adsorption and absorption capacities, cation exchange capacity, as well as the extremely fine particle size of certain clays, e.g. smectites (expandable clay minerals) and kaolin group minerals are important reasons why these minerals are used to remove oils, secretions, toxins, and contaminants from the skin.” This makes the Buttah Charcoal Detox Mask great for all skin types, especially those with oily, congested, and/or acne-prone skin. 

Buttah Facial Shea Butter

This rich, non-comedogenic facial moisturizer is designed to hydrate the skin while protecting it from environmental assault — no matter your skin type. It’s formulated with just one ingredient: 100% pure Organic Virgin Shea Butter from Ghana. We’ll give you all the details on shea butter in the Key Ingredients section below. 

Buttah Whipped Body Butter

This is another Buttah skin care product that includes just 100% pure Organic Virgin Shea Butter and no other ingredients. It can be used all over the body in order to hydrate the skin while protecting it from environmental assault. Even though shea butter is very rich, it absorbs into the skin well without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. 

Buttah Oatmeal Shea Skin Cleansing Bar

The vegetable-based high-foaming formula combines the gentle exfoliating power of oatmeal with nourishing shea butter for skin that’s deeply cleansed, buffed with a healthy-looking glow, and feels smooth, calm, and conditioned. Even though oatmeal is very gentle, it’s remarkably effective in sloughing away flaky dead skin cells while soothing with natural skin calming properties.

Buttah Egyptian Coco Shea Body Wash

This lathering body wash includes surfactants to trap dirt, pollution, excess oils, and other impurities, allowing them to be washed away. Plus, the formula includes cocoa and shea butter to provide a silky, velvety finish. This is a scented body wash with notes of white lily, rose, heliotrope, white musk, and vanilla.

What Are The Key Ingredients in Buttah Skin Care Products?

Earlier we mentioned how shea butter was the first ingredient that Dorion Renaud used on his skin care journey that actually worked. And that’s exactly why 100% pure Organic Virgin Shea Butter is a key ingredient throughout the Buttah skin collection. Let’s discuss the science behind the benefits of shea butter. 

Shea butter contains the following fatty acids: oleic acid (40 to 60%), stearic acid (20 to 50%), linoleic acid (3 to 11%), palmitic acid (2 to 9%), and arachidic acid (less than 1%). The rich supply of triglycerides and fatty acids in shea butter help to replenish the skin’s natural barrier function.

Since shea butter melts at body temperature, it is able to coat the skin and form an occlusive film. This film helps to prevent evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture and increases skin hydration by causing buildup of water in the stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of skin). 

In fact, research; indicates that shea butter is superior to mineral oil at preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). In a test where participants’ arms were washed in water containing ethanol (a drying alcohol that disrupts the skin barrier), researchers found that shea butter was able to help the skin totally recover from TEWL within two hours. After three to four hours, shea butter improved the skin barrier to pre-treatment levels. With the mineral oil, there was a slower recovery and starting values were not recovered. 

Plus, unlike mineral oil and other synthetic emollients, shea butter is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins A and E. These vitamins function as antioxidants, protecting the skin from environmental free radical damage that can contribute to signs of aging (lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc.)

How Much Does Buttah Skin Care Cost?

The Buttah skin care products are pricier than drugstore products, but we don’t think they are overpriced. For example, the Buttah Customizable Skin Care Kit (cleanser, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer) costs $59.99, so each product is around $20. This actually offers considerable savings since the Buttah Vitamin C Serum costs $39 when purchased by itself. 

Where to Buy Buttah Skin Care Products?

Buttah skin care products are sold on the brand’s website, as well as a few third party online retailers, such as QVC, HSN, and Amazon. 

Is Buttah Skin Care Cruelty Free?

Yes, Buttah skin care is cruelty free. 

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that Buttah skin care products are formulated well, although we wish the brand would create fragrance-free products. 


  • Products contain evidence-based ingredients (shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Many positive Buttah Skin reviews
  • Buttah is cruelty free


  • Most Buttah skin care products contain fragrance 

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