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Proper Blackhead Removal

For anyone who would like to know how to get rid of acne, understanding proper blackhead removal is essential for best results. Why? Because blackheads are the first sign of acne, and treating them appropriately may curb a breakout before it becomes severe. Keep in mind that blackhead removal is different from treating whitehead pimples, and you may need to supplement your skin care routine with whitehead treatments if you’d like to get rid of acne completely. Nonetheless, using the best blackhead remover can reduce the appearance of acne, as well as the severity of the breakout. Before attempting blackhead removal, it’s important to understand the proper methodology, to prevent scarring and skin damage.

Understanding Blackhead Removal

Proper blackhead removal begins with understanding of how they form. When hair follicles become clogged because of excessive oil secretion and dead skin cells, a small bump may become apparent. If exposed to the air, debris and dirt will accumulate in the pore, creating a blackhead. The debris clogging the pore will often be darker in hue that the rest of the skin, hence the name blackhead. If the clogged follicle is not exposed to the air, what will form is a whitehead, better known as a pimple.

Blackhead Prevention – Your First Line of Defense

The best defense against blackheads is preventing them from occurring in the first place. Good prevention will eliminate the need for excessive blackhead removal, and any associated skin damage.  Start with washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, as this will help remove harmful bacteria and dirt clogging the pores. When looking for the best facial cleanser, make sure that your moisturizers, creams, and cosmetic are all oil free. Excessive oil on the skin is a big cause of clogged follicles, and using an oil-free cleanser may reduce the problem.

In addition to using the best facial cleanser for your skin type, it is helpful to work in a gentle face exfoliator into your blackhead removal routine.  Consider using exfoliating masks and scrubs weekly to remove the dead skin cells and dirt from your skin that normal washing leaves behind.

Of course, even with all these precautions, blackheads may appear. If this is the case, there are certain things you can do to aid in safe blackhead removal.

Over the Counter Topical Treatments

Walk into any drugstore and you will find an aisle dedicated to skin care. Choose blackhead removal products that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and resorcinol. These ingredients are known to kill acne-causing bacteria. The best blackhead remover creams help strip excessive oil from the skin and may help slough off dead skin cells. These over the counter blackhead removal products come in creams, gels, and medicated scrubbing pads.

Treatments with Contraceptives

A doctor may prescribe contraceptives to women suffering from blackheads and adult acne. The contraceptives aide in blackhead removal by balancing the hormonal levels in the body. Hormone imbalances cause excessive oil production which leads to acne. Once the hormone levels are normal, excessive oil production usually ceases, and so does acne breakouts. However, before trying this technique, first ensure that you are following a proper skin care routine, so as not to play with your body’s chemistry unnecessarily.

Professional Blackhead Removal

Your dermatologist or skin care specialist may aide in blackhead removal in several ways. They may suggest microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is the use of a specialty instrument meant to literally sand off the top layers of the skin, leaving it smooth and blemish free.

Chemical peels may also be employed successfully for blackhead removal. A peel consists of a chemical solution applied to your face. In fact, a peel is one of the best blackhead remover options because it decreases the number of dead skin cells that could clog pores, and may pick up dirt as well. In time, the top layers of your skin will peel away, leaving younger, fresher looking skin in its wake.

There are also laser and light therapies that are meant to decrease excessive oil production in your skin and kill off the bad bacteria that cause acne. Without the oil and bad bacteria, blackhead removal becomes easier to manage.

Manual Blackhead Removal

A person may also opt to remove the blackheads themselves. Specialty blackhead remover tools, called extractors, may be purchased in many drugstores. These tools are the same kind that you may find in spas and salons. One end of the tool is a pick, which will help when you need to lance a whitehead. The opposing end is a small wire loop for blackhead removal.

Before using the extractor for blackhead removal, it is best to first steam the area you are about to treat. Steam will help enlarge the pores, making the extraction of the oil and dirt buildup easier. If you do not wish for a steamy bath, a warm, wet cloth can be placed over the face for 15 minutes to soften skin and expand the pores. Go slowly when you attempt a blackhead extraction, because even the best blackhead remover tools can cause scars and skin damage if used improperly. You want to take your time, get the root of the clog, and not damage any of the skin in the process.

Once you are finished with blackhead removal, it is important to wash the area and treat it with a moisturizer to prevent dry skin on face and stimulate natural healing.




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