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Choosing the Best Sunscreen for Face

As we continue to learn about skin cancer, the importance of using sun block to protect skin becomes very clear, but finding the best sunscreen for face and arms is just half the battle. Just as it is important to have the right ingredients, knowing how to use the sunscreen will also play a big role. For example, it is common knowledge that sunscreen does protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but most people do not know how sunscreen for face and body protection actually does work. And with all the pollutants and pathogens in today’s environment, it is more important than ever to incorporate the best sunscreen for face into your skin care routine to delay aging skin for as long as possible.

Apply Facial Sunscreen Daily

Unfortunately, many people do not realize how important it is to apply sunscreen for face protection each day. Our bodies are usually covered by clothing, but the face is always exposed. Yes, sometimes you’ll wear a cap or something that will give you a little shade, but most of the time your facial skin is slowly being worn down by the harmful UV radiation. This means that when you are shopping for the best sunscreen for face and arms, you need to find one that you can apply to your skin daily. Some sunscreens are very heavy and are meant for use on the beach, while others are formulated to be lighter and more appropriate for everyday use. Keep in mind that the best sunscreen for face and arms should not feel heavy or clog pores, to prevent acne.

Look for Formulas for Your Skin Type

Sunscreen for face protection usually comes in special formulas for oily, dry, and normal skin. Your sunscreen should protect not only from UVA rays, but also UVB rays. These broad spectrum products will help prevent skin damage that can result in skin cancer. Broad spectrum sunscreen for face protection can go a long way in reducing the appearance of fine lines and especially age spots.

SPF Provides UVB Protection for Limited Time

When you need UVB protection, SPF (or sun protection factor) will help prevent skin damage. However, when looking for the best sunscreen for face and arms, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t work by completely eliminating sun damage, but by delaying how long it takes you to burn.

Simply put, the SPF number is meant to tell you how long you can be in the sun without burning, based on your specific skin type. For example, if you can usually spend 10 minutes in the sun, SPF 30 should allow you to be in the sun for 300 minutes before you burn (30 x 10). If you can usually spend only 2 minutes in the sun without burning, then SPF 30 would give you only 60 minutes without burning (30 x 2). Keep this in mind because even if you use the best sunscreen for face protection, you might need to reapply once during the day, unless you use an SPF of 30 or higher.

Special Products Just for the Face

Since the face is exposed every day, it is vital to use the best sunscreen for face coverage each day, regardless of the weather. Manufacturers produce facial sunscreen to also keep the face moisturized throughout the day. Some sunscreens may even come with tints, like BB creams. Whatever you do, don’t use body sunscreens on the face, as they are often too greasy and oily for facial applications and will clog pores. Remember, the best sunscreen for face will be specifically formulated for this sensitive skin and should be suitable for daily use.



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