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Women looking to try a new skin care brand, and possibly turn their interest in skin care into a business, may come across a company called Acti-Labs. This French-inspired beauty brand is based out of the UK and is operated as a multi level marketing (MLM) company, with the same idea as companies like Avon. Acti-Labs was founded by John and Yelena Miller in June 2011 in France. In 2016, they expanded their business and launched in the United States. In addition to skin care products, Acti-Labs manufacturers weight loss supplements, cosmetics, and hair care products. In this Acti-Labs review, we’ll be focusing on the best selling Acti-Labs skin care products, key ingredients, an alternative for you to consider, and more. 

What are the best Acti-Labs skin care products?

Acti-Labs formulates several different types of cleansers, serums, creams, and masks, but the best selling Acti-Labs skin care products include the Mineral Face Mask, Anti-Imperfections Cleansing Gel, and the Eye Contour Concentrate. 

Acti-Labs Mineral Face Mask is a rinse-off mask featuring volcanic soil and dead sea silt. The brand gives no description of who this mask is meant for or what types of benefits it can offer, except that it is “a mask of many talents” and it is “designed to help you bring the indulgence of the spa home”. 

Acti-Labs Anti-Imperfections Cleansing Gel is a facial cleanser meant for oily and congested skin types. It is said to help gently dissolve and remove excess oil, daily grime, and impurities, and therefore prevent congested skin, blackheads, and breakouts. 

Acti-Labs Eye Contour Concentrate is a lightweight eye cream that is designed to target eye contours marked with lines, puffiness, and dark circles for a more even and well-rested appearance.

What are the key ingredients in Acti-Labs skin care products?

When it comes to Acti-Labs skin care products, the brand doesn’t have a specific theme or a cornerstone ingredient. Instead, the company seems to focus on projecting a high class, royal image for its products, while at the same time keeping prices low and affordable. Acti-Labs does not use parabens, PEG, mineral oil, phthalates, MIT, CMR, BHT, sulfates, silicones, EDTA, or gluten in the formulation of their skin care products. 

Unfortunately, Acti-Labs isn’t fully transparent with their ingredients, as they only have complete ingredient lists for certain products on their website. This makes it difficult to determine the concentration of key ingredients used in their product formulas, as well as if there are any harmful ingredients in the formulas. Below we’ll discuss what we can gather about the ingredients used in Acti-Labs skin care products. 

As we mentioned above, Acti-Labs Mineral Face Mask features key ingredients like volcanic soil and Dead Sea silt. Volcanic soil is a mixture of naturally occurring amorphous silicates and aluminosilicate (minerals) of sodium, potassium, and calcium, which have multiple benefits for the skin. Volcanic soil is ideal for those prone to acne, excess oil production, or congestion because of its ability to draw impurities away from the skin. Similar to volcanic soil, Dead Sea silt is rich in minerals and works by drawing impurities out of the skin. 

Acti-Labs Anti-Imperfections Cleansing Gel contains natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) from sugar cane, bilberries, sugar maple, orange, and lemon. AHAs provide many benefits to the skin, such as exfoliating the skin, stimulating the skin’s natural regeneration process, and helping the skin to retain moisture. However, it should be noted that natural, fruit-derived AHAs are typically not as effective as synthetic AHAs. Another key ingredient in this Acti-Labs cleanser is a natural succinic acid, Biosuccinium S. This ingredient is said to enhance mitochondrial respiration on skin cells that allow a detoxifying action. 

One of the key ingredients in the Acti-Labs Eye Contour Concentrate is an extract from Rosa damascena leaf cells that is said to help to increase dermis cellular activity acting on fibroblasts, fibers, collagens, and proteoglycans. Ultimately, this provides an anti-wrinkle effect while strengthening and restructuring this delicate area. Another key ingredient in this concentrate is a brown alga extract named Shadownyl, which has shown to visibly reduce dark circles and inflammation. In addition, Shadownyl has been proven to increase collagen I fibres synthesis, which can help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Lastly, this Acti-Labs eye cream contains Mini HA, an extremely low molecular hyaluronic acid. The low molecular weight allows for deeper penetration and hydration to the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Mini HA also has anti-aging and anti-oxidation benefits along with the ability to help repair damaged cells.

Where are Acti-Labs skin care products sold?

Acti-Labs products can be purchased either directly through the company’s website, or through one of the company’s direct sales representatives. Some sales representatives may also offer these products through their own websites. 

What is the Acti-Labs return policy?

The Acti-Labs return policy in regards to unopened products states the following, “We will refund all un-opened or faulty items purchased directly from us provided that the return

is initiated by contacting our customer care team at [email protected] within 14 days of

delivery. We then require the item to be returned to us within a further 14 days, and you should

be able to demonstrate by receipt and parcel tracking information that you have sent the returns

to us within this time frame. Items should be returned in their original packaging with any

documentation relating to your order.”

The Acti-Labs return policy in regards to opened products states, “If you are unsatisfied with the quality of Acti-Labs products for any reason within 14 days of product delivery, the return of used items is assessed individually and based upon merit.”

Is Acti-Labs cruelty free?

Acti-Labs is an accredited cruelty free brand. The brand does not test on animals and they do not use any ingredients which have been tested on animals. Acti-Labs is recorded on the PETA list of cruelty free brands.



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  • Robin Original review: Aug 15, 2018. Reply

    I used the wraps for so long and loved them they worked amazing. I got pregnant and am nursing so cant use them for a while. I love the meaoderm makes my face feel so soft and not dry. Bought the silhouette but couldn’t use them again because I got pregnant. Love the products I don’t have issues with them and I have sensitive skin. Their makeup is also amazing I love their primer the most and lipstick. Just because stuff worked good on me doesn’t mean it’ll always work on others. Will order more stuff soon.

  • Joanna Amy Original review: Jul 02, 2018. Reply

    I have tried to lose weight for a year. Acti-Labs is the first thing that has worked for me. I add their Hydra-Slim to water and sip it throughout the day. It’s all natural plant based. It does not make you feel jittery like many weight loss formulas. The wraps are also proven to be amazing. Two years after entering the US, this is an incredible, innovative and fun company. There is TONS of training on the website, and live trainings several times a day. I have never seen so much training. It is really fun and they products are state of art, and all made in a lab in Paris that also makes high end spa products for use in fancy French spa. Check out frenchbeauty . info

  • Emilie Original review: Apr 23, 2018. Reply

    Absolutely brilliant! I first tried this brand as my friend was an ambassador so wanted to support her of course. Unfortunately, she gave it up in the end due to having too many commitments but I loved the products so much that I ended up changing over to using Acti-Labs skincare as my old skincare brand was costing me an arm and a leg – I’m just shocked that other brands can charge so much for so little quality, something I will never understand. I am always getting comments on how beautiful my skin is and I can only think that it’s because of Acti-Labs products.

  • Rosalie Original review: Apr 23, 2018. Reply

    I have now tried 3 of the Acti-Labs products and none of them worked. Didn’t lose anything with the Strip tea, no hair growth with the follicle food and my teeth are not whiter after using the diamond white toothpaste for 2 weeks.

  • Kristy Original review: Mar 13, 2018. Reply

    Most managers are trained consultants and they are extensively trained in products and uses

  • Kristy Original review: Mar 13, 2018. Reply

    I would hope you would redo a review for Acti labs now that it’s been released to the public for sometime. The comp plan has changed completely as well as product and prices. I’ve used it all and it’s truly the best out there at a price point everyone can afford for high end cosmesutials

  • Claire Original review: Jan 06, 2018. Reply

    Ambassadors make claims that can not be substantiated apart from hearsay and photos provided by company. Have tried some products and find them mediocre. Prefer to purchase from a trained , qualified consultant.

  • Debbe Duffie Original review: Aug 09, 2017. Reply

    Love the tooth polish! My mouth feels so fresh and clean! I bought the one with fluoride because I’m on well water. Will definately order it again. Thinking on the body cream too.

  • Alexis Original review: Jul 11, 2017. Reply

    I absolutely love these products. My skin has never been so clear. My skin is radiant, and soft. I was using products that cost twice as much, and thought were working okay until I switched and then saw pics of my skin in comparison. They were night and day. I only tried Acti-labs because a friend had posted a special sale. Although she had been posting about Acti for over a year I never paid attention. I wish I had paid attention sooner, and I would have had beautiful skin over a year ago and would have become a Acti ambassador long ago sharing these amazing products.

  • Alexis Original review: Jul 11, 2017. Reply

    I absolutely love these products. My skin has never been so clear. My skin is radiant, and soft. I was using products that cost twice as much, and thought were working okay until I switched and then saw pics of my skin in comparison. They were night and day. I only tried Acti-labs because a friend had pisted a special sale. Although she had been posting about Acti for over a year I never paid attention. I wish I had paid attention sooner.

  • Lou Original review: Apr 08, 2017. Reply

    I tried Acti-Labs in January and loved the products I tried. I have sensitive skin so was leary. But, they have improved my skin. My dry patches are gone and my glow is back. My husband also uses the lotion and it has helped his eczema.
    I tried Acti-Labs – Loved it – so Joined as am Ambassador. I am loving sharing these products with others. I am still trying more every week and nothing has irritated my skin.

  • Marissa Original review: Oct 21, 2016. Reply

    They’re awful. They don’t pay attention to details, they don’t give you a full refund, and they don’t communicate. Won’t be purchasing from them in the future. Terrible customer service, and I feel bad for the consultant I purchased from, as they seem to be insensitive to the fact that they’re dragging her name through the dirt.

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