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Bag Balm: Company Overview and Purchasing Information

Bag Balm is a Vermont-based company that has been making salve since 1899. The company prides itself on the fact that it has been creating the product in a way that has gone unchanged since they first came into existence. Bag Balm is designed to heal chapped skin, keep it soft and healthy, and also is thought to promote healing of abrasions, cuts, and scrapes. Although the company’s products are believed to be safe, anyone with sensitive skin is encouraged to first consult with their skin care specialist. As with any skin care product, Bag Balm could cause an allergic reaction in some people with special sensitivities.

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Company Overview

The original recipe for Bag Balm was designed to keep cows’ udders soft in the Vermont dairy business, as repeated milking would cause them to become chapped. In 1899, company founder John Norris bought the recipe from a local druggist and then took it to Boston in order to have the company’s new logo designed. In 1937, Bag Balm was used by explorers at the North Pole, who used the product to keep their skin from becoming chapped in the frigid temperatures. The product was also used to soothe the paws of dogs that helped search for survivors during 9/11.

As the company came into the 1980’s, famous journalist Charles Kuralt talked about Bag Balm on his television show On the Road with Charles Kuralt. After the product was featured, it began to gain national notoriety from this publicity.

Today, the product’s main ingredients are believed to be close to what they were when the company was founded, with only a few minor changes. The ownership of the company also didn’t change, and it is thought to be largely owned by the descendants of John Norris. The active ingredients for Bag Balm include 8-Hydroxyquinoline, which acts as a disinfectant, petroleum jelly, and lanolin, which comes from sheep’s wool and has skin moisturizing properties.

Using Bag Balm

Bag Balm is believed to be safe for use on both humans and animals. Although it was originally designed to soften and protect cow udders and is still used for that purpose today, it is also used to heal scrapes and abrasions on livestock to prevent infection. Bag Balm may cause a mild burning sensation when it is first applied, but little to no side effects have been reported with its use.

Other popular uses include soothing mild burns, diaper rash, and healing chapped, dry skin that are constantly exposed to the elements. Bag Balm can be used almost anywhere on the body, including the face. However, users should avoid getting the product near their eyes and use caution when applying it to chapped lips.

Purchasing Bag Balm

Customers can order Bag Balm directly from the company over the phone or via email at the company’s website. It is also available at a number of major retailers that include drugstores, pet retailers, farm supply retailers, and at independent tack and horse feed shops. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a shopping cart system set up on the website, and no Bag Balm reviews from customers are available.

There are also several online retailers that sell Bag Balm, and a ten-ounce can sells from anywhere from $5.00 – $7.00. These third-party retailers will also often have Bag Balm reviews on their pages from customers who have tried the product.

Some retailers sell the item in bulk, which may be an advantage to those who own large farms, veterinary practices, or animal shelters. The Bag Balm Company warns its customers that there are many imitation salves on the market and that their product is the only one sold with their specific clover-and-cow logo.


Customers who are not satisfied with their purchase of Bag Balm should write or call the company with their specific complaints, especially if the product was purchased directly from the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that each retail location will have its own return policies regarding time restrictions and whether or not the product has been opened. So customers who purchased their Bag Balm at a retail outlet need to return the product directly to where it was originally purchased.

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  • Kimberly 04.18.18 Reply

    I have a problem with dry, thick, peeling and cracked skin on my fingertips. I received noticeable results upon the first morning after I began applying Bag Balm to my hands at bedtime, and wearing loose fitting exam-type gloves overnight. After only one night I could tell a softening of the rough scaliness. It has now been four nights and the results are amazing! I will continue using Bag Balm and gloves overnight for several more nights, then use the method periodically for a spa treatment to keep my fingertips soft. No more uncomfortable, snagging everything fingertips for me! I’ve found relief! Thank you Bag Balm!

  • Mary 01.21.18 Reply

    Can u use it on your scalp? would really like to know. My husband has eczema on his scalp and we tried everything I’ve talk to a few people and they told me about this Vermont original bag balm . But i was wondering if it could be applied on to the scalp.

  • Judy 12.29.17 Reply

    Bag Balm is the first product actually healing my severely chapped/ wind burned lips, sore nose, and wind burned face. I have tried a half dozen products and nothing has worked before this. I do have a mild sting when I first apply, last about ten seconds, and then the healing is very noticeable. I can move my mouth again!

  • Jean 10.08.17 Reply

    Hi there, my friend told me about this, because I had a terrible case of foot blisters all over them. I tried it on one of my feet, and the next day, the same foot swelled up, and two of the 20 blisters on my feet turned into monster blisters. It was extremely painful, because the pressure within the blister was so strong. I drained the blister, and the blister would fill up on minutes. Perhaps this is good for minor issues, but definitely not for the skin complication that I had. My other foot, to which did not have the cream applied, was doing better. Not recommended for my case!

  • Julie dent 11.11.14 Reply

    Can I use bag balm on my scalp? Can use bag balm on head for thinning hair?

  • Aaliyah 04.10.14 Reply

    Hi Kerry!

    I have just started using Bag balm recently myself. It’s only been a couple of weeks. My lips get chapped very easily. I think it is working and I have started carrying it in my purse all the time. My lips don’t get dry very easily now. Is it helping you? I want to know about the ingredients in bag balm and what are all the uses for bag balm? Will using bag balm on human wounds harm the skin? I’m not so sure if it is suitable for use for your dog.

  • Kerry 02.27.14 Reply

    I just started using Bag Balm last night for the first time. My face gets very dry and dehydrated in winter. I was using Vaseline ointment before. I went to the website and noticed all the uses. My dogs paws get very dry in winter too so I will be applying this every night. I will check with my vet first though.

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